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  1. There's a leg++ here that's looking for a team if you're interested.
  2. Can we take a minute to appreciate just how bullshit the login bonuses are, please? At Leg++ I should not be running into people with Summerslam Big E and WM Triple H. >_>
  3. Nah, I think I'm gonna skip on the team stuff for now, I'm only Leg++ so I'm going to try and grind out some solo stuff and not leech off of a team just yet.
  4. I just re-downloaded this for the first time since I think when the Royal Rumble mode was added, what I miss? >_>
  5. I have had no problem, TNA have a roster in my game. It could be a problem on your end, or it could be an outdated file.
  6. What a bag of shite. I'm glad that was a 3pm game as if I'd watched it I might have had an aneurysm.
  7. Muchas gracias!
  8. Could do with Leicester winning so that we can continue to close the gap on United.
  9. I've got a total of one injured superstar, the rest are all drained to shit.
  10. Requested to join. Also, the wait for health is killing me.
  11. Oumar Niasse scored against them. Oumar "I trip with the ball at my feet at least half the time" Niasse.
  12. Honestly couldn't be happier with the way the days football has gone.
  13. Hat trick for Big Rom.
  14. See, I overlistened to that song and went off it, Keeper is my favourite song by them now.