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  1. Likewise, when I was a poor teenager I would go along to Tranmere games on a Saturday, but if the option had been there I'd have likely stayed at home and watched the TV game.
  2. Believe me, I was very torn about that third goal when I noticed the symmetry.
  3. Cranjis? Cranjis McBasketball?

    1. MCDr. Frank N. Furter

      MCDr. Frank N. Furter

      That's me. I'm Cranjis. 

  4. Some vague TNT information as well, as cagematch is missing the last show of 2017:
  5. By done I meant I was switching the game off.
  6. Nope. I'm done. 2-0 down against a West Ham side that have lost their opening four is disgraceful.
  7. Saw this on Twitter, thought it'd be interesting. Obviously I'm a little stuck for choice given I can more or less only remember football from about 2003 onwards. >_>
  8. Troy

    NFL 2018

    I have officially given up on the Ravens game. I feel for the Bills fans.
  9. Troy

    NFL 2018

    Switching between the Jags game and the Ravens game and it's safe to say the Ravens fan (myself) is having more fun.
  10. Troy

    RIP Mac Miller

  11. MGK has responded to Eminem.
  12. Much better than his recent efforts.
  13. Jake Paul definitely deserved the win but I'll be damned if Deji didn't exceed everybody's expectations.

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