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  1. I love Trollhunter, and thus, have already seen it.
  2. I feel like we have watched every good nordic noir at this point. Need some new stuff, any suggestions?
  3. I guess watching the finale I realised that the show was fine, but overall I must not have been that invested in it given most peoples reactions to the ending, and I was like, when is this going to be done so I can watch something else.
  4. I bought Lonely Mountains: Downhill for my brother for his birthday. So. Much. Fun.
  5. I watched Dunkirk in the cinema and it was insane.
  6. I liked JoJo Rabbit. I think the marketing campaign was brilliant as it made the film out to just be a zany imaginary friend is Hitler film, but it 100% is not that at all. Emily absolutely loved it. 1917 looks like one of those films you have to see in the cinema.
  7. Everyone seems to be watching The Witcher, even though it is getting awful reviews. Is it worth it?
  8. Has anyone played The Swords of Ditto or Undermine?
  9. RDR2 is US$42 on Epic Games with the free $10 voucher. Haven't seen it cheaper anywhere else.
  10. Ended up getting Crying Suns as it's supposed to be a beefed up FTL style game.
  11. Into the Breach is free on Epic Games. GO GET IT NOW!
  12. So I can get a new game for Christmas (yay), but am unsure what to get. Throw out some suggestions. I prefer playing indie games (like Binding of Isaac, FTL, etc.) but am interested in RDR2, but not sure how well it would play on PC with a mouse and keyboard. Recently finished Outworlds.
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