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  1. It really sucks that 250 people are losing their jobs, with some of them sticking around to finish off TWD before the company goes fully belly up afterwards to pay the debtors with whatever they'll earn. But on the one side, this is a niche company that had 250 people on the books, which is a ridiculous amount of staff for such a small studio that for all intents makes small games. On top of that they brought in some huge licenses that undoubtedly would've set them back for a lot of money, stuff like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Borderlands, and even Minecraft are all major names that they wouldn't just have been given to play with for free. This was a company that before TWD:S1 produced one or maybe two titles a year, niche games like Sam & Max or Puzzle Agent, or even older lapsed IP's like BTTF, Jurassic Park or even Law and Order... When TWD exploded and they reached universal acclaim, they kinda started punching below their weight class, hiring too many employees, taking on too many simultaneous projects, and they eventually just saturated their own market with niche titles that they kinda had a monopoly on (other than say, Life is Strange). The games were good but the stories tended to be safe, choices didn't matter that much in the end, and after a while the novelty started to wear off because you could kinda read things that were going to happen, or at least, predict certain paths. Between 16/17 they had 7 projects running, including Minecraft 1+2, Two series of Walking Dead, Batman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. That's a shitload of episodic content to dump on your fanbase, they got sold plenty, sure, but is that enough to pay 250 employees year-round as you continue to pay for other licenses like Stranger Things, or even some other Marvel things they allegedly had in the pipeline. On top of that, continued criticism got put on those repetitive and predictable stories, and their continuing non-desire to push the needle and innovate with their games. Even in 2012 the TellTale engine was showing cracks (It's been in use in one form or the other since 2005, when it was also a bit of a shambling mess) and they just continued adding stuff to it, sprucing it up here and there, but never working on fixing it or replacing it with something that would be easier to work with, and that would make their games more interested for people that didn't want very basic cell-shaded artstyle. Their later titles made it a bit better looking, but it's still pretty barebones for something you're paying 20-25 bucks for about 10 hours of entertainment for. It's a bit of a tragedy that this company is falling/has fallen, because they produced something unique for the market. But on the other hand, they got too big for their britches, they started flying too close to the sun, and they burned off their own wings by saturating their niche market. It sucks for the people involved, but as far as running a healthy company goes, TellTale is a new example of how not to run one...
  2. Reed Richards is an awful human being arguably by design. The worlds smartest scientist, a man who has proven time and time again that he can invent pretty much everything whether it's ultra mundane (a wooden gun that sends Dr. Doom into a self-doubt psychosis) or literal time machines that mess with the time streams itself. But for all his genius, he doesn't invent ways to end world hunger, disease, and stop all the other bad things going in the world. Because that would break continuity, and status quo is king. But yeah, his genius is pretty much what makes him an awful person because there's all this potential and he never does anything with it for whatever reason. He's a catch 22 character, he can fix everything and break everything by doing it, or he can do nothing and gleefully watch or do just the bare minimum whilst the world burns. Ultimately, that means Reed Richards is in fact a sociopath by design. At least the Ultimate Universe played with that and just made him an evil son of a bitch.
  3. Don't tease me like this Def Jam
  4. I still need to watch Luke Cage and Iron Fist, i've been very lazy with my TV watching lately.
  5. Tom Thibodeau is really a massive turd, and he should've been fired because he's just a master at turning a team against him or burning them up ala the Bulls. Well, the team was becoming the TimberBulls anyways with the mind-boggling addition of Luol Deng. Seriously, the T-Wolves have a good core of players, but they're led by a complete dumbass Head Coach who is decent at best, dangerously incompetent at worst. All five starters of the T-Wolves last season ran over 33 minutes a game, that's nice if the players survive the torture and Wiggins/KAT/Taj seemed to be able to, but Butler missed a chunk of games and Teague did too. Also Thibs is known for his alleged defensive mastermind, the team was still 27th in defensive rating. Now there three main stars are angry and want to leave the team, which really means that the front office is completely intolerable to work with from a player point of view. And the worst part is, Timberwolves fans are now going from a bright-ish future to a bleak one after so many years of suffering and 'process-ing'. Axe Thibs, purge the front office. Because no team should be capable of ruining their franchise this ridiculously.
  6. Reverse image search says "Spider-Verse Team-Up #2"
  7. Simply put, those four tracks you mentioned all lack true speed, with Melbourne maybe the least offensive one of the four, but none of them really give 'easy' overtaking spots. Which is a fast straight followed up by a (rd. one(!) slow corner, ex. Baku T1, Canada T13/T14, Spa T7, Monza T1, etc. Monaco literally has no space to do anything without risking a crash, Singapore is too twisty but does have some decent corners, Melbourne doesn't have enough in the way of slow corners and is too quick. Valencia is just a hot mess of a track. Baku on the other hand has T1 and T3, both tight corners that are preceded by fast straights allowing a car to have a significant tow and try a lunge up the inside into the corner. It's one of the problems with some of the Tilkedrome's, they are super technical tracks, but that makes following harder (dirty air is a killer) and it doesn't really provide clean overtaking spots unless the guy in front makes a mistake, which in F1 happens rarely. And ultimately, the quality gap is too large in F1. There's a top 4 in Rari/Merc, a 5-6 in Red Bull, and then there's everyone else lagging behind. It compounds the inability to have close racing. I'm not sure if Kvyat getting a third chance in a car will provide any new insights in his ability, he's had a few good results in the Red Bull and got deposed too quickly (although Max has firmly made that decision worthwhile for Red Bull anyways), and ever since his demotion his performances in the STR have been dissapointing compared to Carlos Sainz. Whereas the latter has been dissapointing compared to Nico Hülkenberg. It's weird to give up on a 24 year old going onto 25 next season, but I feel in a choice between Stoffel and him, I feel Stoffel still has things to prove and show that he isn't able to show in the McLaren where he's matched up against a man who is still a top 3 driver and can put the McLaren in places no other driver can. A guy that also has a car designed for him, whereas Stoffel is pretty firmly a #2 driver and will be out of a seat next year. But Pascal Wehrlein on the other hand, I don't rate him at all. He's the second worst Mercedes driver (in a Merc dominated DTM) after Daniel Juncadella, and he's just not particularly impressive as a racing driver. He was better than Marcus Ericsson in his one year at Sauber, in a shitbox of a car, but not by much, and if you see how Leclerc has fared against the same driver, I don't feel Pascal is this amazing racing driver. I don't know what i'm talking about anymore right now, but neither Wehrlein or Kvyat really feel like awe inspiring youngsters, but I can't blame Marko and co. taking a gamble on Wehrlein now that he's no longer Merc affiliated... But Kvyat, meh. I'd sooner see Jean-Eric Vergne get the seat over him.
  8. Yeah, really weird strategy call from Ferrari to put Vettel on the Ultra's as the undercut, and throwing him into tough traffic for a bunch of those laps too. I guess they were trying to get Vettel onto a fast tyre and hopefully jump Hamilton, but it would also have assumed Vettel would've had a good end of the race on those Ultra's as most of the grid went to softs instead. Ferrari just seems to be pretty appalling on strategy in the past x years, every time they seem to have an advantage they manage to throw it away by some unneccesarily risky strategy call.
  9. I completely forgot that part. Yeah, that was utterly stupid. As a whole I'm always blasé about using sex as character establishing, often it doesn't add anything other than tittilation. And unless the character in question's job is to have sex, what does it establish other than "Yes, this is a person that indeed has sex, but we don't know whether that's often or not because we don't know this character beyond them having sex"
  10. I tried to get into that, because I like Martin Freeman and everything he does... But it just did nothing for me as a show, and after two episodes I just had no connection to the characters or the story they were trying to tell. It just felt lacking, despite decent production values and a decent-ish premise.
  11. Fuck I hope so, that'd be the only positive thing about Kimi taking a step back rather than stepping out. Don't get me wrong, I love Kimi, and all success to him to go back to the team that brought him into F1, but I don't really see what this adds. But hopefully Kimi brings more than just a desire to keep racing cars for longer and does his best to use his experience to elevate the team into the ever-crowding best-of-the-rest race. Ericsson, it's ridiculous that he's a five year veteran of F1 at this point with only 9 point scoring finishes in 90 starts. People have a row at Stroll being all Daddy's money, but Ericsson truly is the worst driver on the grid and consistently so. Ericsson got his best results four years ago in his first race for Sauber, an 8th place, and well, i'd rather see his place filled up by someone with a possible future, like Giovinazzi, or someone else entirely. As far as Leclerc going to Ferrari goes, I'm not sure to be honest. He's got really good results this year in a car that shouldn't be getting those, and he's had a dominant juniors career leading up to F1 too. But he's only 20, and he'll be by far the youngest ever Ferrari driver. And Ferrari is notoriously focused on a clear #1/#2 system where drivers have been punished harshly in the past for not abiding by that system. And as long Seb is in that car, LeClerc won't become a #1 driver any time soon. It might mean nothing, but at the same time this can crush a driver because they're stuck just painting by numbers. And I would've rather seen him drive in a less restrictive setting for longer. But hey, it's a different era of F1 racing and even Ferrari has bought into the youth movement now, perhaps in 10 years LeClerc is a multi time WDC in his own right.
  12. My brother is into actiony mil-stuff, actiony spy-stuff, and all the other hoo-hah actiony stuff. And he got through it in a day, which for him is a glowing reccomendation of awesome. So i'll probably watch it at some point in the next 24 months as I try to get through my ungodly backlog of TV Shows.
  13. Yep, started for Sauber in 2001 before following up Mika at McLaren in 2002
  14. He could be a huge dark horse for a Toro Rosso seat, but honestly i'd personally rather see him take a step up to GP2 and get his time in cars on that level. There will be a few good spots open there, and despite other drivers in the past few years having made an earlier jump, I'd still like to see a kid like Mick not getting pushed into F1 too soon and wilting even harder. His first year struggles in F3 were good for him, both on a learning level but mostly on getting eyes off of him and lowering people's expectations. But you can be sure that after this weekend he's back on the map and people are going to be expecting the world from him again. And besides, I also feel that the ladder should be more of a ladder and the GP2 level needs to become one of serious competition for it to have any use. If F3 success is a barometer for a F1 seat, then GP2 really has little to add to motorsport other than just another superfluous racing competition. And beyond Ticktum, the Estonians, and Mick the F3 level isn't particularly deep as far as talent is concerned. If Mick somehow finds his way into Red Bull in the next amount of years, and we'd get Schumacher/Verstappen 2.0, I'll be holding my Dutch heart.

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