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  1. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I love Miz Cracker so much. Also Dusty Ray is 100% the trade of this season. Kameron’s too generically hot.
  2. Eurovision 2018

    ...Moldova? seriously? Israel should 100% win. Anyway, I'm off to Riga this weekend to meet a few of the acts which should be fun. And our YouTube channel just hit 50,000 subscribers the other day, so I guess I should pimp that out.
  3. Lip Sync For Your Life

    Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.
  4. Can Antoni actually cook?
  5. Formula One 2018

    F1 are launching F1TV, their own version of the Network effectively. Key features: Live coverage of every single race, qualifying, practice with commentary in four languages, as well as pre- and post-race interviews Access to every single driver's on-board camera, as well as other camera feeds. Will launch on Web/Desktop, with apps for Apple, Android, Amazon to come. $8-12 monthly fee Also shows live F2/F3/Porsche Supercup sessions A less expensive, non-live version will have live timing feeds and radio commentary of the race, as well as "extended highlights" of each session in the race weekend. It'll also have an "Unprecedented" access to the video archive, which sounds amazing. The kicker, of course, is that it doesn't seem like it's going to be available in the UK, because fuck Sky
  6. Pens and Papers

    I've been playing Tomb of Annihilation with some friends for a while now. My first character got one-shot by a giant snake on our second session, and my second character has managed to survive since then. He's accidentally a bit fire-happy, and has so far accidentally burned two plot points (and ate the bodies to cover up the evidence). Turns out I quite like D&D!
  7. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Well also that the last season of OITNB was pretty damn awful.
  8. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    It's weird because I think UKS Season 3 was actually the best of the lot in terms of being a complete season. I don't know why it didn't quite get the same hype as it did before.
  9. Charlie Brooker - Black Mirror

    USS Callister:
  10. Hamster's top 8 Black Mirror episodes (series 1-3)

    ...San Junipero...not number one...does not compute...
  11. Final Fantasy

    I mean in like 6 months when I've powered my way through everything else, sure! There's also a ton of extra boss battles, which you use to get either the character's Ultimate Weapon or Lv 4 Limit, can't remember. All I know is that one of them is:
  12. Final Fantasy

    An overhaul of the entire game, making it more difficult but giving a lot of the characters certain roles to make up for it; so Barrett is a tank, Cloud is mixed, Aeris a healer etc. All the enemies have different things going for them too, Materia's in new locations, Potions work differently in battle vs. the field. It's also set up to avoid you grinding, so there's always a solution to each new battle. For example, first boss spoilers:
  13. Final Fantasy

    Started playing New Threat FF7. Immediately regret decision.
  14. WWE Supercard

    I've had some bizarrely good luck the past few days. Grinded a bit to get to the Titan Eddie, and got the MITB Finn at the same time to push me in to Monster. Got a Roddy Piper as my freebie, which immediately pro'd with the Piper from the event last week. And now my first shard in RD was a Beast Bayley which is a pro!