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  1. finally got Supercard of Honor to watch. little disappointed the ME result has been spoiled for me, but i have a feeling i'd be quite dejected eitherway.

  2. totes buying a Dolph Ziggler shirt soon.

    1. The EVIL Overlord

      The EVIL Overlord

      It's not showing off if you back it up.

  3. I love your avatar, CONCRETE RON FTW!

  4. So glad Braeden is working. Braeden isn't even a real name.

    1. Braeden


      Hah coming from someone named Summers!? You sound like some fine prostitute.... psst meet me around the corner ;)

    2. Summers


      I don't work your mothers turf, soz bub. & also I'm not 'named' Summers. KUTGW.

  5. is RAW gonna bore the shit out of me today?

    1. KONGO


      It bored the shit out of me.

    2. Jasonmufc


      Look on the bright side. It's great for your bowels!

  6. fifa you tart

  7. who wants to donate cash for my honeymoon? you, sir, you look like you do? well step right up..

    1. Gazz
    2. Velociraptor King Ellis

      Velociraptor King Ellis

      20p, some flint and a button.

    3. Summers


      i needed a button, score.

  8. the guy below me is a plum.

    1. Dingle


      The biggest fucking plum. -2 for bb30.

    2. RoHitman Reigns

      RoHitman Reigns

      Now technically Jouzy is the big plum because he commented first. hello there plummy Jouzy

    3. Dingle


      Total plum :(

  9. anybody on ewb capable of designing Maori tattoos?

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    2. Sweet Holy Moses

      Sweet Holy Moses

      Quom's right. It takes a certain amount of Maori status to design tattoos, if it's ever done at all anymore. Highly unlikely one would be found on EWB.

    3. brenchill


      I'd imagine walking around central England with a maori tattoo wouldn't get your head kicked in...

    4. Summers


      Yeah man, there's so many Maori's in Birmingham, I'd certainly get my face smashed into the floor. Quom, you should talk to the Maori guys who sell templates for 40 dollars over the internet, because they're quite clearly breaking the rules. :o

  10. boys, how was RAW?

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    2. botchedpiledriver


      It was a big show.

    3. TKz


      It was okay. YouTube the last 10 minutes, maybe don't bother with rest.

    4. GoGo Yubari

      GoGo Yubari

      If you hate Brodus Clay then the main event is awesome.

  11. Shake it all about!

  12. BIRMINGHAM BASED EWBERS. come play football with me & gazz today?

    1. Noah


      So did anyone go?

    2. Summers


      yeah.. every member did. but you didn't. what's up with that?

    3. Gazz
  13. hey guys. how was raw? worth a watch?

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    2. New Damage

      New Damage

      I'm ashamed that took me 3 read through's to get it.

    3. Little Red Srarvette

      Little Red Srarvette

      The actual good parts will be replayed 10 times in the next week or so.

    4. Little Red Srarvette

      Little Red Srarvette

      The actual good parts will be replayed 10 times in the next week or so.