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  1. Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

    Aw man this looks good. Im a big FF mark and have always wanted to know more about this guy's past. He was one of the most intresting of the group in FF7.
  2. Need Some Action Movies

    A Man Apart - Vin Diesel Film. Pretty Good. The Chronicles Of Riddick - Another Vin Diesal film. One of my favourite films at the moment. Leon - Been said already but I'll say it again because its an awesome film. Man on fire - Very good film, though boring at the start. Speed - Also a great film IMO. An action film with very little fighting etc. Walking Tall - The best film since The Rock started acting IMO. I know loads of films but for some reason I cant remember any of their names at the moment
  3. Love songs?

    Hey I was wondering could you all give me a few songs that you consider to be good love songs. Like I think that the slow version of Dj Sammy's heaven is a great love song. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Game List

    Ok im so bored and I have no decent games to play and no cash to buy new ones. So im going to make a list of all decent free (and legal) game that I play and I hope you'll all add to it so I have new games to try. OGPimps Real Thugz Bootleggers Keep Pimpin Ok the above are all web based gangster games. Real Thugz is by far the best but Ogpimps is very good aswell, though a little sparce in players at the moment. Runescape Wrestling Tycoon Chart Wars Chart Wars is amazing though most of you probley play it. Wrestling Tycoon aint very good but might get better over time. Home Of The Underdogs Home of the under dogs has hundreds of games, most of which you'll remember from your child hood. Ok thats about all I can remember for the moment, though i'll add more as I remember them are find them. Feel free to add and I hope you do! EDIT: {}
  5. GTA: San Andreas

    Yeh i rused through and as i entered the 2nd city i relised just how much i missed tyhe first so i restarted and plan on getting full repect and max everything before I even leave the first city. Though congrats on completing it
  6. GTA: San Andreas

    i dont think all cars can be upgraded
  7. Chart Wars 3

    same here I click stuff and nothing happens.
  8. Looking for a tv advert

    Brings back a few things. I just really need that ad. Anyone know where i might be able to get it?
  9. Looking for a tv advert

    I remember when I was smaller a tv ad used to run about a boy and his father and the father gets gunned down infront of the son. The song cats in the cradle was playing during it. I need some help find this ad. Does anyone know of sites that would store these old adverts?
  10. Hollywood Mogul help

    Only put out 5 star scripts and make sure that you advertise well.
  11. Would this work?

    You could call him Gabe, short for Gabrial. That way it has some meaning. Might be a bit cheesy as to who Gabrial is really ment to be. It could open up a whole new sub-story of Gaberial losing his faith and being made human with no memory of his true past etc. May end up was too cheesy though.