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  1. Watched the first episode of Borgen last night. Has me hooked. I think it is because literally every politician in the show is a piece of shit like real life. Also started watching King of the Road again. I love it.
  2. Trapped is brilliant. Missed a good nordic noir.
  3. Sugar kills more people then Tobacco 🏁
  4. Vettel has made so many awful driving errors this season. Rear-ending Verstappen was utterly ridiculous.
  5. It just feels like place-holder at the moment. There is nothing substantial really going on.
  6. Both Handmaid's Tale and Jane the Virgin have been garbage these seasons.
  7. It was definitely a rough pass, but it wasn't exactly out of line.
  8. Having just finished Season 7, it was pretty awful. We were laughing at some of the dumb shit that was happening.
  9. I highly recommend Bad North. It looks like a simple game but it is incredibly fun.
  10. That was the most bullshit handball. She was actively moving her arm away when the kick came. There was literally nothing that could be done about it.
  11. Emily kept pressuring me to watch Game of Thrones, so I bit the bullet a few weeks back and we started from the beginning. Marathoning our way through it is quite interesting to see how quickly everything changes, compared to waiting an entire year between series. We just finished Season 6 which was the season I stopped watching initially when Hodor created Hodor and we found out no one had free will. That was a fun discussion with Emily. Seeing the battle for Winterfell. That was absolutely brutal, piles of bodies, fighting on top of them. It made me think of the humanity of living in such a world knowing that if you fight for your part of the land you are probably going to die a horrible death. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that GOT is very addictive because of how submersive (sic?) the entire show is, but in terms of story it's a bit shit.
  12. The F1 commentator's could learn a thing from the Formula E commentator's: Don't take anything seriously.
  13. It looks like the decision has been universally slammed by former drivers.
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