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  1. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    Playing the Ric Flair tower and during the Steamboat match I applied a 4th Figure Four to finally get him to tap with 34 seconds left. Nail biter.
  2. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    If anyone doesn't play Supercard and wants to send some QR codes my way I won't complain
  3. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    How do you use the accelerator to unlock all the extra legends and whatnot? I pre ordered Deluxe and didn't see the option. I also don't have Rousey or Rey.
  4. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    The soundtrack is infinitely better than last year at least. I always turn on all of the theme songs to play too so it's a huge variety.
  5. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    I hope they go all out, as I said before with the random CAW types you fight in that mode. Give me a totally randomized Asian tattooed biker with a neon green fro.
  6. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    Personally I don't even have time to play the games I have now, and with the ever-growing backlog I definitely don't have time to revisit anything. As much as I wish I could. Yearly sports releases, of any genre I don't think are really intended to ever be Game of the Year candidates. I was excited for Fire Pro with all the hype everyone had given it, but it's very much even more limiting than the WWE games that it's supposed to be an alternative to. For the price tag, I sincerely don't think I've gotten my money worth and probably won't. At least with WWE, even if it is same old shit with a different paint job, at least the graphics are amazing and I get to play as my favorites. Even if Universe is flawed, and it is, it's still fun. I've never had any game breaking issues with is, even if a feud means they wrestle every week for months. Hell, as annoying as it is it's accurate to real life. Regarding Almas not being in last year, I remember something I read on here saying he requested to not be in the game if I recall correctly. And yeah it sucks that they took out Ciampa and Kendrick, but it is what it is. If that's the deal breaker for you, don't buy the game. But I dare say the vast majority probably won't. I don't remember what game it was but a while back in the career mode I remember you'd wrestle in gyms against total randomized CAW types. That was fun. You'd face some people who looked normal and some were just outlandish. And the names were random too I'm pretty sure. Wish they'd do that again.
  7. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    I don't get that this needs to be enjoyable for years down the line for the $60 price tag. I'm enjoying Fire Pro right now but honestly I'm already getting burnt out because it's so limited. Most games I play for a few weeks to a month anyway. We loved and praised God Of War unanimously but once I beat it I can't honestly say I'm planning on going back. With this, personally I can't see myself dedicating a lot of time right away with Assassins Creed aaaaaaand Red Dead both coming out too. But it's a WWE game, and I love WWE and their games and have never felt like I didn't get mut money's worth.
  8. How are people downloading all these wrestlers? I can't find it anywhere.
  9. I'm finally playing this and having fun now that I'm figuring things out. What are SWA and S1 rules? 4th match in I get 97% rating beating Elgin as Omega in a very fun match 18 minute match with lots of near falls. Couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do Kenny's finisher though.
  10. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    Yeah, if Mandy Rose is in the game she's going to win all of the titles.
  11. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    Almas didn't get included again!?
  12. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    I'm sorry if it's a spoiler but it seems to me from that graphic that the major news of the roster reveal is that Rusev will be in the game.
  13. This should be in my mailbox and I'll be picking it up when I'm off work. Played FPW Returns, I think it was, on PS2. Had a hard time getting into it but I got it at a time when I was really not playing video games at all and sold everything I had. Interested to see how I like this one. Everyone on here seems to love these games.
  14. BuddyAwesome

    WWE 2K19

    Playing as Ricochet would of course be fun but I always have a soft spot for playing as slow, powerful guys like Earthquake and Sid. So I'm definitely hoping Otis Dozovic is in the game.

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