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  1. Pokémon

    I think, actually, that Mewtwo and Mew are banned in that tournament now that I think about it. I'd imagine Wigglytuff and Clefable would be up there thanks to Fairy. 
  2. Pokémon

    I kinda like the new Battle Competition they've announced. Only the original 151 and you can't use items. I wonder who would be top of the pile in that case with the Gen VI mechanics?
  3. Pokémon

    Part of that is probably the really random Poison types, like Gengar's line all being part-Poison. Same with Venusaur, I guess.
  4. General Television Thread

    Okay, seriously, Atelier may be my new favourite show. It's like a Japanese telenovela. The characters all switch their feelings on a dime, it's just throwing random things at you and the main character is like she got ripped out of an anime. It's gripping and hilarious and I love it. Hopefully there's a second season and Netflix pick up more Japanese shows too.
  5. What Did You Watch Today?

    Atelier. It's a Netflix licensed original alongside Fuji TV and it's all kinds of glorious ridiculousness. It's Devil Wears Prada-esque, but completely bizarre and hilariously weird at the same time. I've binged three episodes in a row already today and if it weren't for work, I'd probably finish it sooner.
  6. Pokémon

    Someone give me a random, non-legendary Pokemon please.
  7. GTA V PS4 thread

    We can sprread the festive cheer of wanting to kill each other!
  8. GTA V PS4 thread

    On it now. Festive Surprise 2015 just launched too it seems.
  9. GTA V PS4 thread

    I suddenly have nothing to do tonight...anyone up for it tonight too? >_>
  10. 73rd Golden Globe Awards

    There are funny moments but yeah, not a comedy in my eyes... Also: yay for Gaga!
  11. Serial/Making a Murderer

    Don't quite know how well this one will work. Unless it's like the twist where she actually went to speak to Jay halfway through S1, it doesn't sound like Sarah has personally spoken to Bowe at any point.
  12. GTA V PS4 thread

    So, new Adversary Mode is out. "Every Bullet Counts", you get two shots of a Pistol and a knife and that's it. Anyone wanna play tonight?
  13. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2015: The Voting Thread

    1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2. Great British Bake Off 3. Last Week Tonight 4. Grace and Frankie 5. Jessica Jones 6. Daredevil 7. BoJack Horseman 8. Orange is the New Black  9. RuPaul's Drag Race 10. The Muppets
  14. Formula One 2015

    Nico is on fire right now. Hope he brings it in to 2016.
  15. GTA V PS4 thread

    I really need to do the first Heist at some point, just so Lester will stop fucking calling me about starting it.