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  1. Yeah, if you had 5000 separate CAWs, that'd only take up about 80mb of space. Even on a smaller hard drive, you're not going to be pushed for space.
  2. Seeing some speculation that it's going to be a special Mae Young card.
  3. Aye, Pantilimon was at Sunderland between 2014-16.
  4. Any video with Nixon Newell smashing shit is good with me.
  5. Everton draw the winner of SK Brann and MFK Ruzemberok. Hoping for a repeat of our last match against SK Brann.
  6. Technically if someone has created a collection, you can subscribe to that collection which will download all items in said collection.
  7. Watching a VOD of nL's launch stream and God I wish I had this game already.
  8. I mean we're replacing Arouna Kone who scored 6 goals in 47 appearances with somebody who scored 8 in 39 last season, who also happens to be a role model for our younger players and a boyhood Evertonian. Only downside is the money he's on, but the times they are a-changing. Also, considering his talent, I'm not going to begrudge him for wanting to move away from the team that finished 17th.
  9. That's a sight that only looks too natural.
  10. I imagine this was how the conversation went at the end of the season. "So, who are we buying this summer?" "Everyone." "... excuse me?"
  11. I'll be amazed if this isn't bollocks, but with the way our transfer window is going I don't even know anymore.
  12. One thing that does make me hopeful is the fact that they've now got two new announcers. With Graves and Saxton coming in alongside Cole, they won't be able to reuse the old commentary tracks with Cole/Lawler/JBL, so with that plus working alongside the people that do commentary for other 2K games, we might actually see an improvement in commentary.
  13. I'm excited to see this, if only because Rumble mode is the one game I play most. It should make it a little smoother given with six men there'd be a lull in entrants until someone got eliminated.
  14. And I love it.
  15. Nearly two months on from my original post on the subject, we have confirmed signing Sandro Ramirez from Malaga, 5.2m.