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  1. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I want you in my room!

  2. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Thanks Ernie!
  3. The Old Reliable Movie

    The Guyver or The Guyver 2 Got to dig aliens and a half-robot /half-human that kills them.
  4. Hostel movie

    Is this movie as scary as they say it is? I'm hoping to go see it tomorrow if I hear any good remarks about it. Is it as gory as it looks from the previews? Did anyone pass out like they said some did in the test screenings?
  5. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Can anyone find or make me a picture of PWG's Davey Richards?
  6. Relaxed Rap Songs

    Danger Doom is what I've been listening to.
  7. What Did You Watch Today?

    Fight Club 8.5/10 Sin City 8/10