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  1. Last few hours to sign up for EWB Eurovision. Consider it my birthday present!

  2. Does Thursday work for people, actually?
  3. If I set something up tomorrow and we give it a go from like, 7.30? That good?
  4. Hi, everybody! So after speaking with @AnTEOLnio Inoki and @TKz last night I have a hankering to play Minecraft again, and let's face it, there's no time like the present. With that in mind, would there be enough interest if I were to start up a server? I wanna play Sky Factory 3 - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-presents-skyfactory-3 - which if any of you watch Achievement Hunter, they've played through before. There's lots of different ways to play it, whether you set up chicken farms, learn blood magic, there's a whole load of dragon taming and stuff like that. If enough people wanted in then I can start one up and we can see where we get to from there? Or I'll sit here and isolate on my own little island by myself...
  5. I've got Cherries, Pears and Peaches now. Anyone got anything else to share? I'll also (hopefully) have some bamboo to give away in a couple days...
  6. I'm up for either but 01/02 nostalgia would be much more fun, depending on how complex the setup is.
  7. Plan apparently now is to start the season in Baku, which would probably be extra chaotic now.
  8. So in the continuing shitshow that is this race: - It's still not officially called off, and the FIA / F1 haven't said anything... - McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault didn't show up to the paddock this morning, but the other 6 did - Apparently a vote last night with the teams was split 5-5 in terms of going ahead / cancelling - And Seb and Kimi reportedly have flown home.
  9. Jumping Flash and Pandemonium on the PS1 will forever hold very special places in my heart. Also Wrestlemania 2000 & WCW/NWO Revenge on the N64.
  10. You know me too well. Honestly, it's shit, but it's so mind-numbingly shit that it's kind of entertaining? Also I'm pretty certain that I recognised at least one of the contestants from singing voice alone, and that hooked me because I want them to win so badly.
  11. I have really weirdly started to get back in to the Pokemon TCG...
  12. Honestly I don't know if I've watched and enjoyed a show *other* than Russian Doll this year and I feel like I need to make more of an effort than that. But I'll happily throw a vote in for Nadia as best new character. What a concept.
  13. I won last year (no idea how). And then I lose it this year this morning, when the head of marketing was just randomly playing it on her phone.
  14. Lewis officially gets a 5 second penalty, which makes it: 1. Verstappen 2. Gasly 3. Sainz 4. Kimi 5. Giovinazzi 6. Hamilton/Norris (not clear) EDIT: But also Sainz apparently under investigation for the DRS incidents, but sounds like he had it closed before he got close to the incident...
  15. I suspect that the "using DRS in a yellow sector" thing might be clouding things too. Hopefully it doesn't impact Gasly / Sainz. On the other hand, if the Alfa/Haas cars get penalties, there's a real chance George Russell gets a point.
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