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  1. Sonic Forces as well. Heard mixed things on it, I'll try it out.
  2. It's a bummer they ruined the control scheme. I like some of the ideas like the originals, but they're so blandly put in. Universe is worse than ever seemingly. Was trying to grind through to at least play Career but have no real desire.
  3. Tue modern day stuff in Origins and Oddyssey have been really cool. I liked the stuff with Desmond a lot too.
  4. How in the world do you cash in MITB during Universe? I try mid match but it's always grayed out! Also, random note but I'm pretty sure in development somehow they gave Carmella a caveman entrance and not hers.
  5. I applaud you getting the platinum. I hated the Desmomd sequences and after the first didn't want to bother with the rest of them.
  6. I found a deluxe edition being sold on Amazon for $40 so bought it. And I'm quickly realizing I probably won't play it much. I hate the changes to the control scheme. Triangle to reverse is so weird and feels very unnatural.
  7. Another fun DLC I've always thought would be to play as Dutch or Javier after RDR2 and have it culminate where RDR1 ends.
  8. I read a narrative that implies Uncle might be Red Harlow. If they continue the story going back in time, I wouldn't mind playing as Landon Rickets. Or maybe even from the angle of a Pinkerton.
  9. With the Assassins Creed games, if you liked Brotherhood I really think you'll love Revelations. I just finished it in clearing out my backlog and it's really fun. I just love that series. This inspires me to do the same... I have way too many games in the backlog myself.
  10. So now that it's been out for a while, how is it? I still do want it, but not unhappy I waited. Career sounds all kinds of stupid silly fun.
  11. I wound up not picking this up for obvious reasons. But if anybody did, do you by chance have the QR codes for the Supercard game that you're not using? 😁
  12. Judging by that trailer too looks like they added mixed tag.
  13. The theme can change though pretty easily I'd imagine. When Punk changed his theme to Living Colour they added it to the game pretty last minute if I recall correctly.
  14. Wasn't there some sort of ultimate team in the newest UFC game? Because if so I don't see why WWE couldn't have one.
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