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  1. Can't wait for Melo to get his hopes up, and they end up grabbing Zach Randolph instead.
  2. It really just hammers down the facts that as much as it hurts to see players like Durant, Hayward, Boogie, and now Anthony Davis jump ship from their teams, they have zero reason to be loyal to their teams because loyalty points won't count for shit when the team sees you as a step up to the hotter article the next year. Also hurts to see the Mavericks kinda devolve into that attitude themselves, because players will remember that and I don't want to see a guy like Luka Doncic leave in 4 years because the team started playing fast and loose with the concept of loyalty. Loyalty only works if the team has its shit together, and I don't blame a star player who has all the talent in the world to win titles stick to a team that has done little to deserve loyalty.
  3. Okay, that's out of left field, but i'm definitely going to give that a watch when it arrives.
  4. Makes you wonder how Luka must be feeling knowing he's probably next on the chopping block... (/s) But yeah, obviously a trade to free up cap space after they went over it with the Knicks trade. They'll want to tie up Dorian Finney-Smith and Kleber for certain, and the funds opened up will allow them that. I think this will be it for the Mavs trade-a-thon this year, although who knows, trading Devin Harris at the deadline has become something of a Mavs tradition I really hope Harrison Barnes will find a good home in the Kings, who for the first time in ages seem like a team that are going places. They got a really formidable team together, and whilst I don't see them going far in the playoffs, they got a team that has legs to make upsets happen.
  5. Boban is an absolute monster in 2k, where you're not beholden to the fact his knees implode if he plays more than 15 minutes a game. Same with guys like Salah Mejri, because in 2k if you can get a 7ft2 70 ovr big boi, they're just as good or better than a sub 7ft 80+ ovr big.
  6. Contracts are basically a way for people to use the existing maps/levels of Hitman 2 and adjust them and create challenges for others. I don't know how robust it is, but you can challenge friends and give them some parameters to fulfill.
  7. Because yesterday wasn't wild enough, today has plenty to go too... And since the Mavs clearly don't have enough Euros yet...
  8. On the one hand I'm sad that DSJ is leaving because I really liked the kid and the potential he has as far as being an explosive guard is concerned. I felt that he wasn't given a fair shake at least by media/fans this year and he was definitely improving in a good way... But reports of him not gelling well with Luka, and generally needing to drive a lot with the ball kinda limited his chemistry with Luka who is a magician with the ball. Wes Matthews, also got treated unfairly by the fandom and treated like this super inefficient scorer, which is semi-warranted but he still delivered it. But at this point in time he's 32 and not adding much to a young team, so the writing has been on the wall for him for a while now. DeAndre Jordan being moved... Well, he's a beast but he's a beast on an expiring deal, and he's also 30 so again, he doesn't help push the age-needle down. At the same time a guy in Maxi Kleber has been extremely impressive as a defensive cog on a nothing contract, so it's hard to warrant keeping DAJ around when he can up and leave at any time, or ruin the budget if he gets resigned. Also DAJ has been brilliant all year, but it's clear he's not a player that is motivated every night and that hurt us a bunch of times. On the other hand we got in return. Courtney Lee, a salary player that adds little, but maybe he'll find his shooting touch off the bench, Mavs can always use shooting. Tim Jr, he's been great this year, getting him will be a huge boost and he's definitely better AND younger than Wes Matthews at this point in time. Hefty contract, but he seems to be earning it, so yay! And of course Kristaps Porzingis, in a move that was mostly fantasy, he's coming to the Mavs to take the baton from the other beastly big man Dirk. All can be said is 'wow', if he comes back healthy, the Mavs have a bonafide killing duo in Luka and KP6. Of course there's the hope he'll resign with the Mavs, but honestly, I think with the track record the Mavs have with their euro's, we have a good shot at keeping him for the next 4-5 years with another bonafide star in Luka. Honestly, it's a massive loss for the Knicks. DSJ has potential, but they also have Frank Nitilikina from the same draft playing the same position, it's going to be an even bigger mess. On top of that they got Mudiay, again a guard. They're going to be swimming in guards, and they're 100% going to less DeAndre Jordan who sure as hell isn't going to stick around for a team that is going nowhere. Mavs win big time, i'm a bit sad for DSJ leaving, but for the haul of Tim Jr and the Unicorn, we won the lottery.
  9. [Wojnarowski] New York has agreed with Dallas on trade that includes Kristaps Porzingis, Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr., for Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr. and DeAndre Jordan, league sources tell ESPN. Players and agents are being notified of particulars. Deal may include more draft assets.
  10. The tie in games weren't utter awful (they were pretty bad though), but a game based on Iron Man could be a fun romp. Although it would really lack that 'down to earth' feel because you're zipping around with an arsenal in your powered suit, so it might be tough to build an engrossing world around it. Another one that might be fun would be Hawkeye, the badass normal hero without a super suit or superpowers. Just a former carny who has elite accuracy and has a bow that can shoot all sorts of trick arrows. It would fall into the same idea as Green Arrow sans the bankroll, but maybe based around either his exploits outside of Avenger-ing, or base it around SHIELD. Heck, maybe a game based around (Agents of) SHIELD would be pretty neat too, it would have plenty of options for spy stuff, action stuff, bigger 'world threatening' dangers but also the more smaller ground level stuff. And there's quite a few characters you could slot into leading roles.
  11. Luka Doncic bailed out the Mavs in a massive way with clutch dunks, assists, and threes to get a rare road win last night. Nearly got a triple double with 29-8-12 with two steals. That kid continues to be ridiculously confident in his play and only seems to become better as the year progresses. In significantly more depressing news, J.J. Barea has torn his right achilles last night after a collission with Jeff Teague and falling to the court. At 34 it might be hard to get back from this, I might've just watched Barea's final NBA game ever. He was brilliant this year too, the player with the highest assist ratio in the entire NBA, 47.6% of all plays he was on the court ended with him getting an assist! JJ has never been the best player, but he's really always been the heart and soul of the Mavs despite being admittedly a pretty dirty player as far as drawing fouls and playing hard went. And I will never ever forget the 2010/2011 playoffs were he came up so extremely big when it mattered, torching the Lakers (and getting decked by Bynum and Artest and still playing on), putting the clamps on LeBron goddamn James in the finals. He was a huge part in adding the spark that would bring Dirk and the Mavs their first and only title. If this injury spells the end of Barea's career, this will be the most bittersweet season ever. With a superstar in Doncic taking the torch and running with it, but also having to see Dirk, Barea, and possibly Devin Harris ride off into the sunset. An end of an era. I'm not ready for it to end!
  12. Also Disney hasn't nixed the idea of the shows (in one form or another) returning in the future onto their own streaming services, if not Disney+, then potentially Hulu instead to prop the latter up as an alternative that can be darker than Disney+ will most possibly be. So there's always hope Disney/Marvel will bring it back, and with the fandom and possible pull those shows have regarding getting new subscribers for their new service, it would be honestly a bit shocking if they didn't try.
  13. I'd honestly sooner see the Mavs make a play by sending Wes Matthews and DSJ to Washington for Beal, but honestly, I don't want DSJ to leave the team even though lots of people are already trying to write him off despite being a second year rookie and being more efficient than he was last year. But yeah, if Wiz are truly blowing the team up it's going to be a frenzy to pick up Beal and whoever wants him will have to pay the jackpot.
  14. I think that's not a good deal for the Jazz at all honestly. Beal is a very catch and shoot style player that works alongside guys like Wall because he can focus on getting open off the dribble rather than getting open with the ball in his hands. (Not that Beal can't, but he's much better as an off-guard). Trade Rubio away, and the Jazz lose their only playmaker, Exum and Neto just aren't good facilitators. And you can't expect Mitchell (or lord forbid Ingles) to be the primary ball handler every time down the court, Mitchell has insane talent but he'd be worse off with that much offensive workload. Rubio is a poor shooter, but that passing is something you won't find right now on the market, and he's a plus defensively on top of that. Then you have Favors, who isn't the player he was before his injury a few years back, but he's doing great work and both he and Gobert are super efficient on offense on top of that defensive ability. I don't think Beal is worth both Rubio's playmaking and Favors' defense, and Green doesn't add anything that would put him over Jae Crowder. They definitely should make a try for Beal because he could hopefully put them closer in the west, but honestly, the Jazz don't have much to offer that wouldn't hurt the team in some ways.

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