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  1. Sony Megathread

    I really enjoyed the game a lot. Definitely reccomended!
  2. WWE Supercard

    I'm still dabbling with this again and got a Beast tier Harper. Although I did start a Titan fusion. I'm enjoying it again for now but damn this game takes a lot of time to get good and stay competitive. I had forgotten about that...
  3. WWE 2K18

    Just deleted the game off my PS4. Hadn't played it in a while and hated the career. Kind of thinking I'll be taking a break from the series this year unless they do something huge.
  4. WWE Supercard

    Buddy. I tried again but now it says I can't join while there's a TRD going on.
  5. WWE Supercard

    Yeah, I'm SS33.
  6. WWE Supercard

    I tried to join but it says I've been blocked from joining!?
  7. WWE Supercard

    Weird, I've tried searching and it says there's nothing...
  8. WWE Supercard

    Going to try and give this another go. Damn, it's overwhelming. So much new matches going on. Seems like you'll need to really dedicate a lot of time of you want to do everything... Any room open in the EWB group?
  9. Sony Megathread

    I haven't seen the movies beyond the first, Manhattan, Goes to He'll, and X in a long long time. I really want to again though especially after getting hooked on the game. My PSN handle is ogbuddyawesome if anyone else wants to join in!
  10. Sony Megathread

    He's not really Jason?
  11. General Gaming Thread

    I can't get over how fun and addicting Friday The 13th is. My friend's been bugging me to get this for months and I finally did. Better late than never!
  12. WWE 2K18

    Honestly, I'd spend the extra $5 or whatever to play as everyone and not grind to unlock.
  13. WWE 2K18

    Just had a REALLY fun Triple Threat Match in Universe. As Nakamura, defending the IC title against Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Seemed like something I could actually see happening. Very fun match, I hit Dawson with the Kinshasa but was winded and dropped to a knee, Wilder hit me with a DDT then turned around and pinned Dawson for the win!
  14. WWE 2K18

    Survivor Series matches are so damn fun to play! Even if the team pairings was random and super lopsided... Universe had Brock Lesnar feuding with Neville for the title and they had a team match at Survivor Series. Neville had Noam Dar, Daniel Bryan, and TJP with him against Lesnar's Shinsuke Nakamura, Shawn Michaels, and Randy Orton. It wasn't a total squash though because TJP did eliminate me as Orton... But Brock ultimately eliminated everyone on their team.
  15. WWE 2K18

    I'm just now starting to play it after simming most if the first year to January. I always enjoy watching a Rumble instead of just simming because then you might get fun winners coming into your first Mania. I'm actually doing that right now and No Way Jose eliminated Dean Ambrose, Jey Uso, Goldberg, and Ultimate Warrior before Diesel came in and clotheslined him over the top. Final 4 are Dash Wilder, Sheamus, Xavier Woods, and Randy Savage... Xavier gets Sheamus out, Dash eliminates Savage... and out goes Dash! Looks like Mania is main evened by Xavier Woods vs Braun Strowman! Played the Elimination Chamber as Braun to defend the belt, against Cena, Orton, Roode, No Way Jose, and Reigns. Came in 3rd and eliminated Reigns and Orton, before being pinned by Cena, who then lost to the new WWE Champion No Way Jose!!