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  1. Thinking of going to Slam Dunk this year, if only because now it's entirely outdoors and there's a ton of bands I want to see playing for once. Now it's operation try and acquire 65 pounds and make sure my friends go.
  2. Looking forward to Marco Silva's Chelsea.
  3. Troy

    NFL 2018

    I enjoy early Pats misery.
  4. Good to see us continue to be completely inept at defending set pieces.
  5. Managed to lose both of our left backs in one game by the look of it. Digne sent off after replacing an injured Baines. Jonjoe Kenny will be getting a runout next match as it stands.
  6. They've won the Premier League? >_>
  7. Not quite UFC, but Jake Hager won his debut fight for Bellator in the first round.
  8. See you next season, it's a pity we didn't have any games in the cup this season.
  9. Atrocious goal. They all count though. ...fucks sake.
  10. My facourite thing about this move is apparently he asked for it so he could "try and force his way into the Everton starting XI". Given we already have Theo Walcott who is a better version of him right down to the disappointing runs that go nowhere, who also isn't currently in our starting XI on account of us having so many wingers that we're playing one of them up front, I don't see how he thinks that's going to happen short of a hammer to Bernard, Richarlison & Lookman's kneecaps.
  11. Troy

    WWE 2K19

    Can't wait for the inevitable use of that entrance with Lesnar and Heyman.
  12. Who were they playing? Must have missed their match.
  13. I'll take Millwall, could have been much worse.
  14. Well at least that's one trophy they won't win.
  15. Troy

    NFL 2018

    Not an ideal start for Baltimore here.

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