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  1. Mercedes say they're worried about this weekend, which usually means Mercedes 1-2 confirmed. McLaren really need a good position here too, this has been traditionally of their strong points when they were with Honda, so that might be interesting to watch. Also, shoutout to Leclerc who is very quickly proving his worth in that Sauber. I suspect that he might be in the Haas sooner or later... Marko has also only said there isn't any "intention at the moment" to replace Hartley with Werhlein, but that's also the loosest possible terminology I've heard on that (and let's face it, Hartley is only there by default).
  2. Katsuya

    Formula E

    JEV is 40 points clear now in the standings. It's also crazy to think he's only 28.
  3. Season 4, ultimately, has DeBrie and Fantastic Four, which is the *best* things.
  4. I really haven't noticed or cared that much about halo, to be honest.
  5. Cracker is 100% my favourite and I'm hoping they're not going down a Thorgy route in putting her constantly in the top but not winning. I'm warming to Vixen, although I still don't think there's really a huge amount of talent there: she's got a big voice, but when you look at her performance in these acting challenges (the app one and this week's) it's clear that it's a weakness. Asia's winning me over, as is Aquaria a little (though I hated her ball looks, bar the lucha one). I low-key love Monique as well, whose kind of lovably clueless like Joslyn was. Fully expecting Kameron, Blair and Monique to be the next ones to go, and mayyyybe Eureka too, who I feel has had her rudemption by now.
  6. I love Danny Ricc as much as I'm rolling my eyes at Max Verstappen. What the hell was he doing in that race? Right from the off with the over-exuberant celebration of passing Lewis, he's starting to look really immature.
  7. God bless all this Bake Off appearing. Speaking of Gods: Wild Wild Country is pretty great. Wasn't sure on the first episode but it's hooked me now (although I knew the story beforehand). It's weird jumping between whose side you're on in the whole thing.
  8. Thought the race was fine, but after the safety car I tuned out - doesn't seem like I missed much though. I mean Australia is always a tough one to judge how close / how difficult it'll be for people for the rest of the year, so I'm not reading too much in to it. I'm guessing that it'll be the same top two teams with Red Bull just behind, but Haas playing the Force India-spoiler role as usual, and the threat of McLaren and Renault being able to get in the top 5/6 if anyone has issues. Also LeClerc had a storming race yesterday that went underrated, finishing ahead of Stroll and Hartley in that Sauber is no joke.
  9. I love Miz Cracker so much. Also Dusty Ray is 100% the trade of this season. Kameron’s too generically hot.
  10. ...Moldova? seriously? Israel should 100% win. Anyway, I'm off to Riga this weekend to meet a few of the acts which should be fun. And our YouTube channel just hit 50,000 subscribers the other day, so I guess I should pimp that out.
  11. Katsuya

    Lip Sync For Your Life

    Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.
  12. F1 are launching F1TV, their own version of the Network effectively. Key features: Live coverage of every single race, qualifying, practice with commentary in four languages, as well as pre- and post-race interviews Access to every single driver's on-board camera, as well as other camera feeds. Will launch on Web/Desktop, with apps for Apple, Android, Amazon to come. $8-12 monthly fee Also shows live F2/F3/Porsche Supercup sessions A less expensive, non-live version will have live timing feeds and radio commentary of the race, as well as "extended highlights" of each session in the race weekend. It'll also have an "Unprecedented" access to the video archive, which sounds amazing. The kicker, of course, is that it doesn't seem like it's going to be available in the UK, because fuck Sky

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