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  1. I had a HD Pro Brock, Elite Rollins, Elite Jey Uso, HD Owens and WM Paige and Charlotte and was in HD.
  2. I mean, I'd feel bad but if he's going to do it, he should do it in the right thread at least.
  3. You are in the wrong thread, as has been stated many times now.
  4. Finally the Celtics pulled their thumbs out their collective ass.
  5. Ibra's torn his ACL and PCL.
  6. I don't remember the last physical game I bought, probably Overwatch. I tend to buy digital these days sheerly for conveniences sake.
  7. I had such hope for the playoffs, but at 2-0 down my hopes are very close to being extinguished. Stupid @New Year New Srar!'s team.
  8. Oh. Carry on about your business, I'm clearly an idiot.
  9. Nope, of the top seven, they still have to play United, Spurs and Everton but that's it.
  10. If I know anything about wrestling, it's going to mean the 7th game in the series goes to a draw and the Bulls and Celtics become tag team champions.
  11. Currently fifth on a technicality.
  12. Once this KotR is over I'm going to pro my Brock, so I'll have two Elites, a HD Pro and a HD, with two WM divas.
  13. Vipers have come a long way since nearly getting three cards last TRD, as we still haven't gotten one.
  14. I suppose the World War Hulk aspects of this will have to suffice for my chances of getting a decent Hulk film.
  15. And my feed died before our third.