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  1. As a nine year old I basically saw Digimon as "It's pokémon, but it's not Pokémon, so it's a bunch of shit so i'm not watching it." Obviously kid me was a bloody dumbass, so not much has changed in the past 20 years. I wonder if I should bother to pick it up, or if it's too kiddo of an anime.
  2. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    Whilst his young retirement might not get him in on the first ballot, he's among the greatest players at his position this generation. Also he's made Pro bowl in all but his rookie season, is a former dpoty, made all-pro seven times (five of those first team). Led the league in tackles twice on top of that. And was the quickest to 1000 career tackles, and the first to do it in 8 seasons or less. I feel he's not a Gronkowski that he's arguably the greatest or one of the greatest at his position ever. But there's no doubt Kuechly is an all time great at linebacker.
  3. I'm sure Disney has made a silly money offer already, and Sony's holding on figuring they can profit more from leeching off the hype with sub par 'it's technically marvel' films rather than take the lump sump.
  4. Nope, it's Sonyverse. So in the same world as Venom and the two Spidey films. Only Spider-Man exists in both universes because reasons.
  5. It's no Rush, and there's definite creative liberties made to make Ford look more great than they actually were (fudging the timeline). But for racing fans it's an enjoyable flick.
  6. Interesting, just a shame I can't stand Leto. He's a good look for the role, but I am having a hard time getting excited for this film knowing he's the lead.
  7. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    After seeing the Titans dismantle my beloved Ravens so much, I can only admit that they perfectly shut down the Ravens RPO and in turn made certain Lamar and Co. couldn't work their magic consistently enough to get confident. Football Stockholm Syndrome dictates I have to support the Titans now, and they're pretty damn plucky at that. Also Derrick Henry is an utter utter beast of a man, and he better get paid the big bucks soon. For the Ravens, I feel the offense is good as is. But Ingram's injuries hampered the explosiveness, and they would've been better off fully riding Gus Edwards, because the Titans were clearly taking Ingram for granted and committing harder on Lamar or the pass. They also need another wide receiver that's good, not just average. Because with the TE's smothered, only Marquise was getting things done, and to have the rookie WR lead your receiving core is both encouraging and discouraging. Maybe a play for AJ Green might get Lamar the oversized target to create even more headaches. The defense was good all year, but the lack of experience and leadership cost us on a few crucial downs (those fucking Tannehill sneaks into wide open a-gaps was killer) that ultimately shattered confidence on top of the Ryan 'Drinking Favre Juice' Tannehill and Derrick 'Playing career mode on rookie' Henry shows.
  8. I mean Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, and Endgame technically revealed that multiple realities exist... Sooo... timey wimey can make anything canon.
  9. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    On the one hand, according to the rulebook it was indeed still a live ball, but I think it would've been a controversial shitshow if they had let it stand. And if the Texans had come up short in part due to that moment, it would've been all the worse than the Bills falling apart down the stretch to lose. I think ultimately, the call was the right one, not the correct one, but definitely in the moment it would've been worse to give it than to roll it back. These kinds of touchbacks happen all the time, and to make the one time it gets called correctly into a wildcard defining ruling, I don't think anyone but Buffalo and the strictest traditionalists would've taken that positively. Ultimately, the Bills didn't lose to that moment, they lost because they fell apart when it mattered, and both Watt and Watson showed up with huge momentum shifting plays when the Texans seemed completely incapable of playing football. On the other end, Josh Allen went full Eli Manning in the second half. He had no control of the offense, made mistake after mistake, and occassionally fluked into a positive, but ultimately made enough mistakes to completely deflate the Bills, which in turned lit a fire under the Texans that would carry them to victory. But holy shit, as a neutral fan, that game was a purgatory to watch. Both teams honestly deserve to go home after that.
  10. I know that entertainment literally said they only saw the first two episodes and the final two and decided to grade it a '0' because they didn't understand the series (because they didn't bother to watch the other episodes. I think the series is not without flaws, because the episodic nature of the first part of the season will chase people off, as will the differences in timelines going on. But I feel they are a necessity to build into the second season. And the episodes to a good job in explaining all the main characters motivations and personal morals. Also, the fact it's literally based off the first novel which is a collection of short stories itself made it easier to build off that. I feel it does a lot more good than it does things bad, stuff like effects and CG can be improved into season 2 now that the infrastructure has been built for the future. And the casting of Cavill as Geralt is a revelation all on its own.
  11. The Spider-DLC are definitely worth a play for that price.
  12. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    Steelers completely falling apart in the final quarter. Punter fumbles into a scoop and score. Then the KR completely misreads the ball and they end up having to play in their own redzone, and then the QB gives up a safety after intentional grounding. This is painful to watch. And i'm a Ravens fan!
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