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  1. Formula One 2017

    If there isn't more reasons to hate Hamilton he has been mentioned in the Paradise Papers for avoiding paying VAT on a private jet. What a dick.
  2. Formula One 2017

    That sounds absolutely ridiculous.
  3. General Gaming Thread

    Wolfenstein II is having so many issues and I can't even open the game!
  4. Nintendo Megathread

    So much stock landed in Australia there were reports it's still on the shelf today.
  5. What Did You Watch Today?

    Emily and I have started watching the Man in the High Castle and it is an incredible series. Absolutely love it.
  6. What Did You Watch Today?

    How friggen great is the Tick!
  7. Formula One 2017

    Magnussen ran him straight off the fucking track!
  8. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Anyone? I can't find anything online and cannot tag. Also simmed a tournament to decide who will challenge Genichiro Tenryu for the WORLD TITLE. Riki Choshu beat Tetsuya Naito in the finals by KO with a lariat. I then used him to beat Tenryu in 7 minutes with a CRITICAL Scorpion Deathlock. I need to do a junior tournament.
  9. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Is anyone else having issues tagging with keyboard controls? As far as I am aware you stand near your partner hold towards them and press A.
  10. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Just use the keyboard. Genichiro Tenryu won a 32 man tournament to be crowned the first every World Heavyweight Champion. What a guy.
  11. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    That sounds like the worst club.
  12. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Is there a pack available people have downloaded or what's the go? I haven't really looked to be honest.
  13. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    No ones going to create Alexander Otsuka for me Why did you do this to me Spike?
  14. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    I was expecting a lot more playable characters. I can't even work out who the SWF guys actually are based on.