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  1. Troy


    I got me a solid 1 shiny Eevee which is now a shiny Vaporeon. Also, new friend code because this game hates me: 4183 5811 4276
  2. Can't say I agree that was a straight red but I am inherently biased, just poor from Jagielka.
  3. Maybe this time it'll be the kitman he sacks as a scapegoat
  4. Southampton are just a poor man's Everton to Liverpool's poor man's Man United.
  5. I need this game last month at the latest.
  6. It's fine England, I only won the 2010 World Cup. Sack me because I got knocked out of the Copa America in the quarters, I'm not bitter.
  7. Aerial threat at least.
  8. My third striker is Darren Bent. Also fun little tidbit...
  9. Absent mindedness when making changes between matches clearly. I did intend to put Wes Brown alongside Terry but must have picked the wrong sub.
  10. FM2008 because I'm ten years late. 2010 World Cup. 2-0 up against Cameroon in the group stages, Rooney gets himself sent off because he's Wayne Rooney and why wouldn't he? Thinking to myself, I'll take Huddlestone out of DM and replace him with a striker... where's Michael Owen, he's not on the bench? It's at this point (the 45th minute) that I notice that I've been playing with a centreback pairing of John Terry and Michael fucking Owen. For 45 minutes.
  11. I appreciate this game is ten years out of date, but..
  12. Troy


    My endeavours today are learning that my Go account that I had when it came out has reared its ugly head, and my current one has seemingly deleted itself. It's a good thing the only thing of value I lost was my friends list.

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