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  1. Sure, you're entitled to unlap yourself... But why should he, what did he have to gain to start battling Max because the moment he unlapped himself he'd be blue flagged again and required to yield the position back. That's the thing with F1 blue flags, the car in a lower position MUST yield position and isn't allowed to race. So basically Ocon messed up his own race, but also arguably cost Max a victory on top of that. It wasn't a good move from Ocon, unnecessarily risky.
  2. I worked my way through the first season, but the season finale completely broke me as far as rushed storylines and non-sensical character decisions are concerned. I never even bothered getting back to the show and watching season two, even if it's a lot better than season one.
  3. I'd be shocked if Klay leaves the Warriors. He's a phenomenal player but he clearly enjoys being the third choice. I've never seen Klay really aspire being his own star and the guy that a team is built around. Durant though, now that he has a few rings I can totally see him leaving for a new team to try his hand at being the big star and try to win without being on the Oakland god team.
  4. As someone who has played The Guild I can only say that's it's utter utter jank and it's very much an acquired taste regarding if you can handle with the screwiness to enjoy yourself playing the game. Because seriously, it's one of the buggiest games out there that has still a unique enjoyment factor that no other game really emulates. It being a life simulator with a business management sim added on plus renaissance era politics to mess around with. Don't bother with The Guild 3 though, that game is just a broken incomplete mess, The Guild 2 is too, but at least it's cheaper and generally better through it having had its full development cycle (and a few mods that fix things that needed fixing)
  5. Maybe it's called The Sims: Medieval.🤔
  6. Fortunately AC3 will wrap up the Desmond story
  7. For the kingdom creating, there's always the Total War franchise, which also got loads of fandom mods like LOTR and GOT
  8. I can totally see Klay and Curry just flip flopping the 3pt record for shits and giggles at this point, because despite shooting a ridiculous amounts of threes Klay looked like he wasn't particularly working his ass off, those two are just such insanely gifted shooters that they make the absurd like ordinary. Also, Luka Doncic had his first 30+ game against the Spurs, and in many ways he's subverted the expectations I had for him. I honestly never expected him to have this high scoring output this early in his career, and making smart shots whilst staying aggressive and looking to get inside too. People called him slow, and in a way he's slow, but he's managed to break down multiple athletic stars in the past few weeks when he was given an iso play, that stepback of him is unreal too for a guy his size and build. Also, his main draft point was his passing game, but that one's actually a bit dissapointing. He's still looking for his passing rhythm on offense and throws the ball away as much as he sets up his teammates, granted, a few of them have really let him down when he found them in the perfect spot (*looks at Wes Matthews*). But I think that's mostly a case of him getting to know who he plays with, seeing he missed the summer league and a part of the training camp due to being rested, I feel that's just something that'll be an if rather than a when. But yeah, Luka is unreal. He's even more mature than I expected, and he's blown me away as a scoring player becoming the Mavs number one scoring option at age 19 on a team that has a bunch of very capable scorers in DSJ, Wes Matthews, and Barnes (granted the last one is still shaking off a lot of rust). Also, shout out to DeAndre Jordan who is already becoming the best center the Mavs ever had, 14 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks a game on average in the first 7 games. And the biggest shock is upping his FT% by a massive 23.3% to become a .813 FT shooter, unreal turnaround for a guy that two seasons ago was prime 'hack a shaq'.
  9. As much as Gold/Black would be neat, it would remind me too much of the average Lotus days. (as opposed to the crappy Green lotus days)
  10. Mavs taking it 140-136 at home. This is the NBA now, utterly insane playing pace and the score is absolutely ridiculous. Also a great showing by the Mavs even when they're missing Barnes, Dirk, and Harris for this game. To take the win against the (granted Butler-less) Timberwolves down the stretch was imnmense, especially after the Wolves had taken a massive lead in the first. Also D-Rose with a 28-5-5-2 statline was on fire too, showing he still got plenty of game left. And it's such a breath of fresh air to have an elite center on the Mavs, not even Tyson Chandler looked this dangerous whenever he was on the floor back in our championship days. DeAndre does everything and he does it with insane efficiency, 22 points, 10 rebounds, 5 blocks, and on 8/10 shooting + 6/7 from the stripe. And he's had a bunch of secondary assists and makes the entire team better by his presence. Dwight Powell is becoming one of the better bench bigs too, always puts in effort and he's getting rewarded by being the recipient on alley oops and cutting hard and fast whenever he sets screens. This Mavericks team makes me so excited for the future, this is completely different than 10/11 too, this team has fire, insane speed, and just a togetherness that is unlike anything. And to see Luka and DSJ struggle early but bringing it back in crunch time, that will hopefully bode very well for the future. 26 points for Luka off 8/16 too, people questioned his ability to score in the NBA but he did so tonight with craftiness and just outright toughness off the dribble.
  11. Yeah, I felt the same with the Iron Fist cancellation but now i'm all the more certain that this is Disney wrapping up existing deals and preparing to migrate all their IP's onto either the Disney service, or Hulu (if that's not going to get merged into the DSS outright). Only thing i'd assume is that Netflix might have a lease on the show names, but as Tristy mentioned this is probably the quickest way to setup a Heroes for Hire show that combines Luke and Danny's shows into one more cohesive collective. Expecting JJ and DD to be on the chopping block next, and next year after Punisher season 2 he'll close the door on the Netflix/Disney deal.
  12. You're assuming that all crap is bad crap, there can be good crap, and the kind of crap LoT is falls in the former. Good crap is good. #notallcrap
  13. Constantine is part of the cast? I might have to watch now. Also this goofy over the top ridiculous crap is something i'm sorely lacking in after Ash Vs. Evil Dead
  14. Honestly I don't really see it, but with how the east tends to shape up they might be in with a chance to get into the playoffs but I don't rate their chances particularly highly. They got three decent core players in Lauri, Jabari, and LaVine. But other than the rookie Carter and RoLo they're painfully lacking in big men that push the needle. Rolo is also allegedly on his last legs and might struggle this season with injuries that will limit his gametime. Omer Asik is on the roster for cap reasons and sadly will probably never return to basketball with his arthritis. Beyond bigs they're also strapped for backup players that can leave a mark, so I honestly am afraid it will be a very rough season for the Bulls and them hoping a few youngsters break out.

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