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  1. Pretty certain the only limit is how much hard drive space you have.
  2. How long they in town for? Just a day?
  3. Well look at you with your sensibility.
  4. Mostly playing online through YGOPro until I can scrounge together the dough to put together a Thunder Dragon deck. Perfect balance of simplicity vs viability in my mind, however it's real pricey for what it is.
  5. Aye, I'd argue they're not particularly viable in proper competitive play anymore. They'd crush most casual players, but competitive players are a whole other breed of good and it scares me just a little.
  6. What deck you running? I've recently started playing again so I'm intrigued.
  7. There are days where I have total confidence in our team, and then there are days like today when Fulham run right through us.
  8. Right up my alley, that's my boy Edward. Also on what I'm listening to news:
  9. I can't tell if Arsenal were shite, we were excellent or a happy middle ground, but either way, three points and a clean sheet. First time we've kept three clean sheets in a row in two years.
  10. Duncan Ferguson, on the basis of him being the first Everton player that kid Troy ever knew of, and him being a hard bastard.
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