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  1. After dropping out of the EL and getting kicked out of the cup, the team hit an unreal form that propelled us from a painfully low #11 to #1 with 1 point between me and PSV in the final week. Like two seasons ago, the championship would be settled in the final game of the season. Graafschap Vs. PEC Zwolle, PSV Vs. Feyenoord... But this time we scrape a 1-0 win against Zwolle whilst PSV and Feyenoord keep each other at a goalless tie! Allowing me to bring the first ever league championship to my hometown de Graafschap, immediately propelling me into being a club icon!
  2. It's a shame there's not a feature in the game where the goalie has a row against the rest of the team for bottling a 10-0 clean sheet.
  3. Season 5 finished, I crashed and burned in the CL Group Stages because Napoli/Leverkusen/R. Madrid were just too much for me, I manage to drag Napoli to two draws, but the other ones just owned me from start to finish. Sadly didn't manage to make a run for the title, struggled a bit and got a 4th place in the end, which is good, but kinda dissapointing... I did manage to repeat the cup and manager of the year honours, so there's that! And I made the club a lot of money in the process, so everything is awesome. Next season, sadly, Europa League Group Stages instead of Champions League, but it is what it is... But now the big teams have finally started pushing their interest... EDIT: I said no
  4. No Dr. Who either, which seems a bit mind-boggling. It's not particurarly high quality sci-fi, but it's arguably one of the most enduring piece of pop culture on television.
  5. Well, I stayed with de Graafschap through the summer break and I signed (and sold) a bunch of players that will hopefully get me over the hump. To my dissapointment my goalie left to Boro, and the fans were livid about it. He got a shock call-up for the world cup as backup goalie, and got two caps in the build up, so foreign clubs were suddenly knocking and I didn't want to stop him from making bank. I got a tidy 6M for him, though. It has forced me to expedite calling up my super talented youth goalie, just a shame he's a goddamn lunatic on the pitch! One of my main defenders also left to Hertha BSC, 12.5M(15.5M) for Liam van Gelderen who was my starting center back for three seasons, and whom I had paid only 96K for to buy from Ajax. So with a lot of money in hand, I broke the bank for a striker prospect who looks to be a future star, and I know it's a matter of time before I am unable to retain my current star striker when bigger teams come knocking. Signed a young midfielder that will hopefully bring more stability and depth to our midfield. A young left back that seems to have the world at his feet. And a bunch of free agents that will make the team a lot deeper... And a Norwegian on loan to bolster the back line greatly... Here's the team thus far... And survey says... Galatasaray, Spartak Moscow? No sweat off my brow... But these guys on the other hand... At this point you guys might be wondering "how does this dick pull all that off?!", well, I don't know myself honestly. Ever since I made this monstrosity in the tactic designer everything has been coming up Millhouse. No individual instructions either, just all those team instructions and depending on the game (away/home, favourite/underdog) I mess with the mentality between cautious/balanced/positive, and rarely on attacking/very attacking if I REALLY need a goal. Even in games that i'm winning and I need to protect a lead, I avoid (very-)defensive because it allows teams to hold the ball too much. You're better off lowering tempo and maxing out time wasting on cautious at that point. Also currently experimenting with the BBM being a Mez(Su) to have two Mezzala's. It won me a 3-1 against Twente and a 2-0 against Spartak, so it's p. good? Although it leaves you exposed to the long ball.
  6. Yeah, I did a few interviews with a few clubs just to humour them. And the board came to me wanting to talk about me staying, so I managed to wring 200K/m extra wage budget and 1M extra transfer budget out of them for my continued loyalty.
  7. I just finished my fourth season with de Graafschap, and it's been a very wild ride. First season, pegged for relegation, and through a struggle of a season with little money, lots of loans, and a few freebies here and there we manage to claw a 14th place for safety. We get a nice chunk of dosh, but because I am insane I told my board to spend it all on new facilities. With what we had left, I signed back a midfielder (Gregor Breinburg) for a massive 1.8M to make him my rock in midfield (which he still is after four years, including being the team captain!) But for the second season, we got more cheapies and freebies just to get some solid reinforcements to bolster up our back line. Our front line was actually pretty good to start with, at least for a team of our level. We start hot, but in usual FM fashion we utterly faceplant, drop down the table and crawl home another 14th place for safety. Yet again, the money made from prize money is immediately sent to improve facilities, in the knowledge that it might probably help down the line. The youth academy also churning out good talent, but none that will bring in the big bucks, just yet. So, season 3 rolls around, and the market is poor for us. Not a lot of money to spend, but even less wage budget to operate in (despite being in the bottom 3 of wages every season thus far). I sign a hossy winger kid from Sparta, but he won't set the world alight ahead of my own youth winger. I also buy the goalie that I had been loaning off of PSV (Hidde Jurjus) for a small amount of cash, officially bringing him back to the team that he debuted for in 2014, he's been brilliant, so he deserves being my #1 choice for a long time. Also, I loan some bloke named 'Will Grigg' from Sunderland. Mostly for the memes, but he became the lynchpin of the team by scoring 11 goals in 25 games and Will-ing the team to an amazing 9th place finish against all odds! More money, get! Of course, the board decides to expand the stadium to its fullest capacity, and upgrade facilities once more, so there's nothing to go around. But I scrounge up the money we do have, and one of my winger youths get bought by Monaco for a cool 10 million (with a loan back clause!), so hey, we're in the green again! I sign Carel Eiting from Ajax for 1.3M, there to give me a young and creative defensive midfielder to solidify my midfield. I sign Dylan Vente for 875K from Feyenoord to replace Will Grigg who I couldn't get back. And I sign Felix Gotze for a pathetic 275K, the brother of Mario, who immediately becomes my best defender from the get go. Vente the striker, utterly brilliant, ends the campaign with 23 goals in 38 games, 17 of them in the league. Eiting, a beast of a playmaker who exalts my team to a new level of passing dominance. Götze, an unbreakable man in the back four that keeps the team in games. A new tactic of my own design, a 4-3-3 DM Wide built around Vertical Tiki-Taka, some sort of abomination combining pass heavy action with the classic hoof up field. I went for a mid table finish, I started the season very strong, the usual over-performing until the AI reacts to my shenanigans and kicks me down the table. Except the kick never came, and only on the very last day of the season do we go from champion to ending third (losing 2-1 to PSV in the final game.) For the first time in history, Graafschap finishes higher than 8th, and not just that, we finish in the top 3, and get a Champions League ticket! And to top everything off... We reach the cup finals for the first time in history, and beat Roda JC to win the clubs very first silverware! Four seasons, and we went from crawling into 14th to survive to challenging for the title and getting champions league success. And of course that doesn't make me favoured personell because why should it, right? We rake in a shitload of prize money, and even with facility upgrades I have been given 5 million to play around with, which is about 2 million more than I had in all four previous seasons combined. And now I need to supplement this plucky team of average but hard working players to have a solid go at the Champions League... Oh... And this. The curse of success is starting. To make the jump to another blue-white squad with a lot more money that haven't had success in 27 years... Or to stick around for a fifth season, and try to take another swing at the old boys of the Eredivisie and shatter their hegemony... Decisions decisions... And it's not going to be easy beating Ajax and PSV who can spend triple my transfer budget on a single player and have money left to burn...
  8. The problem is you try and walk it in... (Also teams are parking the bus, and tossing long balls over your defense which is playing too high up giving them prime opportunities on the break) But honestly, it can be anything. Smaller teams can be infuriating to play against because they'll just abuse the long ball in ways that your own teams can barely fathom.
  9. The past three seasons have been 'not so great' for Vettel. Dude's got all the talent in the world, but I think psychologically he's just utterly buggered at this point in his career. A four time WDC just having suffered through six years of misfortune and self-afflicted idiocy after being on top of the world. Meanwhile his generational rival Hamilton has been untouchable for as long as he's been struggling, Ferrari's strategy department is an absolute shitshow, and there are two hot hungry youngsters in Max and Leclerc that are now outracing him to the point where he's no longer the bonafide #2 driver on the grid at any point in time. I think unless all the pieces fall back together, he's only going to become more erratic.
  10. Starting from scratch and skimping on a graphics card because you're only looking at playing simulator type games and probably indie titles? Probably looking at something around 700 pounds just for the system alone, no peripherals or monitor. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/CKsYkd
  11. There were actually some Iron Man tie in games, sans rdj Voice acting. But they weren't particularly great. Also there's a Lego game based around the first two Avengers films, again with changed voice acting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Marvel's_Avengers Finally there's Lego Marvel superheroes 1 and 2, but that's not based on any film franchise. They are really fun though, and has a lot of characters. Edit: Apparently there's a list on the MCU Wikipedia page, under outside media
  12. I have seen the first four episodes, and I feel the humour works better than the drama. They all seem to be having a blast filming things. The big dramatic/sad moment at the end of episode four fell flat though, because they just didn't give me enough character development to be engrossed into it. Meanwhile Fitz is brilliant and the highlight of the season already. I feel with the cast being split up definitely adds a better dynamic overall and really helps the smaller (i.e. Deke, Piper/Davis) names to shine better
  13. Also if you like a team that's obsessed with European players, support the Dallas Mavericks. They have current rookie of the year and biggest Euro star since Giannis Antetokounmpo (and their just-retired Franchise cornerstone, Dirk Nowitzki), and Latvian unicorn Kristaps Porzingis, and John Wick 3 star and general oversized freak of nature Boban Marjanovic, and a litany of other plucky Europeans. Oh and there's some Canadians and Americans too, but they seem to be working hard to replacing them all with Euros. Luka Doncic had the best rookie season since LeBron James, and arguably a better one than James. A player that can seemingly do everything and the sky is the limit.
  14. What kind of team are you interested in? Old Glory looking for new success: Lakers, Celtic Plucky team with youngsters: Nuggets, Pelicans Eternal suffering with no end in sight: New York Knicks
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