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  1. Vanjie is absolutely killing it. Yvie I'm loving too, and I like Brooke/Nina too. The only ones I dislike are Silky (because she's all the worst parts of Eureka) and Rajah, who just seems to be trying way too hard but hasn't got anything to back it up so far.
  2. I'm going to hold on to the fact that Ferrari were roughly that far back from pole last year and hope it doesn't mean much. Also, as I think may be a recurring theme this year: Lol, Stroll.
  3. I'm three episodes in. It's good, but it's hard to tell who it's aimed at. If you're an F1 fan, you already know the outcome of all of this; but also it's hard to tell who's going to watch this other than F1 fans.
  4. I've won once, come second three times. Ultimately frustrating but wonderful.
  5. Links Awakening ahhhhh
  6. Katsuya

    The Sims

    Tunt needed more fridges damnit.
  7. Russian Doll is absolutely bloody brilliant, and my favourite thing that's been on Netflix in forever. Like, other than Kimmy Schmidt S1, I can't think of another show I've enjoyed this much on there.
  8. Jesus, Formula E is fucking dreadful.
  9. All Stars 4 spoilers. By which I mean, apparently the entire elimination order kind of spoiler.
  10. The Holiday Special was baaaaad.
  11. Pit has killed me both times he's come up to unlock him, because the Sky stage is the worst. Also, it feels like Marth got buffed a lot this time around, but I can't work out exactly why. I always used to prefer Roy, and granted I've not unlocked him yet, but Marth is probably my main right now (although I'm switching up throughout WoL).

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