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  1. https://www.racefans.net/2020/04/01/aston-martin-officially-confirms-return-to-f1-in-2021/ Racing Point becoming Aston Martin is official now.
  2. The early game can be pretty tricky because your HP/SP are still quite low, and you lack all the amenities like baton passing that allows you to chain crits for easy kills. Best you can do is to try and 'catch' some other persona so you have a nice elemental spread on Joker, and really focus on using him for elemental crits, Mona for pure crits/healing, and Ryuji for stomping down on fools. Arsene, as cool as he is, is a pretty piss poor Persona and other than doing challenge runs you should throw him under the bus quickly for persona that deal elemental damage (since for physical you can always use your melee rather than persona).
  3. It's fun and games until you realize the only way to find good rats is to roam through St. Denis and you get a shootout with the cops for every rat you catch.
  4. I spent probably 20-30 hours just enjoying the game and doing traveling, hunting, collecting bounties, catching horses, and trying to find hidden stuff. But after those hours I realized I barely put a dent in anything, and with how plodding the game is, I just went 'ugh, I will continue the story, then'. I'm genuinely glad others can spend more time in the game, but after a while the game felt more like a chore to get through than an interesting journey. Especially my issues with hunting, which involves a stupid amount of backtracking because there's only 1 vendor for every region where I can sell my kills, took a lot of enjoyment out of it. The game is beautiful and damn fun to just get lost in. But it has some real asshole design elements to it that were put in for 'the realisms', but the only thing it really does is make the game (significantly) artificially longer. Hell, I even set up an excel spreadsheet tracking my hunting stuff, so I could track all my hunting requirements. And some expectations are insane. Like getting 16 perfect rat pelts, or finding a buttload of tiny bird species I had to take out for their feathers. I get that it's supposed to be a challenge, but at a certain point it becomes tedious and annoying rather than a liberating trek... idk, maybe i'll pick it up when my frustrations with the game have cooled off a bit. Because like I said, it's an utterly brilliant game, one of the best ever made. But it definitely overstays its welcome in some areas.
  5. So I am in chapter 5 of RDR2, and I won't spoil a thing. But i'm just... done, I feel like I have no desire to continue the game anymore. The game feels tedious, the story goes in circles which i know is part of the theme, but it's just frustrating and annoying. - Missions devolve into a shootathon where you just shoot people over and over again for no real purpose other than 'we need to throw baddies at you to shoot'. - Into chapter 5, I genuinely feel the developers had no clue what they had to write so they just jumped the shark with an absurd side plot with even more ridiculous set pieces. - Antagonists feel super underdeveloped, a bunch of them were swept aside in 2-3 missions because whilst the game is brutally slow and plodding, the storyline feels like it's blitzing through at the same time. - Many interesting side characters get little to no character development, they get no real defining moments where you start caring for them. Then when they get killed or something bad happens them, it's done quick and for the dramas, but they don't give you a proper time to let it sink in because we have to go into another shooting gallery. -- Again, I know that the 'we need to keep moving' is part of the overarching theme, but a few deaths completely fell flat for me, including two involving two of my favourite side characters. - Arthur and Dutch shine, but they get all the time to shine. The other characters, including the ones you know from RDR1, they just feel like cardboard cutouts. They're there in spirit only, because they barely get a chance to really show any character because you gotta go into another shootout. - The world is way too large, large to the point where it's just not fun anymore. Having to travel 5-15 minutes from one place to the next got boring quick and I find myself fast traveling, which still isn't fast enough because they had to make the travel cinematic! - Collecting and hunting is tedious to straight up frustrating. Gotta find a 3* animal, gotta shoot it the right way, then skin it, to travel across the world to the handful of trappers or your base. -- Oh, I see you shot one of the fifty large animals you need to hunt, well, your horse can only carry one at a time, so have fun traveling 15 minutes to drop off that carcass. Now go do it 49 more times if you want to get to that 100% - The controls are garbage, you move like you're stuck in pigshit, shootouts is just doing L2+R2 a lot of times. The horses are finicky where you keep running into a tree or another object at full speed. - The core system is a bother rather than a boon. You never know whether you're overweight or underweight, and it just feels like the deadeye core is there to annoy you rather than keep your god-tier shooting in check. - The bounty system is a ballache. You make a mistake, you get a massive bounty which you can only lose by paying the troll toll or getting arrested after you donated all your money to Dutch and Co. - TRAVELING IS THE GODDAMN WORST. Having to travel in the missions itself takes 5 more minutes, then the mission is done in 5 more. Guess what, enjoy riding another 5 minutes for your next mission. Rinse, Repeat. Don't get me wrong, it's a masterpiece in many ways. The world is gorgeous, Arthur is a great protag albeit he's the classic rockstar doormat who does everything with only the occassional grumble or whinge. The customisation and the sense of realism to the world is nothing else. But the game is also tedious, boring, and has many of the pitfalls that all the modern Rockstar games suffer from. A blind obsession with scope, a story that has good moments but they're all fleeting and missions that are either shootouts from the start, or devolve into shootouts. RDR2 is the most boring and tedious masterpiece i've ever played. I'm at the end of Chapter 5, and I am just... I have no desire to play on towards the end, even though it's pretty close. I liked RDR1 better. The story was more enjoyable, and whilst it was also a shooutout simulator like every Rockstar open world game, it just felt like the story was going somewhere rather than the circles RDR2 has you running in.
  6. I mean, honestly it's just good to have a distraction from all the bad news out there. Same with the NASCAR E-vent, it's all just good fun to get people's minds off.
  7. Some positive news through all this. NASCAR on FOX have decided to start the NASCAR Pro-Invitational, running a 100 race with a full grid of former and current NASCAR drivers, including guys like Dale Jr, Busch², and Jimmie Johnson. The racing is a shitshow due to the virtual racing skill gaps, but it's super cool to see everyone having a great time and giving it a go. Lots of drivers have always pledged money for charity.
  8. Luka playing NBA 2K out there. https://streamable.com/sjzkh
  9. What if Quantum Break and Control are novels made by Alan Wake, but Alan Wake is a figment of Max Payne's shattered mind. 🤔
  10. Pretty sure all the remedy games exists in the same continuity someway. Max Payne 1/2, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control. It's basically just the mindfuckverse.
  11. Adam Silver was incandescent with rage.
  12. From all accounts they wanted it to go to a tie 48/48, so that it would become a 5 person vote for 'body of work' throughout the night instead. Wade played along, but when they were inputting the numbers Wade reneged on the promise and scored a single point lower, quickly removed his headset and pretty much went into business for himself.
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