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  1. Dana White in "massive cunt" shocker.
  2. Troy


    Dibs on the Wisconsin Wykradly Mumps
  3. Another Juventus/Zebre situation next year then.
  4. I'm quite optimistic for our kit for next season, provided whatever new sponsor we get (feel like it will end up being USM or Megafon so I'm not particularly worried) doesn't look hideous.
  5. ^ Likewise for Xbox One, so I feel like you're safe.
  6. They have Superman, No Cigar and Guerilla Radio, good enough for me.
  7. Jarrad Branthwaite will hear no such slander.
  8. Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored 22 goals this season for me, only slightly behind Moise Kean. Newcastle's top scorer was Andy Carroll with 8. The 28% who voted no either have realistic expectations and know I won't sell him, or want to sign Mbappe or nothing.
  9. I've just started the seven day trial on Marvel Unlimited, any recommendations? I've read the first six issues of the 2018 Avengers and started Runaways (2003).
  10. "I'm having a great run in the Carabao Cup, I wonder who we'll get in the semis?!" "...sigh." Also I know, get the real logos, it's on my to-do list.
  11. Got this through Game Pass now I have a laptop again, and in between FM's, I must have accepted how to lose a game and I'm enjoying it immensely more. Currently sat in 9th as Everton in late November, through to the quarters of the Carabao Cup against Norwich.
  12. That certainly looks pretty, won't be getting it on release though after the disaster that was THPS5
  13. Have your opinion count, go vote for the greatest heels in wrestling.

  14. I'm gonna go do a kickflip in my bathroom.
  15. Old logo on the turnbuckle pads, literally unplayable, 0/10.
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