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  1. I find myself being consumed with rage every time I read something that Leto has said or done. The guy seems like such a pompous arse.
  2. Well, as someone who frequently feels a bit overwhelmed by the depth of content, your reviews really helped me out deciding what to go for next.
  3. More of these please! Or does anyone know where I can find anything similar? This thread has been superb for finding runs that I wouldn't usually have heard about. Whenever I try to research what to read next, I just get sent down the most obvious paths or directed to stuff that I've already read.
  4. What is it? You can't just leave those of us too lazy to Google hanging.
  5. I've had this debate with friends a few times: my perspective is that I don't mind as long as race isn't a central part of the character. Like with James Bond, him being a white Englishman with imperialistic overtones is one reason I wouldn't want to see a black Bond. Whereas as far as I can see, Peter Parker's race wouldn't really matter if it changed: the character wouldn't really alter. I always thought Danny Rand as a mystical martial arts white guy was always part of the innate ridiculousness of the character, especially when it's kind of done "tongue in cheek" like in Matt Fraction's run.
  6. Is this worth the money? I have a £20 voucher I've been saving for something. It's either this of Fallout 4.
  7. Just finished Grant Morrisons run on New X-Men and loved it. It goes without saying that you'll either love Morrison's style or find it pretentious and self indulgent, but it's well worth a shot. Anyone have any any recommednations as to where I should go next? I was thinking a Spider-Man series, but not sure where to start. Any suggestions?
  8. Thank you! That all sounds pretty good. I wonder if changing the fighting style affects anything serious about the game play or whether it'll be minor differences. All sounds pretty good!
  9. Being from Newcastle, I'd have thought you're the only person here that could understand and translate. I speak Geordie, not fuckwit. I can't take more than 10 seconds of those videos.
  10. Can someone please watch this and list the new information? I hate these YouTube videos. What's wrong with writing? I'll be over here with my pipe and slippers.
  11. So, I'm curious: obviously different responses give different events, but HOW different? I'm playing GOT and just finished episode 4 and wondering how different my game is to other people's.
  12. It's one thing for him to hunt. It's another for him to hunt it, cook it and then bring it to what looks like a birthday party. Then again, he's Wolverine, who the fuck would stop him?
  13. So this version of the game feels like a real improvement. What do you think the next game needs to be even better? I'd love it if they played with the stamina system a bit more. Instead of chinlocks etc being submission moves they should trigger a mini-game where if you're successful you can drain a portion of your opponents stamina bar. It's already a great system, so I think that addition would help a lot.
  14. Could they even do Garfield as Parker then someone else as Morales? Not that I think that's a good idea at all...
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