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  1. I feel like the Everton managerial carousel may be about to start up again.
  2. Troy

    NFL 2019

    Josh Rosen throws an interception on his second pass as a Dolphin. The calamity rages on.
  3. Troy

    NFL 2019

    The Dolphins may be about to start wishing there was a mercy rule. This is becoming uncomfortable.
  4. Troy

    NFL 2019

    Ingram with a fifty yard run and a touchdown on his first drive, Thomas with a pick. Decent free agency by the Ravens, I'd argue.
  5. I've been to a grand total of one Everton game in my life, thanks to being a real poor kid and a real mentally ill adult. It was this one. Went to plenty of Tranmere matches as a teenager though, on account of the tickets being super cheap and it being super easy to get to.
  6. Plus you're guaranteed at least four points every year.
  7. I don't think I'd take it. Much as I'd quite like for us to win some silverware in my goddamned lifetime () I don't think I could take how irritating Liverpool fans would be if we got relegated.
  8. Somebody took my Purple Ake name from last year so I'm glad I decided against a rehash
  9. RE: Fantasy League, I've renewed last year's standard one. Code to join this league: 1im35u
  10. It's certainly inoffensive at worst, like it's not my favourite song that any of the three have done by any stretch of the imagination but it's serviceable.
  11. Troy

    Rip Torn Dead at 88

    A large part of my childhood, be it telling me to put on the last suit I'll ever wear or telling me he drinks his own piss because it's sterile and he likes the taste. Gonna miss him popping up here and there.
  12. 65 tonnes of American pride, Canyoneroooooooooo.

    1. TheFutureKeithExperience


      Top of the line in utility sports. Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts. 

  13. Also just got home from Spiderman. Excellent film, excellent mid and post credit scenes.
  14. Go sign up for @HarshMillennium's mafia game. It's perfectly cromulent.

  15. Listen, four sticks propping up a coat counts as a house.
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