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  1. I think one thing they might do for Avengers 4 is just change things in such a way that provides a sort of 'clean slate' for new audiences to hop on. I also don't think Marvel would reboot anything, since it would royally piss off the fanbase who are partly watching the MCU because they don't deal in (giant) retcons or reboots whenever they run out of ideas. Characters will die, that's what I expect. And the world is going to be set in such a way that massive changes will happen, and Marvel will slot in new characters to lead. Like Tristy said, Marvel is clearly committed to building a lasting universe without cheap tactics to put a new face on an old character. But I also feel that Downey Jr. as a whole is still their biggest name in terms of drawing power. I know multiple older people who watch the films for his presence and acting, and show little to no interest in the deeper intricacies of other characters. I think when he leaves, he will cause a chunk of more casual watches to hop off too. It won't kill the MCU in the slightest, but replacing such a name is going to be very hard because their 'homegrown talent' aren't really known to a casual crowd. Wrestling analogies apply very well. Casual watchers aren't really wowed by names such as Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, or Tom Holland.
  2. Which ones classify as these? Because I think I like most of them. I'd say the only one I don't 'like' would be Riri, but that's all to do with the way Marvel debuted her and shot her into relevancy, as opposed to how they've written her which has been quite good all things considered.
  3. People have been saying it for many years, but the fatigue hasn't set in yet. Although I personally do feel a shift in 'hype' towards new films after Civil War came out. Maybe it's just personal feelings, but I just think that Civil War reached a crescendo in terms of storytelling and action that hasn't really been 'right' yet until then. Even stuff like Winter Soldier and Avengers has some flaws in that regard, but Civil War pretty much was the epitome of what they could've made. Of course, with all the content coming out regarding Thor, and Black Panther, and of course Avengers Infinity War, they still manage to properly grab my interest because they're generally just good stuff to watch. I have personally always felt that if the bubble is to burst, it won't be for a good couple of years. But with rumours of RDJr and Chris Evans looking to 'retire' from starring in the MCU, I'd say the best moment to expect a dip in interest is when that happens, because from the start those two actors (and their respective characters) have really championed Marvel's universe. They've been building up other characters to take the reigns if they leave, but I think it will still be hard to really replace Evans and Downey in terms of how much they're able to draw. And you'd also think that sooner rather than later the shared universe reaches a spot where new audiences will avoid watching things because catching up is a massive chore, and there have been 10+ feature length films.
  4. Tl;dr - 'Fox' can only make a good film when the only input they have is the bag of money to make the film happen. Let's not be mistaken here, Deadpool only happened because of the 'leaked' content, and Reynolds & co. being handed the keys to the castle by FOX to make what they had to make, and also be allowed an R-Rated film rather than be forced to appease to FOX's PG-13 mentality. With Deadpool success, it allowed Mangold/Jackman to push for that same creative control and R-Rating for the filming of Logan. And the rest is history. As a whole, FOX bungles their franchises because they're meddling too much in the product and are too busy pushing certain visions rather than letting the actors, directors, and producers in doing their work. Spiderman was a success because of the deal they struck with Marvel, and creatively letting go of the franchise and letting the professionals do their work rather than micro-manage everything. And it has come out as a great film, hopefully Sony opens their eyes at seeing how it should go, and doesn't revert back into their former state of trying to meddle again.
  5. Well it's ran by Gene Haas, and he's made clear coming into their first season that they're not going to be flipping every dime. But at the same time they have nowhere the budgets of the factory teams, nor Red Bull/McLaren. At the same time, Haas started out in a very strong position because Haas got his entire automation company behind him, which provides the team with their own factories to create cars and other parts for both the F1 cars and the Nascar team. As such they've been able to keep a lot of things in-house where other new teams have to toss their money at external suppliers for such things. Also, Gene Haas and Haas F1 used a loophole in the 2015 season where they struck a deal with Ferrari for engines (B-Spec in 2016, A-Spec 2017 and beyond) where they also got granted extensive wind tunnel and technological assistance from Ferrari. Since Haas wasn't an official team yet, they didn't have the restrictions as the other F1 teams. So they had free reign to test designs and the engine they were going to be using. Ferrari themselves got the advantage out of it that Haas passed on all that data gained, which in turn is probably one part of Ferrari's jump back to contendership. So Haas has come in with a significant advantage, both in knowledge and in resources. But their budget in 2016 (90 million dollars) only surpassed Manor and Sauber respectively. It is expected they have the same budget for this year, since F1's prize-payments are only paid after 2 years. They seem to have great amounts of growth in the past two seasons, and with them having an A-Spec Ferrari engine this year they also have the same power of the red. The relationship between Ferrari/Haas hasn't really extended though, and other than them babysitting Gutierrez for a season they have firmly chosen their own two drivers for this season and next season. And with Haas F1 being subject to the same testing restrictions as the other teams now, there's less to gain in a sattelite partnership, and Gene Haas is too ambitious to have his team be controlled by anyone other than him. Additionally, Ferrari doesn't put a great deal of stock in growing talent, since they have the financial capital and the prestige to attract anyone they want to. There's also rumour that if Ford/Cosworth makes a return to F1, Haas might be the go-to destination for a partnership. Due to the team's intimate knowledge of Ferrari's engine, and of course the American connection. And Haas would be a good choice to be a pseudo-factory team due to the in-house resources/facilities the team has at their disposal.
  6. Good move on Haas' part, Grosjean is one of few top tier drivers not driving a top tier car. (Grosjean, Alonso, Perez, Hulkenberg) and keeping him locked down will get them a guy that can continue to grab good points going into the future. Also him staying on means that Gro thinks/feels Haas has a good plan for the coming few years in terms of becoming better. K-Mag has been unassuming, but he's been consistent and has been able to grab points for the team when the opportunities presented itself. And he's not been a liability on track, with his retirements coming from reliability rather than driver error. As a whole, if they can make a leap I can easily see Haas compete against Williams for the #5 spot next season, heck even this year really. For a team that debuted a year ago from humble beginnings, they have quickly engineered themselves into a great position on the grid. Right now all they're doing is exceeding expectations with every point they pick up.
  7. Worst part of secret empire isn't secret empire per say, because i'll read that shit anyways because I'm reading every single main line comic they're bringing out in my masochistic quest to read it all. But the fact that a shitload of the things I read (and thoroughly enjoyed) are now effectively on a hold for me because they're part of the Secret Empire stuff. I don't want to start reading it, because once it is done in September I want to read it completely (all 500 or so issues, prolly) with a 'perfect' reading order. But until then, many comics are just sitting there in my list taunting me because I can't read them for the next 2-3 months. >_> I had the idea of reading the new X-Men stuff, but found out that they also jump into SE after a few issues, so blergh.
  8. Second trailer of Inhumans out. Looks a bit better, naturally overusing an already overused song. It's interesting, Iwan Rheon plays Iwan Rheon, some interesting bits in the trailer that fills me with hope, then they managed to make Medusa's utter trash hair look even worse when the CGI kicks in. Basically, taking out Medusa entirely and the series looks like it has some legs, although it still looks like it's from the SyFy channel for the most parts.
  9. Pointless busiwork, really
  10. The issue with the thong halo is apparently that it creates a blind spot for drives right ahead of them. And I very much expect for head-tail crashes to become more prevalent during races because of it, especially during the starts of races when drivers are already massively bunched up and they need all the vision they can get.
  11. Meh, as has been said there's a really easy workaround to fix the fake names and fake players. So this changes nothing for me. I'd rather they you know, fix the shit transfer ai (sign a player to sell it for less 3 weeks later), or the shoddy newgen AI that ensures there will never be any inside forwards, sweeper keepers, or other 'different' type of positions other than the most basic ones in the game. Or any of the other craptonne of issues the game series has had for years now.
  12. Are there any previews of the Mavs? Because honestly those jerseys don't need changing at all despite them being ancient (by jersey definitions). I even like their alternate (dark blue + Dallas skyline) jersey a lot and want to see it more.
  13. I would agree wholeheartedly about more people going independent, if it wasn't being run by LaVar Ball, and they weren't trying to market 500 dollar shoes to inner city kids who can barely afford decent shoes in the first place. And the whole 'for the culture' just rubs me the wrong way because they're exploiting their own heritage. EDIT: Granted, I am a white Dutch 20-something from an upper lower-class upbringing, so I can't really judge or give a realistic opinion about this. And it's not a unique thing. Guys like Dikembe, Shaq, and Starbury have marketed cheap but solid shoes in the 90s and early 00s for those exact reasons, to stay independent and most importantly offer young (impressionable) kids with little money a brand they (rd. their parents) could actually afford. Again, I'd love if more big name stars started to go that same route, perhaps in cooperation with their big money sponsors, but to at least have some <50 bucks sneakers on the market, being championed by people who kids will want shoes from. Selling 500 dollar shoes, and flip flops that are more expensive than Armani's is just disgusting any way you cut it. It's marketing to privileged kids, or ones that'll pay themselves into debt so they can rep their favourite athlete.
  14. I loved Wenham because he was absolutely off the fucking charts. He went full insane Disney Villain meets Gary Busey, and he pulled it off without every flustering or breaking immersion. His insanity and just irredeemable dickery was one of the fun parts of otherwise dull plots.