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  1. There is a lot of "Alonso coming back early!" guesses out there, but he already has to go to the Indy 500 mid-season, and I don't think he'd be allowed at any of the next two races at least because of the "bubble" procedure... Seb to Aston Martin with Toto for 2021 wouldn't shock me. No idea where Perez would end up though.
  2. The guy who broke the news that Vettel is leaving Ferrari has said there’s another big driver announcement to come tomorrow that isn’t Alonso related...
  3. Bloody hell. I've missed Formula One. I really, really hope they don't give Lando a penalty for that move with Perez. Perez completely left the door open, but Lando was a long way back too. Poor Albon too. I wonder if he could have won?
  4. Somewhat ironically as he was trying to make a move up a hill.
  5. Might as well just hand the Constructors title to Merc now.
  6. Looks like Red Bull have now successfully protested Lewis not getting a penalty for ignoring the yellow flags - they're setting Verstappen up on P2 on the grid and Lewis is being set up on P5. Also means Lando now starts P3! EDIT: Also, Verstappen and Leclerc have said they won't take a knee.
  7. New Merc livery too. Looks pretty great. Helps bring them in line with their Formula E colouring too.
  8. New Snap literally made me jump off my sofa. I don't think I've been so excited at a game reveal since Smash Bros Ultimate. Isle of Armor is out too! Spoilers, obvs:
  9. Formula E is finishing the season with 6 races in 9 days, across 3 layouts, all in Berlin.
  10. I've bred 270 Sobble in a row and no shiny yet (with the Shiny Charm and a foreign Ditto). This is fun.
  11. Portimao is in "advanced negotiations" to host a race (or two) in 2020.
  12. Japan still aren’t saying when they’ll let people in, which I guess is probably part of the issue. EDIT: F1 Twitter put a poll up asking where people wanted to see a race, with Imola, Algarve (Portimao) and Mugello as the three named options
  13. Baku, Singapore and Suzuka all definitely cancelled. Double race at Hockenheim is apparently likely now and they might even have a race at Mugello, which would be a pretty big surprise (especially considering there’s still no mention of Imola in all this...)
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