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  1. Well with Bleh leaving to recharge his batteries is anyone interested in joining up? We're currently WM33+ though long as you're active we can probably take on lower ranked players
  2. Just got Cena as my first event Pro too
  3. Yeah I'm not sure what the point is in that at all, can't imagine someone somehow being converted into wanting to buy a HOF card from using them in TBG Also got 33 HHH, Ult Becky who'll be a Pro and my strongest female card and Elite R-Truth
  4. Battleground gave me an Ellsworth for a Pro and points got me a Roman, whilst unlocking Seth event card I pulled HHH as well so in the space of this event I've gone from 2 WM33 Pro's to 5
  5. Got 33 Cena for a Pro and since Brock is the WM33 for this weeks RD he'd make a Pro for me too
  6. Got 33 Ambrose and 2 male ults that are of no use
  7. My last two 33 pulls were both supports were Heyman and a Trash can also got a Ult Dana from the delayed rewards from last week so got 2 ult female pro's now
  8. Got WM33 Cena and Ult Rollins the latter I could train to make into another Ult Pro but I'm undecided
  9. Was gonna say I got a Shamrock so we woulda hit WM33 tier once I pro'd but glad we made it before that good job everyone!
  10. Got Joe as my WM33 and an Ult Rhyno to pro which is like my 8th Male
  11. Ult Sheamus which I guess is a Pro even if he is the drizzlin shits, least next win will get us a MW33 card if we cash in
  12. I have those exact same feels sir
  13. Got an Ult TJP who makes a Pro and Elite Naomi and Brock for fusion fodder
  14. Got Ult Sasha and Elite AJ and Sami again, while playing RD finally broke my constant support woes got Ult Seth and Nia Jax who makes a pro even if she is the like second worst female card
  15. Got Ultimate Bayley, Elite Rowan and Sami also got an Elite Nikki recently so got 2 Elite Pro females which is something to tide me over till hopefully get an Ult Pro soon
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