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  1. Not an Atlanta fan, but Schröder is a high energy point guard with all the pro's and con's that come with it. He can score in bunches, pass really well, but at times can be really inefficient and his defense isn't particularly spectacular either. For a backup to Westbrook he's all that you'd really want, but it's going to be interesting how he'll perform on a team that is aiming to be a winning side that can be playoff bound, so his numbers could dip. Also, he still got his assault charge coming up and if he's found guilty then he could be deported, so there's that problem.
  2. Shocking nobody. But it's interesting that they've not opted for a long term contract that locks him up longer. Perhaps either team or Lewis feel that with the upcoming rule changes success isn't perfectly guaranteed at that poin and they'll go their separate ways. Or Lewis might retire because he'll be 35 and he might have won three more titles at that point, or none at all. With how Ferrari is marching, they finally seem to have been matched on track. Or Mercedes as a team might exit the sport again, they've done so in the past and with them investing heavily into Formula E they might feel F1 after the next round of changes doesn't help their brand anymore.
  3. I personally adore the classic 90s trip hop/D&B edm sound.
  4. Yeah the weirdest thing is that in 12 months Kawhi has gone to respected reserved player who works hard and keeps his nose clean and his head straight to one of the most despised guys not named Kevin Durant or even LeBron James. It's crazy, because before this season nothing seemed wrong, the Spurs were fully content in working with him to get him back at 100%. But something seemed to have changed, whether that's the people around him being toxic and poisoning his mind, or something really bad happening in the front office that completely soured him to such an extent that he's literally dissapearing from the limelight to sit out his contract. It's like a complete 180 in what people expected from Kawhi, it's like he's a completely different person, or perhaps his true colours are bleeding through. Either way, It's crazy that this is happening in San Antontio too, because if there's one franchise that has always done good honest business without any bullshit, it's Buford and Pop. They've never been people to lie or bullshit their players, hard but fair, but never cruel like many other front offices can become when business is concerned. I really want to know what happened, but I got a suspicion that it's going to be something really fucking dumb and ridiculous. Because what can make someone decide to complete burn a franchise that gave him a chance where others didn't and started the process of building a team around him when he showed his potential. Again, i've said it earlier. This is insulting to Demar but also the entire fanbase of the Raptors franchise. A player who snubbed his hometown Lakers in free agency and immediately went to strike a deal with the Raptors because it was the only place he wanted to be. To just throw at the Spurs for a gamble that I don't see paying off. It's a stab in the back for fans and the franchise, two steps back when Toronto had finally become a team that had shaken off its stigma as a basketball deadzone. As a Mavs fan, this to me would equate to trading away Dirk Nowitzki in his prime for Allen Iverson or something insane like that. You got a player that's pledged his career to a team, who is straight up performing to elite standards, you also promise to not trade him a few weeks back, and then still renege on those promises to throw him away for a Kawhi that doesn't want to be in Toronto anyways. I can fully see the Raptors fanbase straight up revolting at this business decision, if not this year then certainly next summer if Kawhi decides to pack his bags and leave the Raptors with no star player, no respect, and all players knowing that the Raptors Front Office don't even practice loyalty to healthy star players.
  5. So if that happens, the Raptors are arguably in even bigger shit because then they'll have to deal with the fact they've alienated their best player and got nothing in return.
  6. I get that the Raptors want to force something to get through to the finals in the east (even though next season is arguably their best year to get into the finals anyways), but trading away your franchise shooting guard for a guy that nobody has seen in months, hasn't played a game since January, and who has made it clear he's not interested in resigning with any other team than the Lakers... That's just, idiotic and downright disrespectful to not just Demar DeRozan, but the entire Raptors fanbase. If there's been one player that has exemplified being a Raptor, it's Demar, he's been loyal to the team and he's been performing to an elite level. He's snubbed the Lakers in the past to make it clear he was completely loyal to the Raptors, something that hasn't been seen in Toronto ever, a city that's still plagued by the memory of Vince Carter literally tanking his own value to get away from the team. Now they're prepared to throw their main guy away for a guy that will go the way of Vince Carter in a year? Unless the Raptors get more out of this than Kawhi, this is a huge loss for the team as a whole, not just on the court.
  7. Yeah, the Defenders never really clicked in terms of villains or stakes. The character interactions were great, and it had plenty other things going for it. But as a whole the Hand just hasn't done it for me as an overarching evil force of evilness that had to be stopped at all costs. Obviously they did, and they've gone as far as build them up across both Iron Fist and Daredevil S2 as super bad people that had to be stopped. But they never really felt menacing or a prevalent enough threat for me to really get engrossed into the struggle. I felt they had interesting enough characters, but they never went anywhere, their intentions were always left super vague and confusing to a point where I never really got why they wanted to do the things they wanted to do. And for some reason, whilst the MCU has arguably done weirder shit. Ancient Japanese Death Cult looking to sink Manhattan into the ground to dig up the soul of an ancient powerful dragon to become immortal(?) kinda was a bit too out there for me. I liked Cottonmouth and Kingpin because they were human villains with very human motives. Greed and power, decadence and violence, and all other tropey virtues, but wrapped in an intriguing package where they just teetered on the outside of being straight up hamchop villains. Meanwhile the Hand, they're goofy as hell. Obviously super dangerous and deadly, but there's just something inherently dumb about Ninjas in New York with over the top objectives. Again, I think it's mostly just a disconnect where they should've simplified the storytelling a bit, make the motives easier to understand and maybe even do some tropey monologuing to really make it obvious what their plans were, and most importantly, WHY they were doing it. I also liked Madame Gao, Bakuto. But I found Sigourney's character to be an utter drag and Alexandra's whole story with Elektra was poorly explained beyond 'chosen one' connotations. Also, Elektra suddenly going full evil and taking over the Hand, meh. Iron Fist being the weakest of the four shows also invariably hurt them, because everything hinged on Danny's story. I still liked the Defenders, but in hindsight the story itself is pretty half baked.
  8. Yeah, comics is this medium where character's don't age whilst they do... age, kinda. As in, they keep a hold of continuity that is 30+ years old, but handwave the fact it's been 30 years and they're still the same 20/30/40-something they were all those years ago. It really exists in some sort of bizarroworld where character ages are vague concepts. But like Peter Parker is like a 20-something now due to slow narrative drift and them needing to get away from the high school/college years and make him somewhat more of an adult. But that also partly happened because they got a character like Miles Morales to fill that high school spiderkid role. At the same time, Tony Stark is the same 30/40 year old he's always been, so it's like, there's little reason to age characters unless it's for a narrative reason. And as with how comics work, it's almost never permanent. They aged up Steve Rogers for a time a few years back, but then he got de-aged again and he was back as the brave 30 something he always was. Meanwhile Old Man Logan isn't even the Wolverine of the 616 universe and is a time displaced migrant from a different universe altogether. And apparently now the original Wolverine is coming back again after being dead for 4 years, because they need their gravy train character back. But yeah, age and death are just kinda there. And it's never truly permanent apart from a very select few characters that stayed dead or stayed old.
  9. I have 270 hours in Rimworld and whilst my interest comes and goes with the game, it's truly one of those games that allows me to sink hours and hours into just for the satisfying tedium that is building up a colony and dealing with all the shenanigans that come from it. Naturally it always feels that whatever happens with streamers is more interesting and exciting for some reasons, but I feel the storytellers in Rimworld is really strong in making every colony fresh and exciting, if you yourself also try your best to switch things up. Like when I got bored with the game a bit, I started to give myself a challenge, like a full random challenge. The first three pawns the game rando's for you, then the first random spot in the world that isn't annoyingly inhospitable (ice caps, full desert). Then I get to work. I try to use vanilla safe mods that don't break the game's balance too much, like extra crops, expanded drugs, and QoL stuff that make pawn management easier.
  10. Seems to me the Nets are dumping cap and taking on upcoming UFA's so that they have all the space next year to do the same thing as they will do the year after that. Sucks for J-Lin though that he's once more shipped off to another team, but I can see why the Nets decide to get rid of him after he only played one game last season before getting hurt, and that it's not certain if he'll come back completely healthy and ready for a full season. Meanwhile the Hawks are in deadsville themselves, but with Dennis Schröder possibly getting deported due to his felony battery charge coming up, it might make him the go to Point Guard either off the bench or a Shooting Guard flanking Trae Young if they put Bazemore at the 3
  11. Being a guy in a coma who can use his mind to possess vehicles at will to stop crime and track down the bad guy. Stupid is an understatement 😂 But it's fun tho to find flexible ways to stop crooks. Like zipping between cara and then possessing a fire truck and t-boning the everloving crap out of a getaway vehicle.
  12. You can also check out Table Top Racing, which is kinda in the vein of the classic micro machine games. But it's arcade racey with pick ups, it just lacks the distinct personalities of a Mario Kart or Sonic All-Stars.
  13. Yeah I get the joke they were trying to make, but the guy doing the voice over is utterly unlikeable in the way he delivers it. Also, like a child that just learned a swearie

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