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  1. Also I am definitely getting some Schadenfreude out of the fact VC has tried the same trick* they do with NBA 2K to get positive PR and it's blowing up in their faces because nobody is giving them good reviews. *Inviting the big wwe 2k streamers to a special preview bonanza where they're given the red carpet legendaryiconstar treatment to try and basically bribe them into giving good preview PR.
  2. Yukes stopped developing the games, and whilst Visual Concepts had six years to prepare for their inevitable takeover of development, they did fuck all. So they had to scramble to build their own engine with Yukes providing only token consulting. With the state of the NBA 2K franchise, this is honestly unsurprising how much VC has shit the bed here. That entire developer lives on the mantra of "Why put in effort when there's no competition".
  3. Meanwhile Enes Kanter, someone who is directly affected by speaking up against an oppressive regime, has not backed down in his own convictions and is quickly overtaking everyone as the NBA is destroying its image as woke social justice defenders. And who has expertly used LeBron's use of an MLK quote to highlight the sheer hypocrisy of what is going on. So yeah, it just... sucks that LeBron chooses to basically tell Morey to 'shut up and dribble' and show that his quest to become a billionaire weighs more heavily than his own cultivated image of being politically outspoken. It's clear that ultimately, money weighs heavier on their minds than making any sort of political change happen. Or at least, it's easy to score karma shitting on Trump and his supporters because those people don't affect the NBA's bottom line, whilst stepping on China's oversized toes does significantly affect that bottom line.
  4. If you need some racing on this drab and rained out Saturday. Formula One YouTube is airing the entirety(?) of the 2005 Japanese Grand Prix on its channel at around 9AM British time. (Which will probably be available afterwards on VOD, too, for anyone that doesn't want to be awake that early)
  5. I don't know what you're talking about. Xi Jinping doesn't look like Brum at all.
  6. The bigger significance behind the Umbrella's and the HK protests is that they've been used as riot shields to protect against the rampant use of teargas, to prevent getting dinked in the head by them. Also, to not be caught by the cameras which are pretty much everywhere.
  7. Nice they fixed the faces I guess, but they broke them in the first place because the FM17 ones were more than decent compared to the ghouls that were in FM19
  8. I have to wait until the dub starts showing up
  9. I don't know why I watched that, I was disgusted for five minutes yet i kept watching... Anyways, I love dumb sports trivia... So here's one of the best two-part sports trivia documentaries ever created. Yes, that's two videos totalling to 1.5 hours of talking about athletes named 'Bob', no Rob/Robert/Bobby's, just people that went by the name of 'Bob''. And it's genuinely one of the best pieces of sports trivia ever made. Jon Bois is one of the best sports documentary makers out there.
  10. Xena, because I have always had a crush on Lucy Lawless
  11. Fuck yeah, I haven't played an MLB since like 14 because I love the series but never enough to buy the game. So I'll be playing it to bits next month! More Giraffe petting action, and a chocobo Giraffe racing minigame!
  12. Germany 2019. Bottas crashed out and Lewis got hit by penalties. In 2018, Mexico 2018 where they finished 4th and 5th and Austria where they both retired. 2017: Monaco, fourth and seventh 2016: Spain, Nico/Lewis destroyed each other. (Creating Verstappen's RBR debut win) 2015: Hungary (6/8), Singapore (4/RET) So yeah, it's rare as hell. 89 out of the last 96 races have had at least one Mercedes on the podium... Just insane consistency.
  13. MGS5 being the pick of the Hideo-verse is kind of a weird one. But I guess it was the most popular one in terms of sales and how much people 'know' about it. But I feel in terms of game, Snake Eater is arguably the best one in it being the most enjoyable sneak game with the least aneurism inducing story... Also, had hoped that any of the Hitman or Splinter Cell games would've gotten some love, because they together with MGS built an entire genre out of not getting into conflict and finding ways around it. Also no Fallout (3), the game(s) is/are janky and has/have always been, but despite all of Bethesda's attempts to cut off their own legs through incompetence it's a huge franchise and built up interest in post-apocalyptic anything before Zombie games became such an overused thing.
  14. Definitely agree that there's an absolute lack of (non britrock) rock albums on the list. The usual stuff like Song for the Dead, ...Like Clockwork, American Idiot, Meteora, Hybrid Theory, Absolution, Toxicity, Wasting Light, and so forth. Also where the heck is Demon Days and/or Gorillaz? Hell, I'd have expected any of Rush of Blood, Viva la Vida, or Mylo Xyloto to be on the list.
  15. That's fair, I personally am still waiting on a price drop. But it seems like an interesting enough title, although probably a bit too expensive at fifty bucks. But I personally am kind of hungry for more action RPG's because I just want something to sink my teeth into, even if it has AA-title issues.
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