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  1. Absolver looks interesting and definitely unique. I'll be checking it out. Can't exactly beat that price.
  2. Still playing. Im I'm that annoying tiny little sliver before the next tier at Titan++. Love the way the Goliath cards look. The team I'm on is about to break into Titan too if anyone needs a team.
  3. I absolutely love the Uncharted series, even with my main gripe being when you go to an area where nobody could have been for hundreds or thousands of years, you say, and you're ambushed by 50 guys.
  4. Weird, I played it years ago now and didn't have an issue.
  5. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K18

    That's exactly how I am. I'll be like nah I'm skipping this year... OH! You can be Terry Funk!? I'm in! I'm skipping this year... OH! You can be Goldberg!?
  6. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K18

    I would absolutely LOVE another All Stars game! That was so much fun. If they could factor in SOME sort of story/career mode other than the arcade mode, I'd absolutely shell out $60 for it. Oh who am I kidding? I'm a sheep and will give WWE my money every time there's any new game.
  7. I just fought Mitch Conner last night and I was thinking the same. I'm enjoying the game but nowhere near as much as I did Stick Of Truth.
  8. I got a notification that WM34 tier has come, but servers are down...
  9. I absolutely LOVED the Mad Max game! Definitely recommend that one.
  10. I really enjoyed the game a lot. Definitely reccomended!
  11. I'm still dabbling with this again and got a Beast tier Harper. Although I did start a Titan fusion. I'm enjoying it again for now but damn this game takes a lot of time to get good and stay competitive. I had forgotten about that...
  12. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K18

    Just deleted the game off my PS4. Hadn't played it in a while and hated the career. Kind of thinking I'll be taking a break from the series this year unless they do something huge.
  13. Buddy. I tried again but now it says I can't join while there's a TRD going on.
  14. I tried to join but it says I've been blocked from joining!?

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