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  1. It's a thing! I've found myself with a bit more money and a lot more time alone to play video games and with the ability of Twitch to basically record stuff for me, I've decided to make some little videos for fun. Don't expect much in the way of production values but I'd appreciate the feedback/support/encouragement that maybe someone else wants to watch. I'll just say in advance I apologize if this is advertising or something but I have no idea if these even make any money and highly doubt they will. Also don't have the strictest of Twitch schedules for live stuff but I'll probably look into maybe planning out a bit if people like it. Again though any mods or whatever let me know if it's not cool posting something like this here because I am pretty unaware of the rules on this stuff... This is my 'Cleanest' video so far as the older ones I for some reason decided to leave the group chat on screen and didn't cut them down into smaller parts so they are kind of marathon watches. I'll likely alternate between various games because I am easily bored but yeah. Also if anybody that isn't incompetent with photo editing like me wants to help me out it'd be much appreciated for like the little preview cards. As fun as looking at me use MS Paint is I know there's plenty of talented people in the community who can do better work. Twitch Channel - https://www.twitch.tv/hajjhowe YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsE80tmL8_97i6rqHDNBrgw
  2. What level are these guys? That blood door seems brutal but I toss a lot of softballs as a DM. I do like the idea of digging up the graves for rewards though and I'll always have a soft spot for cult shenanigans. In other news I am planning to finally meet my regular group outside somewhere this week and I'm going to be running an Alien themed one shot for them which I hope will be fun. I've never really strayed too far from the sword & sorcery stuff except when I did another one shot around Halloween with a WW2 meets Call of Cthulhu type scenario. I've sort of made a hybrid D&D system for the games that I am trying to work out that makes it a little more interesting. Mainly they keep a lot of high(ish) skills like a higher level PC but I keep their health low because I find the sense of danger makes it a lot more exciting for them and is probably a bit more "realistic" for a world with guns. If anyone wants to take a look at my stuff I'm sure some of the vets in here can let me know if they think I'll have crazy unbalanced issues
  3. Probably an obvious answer I am missing but is there a pre-game editor for FM somewhere that I'm just missing?
  4. Wrestlemania 2000 (N64) Madden 99 (N64) NHL 1997 (Sega) Kirby's Adventure (NES) Super Mario Brothers (Atari) The 3 wrestling games were almost certainly the ones I played the most. My friend and I would create entire 'leagues' and run simulated matches with them. Madden pretty much got me interested in football and was the first game I owned of that genre. NHL was the same idea as Madden and a game I also played a ton of. Kirby was one of my favorite games and probably the first game I beat without using a game genie so it holds a special place to me (Even if in retrospect it was incredibly easy). Finally I don't remember the name but I definitely had some sort of Mario Brothers knock off game that was strictly the enemies spawning from pipes part for Atari and that is probably my earliest video game memory.
  5. I love doing both. World building is one of my favorite things to do and I enjoy creating the various places, factions and history of a world as a DM. Also I'm easily bored so getting to essentially "play" as basically as many characters as I want is a lot of fun for me. That said it is nice to be a PC and get to really develop a character more than you really will as a DM. Also not having to really prep a whole lot of stuff as a PC doesn't hurt. I'd say I probably prefer to DM than to play, but at this point I'd be happy to get to do either I've been thinking of doing an online game with voice chat or whatever here on the board but have no idea where to post such an idea, who would be interested and with time zones and such I have no idea how it'd even be organized. Still even a one shot would be fun if anyone here is interested.
  6. I'd think some type of Skype/Discord combo would be the best way about playing online in a group. If Roll 20 is free and not too complicated to use that'd also be a good option. But voice chat seems like the best way to build flow in gameplay. I'd also be interested in playing either as a player of DM, but I'm pretty much only familiar with 5e
  7. Brett Favre went from losing in OT in the NFC title game to ending his starting streak, career and being pretty awful after arguably the most efficient season of his career the year before.
  8. WWW.twitch.TV/budak0n live Madden stream check it out

  9. I wonder if Trent is upset the Colts blew it with their pick.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_j5tDuakKU No idea why, but for some reason that's one of my favorite random movie lines.
  11. He was right to some degree in his ranting about the Bengals giving up a lot, but that doesn't mean the Browns didn't take full advantage of it. They didn't make any mistakes on offense and capitalized on all the awful passes Dalton made, many of which were caused by the pass rush. I still have no idea why the Bengals seemed to abandon the run game as soon as they were down like 11. The Browns have been one of the worst run defenses in the NFL this year and it was clear pretty early that Dalton wasn't going to be playing well yet still Hill only ended up with 12 carries. Even after he fumbled I'd still have kept trying to give him the rock. This is actually kind of impressive
  12. Hajjhowe

    Horrible Movies

    Everybody's Fine with Robert De Niro is the one I always think of when it comes to the worst movies I've seen. It's one of the most boring movies I ever sat through and at points it felt like I was just watching a hidden film of De Niro putzing around in his free time. Just an incredibly boring movie.
  13. I've been watching The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr. since I just watched Evil Dead II and wanted to see some Bruce Campbell stuff. It's pretty entertaining and well written with a nice mix of comedy and action. Western setting is a good fit for Campbell as well, you can tell he likes the character he's playing. I should watch The Rocketeer though. I remember loving it as a kid.
  14. The Eagles system uses a ton of running so it might not be too bad for Sanchez. They actually have some decent weapons as well compared to the Jets tools later in Sanchez time there. Mind you, I wouldn't be shocked if he just sucked either. Matt Barkley is around if things get dire!
  15. I like your optimism Maxx. And while the Jags may have a fine run defense, Murray has been running over pretty much everybody this year and I don't see that stopping. The Jags will just have to hope Brandon Weeden does Brandon Weeden things and they might have some hope of winning.
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