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  1. 33 Neville which is another pro!
  2. Nice, I have 4 singles ready to roll in the fusion chamber.
  3. I got the worst hand I think over ever had.
  4. We starting TBG soon?
  5. Got 33 HHH as my prize.
  6. I'm pretty sure we have this under control. Good work team let's finish out the last points we can.
  7. Just missed being able to max my Battleground cards :/ Remember if you're losing a bout close out of the game so it doesn't count against you.
  8. If anyone's interested a good friend runs a Facebook group called For The Love Of Video Games. Good people and good chats.
  9. Honestly I didn't think about TBG being affected at all just put the cards in training in to get those ready and trained sooner.
  10. Ready and raring to go all day for the event, no excuses. We should start Battleground like an hour before TRD.
  11. Guys I screwed the pooch this BG :/ sorry. Work got pretty hectic and I just passed out after. Meant to get those attacks in but just spaced it before going to sleep early.
  12. I'm right there with Bleh and coming to report a ton of network kicks. No available Wi-Fi so having to use cell data. Still gonna get in what I can :/
  13. Oooooooh OK! Never thought of that! Should be able to top off my BG charges. Work is steady right now. Worst case I got the top cards that I'll be using maxed up. I've notices if I play on cellular data I get kicked out of games a lot, but if I'm on wifi it's not happening. Weird.
  14. Turns out you can't store Royal Rumble picks for TRD:(
  15. I've been getting kicked a lot mid game. Lesnar isn't a help to me personally but I'm down to push for him since it also helps with charges. Got a good hand in BG too! At work now so grinding when I can but I'm all in for whatever you all are.