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  1. In the above picture, could one of you replace the "Bash 87" text with the WCW logo below? Background is fine as is. Thanks.
  2. Sure thing, I'll get to work right away. As for the injury historyes, I'll try to be as accurate as possible about the specifics of the injury, but some info is just way too hard to find especially for lesser known workers, so some injuries will for example be there simply as "Knee Injury" instead of "Torn ACL" if that's alright.
  3. That's awesome. As far as working on gimmicks goes, whoever's working on them probably has their own system of doing them and I don't wanna come out midway through and create more work by doing them differently. I'll try and remember to get back to you at a later date once this is a bit further along so I can start work on the P500 and maybe something else like Injury or Mask & Hair histories.
  4. In a perfect world this would also be the case for promotions, workers, dojos & graduates, titles etc. Would be an insane amount of work, though as you said, could be worked on over time. Need help with anything? I could do Power 500 if no one's done those yet.
  5. I believe Christian might still have some sort of contract with them since him and Edge have the upcoming Network show. Luger works on their Wellness Policy, so perhaps Personality would be closest to it?
  6. - Add an injury to Randy Orton (Torn rotator cuff, out 4-6 months) (source: http://www.pwinsider.com/article/97594/top-wwe-name-could-miss-wrestlemania-due-to-expected-surgery.html?p=1 ) great job with this so far TheWho. Keep up the good work. -
  7. NXT Kendall Skye has been released a few months ago it seems like so I didn't include her TNA Had a really hard time with the TNA ones because like I said, I have never really watched them consistently, so some of them might be way off. Left the WWE guys in there for comparisons sake. Well, at least I tried. Here are the card positions before; and after:
  8. I think 80 for Vince was justified seeing as he's a proven "ratings draw" (geez, feel like a geek now ), always generates a reaction one way or another and is one of the most well known personalities in and outside of pro wrestling. However, no problem with the 70 either. My knowledge of TNA is pretty limited as I've never really watched it consistently, but I can try.
  9. CZW - Add Stockade, Tim Donst, Danny Havoc and Rex Lawless - Remove Rich Swann and Sexxxy Eddy, their appearances at Cage Of Death were very likely just one-off appearances. - Remove Ruckus - Make Women Superstars Uncensored a child company of CZW or do a working agreement/alliance between the two as WSU is also owned by DJ Hyde. - Rename the show "CZW (December)" to CZW Cage Of Death, Name postfix numbered: 16. Season Finale: Yes, raise importance to Above Average. - Tournament Of Death: change Name postfix 13 to 14. Raise importance to Above Average. - Best of the Best: change Name postfix 13 to 14. Raise importance to Above Average. - Tangled Web: change Name postfix 7 to 8. - Add a tag team called OI4K with Jake Crist & Dave Crist. Tag exp: 100. - Add a tag team called Beaver Boys with Alex Reynolds & John Silver. Tag exp: 35 - Add a tag team called Team TREMENDOUS. Tag exp: 40 - Remove Ruckus, Alex Colon and Rich Swann from stable BLKOUT, make inactive. - Add stable The Body, The Bomb & The God. Add Pepper Parks, Papadon & Cherry Bomb - Add stable Nation of Intoxication. Add Lucky 13, Danny Havoc and Devon Moore - Make Cherry Bomb a manager. Manages Pepper Parks and Papadon.
  10. I'd put them like this; C (60-65) AJ Lee (62) C- (54-59) Brie Bella (55), Nikki Bella (55) D+ (48-53) Paige (48), D (42-47) Rosa Mendes (42), Cameron (44), Summer Rae (45), Eva Marie (43), Alicia Fox (43), Natalya (47), Naomi (47) D- (36-41) Tamina Snuka (36), Layla El, (38), Emma (38)
  11. Case could be made for Ambrose being a B- as he's in a quite similar position to Ziggler, but just barely so maybe 72-73'ish for him? However, I don't think Rusev is quite there yet. I'd say he just barely makes a C+, so around 66-67 for him. The feud with Cena could potentially propel him to a B- tier if booked well. Agree on Heyman. Didn't want to overrate the NXT guys so maybe I ended up underrating them a bit n the process. Where would you put them popularity wise? edit: Changed up the popularities of the WWE main roster guys and checked how the card position looked like after that. This is how it looked before: This is how it looks after the changes These are the popularities I gave them: Thoughts?
  12. Here's how I'd have the popularities set up as far as WWE & NXT go (used the GDS guide as reference); Haven't tried these in-game yet so don't know how out of whack the card positions would be. Anyways, excited to see how this mod will look in the near future. Looks very promising to say the least. Good job.
  13. Travis Tyler, Slate Randall and Garrett Dylan have all been released from NXT. http://www.pwinsider.com/article/87292/five-wwe-releases.html?p=1 Don't know if the other two mentioned are in the game.
  14. Worker can only be in one feud at the same time Can only be in a major role in one feud at a time, but a worker can be a part of two or more feuds, as long as he's in a minor role. For example, look at Vader:
  15. I would add Kane into the Ambrose/Rollins and Reigns/Orton feuds in a minor role.
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