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  1. Andre Gomes' purpose during that half seemed to be backwards passes and helping any potential attacks fizzle out by giving the ball away. At least he's a looker.
  2. I'm nothing if not hopeful on my selection of bets for tonight's games. I ended up winning back my stake by playing video poker so these are essentially free money if they come in.
  3. So I'm starting to think this Mason Greenwood fella is an alright footballer.
  4. Event 3 of the Marble League 2020 is tonight, Funnel Endurance. 8pm BST is when it premieres.
  5. Jesus, I hope no one befriends that Owens/Ciampa team.
  6. There are also the doping allegations against the Oceanics, can't forget those.
  7. I honestly think I may like this more than any actual sport I follow.
  9. Enjoyed the first three episodes immensely, big fan of the teams that take it seriously and act as though their teammates have just died before their eyes.
  10. First Everton goal in three months scored... by Michael Keane. Didn't see that coming.
  11. Could have won that. Can't complain though, would have bitten your hand off for a point beforehand.
  12. Almost like Mike Dean is from the same area as me where even if you do support Tranmere, you still have a preference to one of the two.
  13. There is every possibility I'm going to be mean to a number of you in the next few hours, and I apologise in advance.
  14. I much prefer this to the song that eventually got the same title.
  15. I bet Hector Bellerin is wondering what to do with the 6000 saplings he's got lying around now.
  16. I've got 3.40 on this eclectic selection of tonight's games, not expecting anything from it but I'll happily take 150 quid profit if it does.
  17. Was it a header? I missed the replay and thought it was a punch. Would make more sense though.
  18. Re: the Ederson incident, what was the best case scenario there? Ederson is out of his box and punches just the ball and gets sent off?
  19. Nice one David Luiz for basically ensuring Liverpool can't win the league at Goodison.
  20. Dana White in "massive cunt" shocker.
  21. Troy


    Dibs on the Wisconsin Wykradly Mumps
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