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  1. Fair enough. I think a lot of the talent from the She's All That show won't be part of the core roster but may show up again when they do the next all women's show, which is why I left them off of the roster, as they or others could be hired on a per night basis in the game. I've changed the following bits for the promotion; - Popularity in North England to 10. - Andy Simmons as default announcer with Quildan. - Stables to Yes in Product Screen. - Events to Almost Weekly from Monthly. Also, seems that there are a number of wrestlers that have stamina too low to do a 15 minutes singles match but I need to run a few shows to figure out the full list and those affected.
  2. Have the following suggestions for RevPro Injuries Sha Samuels Jim Hunter (MCL and ACL) Titles ADD SWE Speed King Championship - Ricky Knight Jr ADD SWE World Heavyweight Championship - David Starr Staff (I think I'm missing a referee but cannot think who) ADD Andy Quildan (Road Agent) ADD Andy Simmonz (Road Agent) ADD Ben Auld (Road Agent) ADD Tom Scarborough (Referee) ADD Rich Swift (Referee) Wrestlers ADD Aleah James (Already in game) ADD Brendan White (Already in game) ADD Charli Evans (Already in game) ADD Clark Connors (Already in game) ADD JJ Gale (Needs adding) ADD Kenneth Halfpenny (Needs adding) ADD Millie McKenzie (Already in game) ADD Ricky Knight Jr (Already in game) ADD Robbie X (Already in game) ADD Sean Kustom (Already in game) ADD Shaun Jackson (Needs adding) ADD Vicky Haskins (Already in game) REMOVE A-Kid REMOVE Bea Priestley REMOVE Chris Ridgeway REMOVE Dan Head REMOVE Hiroshi Tanahashi REMOVE James Castle REMOVE Jamie Hayter REMOVE Kevin Kelly (Questionable - No TV show to commentate on) REMOVE Los Federales Santos Jr REMOVE Oliver Bennett REMOVE Minoru Suzuki REMOVE Psycho Phillips REMOVE Rishi Ghosh REMOVE Tomohiro Ishii Stables ADD The Legion 1. Gideon Grey (Leader) 2. Rampage Brown (Member) 3. The Great O'Kahn (Member) 4. Sha Samuels (Member) 5. Mark Haskins (Member) 6. Vicky Haskins (Support) Teams ADD Bullet Club - El Phantasmo and Hikuleo (Individuals - 15%) ADD Medusa Complex - Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie (Unit - 40%) ADD The Legion - Rampage Brown and The Great O'Kahn (Unit - 25%) ADD The Legion II - Gideon Grey and The Great O'Kahn (Unit - 15%) ADD Dan Magee and Mad Kurt (Individuals - 15%) ADD Chuck Mambo and TK Cooper (Unit - 40%) ADD Brendan White and JJ Gale (Individuals - 10%) ADD Kenneth Halfpenny and Shaun Jackson (Individuals - 10%) ADD Zan Phoenix and Zoe Lucas (Individuals - 5%) ADD David Starr and Chief Deputy Dunne (Individuals - 5%) ADD The Hunter Brothers - Jim Hunter and Lee Hunter (Unit - 100%) ADD Aussie Open - Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher (Unit - 60%) Roster Alignments Aleah James (Face) Bobbi Tyler (Heel) Brendan White (Face) Carlos Romo (Face) Charli Evans (Heel) Chief Deputy Dunne (Face) Chuck Mambo (Face) Clark Connors (Heel) Dan Magee (Heel) Dan Moloney (Face) David Starr (Face) El Phantasmo (Heel) Gideon Grey (Heel) Gisele Shaw (Face) Hikuleo (Heel) Jim Hunter (Face) JJ Gale (Face) Kenneth Halfpenny (Heel) Killer Kelly (Heel) Kurtis Chapman (Heel) Kyle Fletcher (Face) Lee Hunter (Face) Mark Davis (Face) Mark Haskins (Heel) Michael Oku (Face) Millie McKenzie (Heel) PAC (Heel) Rampage Brown (Heel) Ricky Knight Jr (Face) Robbie X (Face) Sean Kustom (Face) Sha Samuels (Heel) Shaun Jackson (Heel) Shota Umino (Face) The Great O'Kahn (Heel) TK Cooper (Face) Vicky Haskins (Heel) Will Ospreay (Face) Zack Sabre Jr (Heel) Zan Phoenix (Heel) Zoe Lucas (Heel) I'm in two minds on PAC being on the roster. If he has a home roster in the UK it is RevPro but I'm not sure he should be available for every show (Same reason I'd suggest getting rid of New Japan lads that aren't Shota, O'Kahn and the Dojo boys).
  3. Whoops, just realised I missed a week. Anyway, Bills 52 - 0 Patriots LeSean McCoy, 317 yards, 5 TDs.
  4. Their receiving core is ridiculously quick.
  5. Beat the Falcons 42-21. McCoy got 5 rushing TDs.
  6. Drunk now, working tomorrow, so at least 24 hours. Roll if you want.
  7. Haha, we'll find out this season, think we're scheduled in Week 16
  8. Ugh, lost to the Bucs 38-35 in overtime.
  9. Two weeks is a binge? I'd finished season two within 24 hours of it being released >_>
  10. Gonna be busy in the Football League thread next year >_>
  11. Random: One of the guys that owns PROGRESS Wrestling goes out with the daughter of the Gibson fella that owns Middlesbrough.
  12. Beat the Browns 21-14. Our run defence is fairly terrible, Chris Ivory went for about 150yds against us but we managed to rally and scored the winning TD with about 30 seconds left on the clock.
  13. We can finish anywhere from 14th to 19th today (currently 15th), exciting times >_>
  14. 4am. So, it'll be finished by about 4:05am.
  15. United to win by a penalty then >_>
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