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  1. Mario is probably the only series where I can't really pinpoint a bad entry; like, I'm not a huge fan of Galaxy 2 because it feels like an expansion pack more than anything, but it's still a damn good game. (I know some people would put Sunshine in that spot, but they're wrong.) Final Fantasy's had a pretty few "meh" ones recently, but from like 3-10 it's pretty hard to beat that. Zelda also has a few issues like that (Zelda 2, mainly), and Pokemon has a lot of weird ups and downs for some people, all in different places. Mario just has a great hitrate.
  2. WWE Supercard

    I've had unlimited ads all day on War
  3. Freeware and Abandonware

    Blade Runner is on there, which is still an incredible game and dear lord I know what I'm doing tonight now.
  4. Freeware and Abandonware

    Heretic - gothic Doom, I guess, would be the best way to describe it. Surprisingly good fun and I remember playing it loads as a kid.
  5. The Robot Wars Thread

    So about tonight's episode...
  6. Formula One 2017

    So Toro Rosso apparently are on their last power unit and Renault are refusing/can't produce another one before Abu Dhabi. So there's a very real chance that TR won't be able to race, which would massively help Renault when they're 5 points behind TR in the standings...
  7. Formula One 2017

    I think he was injured still after the Suzuka crash and Toyota (thinking they were gonna be around the year after) wanted Kobayashi to get the experience.
  8. Formula One 2017

    God bless the Kvyat curse
  9. Formula One 2017

    Horner actually seemed quite coy yesterday about Renault's engines making a step up next year, and that they might have an extra qualifying setting which would give them a jump up there I think the really telling thing next year will be just how far up McLaren get. Alonso being 0.2 off the fastest in Q1 on pure pace says a whole lot about just how good that chassis is.
  10. Nintendo Megathread

    So I’m loving it, but I kind of feel like...there’s almost too many moons? Like, the areas aren’t big enough in some cases to justify it, and I don’t really want to be stood there analysing a patch of grass carefully for 10 minutes to try and get another moon >_>
  11. Nintendo Megathread

    It's so so so so so good.
  12. Formula One 2017

    Marko has said they've dropped Kvyat permanently.
  13. Doctor Who

    Mandip Gill is a great actress, to be fair, so I'm pretty excited to see her involved.
  14. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I think even this time it's pushing it. I mean I love Aja but she's not really someone you could ever consider an All-Star, bar the Valentina rant. Same with Morgan really, though she's kind of "part of the family" it seems. It's odd because with AS2, it was very clear that it was about giving Alaska the win and giving Katya a deeper run. The rest was kind of happy accidents, like giving Tati a stage to go on and be known and loved by a new audience. But AS3 doesn't have anyone like that, bar Trixie and mayyyybe Shangela and DeLa. Although (spoilers for the season) It just seems weird to have an entire season dedicated to righting a wrong and giving Trixie a win, as much as I love her. Then again, Ru knows a good thing when she sees it and the ongoing success of Trixya is probably too good an opportunity to pass on.