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  1. Latest one i can see (December 2010) http://www.filefront.com/17598942/December-2010-.rar.rar/
  2. Not heard about this, i remember when mark vivien foe died. We was gutted he was easily our best centre mid. RIP
  3. I never realised how much i actually relied on this site haha. Cheers for the alternate link Eddie.
  4. I never knew how much EWRinventory would be missed haha, please hurry back.
  5. If you use the search function on this site there are a few scenarios lurking around, it took me a while but I found the one I was after (1999).
  6. Can't believe that Ronaldo goal got disallowed, as a huge City fan HAHAHA @ Nani for ruining one of the best goals of all time.
  7. Babe station channel for riskier promotions, also maybe a 'red button' channel ?
  8. wouldnt be caught dead with a necrophiliac a

  9. The episode where they went to Uni was good, apart from that though none have been as good as the other series. I'll still watch it and hope it improves though haha. PS check out Him and Her on BBC3 hilarious
  10. cant believe they was East 17!!!

  11. Actually a brilliant idea, take a bow mate haha
  12. I think it would be hard to keep interested in a game made up fully of people you don't know off the internet tbh...but hey go for it if you want to.
  13. Ahh cool, great stuff look forward to trying it out.
  14. Will this just be available for TEW or EWR too mate? Sorry if the answer is blatantly obvious and Im just a little bit s..l...o..w
  15. botchamania - always a good way to pass time waiting for a chinese to arrive!

    1. AnTEOLnio Inoki

      AnTEOLnio Inoki

      Only if you've been waiting for the Chinese for about four years.

    2. Skummy
  16. and when they found him, he still had the remote in his hand

  17. Hope it works out for him, Ive always thought of gazza as the most talented footballer that never really 'made it'. So passionate and exactly what todays england team is lacking.
  18. is exploring deeper into the anatomy of EWB, rather than just TEWR/The Ring!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Josh Mulaney

      Josh Mulaney

      You keep your hands off my anatomy.

    3. metalman


      you will probably find yourself finally being accepted in five years time >_>

    4. Rocky


      I hope I'm accepted well before that. Mind you, I haven't done anything to piss people off :D

  19. is exploring deeper into the anatomy of EWB, rather than just TEWR/The Ring!

  20. Mia Hamm at the top Jay-Jay Okocha! Is he list worthy though? Remember it's a list of favorites, not the best.. and I might actually swap him in for Diouf, I just want a Bolton player on my list. Exactly my list of best players would be some what different to my list of favourites. When okocha arrived at bolton he played like nobody else could, even top players in the prem ciuldnt compete with him skills wise. He was a complete genius if also short lived but never the less was brilliant while he was in his prime.
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