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  1. Im desperate to run a British game but the British scene in all the updates seems non existent. And that isnt the case considering 2012 has been a huge year for the UK. Names like Noam Dar, El Ligero, Lionheart, Andy Wilde and Rockstar Spud have had classic outings with Imports like AJ Styles, Akira Tozawa, John Morrison and Chris Masters but yet in the game appear generic. Companies like Preston City Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Elite are totally left out the game and have had extremely successful years. Scotland's own Insane Championship Wrestling even secured a TV deal for a short time on SKY. The indy scene is booming with talent yet in most updates the UK is neglected and i want to change that. I aint the best at editing but Im looking for folk to get involved and pull for a decent British scene to emerge in these games. What better time to try and establish a ground than with the release of TEW13. Hows up for this?
  2. Title pretty much says what im after... Im looking for a Mod set in 2008 (preferably the later part of 2008) that will work on either TEW 2005 or TEW 2010. I can't find one anywhere which makes me believe there is none but i thought i better ask before i gave up
  3. Hey was just wondering if there was any 2010 Mods for TEW10. Im mainly looking for one that is closer to the end of the year but im struggling to find any from 2010. Help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Is there any run up to Money In the Bank storylines??
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