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  1. The save anywhere mod is a must get that everyone but the most hardcore purists will appreciate
  2. Playing through Persona 5, and had my first tough boss fight in the second Palace (Madarame). A bit frustrating because it had multiple stages, one involving multiple targets that could revive one another and also had overlapping weakness/strengths that meant I couldn't use group spells to take em out. Also the boss had a nasty ability to make a party character weak to everything, and first time I got beat they just attritioned me into the ground until the pc ran out of mana for group heals. Second time it was a tad easier, mainly because I knew about the strength/weakness overlap, but I still feel like I got a little bit lucky with who the ai focused on. Also it feels pointless to have characters that have affliction spells, but they're useless when bosses are immune to any and all of them. Definitely enjoying P5 thus far, even if the game gives me an existential crisis every time I need to choose how to spend the in game free time and my min-max brain goes into overdrive. Whether I'll still enjoy the game at the end is another question too, because knowing P3, the game is sloggy as hell
  3. The game definitely holds up in that kind of pulpy culty Deadly Premonition type of game.
  4. I mean Ty Lue seems to already be the main choice for the job, so yeah, LeGM looking out for his boys.
  5. Well I clearly need to watch my words more carefully in the future 🤔 Anyways, saw Dirk's final homegame, and some definite onion cutting going on, glad he got to play his last home game at a high level and drop 30 points en route to a win, in addition to a Dodo/Powell Double-Double and a Luka Triple-Double. All that's left to say is holy shit Jamal, dropping 51 points as a 39 year old and becoming the oldest guy since Jordan to do that. Insane stuff, and thankfully the rest of the Suns made up for it in suckage to give Dirk a winning send-off. It's going to be really weird next year to not see #41 step onto the court
  6. I think Lebron joining the Lakers was mostly a slam dunk (pun intended) for the Lakers, and there wasn't much stopping Lebron from going to LA regardless of who was leading the front office. He had made clear his dream to be a Laker for years, and also his goal of being able to more easily tutor Lebron Jr. and train him into an NBA calibre prospect. So giving them praise for Lebron is somewhat fair, but at the same time, all they really had to do was draft a contract for him to sign, because he was going to join anyways. What they've done SINCE the Lebron trade shows their actual prowess. Getting Rondo was a good get, and trading away Brolo and Randle was a must to get Lebron. But Lance was a dud, McGee has been impressive due to being the team's only center, Beasley is a dud, Tyson Chandler is a dud on the court but at least a culture guy, although they didn't need one on a 1 year rent. Trading Svi for Bullock was decent, but Bullock has been a dud and will be gone in the summer. Then they completely went crazy and decided to trade away Beasley and Zubac, two average role players for arguably the worst center in the league... But I think their biggest mistakes aren't just the players they got, they are the players they didn't get. Because none of the players they got actually played to Lebron's strength or covered Lebron's nigh existant weaknesses. The fact Lebron is leading the team in three pointers made is indicative of how poor the Lakers are as an offensive unit, because they have zero flexibility, it's all players that need the ball in their hands in some capacity, and none other than Lebron are capable of creating points for themselves at any given time. Kuz and Ingram have been sutds, and JaVale has been a revelation. KCP also has provided plenty of spark on a team without much spark. Meanwhile Lonzo regressed, Rondo is Rondo, and the rest is a toss up of 'they're something' players. No real makeup, no real sense of an actual team being put there. They legit look like what would happen if you'd let NBA 2k AI pick a roster, all focus on overalls, but none on actual synergy. There were plenty of shooters available that could've filled holes that they created through signing 'rejects' like Lance Stephenson and Beasley or trading for a victory cigar like Muscala. But they didn't, and that's a display of a severe lack of actual direction in a front office that should be able to sign ANYONE at any time because they're the goddamn Los Angeles Lakers and anyone should want to play for Showtime if the call comes. People can point at Luke Walton's failings, but he doesn't sign contracts. He might've had a hand in picking people that would play for him, but ultimately it's the task of Buford and Magic to actually work their stuff, and they did a piss poor job of what might be one of the easiest teams in the NBA to sign players for. Edit: And before I forget, Magic couldn't even get it done even after breaking league rules MULTIPLE TIMES in regards to tampering and trying to recruit players in an unacceptable way. (Whether you agree with it or not)
  7. Honestly, on paper the Knicks is the worst destination in the league to sign your name to, and it has been for years now. They're just not good, both as a team and most importantly as a culture. Their owner seems to be pretty terrible also, which doesn't help. And then you got the Knicks fans who -despite all the punishment they suffered- still expect the team to compete for titles. They have some good youth, sure, but none of the pieces that they currently have are particularly can't miss players that elevates the team above mediocrity. If KD joins, it'll be a nice show for KD to show if he has the chops to carry a team like Bron has done in the past. If Jordan sticks around on top of that, and they can get another player like a Kyrie, they might have a good starting lineup, but the team ends there. What Lebron and the Lakers have proven is that just getting a big name (or two) and throwing a random assortment of rejects next to them does not a team make. They might make the Eastern playoffs, and go far there, but to actually have a chance of getting the ring you need years of smart careful building that creates not just a handful of superstars, but surrounds them with players that complement their weaknesses in ways that makes the bench a dangerous unit as much as the stars are. The Warriors did just that, before Boogie and KD joined they already had the building blocks in place and they've carefully replaced players that left in the years since their first title. KD and Boogie's presence have only made them more formidable, but they already were the team to beat before them. The Spurs, same with them, they've always had the culture that Popovich and Buford put down when scouting, drafting, and signing players that were more than just decent stat sheet stuffers, but players that had a mentality for winning above everything, team success over personal success. Even the Heat had a team in place when LeBron and Bosh got signed, they just got over the hump after faltering the first time around. So honestly, elongated rant aside. I think Lakers and Knicks are a toss up purely on what a player would want. Because this year has shown that the presence of Lebron doesn't guarantee everything if you can't get the right players next to him. And the Knicks, well the only way for them is up, but it will take as many years. The Lakers have a better base they're building on, but at this point Lebron's arrival and subsequent signing craziness have eroded that base heavily by trading away good talent for mediocre ones. tl;dr - No clue, but probably the Lakers over Knicks. But Knicks with a Durant probably guarantees playoffs more than the Lakers with Lebron. Edit: And here's the bold claim... Magic and Pelinka are hacks who can't even build a decent team purely on the Lakers prestige. Sure they might get AD at some point, but honest to god they've done nothing to get the Lakers out of mediocrity since Kobe retired.
  8. Also Kristaps allegedly sexually assaulted her, but afterwards treated him with love and care. On top of that she proceeded to send him sexually explicit text messages with offers for intercourse and got confused/offneded when he wasn't answering her advances. On top of that, she didn't want to go to the police because she's a Knicks fan and didn't want to get Kristaps in trouble, but I guess now that he's in Dallas it's different? Also, she wants from him around 68K (Her brothers tuition) and a pair of Jordan flip flops. I mean, all this does not disprove that Kristaps might have sexually assaulted her on that night, and doesn't disprove that he offered her hush money after the fact, but all this evidence sure as hell makes it a really weird case. And I honestly am not surprised that the Knicks FO AND the NBA legal team had no interest in humouring this situation and standing by Kristaps.
  9. ESPN with more news about the Porzingis situation It's an utterly confusing situation.
  10. Strange definitely suffers from Origin-itis, but its special effects and action scenes are an absolute trip, and half of the reason to watch it at least once.
  11. I might be biased, but this case just feels fishy and vague at best. Not saying Kristaps could've done it, but the specifics around it all seem dubious. And seeing Kristaps made a report about it in december, and over a year later it all comes out, I don't know what to think about it all. I'm awaiting the FBI probe, because I fully expect they'll get to the bottom of this. I know better than to believe one side or the other before all the facts are in.
  12. As far as Foo Fighters go, I enjoy them, but my enjoyment definitely has waned over the years because of the aformentioned lack of evolution in Grohl's output. They're a phenomenal festival artist, but they lack that material that warrants listening to it a lot on end. They lack a real next level song, most of their stuff is good, but not great, also not bad either. They just... are kind of there, and have definitely fallen off in past years. I can only name two songs from Sonic Highways (which I was shocked to find out is already 5 years old this year), and I can name no songs from Concrete and Gold (I had to wiki their discography just to know that album was a thing). Personally I prefer Queens of the Stone Age in terms of trying to go for different sounds with every album. And here's my hot take on them, ...Like Clockwork might be one of the best albums ever made, and for me it might be the best album this decade or even century. It is the only album i've ever listened to in which I have all (ten) songs on my playlist permanently, because they're all good if not great. But also, like with Grohl, Josh Homme is a guy that has a serious alcohol problem that needs to be addressed. And unlike Grohl, Homme has shown to have been a mean drunk on stage at times.
  13. Finally Dirk gets a chance to play a final game against a true legend of the game
  14. Honestly, Jimmer's legendary status in China is meme worthy, but he's a genuinely skilled shooter and has proved that in the past. His first stint in the NBA was awful, but maybe he's learned to put things together better in his time away from the league. I doubt it, but he has the same potential as a J.J. Redick or a Kyle Korver, if he's learned to actually be capable off the ball he might actually have a future in the league.
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