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  1. Ult Sheamus which I guess is a Pro even if he is the drizzlin shits, least next win will get us a MW33 card if we cash in
  2. I have those exact same feels sir
  3. Got an Ult TJP who makes a Pro and Elite Naomi and Brock for fusion fodder
  4. Got Ult Sasha and Elite AJ and Sami again, while playing RD finally broke my constant support woes got Ult Seth and Nia Jax who makes a pro even if she is the like second worst female card
  5. Got Ultimate Bayley, Elite Rowan and Sami also got an Elite Nikki recently so got 2 Elite Pro females which is something to tide me over till hopefully get an Ult Pro soon
  6. 2 games in a row got the lowest scoring deck
  7. Ult Baron, Elite Ember who is a pro and hoping will take me to WM33 tier and Elite Titus who I'll just use as fusion fodder
  8. I can't disagree with this so gonna start one up I immediately regret this decision since I have the lowest scoring cards this time XD
  9. Ultimate Alexa , Elite Brock and Bo Dallas definitely prefer this game mode to likes of KOTR
  10. I still can't get anything but support drops from Summerslam and above, thank god for fusion chamber so have a use for them Also long as work doesnt interfere I always like to think contribute as much as I can in team events so thanks for the promotion!
  11. Also remember the rewards are based off team deck so gotta make sure before we play one that we have all our best cards in there to get the best reward
  12. Kinda feels like best time would be at events when we'll be playing anyway so charging decks should be easier
  13. Managed to fully charge up my deck been on early shifts all week
  14. Managed to snag Bayley but I'm stuck in Purgatory for hitting WM33 until I manage to pro an elite or ultimate female card
  15. SummerSlam: Kofi Kingston Hardened: Seth Rollins Elite: Sami Zayn Ultimate: Roman Reigns