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  1. With all of Max's problems, McLaren have now finished more laps this year than Red Bull
  2. I've sent the request for the Hitmen, so the Vipers spot is open we can swap back over soon though if you want when you're back on your feet properly
  3. Stroll was probably one of the most consistent and cleaner drivers this weekend. Phenomenal stuff and the jump up by him in the last few weeks has been phenomenal. But crazy to think that at so many stages of this race, Lewis, Seb, Max, Ocon, Perez and Massa could have won and then it was Danny Ricc... Also I guess I have to eat my words about the circuit...
  4. This should be a walk in the park for Lewis today, I guess. Only thing I can see causing a difference is a random safety car. Side note: god, Baku is a terrible circuit. I mean, it's nearly Valencia level bad.
  5. Cool stuff
  6. How close to being out of it are you? I've got the WM33 Brock, WM33 Becky and then the next best is Elite Pro Roman. Dunno if that's gonna be enough.
  7. The amount of wrestler cameos is pretty great actually.
  8. Won an Elite KOTR that I really shouldn't have, but I think the timing of the maintenance helped me. Ended up pulling Reigns, which was a Pro and has now just scraped me in to Ultimate on RD and just in time. Heads up on RD though - it seems that proc's are a bit broken and half the time end up boosting your opponent, not you.
  9. Long time coming, unfortunately. It was great to have a female team principal, but that ridiculous situation with van der Garde made her situation untenable then. I imagine she's been on thin ice ever since. Might be interesting to see what happens with the Honda deal, though. If McLaren really are pulling out of the deal and Honda will only have Sauber left, will they maybe take it over as a works team?
  10. Ugh. Pulled Elite Rollins from the TBG win this morning, which is good but another non-pro Elite. Then had enough to buy another WM33 single. Mickie James which is great in the sense that I have two WM33 females now (and they go together), but is also really annoying because a male would have pushed me into Ultimate on RD, which would have been a huge help.
  11. @Pooker and @Jericode, if either of you can throw some more points on the TBG, we're only like 50 points ahead and don't want it to turn on us like it did a couple weeks back
  12. Other half picked up ARMS. Played it a bit. Honestly thought it was kinda garbage. It feels like Wii Sports Boxing with more movemen control.
  13. Looks like Hall of Fame tier is coming next, judging by their new Twitter avatar.
  14. Half the time would be polite
  15. Technically, Vettel gave him a car's width of room. Ocon was already well off the racing line and probably would have ended up on the grass if he had turned in for the corner normally at that point anyway.