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  1. I'm sure Vettel wouldn't have done it on purpose, but he definitely could have turned in to that escape road if he wanted and then instead just parked it in the most awkward position he could instead.
  2. I think Vettel's safe for now, simply because Ferrari don't really have a better option to replace him, unless they wanted to try and get Ricciardo out of his contract, or maybe take a punt on Sainz or Norris. Great drive by Leclerc though. Gave me flashbacks to Alonso-Schumacher in Imola at points.
  3. Exact same thing happened in GP3, and they all got penalties, but the guy who got pole still ended up first because everyone else the penalty too. But hey, if it means they all get thrown out and Giovinazzi is on pole, let's go with that!
  4. As much as I weirdly love Catalunya, I’d much, much rather Hockenheim. Also; new rumours are that Bottas stays at Merc, Ocon goes to Renault and Hulk takes Grosjean’s seat.
  5. I cannot wait for the world to fall in love with Cheryl Hole. She's amazing.
  6. I'd take Way of Life if it's on offer!
  7. Feel bad for Kvyat; Marko clearly is never gonna give him another shot at RBR it seems. Can't see how Albon can be any worse than Gasly, but it's a lot of pressure on him and no guarantee that he'll be a huge amount better. Still, good for him and always nice to see another (half) Brit in a top team.
  8. Both Alfa's given a 30 second penalty, which moves Hamilton up to P9... And KUBICA IS P10! Williams get a point!
  9. The silly season after Hungary could be very interesting. No way are Haas gonna keep those two for the rest of the season now after they collided again. Similarly, do you put Gasly down and bring Kvyat back? Obviously it's only been one race, but Kvyat was arguably the only driver who didn't make a single mistake that race, and if you want a sign of maturity then I'd say that's it. EDIT: Also; Lando Norris is the best meme machine: https://streamable.com/e2aec
  10. Up there with Canada 2011 as one of the best ever.
  11. What would a Verstappen, Kvyat and Stroll podium have got you in the odds I wonder...
  12. Being a Hulk fan means you're used to something keeping him off the podium when he deserves it, but it's never not a punch to the balls.
  13. ...so...what was the point of that?
  14. How many more ways can Ferrari fuck up this season?
  15. Safety car and Merc have well and truly fucked Bottas here.
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