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  1. Watching FP2 and this is looking like a crazy weekend. Red Bull are a second quicker than everyone else, and Renault look like the best of the rest.
  2. Speak of the devil: Albon looks set for the Toro Rosso drive, which means the top 3 from F2 are probably going to be driving in F1 next year.
  3. Vandoorne and Wehrlein have now both signed for Formula E teams (HWA / Mahindra respectively), which takes them out of the Toro Rosso speculation. RIght now, it looks like it's either Sirotkin, Hartley or Albon who will get that seat. Apparently it's now between Ocon + Kubica for the other Williams drive.
  4. The "Ferrari are a shitshow" thinking is strong ATM, but spare a thought for McLaren, who forgot to submit their tyre choices. So whilst every other driver has at least 7 Supersoft tyres, Alonso and Vandoorne only have 4. They also have 4 sets of Medium tyres, and nobody else took more than 2.
  5. ...Max is ever so slightly pulling away from Hamilton here.
  6. Well Q2 was all kinds of a farce. Also I forgot just how boring and ugly the Sochi circuit is. Must be up there with Valencia (and at least Valencia had one or two good moments in the years) in terms of a dull track.
  7. Haas confirm K-Mag and Grisham for 2019. No surprise, given Romain has turned things around this season.
  8. Stoffel is reported to have signed a deal with HWA/Mercedes to race for them in Formula E, which is probably a good step for him. Also, all reports suggest that Kvyat's return will be announced this weekend.
  9. He's going to be Sauber's third driver for 2019, so it doesn't sound like he's got a drive at all right now.
  10. Giovinazzi is confirmed for Sauber in 2019.
  11. Mick just won his 5th race in a row, and Ticktum crashed out so he now has around a 43 point advantage in the standings. He's also on pole for the final race this weekend, and there's only 100 points left in the championship.
  12. Slightly longer. I think we've got enough party ones to go around, just got Sushi Go Party recently which should be good for that.
  13. What are some other good 5-6 player games? Got some friends coming over Saturday so was gonna get a new one in time for that.
  14. Buemi and Alex Albon have been confirmed for Formula E drives with Nissan, which rules them out of the Toro Rosso seats.
  15. Jumping Flash was my first console game ever, and therefore I'm the *most* excited for it.

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