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  1. 1. Hulk [15 points] 2. Wolverine [9 points] 3. Deadpool [8 points] 4. Spider Man [7 points] 5. Iron Man [6 points] 6. Magneto [5 points] 7. Venom [4 points] 8. Carnage [3 points] 9. Batman [2 points] 10. Thanos [1 point]
  2. i'm trying to get the real world updated into my TEW 2005 game but it never shows up. I check in the editor to see if the real world data is there nothing. I even have copied the files into the default folder but it stills shows the cornellverse data. Basically no matter what I do I cant seem to get the real world data to show up in my game. EDIT: Nevermind, I just realized I wasn't running it as Admin.
  3. Prediction for Capone vs James. They have done something similar with Mafia vs Yakuza except this time it's "modern" weapons vs 1800's weapons. A tommy gun gets the vote over a lever cocking rifle or 6 shooter 10/10 times imo.
  4. my ex has had my FFIX game for the past 2 years and lost it
  5. Pound for Pound Fedor Emelianenko Quinton Jackson Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Anderson Silva Geroges St. Pierre Miguel Torres Takanori Gomi Jon Fitch Urijah Faber Matt Hughes Super Heavyweight Mark Hunt Eric Pele Neil Grove Rex Richards Rob Broughton Bob Sapp Dan Bobish Jan Nortje Jimmy Ambriz Eric Esch Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Randy Couture Tim Sylvia Josh Barnett Andrei Arlovski Fabricio Werdum Gabriel Gonzaga Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic Sergei Kharitonov Light Heavyweight Quinton Jackson Keith Jardine Forrest Griffin Chuck Liddell Lyoto Machida Wanderlei Silva Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Rashad Evans Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Middleweight Anderson Silva Rich Franklin Matt Lindland Dan Henderson Nate Marquardt Yushin Okami Robbie Lawler Paulo Filho Gegard Mousasi Frank Trigg Welterweight Georges St. Pierre Jon Fitch Matt Hughes Josh Koscheck Diego Sanchez Thiago Alves Matt Serra Karo Parisyan Jake Shields Carlos Condit Lightweight Takanori Gomi BJ Penn Shinya Aoki Gesias Calvancante Mitsuhiro Ishida Gilbert Melendez Tatsuya Kawajiri Sean Sherk Vitor Ribeiro Joe Stevenson Featherweight Urijah Faber Takeshi Inoue Jeff Curran Akitoshi Tamura Masakazu Imanari Leonard Garcia Hideki Kadowaki Antonio Carvalho Hiroyuki Takaya Hatsu Hioki Bantamweight Miguel Torres Masakatsu Ueda Koetsu Okazaki Atsushi Yamamoto Marcos Galvao Daniel Lima Chase Beebe Manny Tapia Takeya Mizugaki Yoshiro Maeda Women Pound for pound Megmumi Fujii Tara LaRosa Gina Carano Shayna Baszler Julie Kedzie Laura D'Auguste Roxanne Modafferi Sarah Kaufman Kaitlin Young Ginele Marquez Featherweight Gina Carano Bantamweight Tara LaRosa Shayna Baszler Julie Kedzie Laura D'Auguste Roxanne Modafferi Sarah Kaufman Kaitlin Young Ginele Marquez Tonya Evinger Flyweight Megmumi Fujii
  6. I was gonna say you could try adding in street fighter...it was a movie as well, a crappy one, but it has tons of characters and could be a stand alone fed rival with marvel comics(Marvel vs Capcom in the EWR world).
  7. I got the RRoD last night..I was devastated because I was hyped about GTA4..so now i'm waiting on MS to send me my box.
  8. on MMA Playground I went 8-2. lost on Kongo vs Herring and Cummo vs Fioravanti Main Event didn't dissapoint but it didn't end how I had predicted it to
  9. How long have you watched MMA: About 8 years How often do you watch it: Whenever I get the chance What interested you in the sport intially (an aspect of it, a fight, a fighter, etc): The sheer craziness of the sport What MMA promotions you watch/have watched: PRIDE, UFC, K-1, Pancrase(Not sure if it would count), Strikeforce, WEC, IFL First fight and/or event viewed (that you can remember): Last fight and/or event viewed: Last UFC Fight Night Favorite fighter (that you support or just enjoy watching): Anderson Silva, Mirko "Cro Cop" Flipovic, Fedor, Takanori Gomi, Sean Sherk, Quinton Jackson Least favorite fighter: Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Tank Abbott(current version), Alexander Otsuka Favorite fight: Too many to name Favorite event: Most Pride events Favorite knockout: Any of Cro Cop's nasty roundhouse kicks Favorite submission: Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan (Chonan makes Silva tap out with a flying scissors heel hook out of nowhere) #1 Pound for Pound Fighter based on wins (in your opinion): Fedor #1 Pound for Pound fighter based on skill: Anderson Silva Most overrated fighter: Chuck Liddell Most underrated fighter:
  10. Disclaimer: My opinion lol Ok, for 1 I respect Chuck's KO power and his striking prowess. now with that aside I personally am not a Chuck Liddell fan. For one I have followed Pride and UFC for a long time and I know that there are numerous people out there Eons better then Chuck would ever be. Now here is the problem, all of these new MMA fans automatically turn to Chuck. All I hear is everyone talking about Chuck this and Chuck that, sure he's a good striker but he is almost past his prime. But for all of these recent MMA fans it seems as if Chuck can do no wrong, I guess that is a little bit of the reason that I am turned away from him, basically because he is an Overhyped counter puncher who doesn't really have a technique. Jackson vs Liddell 1 and 2 was enough for me to realize that one of Chuck's weaknesses is his lack of aggression at times. Also recently he has been a bit boring to watch as he has lost 2 of his last 3 with 1 loss by TKO and 1 by Decision. His win also came by decision, BUT hopefully his fight with Shogun will prove that he still has some of the KO power of the 2006 Chuck
  11. A quick rundown for you DMN about the two. Hendo as you know is a world class wrestler who can control almost anyone if the fight is taken to the mat, unfortunately he usually isn't the guy you would watch if you want to see a fight finish. He has an iron chin with decent striking but obviously his trump card is his wrestling ability. Silva is a Muay Thai/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter who like to trade. His strikes are very accurate and his clinch is one of the best, especially his knees. For an example watch both of his fights with Rich Franklin. He has gotten his BJJ black belt from the Nogueira brothers who are both excellent on the ground so Silva can hold his own if it were to go to the ground. His submissions are decent as well but Hendo has a good Submission Defense. On top of that Hendo hasn't been KOd and Silva has won mostof his matches by TKO/KO...This actually seems like a pretty even fight.
  12. I agree with 99% of your post..well, basically all of it lol. One thing people fail to remember is how Silva was tapped out with a flying scissor heel hook compliments of Ryo Chonan. but then again Hendo isn't a submission specialist. On MMA Playground this was a hard fight to predict as it could go to a decision or end in TKO..tough call.
  13. Truely a test for Silva. But i say Silva will win. out of hendo's last 6 fights, he is 4-2. He lost 2 by Decision. He won 3 by decision and 1 by TKO over Wandy by punches. Silva's last 6 fights he is 6-0. 5 matches ending by TKO or KO and 1 by submission(which was caused due to a flurry of elbows so it would have been a KO if his opponant wouldn't have tapped due to the strikes). If Silva can keep it standing he can use his lanky frame to keep Hendo at a distance and hopefully once Hendo goes for a shoot Silva will catch him with a knee or get him in the clinch. Even if it goes to the ground Silva is a Black belt in BJJ getting his belt from the Nogueira brothers. If Hendo were to win it would be by decision due to him being able to keep Silva grounded and under control for the whole fight. But Even though Hendo has the iron jaw the accuracy of Silva's punches will give Hendo reason enough to take it to the ground.
  14. He didn't get beat easily either, He had Mir hurt but got himself caught, that could happen to any fighter(See Anderson Silva get tapped out by a flying scissors heel hook). It wasn't easy for Mir, ask his forehead if the fight was easy
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