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  1. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    As long as Lukaku and Barkley continue to be the only goal scorers. They're both in my fantasy team.  
  2. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    FOR REAL? Oh and anyone playing tonight or am I getting started on Elite Dangerous?
  3. Mine is simple. I am Summers.   That was me. Cymbols > Cymru.
  4. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

  5. 2015 NFL Season

    he went full Maxx. Never. go. full. Maxx.
  6. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    Lars ruined FIFA night.
  7. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    Now for a bit. Then TONIGHT.
  8. The Job Thread

    Thanks Kobe.    Holy shit, they trust you enough to be a cop? Look out world! That's awesome, though. What would the promotion be to?
  9. What do you sound like?

    Nicki Minaj.
  10. EWB Secret Santa V

    Jack has played GTA with everyone.. mainly chasing and punching @Benji - and heard Larz' despicable racism.
  11. EWB Secret Santa V

    Whoever got me, the address you got is my parents address as I'm in the middle of buying a house and dunno which address I'll be at. Please put any rude and offensive stuff inside the box and not on any packaging! 
  12. EWB Secret Santa V

    I've not drank alcohol at all today. NOT EVEN ONCE
  13. I was an admin at EWE, but I was an EWB member before that. 
  14. EWB Secret Santa V

    Fuck this. I'll do it.   You all got me. Get sending.
  15. Ahaha, I remember that.    I also remember we had graphics team battles. With the Bazz O' Mac World Order and stuff like that.   I've been around here since before EWR released, but I can't remember how long before. Before that, I was rolling around gfeds with some other EWBers.