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  1. Also in terms of racing franchises, Need for Speed has to be the greatest one even though they have lost their way for longer than they have had their way. My first racer was Need for Speed 2: SE which blew my young mind. Then I got NFS3: Hot Pursuit, that gave everyone everywhere the chance to play cops vs robbers with cars! Porsche Unleashed only had one brand of cars, but the progress in the racing was amazing going from 1950 all the way to 2000 with all the cool Porsche cars that showed up in those 50 years. Hot Pursuit 2 perfected Cops Vs. Robbers racing. Then came Underground 1, Underground 2, and Most Wanted. The very peak of the Need for Speed series, right in the middle of the Street Racing hype, and the games were brilliant. Perfect arcade handling model, and the customization options were mind-blowing, being able to take a Mazda RX7 and pimp it out in looks and speed, kid me was in love. Of course, afterwards the rot set in quite quickly. Carbon was a decent title, but ProStreet and Undercover weren't good. Shift 1/2 tried to bring simulation into the genre, which worked admirably, but it couldn't stack up to Forza or Gran Turismo. I don't see NFS getting back to their level, but together with Gran Turismo they have defined what racing games had to be. Need for Speed on the arcade side, and Gran Turismo on the more straight-laced sim-ey side.
  2. Nobody has mentioned Resident Evil, yet? Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 are some of the best games of that era, and it defined the PS1's insane game library with (at that pont) amazing graphics and storylines. It lost its way after 4 with 5 and 6 being duds, but RE7 was just classic Resident Evil again. Also, Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross, Both have an amazing at times legit emotional story, and Chrono Cross is a downright beautiful game that used the PS1's technology in the best way. GIVE ME CHRONO BREAK!
  3. General Motorsport Thread

    As a whole Macau is a shitshow every single year. The F3 race was remarkably 'clean', with only the crash on the final lap to really 'excite'. But then the GT3/WTCC races had massive pile-up's. The only reason Macau is still being driven is the same reason why people still drive Monaco. 'Prestige' and all that, but the difference maker is that Monaco is being driven by the best talent, and Macau is 'amateur' racing. It's insane, though. Macau is and always be an utterly nuts racing weekend.
  4. Formula One 2017

    I mean, they could have just as easily went 'You know, we like that other Kiwi WEC Champion better' and put Earl Bamber in the car. Maybe they'll just switch them up after every odd race, see if anyone even notices.
  5. Formula One 2017

    Glad Hartley's getting more of a chance to prove himself.
  6. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Well there's your problem
  7. General Gaming Thread

    'for the time being' is key, mind. I personally am skeptical, and I expect them to wait until after Christmas to return the system with little alterations but nothing that'll make it any less rotten in design. It's a diversionary tactic, a PR olive-branch where they hope that people will give the game a chance and less informed people will buy the game for themselves, their friends, their (grand-kids) and so on. They're waiting until the shitstorm passes over a little bit, make some token changes, return the system. Then when there's some backlash (less, because the topic will be 'old'), they can squash it through the usual means of 'We have listened to our userbase, we have already done x and x to make it so much better.' Personally, I have never bought loot crates or anything through microtransactions, period. Whether they be cosmetic or they impact the gameplay, sports titles I have done through my own effort and grinding, and so on. I don't mind the system per sé, if it's used for cosmetics. But the way it works, the way the gaming business and corporations work, they can't take something without making it a soulless device to greatly improve profits. Pay 2 Win is the most effective way to get consumers to fork over more cash for their video games, and with Battlefront EA has shown they really don't give a rats arse about the consumer. From the system itself, to the online matchmaking that deliberately(!) matches gamers with special loot against gamers without special loot to skew the balance further to the paying side, and try to dishearten non-paying gamers enough for them to pull their wallets out.
  8. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Joel Embiid's career night: 46 Pts, 15 Rebs, 7 Asts, 7 Blks on 14/20 shooting, 2/3 from 3 and 16/19 from the FT line in 34 minutes while holding the Lakers centers to a combined 5/24 shooting That's some insane process. Also of players having played more than 10 games and averaged more than 10 shots a game, only Marcus Smart (.341) and Lonzo Ball (.351) are shooting under 40% EFFECTIVE FG% Lonzo's just a pain to watch whenever he's thinking about shooting, because you can just see the defense start to box out already knowing it's gonna brick. His form is atrocious too.
  9. Comic Book Films & TV

    The Teaser's Description text is even better.
  10. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    I dunno if/how it works on W7, but with W10 I just connected it with a Micro-USB cable, one with higher capacity since not every cable works.
  11. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Dennis Smith has a career 27 point game on 43% shooting. Kid's unreal https://streamable.com/od4wx His jumping is unreal, like he doesn't even push off, he just starts floating towards the rim at high speed. The landing mechanisms are still a bit hokey, at times, though.
  12. Freeware and Abandonware

    Every late 80s early 90s Sid Meier game had an amazing charm and depth about them. Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, Covert Action, Sword of the Samurai, Silent Service. Also Sierra OnLine games like Police Quest 1-3, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, Kings Quest. Betrayal at Krondor and Ultima are great RPG's Alter-Ego if you want a silly 'life game' which options hasn't aged well, but it's a quick jaunt of 30 minutes. Star Control 1-2, Planetfall, Starflight 1-2 if you want classic space-games
  13. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Holy shit, I so wanted that game back when I was a kiddo but my computer couldn't handle the demo! Also, Oni was a terrible game with a terrible story and was a very terrible copy of Ghost in the Shell. Having said that, if Oni had come out in this day and age with the technology of today to create a proper good fighty-shooty-runny engine, and more effort in the story department, it would no doubt be a classic.
  14. General Television Thread

    It's like Galavant, where a show is just inherently dumb and ridiculous, but it's just so fun and charming and unlike anything that's on television. Blood Drive is just unabashedly exploitative and over the top, and the only other thing comparable out there is Ash Vs. Evil Dead, which has way too short episodes/seasons.