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  1. Barcelona, noted team without genuine pace.
  2. He's just a bit good and that makes me real sad.
  3. Playing Days That Shape Our Lives too.
  4. He's the terror that faps in the night.
  5. Troy

    XBOX Megathread

    There are at least 5 or 6 games on that list that I'd love easy access to.
  6. Fuck it, I'm okay with a draw. With the form we're in, I'm amazed we managed that.
  7. Troy

    WWE Supercard

    The login bonus combined with the freebie I got for moving up to SS17 has officially made my previous two best women obsolete.
  8. I'm officially going to my first gig in four or five years in May, after saying that I was going to Slam Dunk last year I'm actually doing it this year.
  9. Troy

    WWE Supercard

    Don't suppose anyone's got a SS17 team going currently? Sick of inactive teams.