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  1. Formula One 2018

    I imagine the reserve/developmental role will also be a lot about being a PR role to keep Martini placated and have an older and distinguished individual to market Martini to their demographic of older and distinguished people. Also Paul di Resta is no longer mentioned on the Williams F1 site, so PDR is no longer associated with Williams and will probably continue with DTM as he looks to find an empty seat for Formula E. It's a shame for PDR and Kubica, but i'm glad that the former at least got a final moment in F1 when he replaced Massa in Hungary. Here's to hoping that Kubica might get his chance in the future, too.
  2. General Television Thread

    I hope it'll be a prequel (must be, right?), and i'm excited about the prospect of it. The vague but intriguing lore behind all the things surrounding 'the life' have always lent themselves to a larger universe around it. The gold coins, the blood bonds, and all those people in the know from seamstresses to cops. I also wonder if Lance Reddick and Ian McShane play roles in the show, because they have pretty prominent roles in the film franchise.
  3. General Television Thread

    Finally finished season 3 of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series tonight, and it was a really fun right all thirty episodes. It was silly, it managed to somehow take itself serious and revel in its ridiculousness at the same time. The chemistry between characters were just on point, and it never really exposed itself as a cheap series. The end of the finale left me a bit cold because it was just the way it was written, but the series as a whole just scratched that itch that Supernatural has failed to do for so long. It felt more concentrated, more 'serious' in a way, and in general just fresher. The whole 'Robert Rodriguez' sauce that was slathered on it from top to bottom helped make it feel unique in that gunslingery kind of way. I'd dare say that it has been one of the best low-budget niché shows made in the past years. It looked good, it didn't overstretch its budget, and it quickly established that there was going to be ridiculous stuff in there which meant such things never felt out of place. If you liked Supernatural, and want something that looks/feels better produced and focusing on crazy vampire serpents. Or just want a pulpy action show with acting and chemistry that has no right being as good as it was, this is a show you'll have no regrets watching. In hindsight the first season was a bit of a bore, because it started out as a 'post-heist on-the-lamb' show before it devolved into the craziness after the halfway mark. But even that it did very well.
  4. TV Shows that deserved more

    Having seen it, Blood Drive deserved a second season to further jump sharks and make collectively little sense. But on the flipside I can agree that the show had dropped its original premise since the half of the first season, and they certainly wrapped it up in a way. Still, it was silly and it was a breath of fresh air with a show that was stupid and nonsensical by design, I love splatterhouse exploitative fun and this one scratched that itch for longer than it had any right to do.
  5. NHL 18

    You better draft Jagr first in the expansion draft!
  6. Animaniacs is returning for two seasons

    Like I mentioned in the other thread, I agree with @GoGo Yubari that without the original voice cast I will probably avoid this like the plague. The voices are ingrained in my mind, I know them and identify them. If they change that, it won't be the Animaniacs I'll want to watch, regardless of quality.
  7. General Television Thread

    Seeing the three VA's of the original Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister) are still alive and reasonably young (oldest is 66), i'd be pretty annoyed if they got replaced with different voices.
  8. "Against Type" actors

    I'd even say that despite his manic repugnant racism, he was still very charming and disarming, although in a way that was completely unnerving and creepy. Basically his charm with none of the likeability
  9. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

  10. Freeware and Abandonware

    For people that want a new (non-abandonware) homage to Hidden Agenda, check out Rogue State. http://store.steampowered.com/app/396090/Rogue_State/ - It's also 75% off as of posting. It's where you control a pseudo-islamic country after a revolution, and it's your task as the transitional president to guide the country (or become the next dictator)
  11. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    All I remember is that it has issues running on modern systems because it's not made to utilize more than one cores, and as such it can make a computer struggle due to one (of many) cores having less computing power than the single core systems that were still the norm back when the game originally came out. Also, since it's a 32 bit game it only utilizes up to 3.5(and a bit) gigs of ram, so it can start to chug after a while. The fan made patches kinda fixes everything to make it run better on modern systems.
  12. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    I googled it quickly, and it seems to be available on Amazon at a pretty high price for an old game (36 dollars), and that was just the basegame. It used to be on Steam for years, but it got removed around 2008 iirc. Sadly GOG.com also doesn't offer it. To be perfectly honest, it's about as abandonware as modern games can become. Because without using fanmade patches you can't even run it on systems running Vista or newer OS's, and it's not being sold on any digital retailer other than rare semi b&m stores on Amazon for higher than ordinary prices. EDIT: There's also a second hand copy going for 12$ on Ebay I do hope it appears on digital platform some day, because I love to nostalgia trip through that game again.
  13. "Against Type" actors

    Wait, was that Jim Carrey?! That's actually spectacular, but I was too young when I saw that for it to really register to me. I always love cameos of actors before they were famous.
  14. Hamster's top 8 Black Mirror episodes (series 1-3)

    I feel bad for having only seen up through 'History of You'. The series is amazing, every episode is thought provoking in many ways. But I just... don't continue watching. The episodes are too heavy in its vague reality, especially 15 million merits cut deep for me because as a tech-savvy person I see it happen right before our eyes, less insane, but rome wasn't sacked in one day. The characters are vapid and empty, the stories are about the emptiness, and despite its faux futuristic sight, it's way too real for me to handle. I'm amazingly glad Charlie Brooker finally got his break. Like watching the Twilight Zone, but all the insane shit that happens is actually coming through. Still fucking amazing tho, and I really need to watch more, but i'll probably get depressed even more.
  15. "Against Type" actors

    Even though he's practically become a joke nowadays, I feel Liam Neeson did a damn good job dabbling into action films when he was a renowned dramatical actor. His performances in The Phantom Menace and Batman Begins are arguably standouts compared to the other actors, Taken 1 was a decent brainless action flick, but his best role was arguably The Grey which was harrowing and left me profoundly moved at the end of it all. Anyone who hasn't seen The Grey need to see it.