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  1. What Did You Watch Today?

    The Revenant is really, really good.. but Tom Hardy stole the show. Amazing performance. Leo shouldn't get an Oscar for being second best in the film, I mean, he still will. Hopefully Hardy lands best supporting actor.
  2. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    We did score a worldie though!
  3. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    Bye Premiership! 
  4. 2015 Christmas Haul

    My wife and I got each other some little stuff. I went mainly for clothes, fluffy socks, chocolates, etc for her. She got me a Cyclops and Jayne Cobb funko pop, some pyjama bottoms, two bottles of Red's BBQ sauce and some other stuff. My Secret Santa (Rich) got me some awesome stuff - for all the family - which was lovely of him. Love the tops. Brother in law got me Exploding Kittens, sister in law got me a Captain American funko. All my funko pops have been stolen by Jack, and they now sit on the edge of his bed. The little thief. We got the kids, as usual, a load of toys/books/etc..., but we also took them to Disneyland Paris for four days - which was their main present obviously. Which is why we went low key on each other really. We flew out on boxing day early morning, and got back yesterday. My mom got me Fallout 4 and cash - which in turn has allowed me to purchase tickets to three Chikara shows. Overall, good Christmas. 
  5. The Hateful Eight

    I really liked it. 
  6. EWB Secret Santa V

    Rich is the man. All great gifts from you, Egg. Can't wait to see you in May!  I'll wear my WWF tshirt.
  7. European Football Thread

    Just woke up to this.   Fucking thrilled. Hopefully our next appointment isn't a Mendes puppet. Names I'm hearing linked: AVB, Ranieri, Laudrup, Paco Jemez, Berrizzo.. Some people are claiming Ancelotti or Pochettino but I don't see either happening. Paco Jemez, Berrizzo or Laudrup would be nice. If we're gonna be stuck with a Mendes-client, I hope it's AVB. A Pizzi returned is also being rumoured. Dunno how I feel about that, if Rufete and Ayala came back as well.. maybe.
  8. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    As long as Lukaku and Barkley continue to be the only goal scorers. They're both in my fantasy team.  
  9. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    FOR REAL? Oh and anyone playing tonight or am I getting started on Elite Dangerous?
  10. Mine is simple. I am Summers.   That was me. Cymbols > Cymru.
  11. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

  12. 2015 NFL Season

    he went full Maxx. Never. go. full. Maxx.
  13. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    Lars ruined FIFA night.
  14. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    Now for a bit. Then TONIGHT.
  15. The Job Thread

    Thanks Kobe.    Holy shit, they trust you enough to be a cop? Look out world! That's awesome, though. What would the promotion be to?