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  1. Daniel Makabe is 36, April Some age are not up to date (Taker, Austin, Triple H, Steph...)
  2. Raise Cody and MJF 's charisma to 90. We should add Jake Roberts as a manager, with 88 in charisma and 74 in overness. Tully Blanchard's overness is pretty high right now at 85. Put him on par with Arn Anderson at 71.
  3. Emi Sakura is 43, not 36. She should have Booker and Trainer ticked.
  4. Raise Kazuchika Okada's selling stat to 83 and Zack Sabre Jr.'s charisma to 75.
  5. WWE Roster : Asuka to Smackdown Bobby Roode to Raw Lio Rush to Raw Rey Mysterio to Smackdown
  6. Increase The Miz's Charisma to 93 Increase Daniel Bryan's Charisma to 92 Increase Samoa Joe's Charisma to 90 Does Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Kurt Angle still deserve a 95 value in Charisma ?
  7. CMLL Updates : Raise El Cuatero's brawl to 65, Forastero's tech to 65 and Sanson's Charisma to 65. Raise Cavernario's brawl to 73, Speed to 70 and his stiffness to 55 (how can he have only 29 ?!)
  8. Raise Rush & LA Park Brawling stat to mid-eighties : they had some of the best brawls this year. Decrease Mr. Niebla's Speed Stat to at least 30 points. I don't know how low his behaviour has to be rated but he wrestles drunk. Add Gustavo Zavaleta, 55 as a medical staff for CMLL. 70 in talent, 80 in backstage. $15000 in wage.
  9. Raise WALTER's Brawling stat to 85 Raise L.A. Par-K's Brawling stat to 81
  10. Add The Undertaker and Chris Jericho to the WWE roster. Raise Samoa Joe's Charisma to 88.
  11. Remove Smith Hart (staff) from the game. He passed away last July.
  12. Remove Katsuyori Shibata the wrestler. Add him on NJPW US Staff as Head trainer (80 talent, 85 backstage) of New Japan Dojo.
  13. You should also switch Mistico and Caristico Speed Stats.
  14. Some D.O.B infos : Aaron Solow, 29, February Akam, 23, May King Cuerno, 32, April
  15. You should take my CMLL suggestions from the last thread.
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