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  1. No idea if he's any good but U23 signing. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Well this is a rabbit hole I'm not coming back from.
  3. Troy

    NFL 2019

    This is not an ideal start.
  4. Troy

    NFL 2019

    Undertaker has to do something with his time off.
  5. Troy

    NFL 2019

    I've just realized if my playoff predictions come true, the Super Bowl is going to be a direct repeat of 2013. I hope I'm right and I hope it's the same result.
  6. Welp, cheers for playing the kids and giving us a fighting chance. See ya next year.
  7. Fuck me, I can't even fault that. No saving that strike.
  8. Agreed, realistically if a more or less full strength Everton side spurred on by new manager bounce can't beat a weakened Liverpool side, we stand no real hope any time soon.
  9. Troy

    NFL 2019

    Oh I just love any Pats misery and this is better than I could ever have wished for.
  10. Leicester 2 - 0 Wigan (Sat 5.31pm) Arsenal 3 - 1 Leeds (Mon 19.56pm) Wolves 1 - 0 Man Utd (Sat 5.31pm) Rotherham 1 - 2 Hull (Sat 12.31pm) Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Derby (Sun 2.01pm)
  11. Brian David Gilbert may be one of my favourite human beings.
  12. Really happy about the Arsenal result, if only because now we're guaranteed to be 10th going into the New Year. Not bad considering where we were a few weeks back.
  13. Don't look now lads but I'm starting to think this Marco Silva fella may have been a bit shit.
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