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  1. This looks promising. Reminds me when I tried to make one from the same time, except my focus was based more on WCW and started in May with The Big Bang PPV. I posted about it on here a few years ago but got tired of working on it and was in the early stages. I can't wait to play this.
  2. Man am I glad to see someone taking the time to make updates. Once Bill was overtaken I kind of stopped following the site, but got bored and wanted to try it again. I think it could get interesting next month with all the layoffs WWE made. Keep up the good work.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/download/46r4khw4x54gt78/2001_Fusient.zip I think I did that right. If not let me know. After sitting dormant for 2 years, I decided it was best to just pass on what information I had on and let someone else work on it. It may not seem like much, but I think its a great starting point on working from scratch. If anyone decides to take it on, let me know, and I will try to help as much as I can.
  4. I was going through some of the wrestlers and noticed a couple that could be removed. Daniel Cross and Darin Waid haven't wrestled to my knowledge in close to a decade, and I think only competed in WLW and possible small indies in the midwest, maybe a short stint in NOAH. I don't think they would be missed if they are removed. If removal is something people don't want to do then their ages need to be updated. I'm not sure on exact age but at the least, they should be upped to 28 or 30 by now. I'm not sure when they were added to the game, but if the info is available, then add the number of years to their age. I think a few of the other former WLW guys could be removed as well, but need to go through the database to see who all is still in the game. I'd like to see some of their current roster in the game, but haven't seen enough to come up with stats.
  5. While I'm waiting for the next update to make the suggestions, I made a list of the next ones for discussion. I won't add these to the suggestions until there has been time to talk about them. CM Punk/Jimmy Jacobs Jeff Hardy/Kirby Mack Steve Corino/Rapid Fire Maldonado Sho Funaki/Steve Austin Sho Funaki/Shawn Michaels Kevin Nash/Madusa Mick Foley/Scotty The Hotty Kazarian/Joey Ryan Kazarian/Scott Lost Roadkill/Amy Dumas- Dislike? Curious on that story, is it still the case or worth keeping? Glenn Gilberti/Raven Lizzy Valentine/Mickie James Billy Gunn/Hardcore Holly Chyna/Mick Foley Dusty Rhodes/Glacier Gorgeous George/Nora Greenwald- Loyalty? Dusty Rhodes/Sonny Siaki Dusty Rhodes/Jorge Estrada CM Punk/Johnny Kashmere Kane/Stevie Richards Bully Ray/Edge Devon/Edge Kane/Rob Van Dam Matt Cross/Super Dragon-still relevant? Josh Prohibition/CM Punk Josh Prohibition/Colt Cabana Mick Foley/Raven Chuck Palumbo/Rellik Rellik/Shawn Stasiak Rellik/Marco Corleone Rellik/Mike Sanders Rellik/Reno Chris Jericho/Black Dragon- not sure on this one. Daffney/Devon Storm Gail Kim/Nora Greenwald Veronica Caine/Scott Snot Hardcore Holly/Taylor Vaughn Kevin Nash/Steve Austin Marco Corleone/Maven Huffman Marco Corleone/Kevin Nash Marco Corleone/Steve Austin Bull Schmitt/Trevor Murdock Hulk Hogan/Kevin Nash Hulk Hogan/Scott Hall Kevin Nash/Glen Gilberti Kevin Nash/Mike Sanders Jeremy Lopez/Tony Mamaluke Jeremy Lopez/Jimmy Rave Jeremy Lopez/Kaz Hayashi Big Vito/Buff Bagwell Hardcore Holly/Mick Foley Gillberg/Sting- Dislike? Gillberg/Mickie James Devon Storm/David Flair Perry Saturn/Terri Runnels- is it worthy to keep in? Chris Jericho/R-Truth R-Truth/Matt Hardy Mick Foley/Stacy Keibler Eric Bischoff/Stacy Keibler Mick Foley/2 Cold Scorpio Goldylocks/Chris Harris Kid Kash/Jazz At this point this puts me at relationship 1000 out of 7000 plus. As before, some of these could still be relevant, but I think they could be removed. On a side note I started a new game the other day having removed all the relationships from the game, and while not as long, it still took quite a while to load. So I know the relationships isn't the only thing slowing the start time but it does help removing the ones not needed.
  6. Okay, so before I go onto the next batch, let's update. Out of all the ones I've suggested so far, these are the ones disputed. Chris Jericho/Dr. Luther Triple H/William Regal Joe E. Legend/Rhino Joe E. Legend/Christian Daffney/Shark Boy Steve Austin/Mr. McMahon CM Punk/Daffney I'm okay with leaving them in, at the least just for now. That's not to say that others are debateable, but those are the ones listed. Next week if there are no more suggestions for just the ones listed so far (the first 500 listed in the game), I will suggest them for removal on the monthly suggestions board. I'll wait until then to post the next batch just so there isn't a lot of confusion. I think from here on out I'll go through 500 at a time for suggestions, and then allow time for comments before posting them on the page.
  7. I went through the next 300. Again these were some I spotted, I skipped over ones I were largely unfamiliar with (like the Japanese and Mexican wrestlers). Some will be disputed, and that's fine. These are just my suggestions. Big Vito/Glen Gilberti Glen Gilberti/Rellik Larry Zbyszko/Mr. McMahon Rena Mero Lesnar/Stephanie McMahon- I'm not sure if there is still a dislike or if its warrented Hulk Hogan/Edge Jason Albert/Undertaker Scott Hall/Savio Vega Jeff Jarrett/Savio Vega Sabu/Fidel Sierra Carlos Colon/Hulk Hogan- I could be wrong, but haven't heard them mention each other in a while. Bret Hart/Steve Austin- Friends sure but would either be pissed if other was fired? Plus I think most retired wrestlers friendships should be removed. Hulk Hogan/Steve Austin Mr. McMahon/Steve Austin- its listed as friendship, at this point it should be removed or made loyalty. They might be upset with each other currently but if they are really friends, they'll get over it. 2 Cold Scorpio/Steve Austin Hulk Hogan/Sean Waltman Shane Douglas/Road Warrior Animal-? JT Smith/Paul Heyman- Doubt Heyman would walkout over JT being fired. Mikey Whipwreck/Paul Heyman Paul Heyman/Stevie Richards 911/Paul Heyman Goldberg/Hulk Hogan Bret Hart/Hulk Hogan- Do they still hate each other, if so then keep it in. Chris Jericho/The Rock Chris Jericho/Trish Stratus Chris Jericho/Kane CM Punk/Raven Billy Gunn/The Rock Big Show/Billy Gunn Rick Steiner/Perry Saturn Bret Hart/Undertaker Christian/Trish Stratus Lisa Moretti/Terri Runnels Lisa Moretti/Trish Stratus Terri Runnels/Trish Stratus Daffney/Shark Boy CM Punk/Daffney Brian Kendrick/Daniel Bryan- are they still friends or just when they trained together? Bobby Eaton/Mick Foley Brian Christopher/The Rock Nora Greenwald/Princ Iaukea Mick Foley/Mikey Whipwreck Mick Foley/Shark Boy JBL/Mideon Lodi/Raven Lodi/Perry Saturn Lollipop/Ron Harris- Loyalty? I don't know the story so I could be wrong. Lizzy Borden/Hardcore Homo Angel Justin Credible/Tony DeVito For the most part people like Mick Foley and Nora Greenwald are usually referred to as really nice and I've never heard a negative thing about (besides Flair and Foley but they made up), so most of their friendships could be removed I think, with a few exceptions. I included JBL and Mideon because I'm not sure the other would stick their neck out if they were fired. I kept Undertaker and Mideon in (though both are semi-retired wrestlers that could do without some relationships in game) because I feel Undertaker would take exception to quite a few guys being fired. As always disagreements are fine, I think discussions will help. If nobody disputes any, the ones not disputed I will suggest on the monthly one later in the month (in this case, I'd likely hold off until next month). 500 down, 7,122 left to go through. It might take a while.
  8. I agree with all of what has been said and the only reason I put so much with the Edge/Christian/Rhino/Joe E. Legend stuff is I started with the first relationship (the relationship listed as #1) and worked my way to #200 and that was just how it appeared. As I stated some of these are disputable but I wanted to make a starting point. As mentioned from other people, the biggest problem in the game is would say Christian be mad if WWE fired Rhino vs. would he be mad if say ECWA fired him. Even then I still think it comes down to was it a justified firing or not. I will try to work on a new batch (probably the next 200 or so soon, and go from there). There are 7000 relationships in the game, I think even cutting 1000 of them would help a lot. Most of them are outdated anyways. I skipped over Blood Relative ones and Love ones for now and most of the focus is on friendship and dislike. I kept almost 85% of them in, but it is a continuous cycle. The biggest ones as mentioned earlier should be ones retired or older who make one off appearances or such (like say, Vader) that it won't hurt morale bringing him in for one or two shows. Again, if there are more suggestions put them on here. I felt having a thread like this would help discuss them and then we could present a list on the monthly updates once most are in agreement so it wouldn't take up too many pages on there.
  9. As I mentioned last year and many times before, I feel some of the relationships in the game should be deleted. Over time some of these have either been changed, or no longer apply. One of the biggest to me is the Friendship relationship. I understand some, but for the most part, people won't get drop morale or threaten to quit if some of these wrestlers were fired. Just like in any job, you create friendships with co-workers, some stronger than others. When workers are fired you may be a bit upset, but unless they are best friends with you it is unlikely you would leave too or get to a point where you refuse to work. So I decided to go through and suggest some friendships to be deleted. I'm posting this as a seperated thread because this could be long debated, and I don't feel we should clog up the board for the current months suggestions for something most may not agree with. In some cases I will explain why I picked these. I am going in a random order so none are more important than others. Christian/Rhino- Friends, but haven't worked in the same company for a while, not booking gigs based on where each other works Edge/Rhino Edge/Joe E. Legend Christian/Joe E. Legend Rhino/Joe E. Legend Amy Dumas/Jeff Hardy Amy Dumas/Shane Helms- Amy rarely does wrestling anymore, I doubt either would have a problem working with each other. Amy Dumas/Shannon Moore Amy Dumas/Christian York Amy Dumas/Joey Mercury Shawn Michaels/Scott Hall- neither really mention each other these days, more of a friends group, but no anger if a fed fired one or the other. Sean Waltman/Shawn Michaels Matt Hyson/Paul Heyman- since Hyson retired, a loyalty isn't too needed, and doubt either would walk out over either being released. Goldberg/Kevin Nash Goldberg/Mr.McMahon- besides personal opinion of Goldberg being a jerk, I doubt either would be upset if they worked in the same company. Goldberg/Steve Austin Edge/Chavo Guerrero Edge/Rey Mysterio Kurt Angle/Chavo Guerrero Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio Dr. Luther/Chris Jericho- who is Dr. Luther? It could be a warrented friendship, but not too likely Edge/Sean Morley Al Snow/Mick Foley- No doubt friends, but unless one was wrongly terminated (which isn't a big issue in game) both would understand its only business. Mick Foley/Vader Terry Funk/Vader Steve Austin/William Regal Mick Foley/William Regal Triple H/William Regal Marty Jannetty/Shawn Michaels Goldberg/Booker T Goldberg/The Rock Shane McMahon/Steve Blackman William Regal/U-Gene I'm just stopping there for now. There are many more, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I understand many of these will be disputed, but I think a lot would fall under "Business Friendships". In which case, in the wrestling business, wrestlers come and go often, rarely do friends want to leave with them. I think many retired wrestlers could have a lot of their friendships removed (with some exceptions of course), especially the ones who haven't wrestled regularly in the past decade. I know this will take time, but I think if we clean this up, it could really get people back into the game, as the load time when the game first begins is getting crazy long.
  10. Okay, then that one should be added. I admit, I don't think no new ones should be added, but not every love one should be added just because they are dating. On that note, I am starting a thread on suggestions for deleting some of the relationships in the game, to clean it up some.
  11. I don't have stats in front of me, but 78 seems a bit high for Goldust, I'd go to 73, but 75 would be ok. I don't think Miz should be midcard, upper is good, he is featured most if not every week. El Patron is in a lot of companies (not sure how many is in game), but I'm not sure he is in ROH regular enough compared to other feds to be in ROH. If he has a slot open, then I agree. ODB I don't think is going to be in ROH anymore, it seemed like her match with Maria was a one-off. I could be wrong, I haven't read spoilers, but I haven't heard her mentioned on TV as of late. I'm not a big fan of adding new relationships. I know it keeps it more real to life, but it also becomes a pain when they split, as most seem to do. It also takes long enough for a game to start because of relationships, 4 more may not seem like much, but more don't need to be added unless they get married until some of the older relationships are deleted that aren't needed anymore. I know all these are subjective, but these are my thoughts. I like the rest of them though. I usually agree with most of your suggestions. I wouldn't remove The Decade as they recently added Colby Corino into their group. I'm not sure on his stats but he should be added to the game (unless I missed him), and added to The Decade. I would also add a blood relative relation between Colby and Steve Corino (despite my just prior statement of too many relationships).
  12. Happy Birthday King Harley!

  13. I'm just curious, are less people playing the game or what? Usually there are pages of updates, now its not even a page. I know a lot were arguments, but it seems a lot of times stuff isn't being posted. I'm hoping to play when the next update is out, but was just wondering. I would have to see the stats and what has been updated before I could make suggestions, so I can't make any suggestions. Wait, I do have one, remover CJ Parker from WWE. I also need to look at the Japan stuff, and see who's in the game, but I do have some suggestions for that, I'll let you know. Good job Bill, you deserve much more praise than you get.
  14. I like that one, but is there a way to move the diamond in the A's? Putting them in the center I think would look better than bulging out of one side.
  15. Save Us Titus O'Neil!

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