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  1. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    I mean I totally get what you're trying to say, and i'm at this point only making argument for the sake of philosophizing about football. But to say that after Blanda and Stenerud the kicking game never progressed is a bit of a weird place to draw the line in the sand talking about any kicker that followed not being first ballot worthy. Because the game evolved more than just the way the ball is kicked, Stenerud created the optimal way to kick, but if draining 90% of your shots on the field wasn't unique then everyone'd be yeeting 40 yarders through the uprights with absurd efficiency. I feel the insane level of power and accuracy on display right now is ample qualification to put someone on the first ballot. Because again, it's a unique achievement. We've reached a point where teams are drafting kickers out of College because teams are seeing that having an elite kicker that can convert 80% of his attempts is still a more efficient scorer than a normal drive (2.04ppd in 2018). It's basically like in the NBA where teams decided that you're either going to score close to the basket, or chuck it from the three point line because those are the only statistically efficient ways to score. But I will concede your point, because the NFL balloting leads to a shitload less First ballots than any other major sport, although on pure achievement taken in a vacuum, there's no reason why a guy like Tucker couldn't be seen on the same level as Stenerud, in doing things in his time that are timeless. By the same token really, you could ultimately say that no other speedy Running Back deserves to be a first ballot guy, because Barry Sanders revolutionized it, and there's practically nobody that has done it better than Barry Sanders ever since. But that won't stop people from sending in AP when he hangs them up.
  2. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    Honestly, Stenerud is first ballot because he modernized kicking and he more than deserves all he has. But at the same time Tucker is the best kicker in nfl history from an efficiency standpoint, and if he keeps this up without a shocking dropoff, I don't see why he shouldn't be first ballot himself, other than kicking not being an offensive or defensive position. Same for Vinatieri, imo. Vin and Sten are bonafidr hall of famers, and Tucker might be one when it's all said and done. Then again, I'm a biased ravens fan, and a mark for kickers and punters. So I am definitely full of shit.
  3. Not as good as MDickie's You Testament
  4. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    And that's how the Bengals make the Superbowl this year!
  5. If you are familiar with fantasy and you want crazy high-fantasy battles, then W:TW is arguably the best modern (Post Shogun 2) Total War game out there. There's lore, but only in the sense that it will add to your experience if you're into the lore rather than detract from the experience if you don't know the lore. There's also lots of different races and subfactions of those races, so you can do everything from crazy mountain dwarves who want to retake their homeland to pirate vampire elves. The hero system that debuted in the TW games with Warhammer: TW1 also made the series a lot better, and it turns the game into an epic high fantasy bloodfest where smart usage of hero units can turn battles around, complete with oversized kill counts. But they're also not unstoppable to the point where they're win buttons, they add a 'believable' high-fantasy kind of element where a Warrior king will properly mince ill-prepared units. So tl;dr - If you are into Total War - If you like your strategy to be High Fantasy - And you want crazy pitched battles including heroes squaring off in epic battles. Then Warhammer Total War is definitely a game to pick up. If you want the above without fantasy but still crazy hero battles, go with Three Kingdoms.
  6. Like Pook said, there's no coach dead or alive that could turn this Knicks team around. There's marginal talent on the team, and the culture seems to be completely poo poo on top of that. Also doesn't help that James L. Dolan is arguably the worst owner in American sports today, and is a concrete block tied to the neck of the franchise.
  7. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    And the craziest thing is, it feels that most of those runs aren't grindy 'rush the big lad through the middle' plays either, they have so many Run-Run-Pass options going in their offensive playbook that even teams that manage to stop plays can't stop them from at least getting 2-3 yards, before they chance it on 4th and short where they have a 50+ conversion rate. The versatility commands enough respect on defense that they can't commit to anything without leaving another option open for big gains. It's hoping that attrition sets in during a drive that forces the Ravens to take risks that don't get enough so they can force a punt or even a ToD, because else they're going to get at least 3 points every single drive with the GOAT kicker, or more with their historically potent offense.
  8. Correct. And this ruling for Formula E is basically to indicate that All-Electric racing is its own motorsport category now, just like Rally, Rallycross, Endurance, and conventional open wheeler racing. Whether or not the actual quality is there, it's clear the sport is making a very rapid ascent, thanks to companies like Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, BMW, and so forth investing heavily into being part of Formula E. It's the premier FEV racing league, and I'm also thinking making them a world championship is the FIA taking steps to create a feeder pyramid for FEV racing. Ultimately, other than it being open wheel and there being former F1 drivers competing, that's where most comparisons end.
  9. I finished off season 3 through binge on Friday, and whilst the show definitely has strayed a bit towards the outrageous, they make it all work extremely well on the backs of phenomenal performances from Slater and Malek. Also the show feels a lot more... idk... Breaking Bad-y, in terms of characters that ended up show up. In season 1 it was very straight laced with crazy-ish characters but still very grounded in reality despite Elliot's inherent insanity. Season 2 started to slip a bit, but still tried its best to keep it very 'real'. Season 3 though, in the best way it kinda went off the rails. Bobby Cannavale's fixer character looks like he's straight out of the 70s with oversized glasses and a slicked back quiff, Leon dropping constant TV references and smoking trees whilst going around murdering people for the Dark Army. It all becomes a bit... out there. But they make it work so well because whilst some of the characters are weird, the stakes feel very real and focused. They also managed to ramp up the stakes from small timing first world anarchy to world changing politics where the protagonists are thrown into, conspiracies galore whereas it all started with a few people wanting to fuck up one company. They couldn't have done that without the legwork though, and whilst it feels crazy, you keep watching because they've engrossed you in this idea that one messed up but gifted guy can take down an Illuminti-esque group. I am holding off on season 4, mostly because I am afraid of being done with the show. I won't put on the same list as The Wire, because I feel that series' eternal power is its depth of characters and 'worldbuilding'. Like there's not a show i've seen that compares to The Wire to me. Then again, I've not yet seen the Soprano's or Boardwalk, so those might compare. But Mr. Robot has definitely placed itself in my all-time favourites list. EDIT: As someone who works in IT, I am most impressed at how the show has managed to mix Hollywood hacking with legit hacking in a way that I can recognize methods used, and whilst there's naturally creative liberties being taken for dramatic purpose, it's genuinely impressive the level of authenticity Esmail has gone for in building realistic portrayals of how hacking is really done. It's not just thrown in, it's not just 'slapping the keyboard until the Pentagon implodes under the might of hacking prowess. It's people writing scripts and trying to hack things in ways that it happens in real life, by getting into buildings and networks through physical legwork and phishing rather than just 'computer magic'. Like Elliot needing to be in the actual physical building and needing to find a data port to be able to do anything, needing to know root passwords and brute force passwords with some knowhow of what the password might be.
  10. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    Baltimore fans thank you for Houston winning us the #1 seed.
  11. As others have mentioned, the reason the east is generally poor quality is all to do with the lack of good management in most of those teams. The West has been strong since the 00s because teams in the west generally build their teams better, and in turn talent flocks to the west because they want to play on the best teams, resulting in winning teams not getting into the playoffs in the west, whilst losing teams can get 6th seeds in the east. I'm generally not in favour of a mix-match division/conference system ala the NFL/MLB either, because I feel the prospect of local teams playing each other four times in the regular season adds a lot of dynamic, because losing the season series (especially in the west) can make getting to the playoffs a lot trickier. Also it would remove the Southwest hell division for teams to go through. Finally, as DMNhas mentioned, removing conferences or making them abstract would create possibilities of LA Vs. LA (or lord forbid, NY Vs. BKY) finals, and that would be awful in its own way. At the same time, the prospect of one day having Rockets Vs. Mavs for all the marbles would be insane. Also, I feel the league needs two new teams in the west, so the Wolves and Grizzlies can be sent to the east, because geographically their places in the western division makes no sense, the TWolves next western foe is three states over. And you could make half a case for the Pelicans being geographically east too.
  12. But that was with Dirk too, he was 22 when he was dropping 22 a game with 9 rebounds and a block. It still took him till he was 27 before he got his first finals, he was 32 when they finally got that ring. For some reason, despite the talent having been there for the past 20 years, Dallas remains a bit of an unpopular option amongst players, despite having a team and front office that people laud, and a city/state that has a perfect tax scheme for rich athletes. Nobody seems to really care about Texas, and prefer to go to South Beach or Long Beach instead, because there's a lot more glamour in LA, Miami, or lord forbid even New York where both teams are garbage.
  13. As a longtime Mavs fan I'm excited, but also that the team somehow once more becomes incapable of filling the roster with top talent as was the case for most of Dirk's career. Getting Porzingis is a good start, and he'll become better again as he becomes further removed from his injuries. And they've put down a strong core of talented role players who can all have great games every once in a while. But the team does need that Jason Terry-esque presence who's a consistent '15 points every night guy' next to Luka's sheer brilliance
  14. The Mavs have plenty of talent, but oh god beyond Doncic the team is just so frustratingly hot/cold from a day to day basis. Some days you got half the team scoring 15 points and totally demolishing any team they face... Then they are falling short to the Knicks twice in a row, who (no offense) they should be demolishing. The life of a team that's both one of the best on offense, but also one of the worst on defense. At least Kristaps can say that he's been out of the running for about 1.5 seasons and there's some serious rust issues going on that he needs to get through before he might get back to his old level. Until then, Luka will continue trying to make a bid for youngest MVP in league history, because jesus fuck this dude's unreal. Every time he manages to surprise me with another crazy statline. If Kristaps can get his groove back, and they can trade or sign a !consistent! third option to the team, there might not be teams that can outgun them.
  15. Jasonmufc

    NFL 2019

    I saw it live, and these were my thoughts. 1: Ok he's going to get a good gain... 2: Woah, that defender got juked hard! 3: HOLY SHIT HE JUST SPUN AROUND TWO OTHERS! 4: I can't even do this shit on Madden, Lamar Jackson is unreal. Also, Kevin Harlan is legit one of the best on-the-fly announcer for these kinds of 'holy shit' plays. That's my Running back, baby!
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