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  1. Apparently Patriot is quite good, a spy comedy on Amazon Video
  2. I don't know what race you watched yesterday, because Lotterer was on a charge. The Bern ePrix was great fun to watch.
  3. I assume that this pretty much spells the end for Ricky Rubio on the Jazz, because I don't see Mike Conley fitting well as a Shooting Guard or Ricky Rubio being any good without the ball in his hand (seeing he's not a prolific scorer). Wondering how they'll deal him, because I doubt Rubio would be interested in riding the bench since he could probably find a few teams that would put him into the lineup for his playmaking and defense.
  4. Remember teams only get one Mid-Level Exception to use, i'm not sure if it's in use right now, but a team can't go over the salary cap signing players off of free agency if they don't have bird rights (which means their last team before their contract ended had to be the Lakers) So if they get a max deal, they will have to give everyone minimum contracts or trade for players with bird rights which will allow them to extend them over the salary cap. So basically, if they do the trade trick and sign Kawhi, they'll be fucked in actually putting a team together. AKA, another year of signing rejects and ring chasing veterans that won't actually add much in the way of flexibility and youth to the team that they so desperately need right now. The last thing the Lakers need is MORE Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee type players on the team, or lord forbid they sign Jimmer Fredette because they'll be utterly desperate for players to not just pad the roster, but give them shooters. Because at this point, their best two shooters will be Kyle Kuzma and Anthony Davis, and maybe Kawhi if he signs.
  5. Also Dallas might have a mini-resurgence themselves if Kristaps end up getting healthy and back to his old level. They have a decent (but not particularly scary) team, but most importantly they have a shitload of cap to play with and make a few moves for themselves. I know as a Mavs fan i'm mostly just being overly positive, because I doubt a KP/Doncic team would put a dent into anything.
  6. LeBron James for all his basketball talent and being one of the best ever has truly become a pestilence for every franchise he is in. The Cavs sold the house to get LeBron title teams, and now without LeBron they are nowhere to be found anymore. Now the same is happening to the Lakers as they go out of their way to get their star power in the hopes that they can appease LeBron and get him a team that will get him into the playoffs. But a title team in the west? In no way they can get that together, even if they now get Kawhi Leonard via Free Agency the depth of this Lakers team has gone from bad to worse. Lonzo for all his issues is a future starting PG, and now the only guy they have is a blasé Rajon Rondo who is a coin flip whether or not he wants to show up in any given game. Ingram had a great season cut short by a bad injury, but he'll be back and given his progress he is a loss to the Lakers because he was one of the few hands providing some flexibility to a team that had zero flexibility. Now the Lakers have a LeBron and a Davis, but they've given up their entire future to get that. Four first round picks is insane, including this year's fourth overall pick! Whilst the Pels lose a superstar, they have gained one in Zion Williamson and the Lakers just given them another huge pick in the same draft. A weak draft some say, but fourth pick in a weak draft is still a huge pick. And they stay young, they get Lonzo who I feel might be better off in a place that isn't Los Angeles. Josh Hart has potential to be more, and Ingram could come back and continue his impressive growth. I honestly got to give this to the Pels because they'll have some significant depth and still have trade value in their roster if they need to move a few pieces around. (or example, they have Lonzo AND Elfrid Payton)
  7. Personally I have stopped caring for getting the game at first release and have become a lot more interested in finding second hand deals (for PS4 titles), and then keeping an eye on digital storefronts for good sales that will allow me to get the game for 50/70% off compared to its normal price. There's barely any game that I MUST get at release anymore, because I have too many games to play anyways.
  8. Pre order bonuses that affect in game content are infuriating. I know why it's done, but I don't want to buy a game at a later date and have content that's completely unattainable. Also, day one dlc has no right to exist ever. There is good DLC out there, but they tend to be rare. I love Paradox titles, but they are all money sinks and unreasonably expensive after a certain point. And most DLC lock away features that the ai will have available, making it a slog to play a paradox title without having the entire package. Which can number into the hundreds of bucks if you have to get into this nowadays.
  9. https://streamable.com/p93kr Jalen Rose spitting fire at the media and the fans, and I fully agree with the sentiments (which I did earlier before I found this video). With the Media and the Fans wanting their pound of flesh in seeing KD dress up when he wasn't healthy with all the false narratives and demands that KD prove himself when he had no reason to in a sensible world. And now the inevitable happened, everyone suddenly acts like they care when a day before they were questioning his heart, soul, and legacy. "Everybody brings flowers to your funeral, but nobody brings you soup when you're sick."
  10. I'm utterly livid at sports fans and sports media, because they definitely deserve a part of the blame in constantly railing on his heart and drive to the point he went out to play when he was nowhere near 100%, and got hurt because of it. Yeah, he made the decision to go out. But if it had been Klay or Dray as a game time decision, people wouldn't have been nearly as brutally harsh in questioning them. I feel utterly terrible for KD. Between this and Isaiah Thomas, there's no reason to gamble your livelihood.
  11. As a wrestling fan, I must say that this race sports entertained the everloving shit out of me. Between K-Mag getting a rightly deserved verbal lashing from Gunther Steiner, to Lando's rear suspension literally melting from the brake heat... To the drama involving Vettel. F1 Netflix has their promo material for the next season! Vettel got hard done by, and it's double bitter that Mercedes is the one getting the boon from it. But at the same time it's Vettel that got caught out, had to run onto the grass and then had a quite dangerous re-entry that nearly ended up with both him and Hamilton into the wall. Whether or not he had control over the car or he cut Ham off intentionally, it was a dangerous situation that a skilled driver such as Vettel could've avoided. The mistake was him losing control, anything that happened then was his responsibility. Again, it fucking sucks, and on other tracks he would've gotten away with it because there'd be run-off for Hamilton to take. But there wasn't, and if it had been any different they both would've been out of the race. There's also the case to be made that after the incident Hamilton was further away from Vettel than before it, so he did have an advantage from the situation. (That's all me being devil's advocate, I don't particularly agree with the ruling) The drama post-race, well I personally loved it as someone that cares for neither drivers or teams. It was one RKO away from becoming full WWE, and Vettel is going to definitely be harder done by when he gets the inevitable fines for not observing proper post-race procedure. (Not parking at the spot, not partaking in the interview, leaving parc fermé, tampering with the position bollards, etc.). It was brilliant television, and yeah, I loved it as a fan of a bit of genuine sports drama.
  12. There's also the Nathan Drake Collection (Uncharted 1-3, remastered!) and Uncharted 4 + Lost Legacy that are bound to give you plenty of hours of fun story driven adventuring. Also can't forget about Spider-Man if you have even a small interest in the character, best superhero game since Arkham Asylum/ever.
  13. Basically stack spies in Gwent and ruin the game for yourself... But yeah, it's basically trying to get your number higher than the other guy by playing high number cards and trying to remove his. https://reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/9m89tu/how_to_kick_ass_at_gwent_early_in_the_game_a_guide/
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