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  1. Formula One 2017

    Toro Rosso-Honda confirmed constructor's champions.
  2. Formula One 2017

    Kobayashi might be the second Toro Rosso driver next year. ...HYYYYYYYYYPE.
  3. F1 2016

    Started playing this again, because I is poor and can't afford F1 2017 yet. Been doing a Career mode in the Sauber. Was doing Expert difficulty for the first couple races and was finding that way too easy - was coming 5th/6th. So I upped it to 100% and Legend difficulty instead Came 13th in Spain (I just couldn't get the final corner for the life of me, was losing about 0.8 a lap there). Then was in 6th in Monaco on a one-stop, when there was a safety car. I fucked it up though and pitted, but ended up coming out behind the leader so was a lap down in like 12th - I had thought I could cheat the system and get way ahead of everyone else. No dice. Fought back to finish 10th which wasn't too bad in the end. Then came Canada. Practice One was wet and I managed to get in the top five there, then in the dry the pace seemed to be lacking. Somehow, though, I got on the pace and ended up 0.009 behind Hamilton in second on the grid. Race was light rain and intermediates the entire way; got a lightning start and led the race, then pulled away until the tyres started to go off. Ended up having to defend hard against Ricciardo and Hamilton until the pit window opened for a good 10/15 laps, but we were still quicker than anyone behind us by some margin. Came in, put in two fastest laps whilst the other two waited to pit, and ended up coming out about 2 seconds ahead of them once it all fell in to place. Thankfully, they then had a lot more trouble with the traffic, and the tyres didn't go off at all like they did in the first stint. Ended up winning by like 14 seconds in the end. Now on to Baku which I know is going to be horrific...
  4. Formula One 2017

    Good for the guy to finally get his shot, and he's at least driven COTA before so he has a shot. And Kvyat is the ideal yardstick. Wouldn't be shocked if they rotate around the three of them in the remaining races.
  5. Formula One 2017

    So Gasly definitely isn't racing in Austin, so Kvyat is back and then it looks like Brendon Hartley is going to get his F1 shot finally. If not, then Buemi is back for a race.
  6. Formula One 2017

    Well, actually, according to reports today it seems that Honda very much don't want Gasly to give up his Super Formula duties over the Austin weekend. Which would mean Toro Rosso need to find a second driver out of somewhere, with a group that effectively consists of...erm...Buemi, Vergne, Kubica and, ironically, Palmer? (Alex Rossi too, but he's off filming The Amazing Race...)
  7. Formula One 2017

    Bizarre end with Stroll and Vettel too. Also, awkwardly, this now continues the trend that Max wins a race any time Kvyat gets demoted...
  8. Formula One 2017

    Jeez. Grosjean's car just got wrecked after he ran over a drain cover that just shredded the tyre in half.
  9. Pokémon

    Fuck Whitney's Miltank and all it stands for.
  10. Formula One 2017

    In case people haven't see , FOM have put the full 2001 Malaysian GP on YouTube, complete with Murray & Martin commentary. Famous for the rain shower and Michael destroying the field with one of his best drives.
  11. Formula One 2017

    I did like him - and thought he was hard done by last year particularly - but then he's just gone so far downhill this year that it's a bit inexcusable now. Some drivers have taken things on the chin before (Grosjean, for example) but Kvyat just seems permanently miserable and then crashes out anyway. I wouldn't be shocked if Red Bull, or Honda more precisely, do get Matsushita a super licence. To be fair to the guy, he's not *that* bad, and he has won four GP2/F2 races now, and he's made a big improvement on last year at least. No, he's not the quickest and he'd only be there because of the Honda connection, but I think the Superlicence point thing is to mainly keep the likes of Galael and Celis Jr. from buying their way in...
  12. Formula One 2017

    Yup, confirmed that Gasly is replacing him for the next "races", so presumably Malaysia + Japan. Which, thinking about it, might be good for Gasly as he's already raced there once this year, and then it's where the finale of Super Formula is
  13. Formula One 2017

    ...huh. Didn't see that one coming. Good for Gasly to get a couple races in (like Ricciardo did with HRT) ahead of next year, but...yeahhh. Considering they don't really have anyone else with a superlicence to throw in there next year, I'm surprised they'd kick Kvyat out. EDIT: Someone has pointed out that it conveniently would stop Kvyat from accidentally getting penalty points before COTA (when he loses some), because if he got banned before then it would fuck up Gasly's Super Formula race.
  14. Formula One 2017

    I'd assume Porsche, given that Porsche said they were interested in joining in 2021.
  15. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Funhaus, NL, Rooster Teeth & Ahoy are all big ones for me too. Also the Nobodies, who are wonderful: