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  1. Safety car and Merc have well and truly fucked Bottas here.
  2. New favourite Eddie Jordan ridiculous rumour: Vettel & Hamilton are apparently going to swap teams.
  3. Holy fuck Gasly was quickest in practice
  4. So it gets weirder. Rich Energy investors have fired the crazy CEO, but it seems that he's the one running the Twitter (no surprise) and they can't actually get access to it, and he posted that tweet in retaliation to them firing him. Rich say they are staying with Haas. But there's also rumours they haven't paid Haas, and that also they haven't paid Whyte Bikes the money they owe from the court case, so who knows. Oh, and to figure out what's wrong with the car, Haas have reverted Grosjean's to the spec he used in Australia.
  5. In other news, Rich Energy have pulled out of their sponsorship deal with Haas, because Rich Energy is run by a deranged lunatic and is probably just his bathwater.
  6. Strycova did pretty much the exact same yesterday to Mertens when I was there. Mertens was a set up and on serve at 5-2 in the second set, slipped up a little and Strycova just destroyed her from that point. Same thing happened to Konta.
  7. So there’s a rumour that Vettel is considering retiring at the end of the year for his family, and that somehow Renault agreed to put a clause in to Ricciardo’s contract that he’s allowed to speak to Ferrari or Mercedes without it being a breach of contract. And that, reportedly, he’s looking likely for the Ferrari seat if Vettel does leave. Also; sounds like Merc are giving up on Ocon, and Marko says Gasly has until the summer break to improve (and then it’s probably Kvyat in the car after that)
  8. Saw the last 10 laps, bloody hell Max. Also: again. Jesus. Gasly. Lapped by your teammate who wins the race.
  9. Last Podcast's Aum Shinrikyo is amazing, as was Jonestown. Otherwise I've always found them pretty hit and miss.
  10. I love how obviously the Champion is *clearly* the villain.
  11. This feels like the first time since they started doing the LSFTC (and even the All-Stars 3/4 final lipsyncs) that it's the right top 2 for the whole season as the final 2.
  12. Turns out Max was put in the wrong torque setting before the race and they couldn't change it, which would explain a little bit more why he couldn't overtake Lewis.
  13. Highlights tonight will include the above BDSM-themed Icelandic rebel group; a woman 20 feet high on a pole singing opera; Georgian apocalypse; and a Greek woman throwing a balloon around with fencers.
  14. Crazy how quick the sport has gone from having two races in Spain to the potential of 0.
  15. So Kubica starts from the pitlane too, and it looks like Kimi might be DQ'd from qualifying based on a front wing irregularity. Which would mean Charles starts P8, based on Gio's penalty and Kimi being DQ'd. EDIT: As I typed that, Kimi has been DQ'd from quali.
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