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  1. Formula One 2018

    That's what annoyed me too. The shoulder cam's are useless because you can see nothing going on in the image. The T-cam, or even a camera on the halo itself would be significantly better. It's clear they really didn't think through all of the things that would have to be altered now that the Halo is around. But hopefully they'll buff out those issues in the coming weeks, because if they use that shoulder cam all season then they deserve all the hate, really.
  2. Formula One 2018

    FP1: https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/134975/hamilton-leads-mercedes-onetwo-in-melbourne FP2: https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/134978/hamilton-ahead-of-verstappen-in-second-practice For some reason EWB doesn't want to show images right now, so here's links to autosport instead. Hamilton has been dominant, but Verstappen has showed insane speed behind him for both FP1 and FP2, so that's exciting to say the least! (Totally not biased as a Dutchman...) Most interesting is that Grosjean has been 7th and 6th respectively in his Haas, which is spectacular from him. As has Alonso with two 8th places in both practices, so there's certainly pace in the McLaren again. Also shocking is how Williams and Force India are deep into the top 10, Williams was slightly expected but Force India has made a big tumble down the order as McLaren has made a jump and likewise with one of the Haas drivers. Renault is a bit shaky, would've expected them slightly higher tbh. Not shocking is Sauber still being worst of the worst by a spectacular margin. I wouldn't be surprised if they hit the 107% margin a few times this season because they just lack all pace to compete with anyone but themselves. Even Sirotkin in the Williams was nearly a second ahead of them in FP2. I really hope Red Bull will be able to pressure Hamilton further this weekend, because I'm not ready for another year or utter dominance from the Silver Arrows.
  3. Formula One 2018

    Speaking of Will Buxton, here he is with the Paddock Pass. Really interesting stuff to listen to.
  4. Great Tennis Ball Debate of 2018

    I feel to really get with the times Tennis Balls should be vantablack from now on.
  5. Star Trek TV

    Season 1 is rough, but if anyone can get through TNG S1 then DS9's first season will be a breeze in comparison.
  6. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    All of those are pretty egregious too. Like them being near palette swaps of the original characters in terms of artwork. Both the Wolverine and Sabertooth ones are nearly identical to eachother.
  7. The Anime Thread

    I'm actually watching that and... it's pretty darn shit to be honest. The light-hearted adventure stuff just doesn't work after DBZ, it made sense when Goku was a (real) kid and not as ungodly strong yet, but this is set after him having become the strongest being in the universe (not counting Super because it didn't exist back then). They're fucking about when they could just as easily just zip in and curbstomp the enemies, and whilst that's kinda the hallmark of Dragon Ball it becomes farcical in GT. Even when it gets serious and the stakes are raised, it still stays utterly silly but not in a good way. It's more Dragon ball, but it just lacks the charm of DB, and it lacks the grunt of DBZ. And with Super existing now, it's just terrible.
  8. MMArmy.com

    That's a name i've not heard in a long time. I'm honestly a bit shocked that the game is still running because last time I saw it it was under new management that seemed to just pull cash out of it and not add stuff. Personally i used to play MMATycoon more, slightly more in depth albeit a much slower burn.
  9. Comic Book Films & TV

    Remember when everybody laughed at Marvel for going with Guardians of the Galaxy that included a talking racoon and tree, and it turned out to be one of the best films of the MCU? This won't be like that.
  10. General Gaming Thread

    I'm not getting it day one-ish, but i'm looking on finding a good deal soon. I like that the DLC isn't stuff they ripped off disc and are a completely different type of game (i'm a sucker for the ridiculous stupidity of blood dragon). One thing i'm slightly worried about is that because you can now create your protagonist, that they might lose personality in the process, or even relegated to mutes because Ubi didn't want to drop money for two (or more) voice actors for one role. It's one of my peeves with the major Ubi titles beyond AC, most protagonists are bland personalities. E.g. Division, Wildlands. The prospect of playing the entire game co-op is exciting though, i'm all for more great co-op games because those are great!
  11. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    The only thing I can imagine would significantly improve MLB: The Show is to add more and deeper managerial functions to the game, easier times to find splits and all that kind of good stuff. But then you're basically stretching the game into OOTP territory, and the game itself is too action and user-controlled to really have a use for such depth to the franchise mode.
  12. Football Manager 2018

    Crappy Utrecht Striker Robin Nelisse had a good 4 FM titles where he scored at least 20+ every single Eredivisie seasons, despite having none of the stats for it. In real life he had a 2, 9, and a 16 goal season for Utrecht respectively... I remember so well because I would get talented strikers as Feyenoord or Ajax, but they would never get the golden ball because that Rastafari bastard would always end up one-upping my future stars. On the flip side, there was also Volendam striker Jack Tuyp who was really prolific as a target man on the Eredivisie level, had some 20/20 seasons for me with both goals and assists. FM has some weird peculiarities.
  13. NHL 18

    You better draft that up and coming talent Jaromir Jagr, or i'll riot!
  14. General Television Thread

    I feel knowing what happened in The Defenders is pretty imperative for what comes after. It's basically the 'The Avengers' of the Netflix Marvel continuity, all four heroes teaming up to save New York from destruction. Whilst The Avengers was arguably easier to get into even without having seen CapAm1, IM1/2, and Thor 1, but with the Netflix shows a lot of shit happens and is brought back in the Defenders that pertains to the story. I'm almost certain that JJ S2 will touch up on what happened in The Defenders, and will deliver some big 'spoilers' (Are it spoilers when it's a chronological continuation of the same continuity?) about what happened in The Defenders. There's some discussion in the MCU TV thread about the merits of every show in terms of needing to watch it or not, where most people agree that Iron Fist is the weakest show due to a weakly defined main character with a one-track mind "I'm the Immortal Iron Fist, the protector of K'un-Lun, and sworn enemy of the hand." ad-nauseum. Either way, check out those threads for general advice for what you need/want to watch, spoiler tags apply so you don't need to be afraid of walking face-first into spoilers.
  15. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Now time to trade for Joakin Noah and Luol Deng