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  1. Go sign up for @HarshMillennium's mafia game. It's perfectly cromulent.

  2. Listen, four sticks propping up a coat counts as a house.
  3. As far as I can tell only in the way that he was linked in January and people reckon they're still in for him.
  4. Now fingers crossed we get a bid accepted, because if we lose both Gomes and Gueye this summer I might cry.
  5. Because having a past-his-prime Theo Walcott isn't enough, let's add more Arsenal castoffs to our squad.
  6. Troy

    Pens and Papers

    One of my friends has been talking about wanting to play DnD for the first time, and like an idiot I've started writing a campaign. Somebody tell me I'm being dumb and to stop, please and thanks.
  7. To be fair, Concert Square will be rocking. It was booming after the semis.
  8. Really enjoy this remix/cover/hybrid.
  9. Has anyone checked on our Spurs contingent?
  10. Jesus H. Christ, what a goal.
  11. Fucking hell that was real good.
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