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  1. The Anime Thread

    It wasn't really a legit bet Mai made anyways, she rigged the deck with perfumes so she could identify the cards Rex drew and played. Still a flimsy strategy logic wise, since you can't account for the randomness of a shuffled deck, but it's fiction for a reason in that regard. Also, Mai's entire character was about her using her overt promiscuity to distract her opponents so she could take advantage of mistakes they made. At the same time, Rex (and his mate Weevil) were portrayed as a bit sex obsessed (anime trope #12312). Basically just anime/manga delivering on expectations, really.
  2. Favorite TV Show themes

    Here's some zeitgeist from the early 00s
  3. General Television Thread

    This is because Blade Runner was based on 'Do androids dream of electric sheep'.
  4. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    I mean, Knicks got robbed blind right there. But at the same time I don't think this will help the Thunder on paper. Neither Melo or George are natural 4's, and they'll get bullied by any capable big if they even get close to the paint (on either side of the court). And whilst Enes Kanter (christ did he get done dirty, having tweeted his love for OKC 4 days ago!) isn't gonna score like Melo does, he did add more presence down low that could go outside (rather than an outside threat that can go inside). It's a bold strategy, and it's an extremely intriguing one for sure. But having three offensive stars that need a ball in their hand is a risky proposition, one that might backfire as they start cutting into each other's game more often than not. Of course, I could be completely wrong and they blitz into a top 4 spot in the West... But with the Rockets, Warriors, and even Spurs/Pels in there, it can get really tough. If the Pels got into the playoffs, and they were to line up against the Thunder, they'll have a very bad day against BC-AD and a motivated Rondo doing what he does best.
  5. NBA 2K18

    2KTV Episode 2 Answers 2K6 Any Lakers Any Bam Adebayo De'Aaron Fox Any
  6. Red Dead Redemption Part Deux

    inb4, 'and that's where they get you!'
  7. NBA 2K18

    From how much i've played already, I must agree with that statement. It's better to be a bit early and get a friendly bounce (or straight swish) than being even marginally late and seeing it ping off the rim in every imagineable way. My shooting has become quite a bit better, although there are still moments where I can brick open shot after open shot with good players. So it's a bit all over the place, but trying to be slightly early with a chance of a perfect shot has served me better than trying to be perfect with a chance of being late. Two things that also make a huge difference in hitting shots or not are hot/cold zones and appropriate badges. The zones make such a big difference, in Pack & Playoff I was bricking open corner threes with Jimmy Butler from a cold zone, and hitting moving contested shots from his hot zones. And the badges are also self-explanatory, if you got a corner three badge even at bronze, they'll spike your shooting percentage with that player up SIGNIFICANTLY. And right now in MyTeam i'm always looking for cheap badges like those. (Corner 3 tends to be cheaper than say limitless range), if I can get three Corner 3 badges, i'm certainly going to be investing heavily in a SG/SF like Korver/Redick for my Flow freelance (One of the default plays is a 2/3 screen to a 5 screen for the 2/3 screener into the corner) that gets open corner threes at an ungodly rate. At that point, I might just run through domination purely on those corner shooters alone.
  8. NBA 2K18

    You already got Gallinari right? Why go with another SF? Also, some animations are downright amazing. https://i.imgur.com/WB7a0dW.gifv
  9. NBA 2K18

    Depends, really. If I get a top 3 protected pick from Golden State, I'll just take it because odds are they won't tank the shit out of a season. If it's the Hawks pick tho, then i'd tell em to fuck off.
  10. NBA 2K18

    Just won my first pack and playoffs playoffs. All rounds, final round was a tricky one but with Giannis and 5-out I mustered myself past four teams to win the finals. You get like 4 picks for the pick-board for every finals win, so I cleared that one out and didn't get gold Scalabrine, but instead I got silver Tyler Johnson (thanks 2k >_>) Also you get a finals box of 5 3-card packs in which I got Gold Enes Kanter Gold George Hill (Already had him) Gold George Hill (...) Gold Khris Middleton (Also had him already) Gold Zach Randolph So a pretty bum draw overall, but hey, free cards so I used the surplus bronze contracts to top up Kyrie and put the three spares on the action house. (PM me if you want one for 500, Lars) (Although you can prolly find them for 500 already) If the pick lands in the lottery, the team gets their pick back and you get a compensation (a few shittier picks)
  11. NBA 2K18

    I got a new booster pack that came with my pre-order... And I pulled a sapphire... Kyrie Irving I couldn't put him on auctions either, so I had to sell him for 200 MT... >_>
  12. Favorite TV Show themes

    Talk about two intros that get me utterly hype every single time, these two are certainly it. Also Spiderman: TAS had that awesome Joe Perry guitar-laden intro that was pretty freaking cool in its own right. Also, F1 on BBC intro/theme is one of the best sports-programme openers ever, consistently until last season when they lost the rights.
  13. NBA 2K18

    Did some pack and playoffs yesterday, got as far as the finals. The conference finals had the craziest team of (Giannis, Butler, Parker, Boogie, Gobert), and that team despite having zero real shooting skill did ridiculous amounts of damage against anyone I came up across, even going as far as have a streak of 4 players that quit before halftime because I was walking away with wins. Giannis as a whole was a cheat code, especially when I put him at the PG with Butler at the 2 and running some freelance flow to get the 2/3 corner threes off the pick. Now just gotta get through the finals, with a less than perfect team, but hopefully I can make it and get my gold Scalabrine!
  14. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    I'm going to be following the Mavericks this year, I don't expect them to be contenders in any sort of way. But I feel that compared to last season the roster IS just a bit better than before, especially the talent of Dennis Smith Jr. (picked 9th overall) is exciting, as he has crazy athleticism and looks to be a future Westbrook-esque kind of offensive player. It's also the first lottery pick for the Mavs since Robert Traylor (traded for Dirk that same draft), and Dirk was also picked 9th overall, so surely that must mean good things! I think Dirk is still gonna be great, and with Barnes leading the team now he can further hopefully take less on his shoulders with Dennis Smith Jr. being a prospect his draft class proclaimed as 'the most likely to win ROTY'. So who knows what could happen, with a few good runs the Mavs can certainly find themselves near the 8th seed again.
  15. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2016!

    Someone hit me up with this, i'd love to jump in and flake out after 2 weeks of fantasy hoops!