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  1. Finished binging this show early last week and wow, incredible. I usually don't watch a lot of TV but the first few minutes of the pilot convinced me that this was right up my alley. A shoutout to Zan's mafia game for making me aware of this show.
  2. Nacho Monreal...
  3. So I started watching the show last year and after the end of Season 2, started reading the books and only stopped after I had finished the fifth one. The problem is because I watched the show first and then read the books, everything I read was pictured in my head as being played on tv and now it's just one big blur of 'wait, did this actually happen in the tv series or is my mind making stuff up again?'.
  4. I'm in love with FIFA 13 Had a week to kill before starting work and contemplated whether or not to dish money out for this...I'm glad I did!
  5. Handed in my paper yesterday, just gotta wait for the mark to see how I did. I ended up analyzing Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham and here are the two best parts of the paper. Everton Tottenham
  6. So almost done my paper and one interesting observation that stood out was the more tottenham spent on wages during 2004-2010, the worse they seemed to perform. In fact, their best performance came when they spent the lowest on the players in the 2009/2010 period (accounting for inflation and the interest rate for all wage expenditure in the prior years to make the values comparable).
  7. Hey guys, So for my financial forecasting class, we have to write a final paper worth 60% of our mark that proposes an economic model to forecast pretty much anything of interest. Instead of sticking to interest rates, exchange rates and the stock market, I decided to have a look at the soccer clubs and their financial statement to see if there is any statistical relationship between the operating expenses (a majority of which encompasses wages for the players, the net increase or decrease in the cash flow (which may explain sudden jump in performances) and how successful the team is in the given season. My hypothesis is simple- the more a firm spends on its players (the higher the operating expenses), the better it should do in the league. And the better it does in the league, the better the cash flow for the next period given improved sponsorship opportunities, media revenue, etc. I am measuring success based on the no. of points a team scores relative to the top scorer in that given season (because you know, every season is different and just relying on positions alone wasn't good enough). This means I need financial statements for clubs I am looking at. I already have statements for Arsenal (2004 to present) Aston Villa (2004 only) Birmingham (2004 to 2009) Everton (2004 to present) Tottenham Spurs (2004 to present) Lazio (2004 to present) I need statements for Manchester City Aston Villa (2005 onwards) Manchester United (2004 to present) and any other club who has easily accessible financial statements on their website. If you follow a club and are comfortable navigating around their website and can take out a couple of minutes of your time to post a link to their statements, I would be very thankful. I will probably be looking data up all day today so if I find anything I will update this post right away!
  8. 5 on Wigan/Wolves draw 10 on Bolton 5 accumulator on both of those happening. stoke 1-2 blackburn
  9. No, thank you. We hadn't heard the OMG WENGER IZ A PAEDO joke anywhere else on the internet.
  10. 10 on Everton 5 on Villa 5 ACC on both of those winning The Doubler West Ham 2-2 Tottenham
  12. Vassell was horrible for my Toronto game No goals in 12 starts and 5 substitute appearances
  13. My new job requires me to learn football
  14. 5 on Arsenal 5 on Manchester 10 accumulator on those. 3-0 for Everton
  15. 1. Dexter Morgan (Dexter) 2. Don Draper (Mad Men) 3. Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) 4. Dwight Schrute (The Office) 5. Dr. Cox (Scrubs) 6. Benjamin Linus (LOST) 7. Dr. Reid (Criminal Minds) 8. Moss (The IT Crowd) 9. Chandler Bing (FRIENDS) 10. Frasier (Cheers and Frasier)