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  1. What I'm learning is that Eminem and Escape the Fate have too many songs on my all-purpose playlist, because I really don't listen to them that much at this point.
  2. Aye, found that out the hard way.
  3. Finally played some Online with an old friend of mine from GTA IV/RDR 1 days and it's pretty fun. Enjoyed the shootout modes, free roam is fun, not played the races yet.
  4. Based on the ending I received being different from yours, yup.
  5. Positive from the game is that's the most competitive I've seen us in a derby in years, negative is that Everton aren't we?
  6. Fifteen minutes until I hate a lot of my friends for two hours.
  7. Troy

    WWE 2K19

    I think there's a fair play option which leaves you with just default characters with no edited stats, to my understanding.
  8. Troy

    NFL 2018

    I will say I felt more comfortable with Jackson as QB than I have recently with Flacco. Looked less like he was going to throw a pick at any given time.
  9. He'll sort your country out. Nobody messes with Big Dunc.
  10. Five spots left in the EWB-1 Climax! Who will be crowned the Best in the Fire Pro Wrestling World?

  11. Troy

    EWB Musicians

    Drop D is a god send. So many songs that are so easy but sound great.

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