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  1. Hooray, now to see how our misery continues under a new manager.
  2. Cheers pal, luckily this will be the last Premier League Anfield derby for a couple of years.
  3. It's an acceptable time of year to listen to this again! Hooray!
  4. Last year I got to quite literally the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve before losing. This year, I lost last night via passing car. I have just realized this post could be read very similarly to the song.
  5. That's this season fully written off, see you all in August.
  6. I'm honestly shocked, the players must actually like Marco Silva.
  7. Can't see Marco Silva lasting through the week, and if he does, a loss at Leicester next week will presumably seal his fate. Looking forward to David Moyes 2: Electric Boogaloo at this point.
  8. We're winning a game of football, and Theo Walcott is playing well.
  9. I feel like the Everton managerial carousel may be about to start up again.
  10. Josh Rosen throws an interception on his second pass as a Dolphin. The calamity rages on.
  11. The Dolphins may be about to start wishing there was a mercy rule. This is becoming uncomfortable.
  12. Ingram with a fifty yard run and a touchdown on his first drive, Thomas with a pick. Decent free agency by the Ravens, I'd argue.
  13. I've been to a grand total of one Everton game in my life, thanks to being a real poor kid and a real mentally ill adult. It was this one. Went to plenty of Tranmere matches as a teenager though, on account of the tickets being super cheap and it being super easy to get to.
  14. Plus you're guaranteed at least four points every year.
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