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  1. Thanks for the Beginners Update. I lost all the EWR stuff and haven't any pics or logos.
  2. Change Damian 666 to non-wrestler. He retired after his match in the Perros Del Mal vs XPW show in Tultitlan last saturday
  3. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Drago (AAA) (x2)
  4. Create A Worker!

    Personal Details Full Name: Adrian Xtreme Short Name: Xtreme Gender: Male Birth Month: December Age: 18 Weight: Lightweight *A quick description of the worker* Bio: A Spanish guy that after train in Barcelona and wrestle in some shows of SWA Spain now tries luck in America Employment Details Disposition: Heel/Face Gimmick: Daredevil Worker Statistics Brawling: 80 Speed: 80 Technical: 50 Stiffness: 35 Selling: 90 Charisma: 70 Select any amount from the following: High Spots, Shooting Ability Other Details Speaks: Yes/No Nationality: European *State whether finishers are Top Rope, Impact, Submission etc.* Primary Finisher: Xtreme Slam (Impact) Secondary Finisher: Dragon Sleeper (Submission)
  5. Up Brain Damage age to 33. He born on December 14, 1977
  6. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Can I get this on kyky please? Thanks in advance
  7. Electroshock should be renamed to Electroshock HDL (Alta Definición Luchística)
  8. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Thanks Jess
  9. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Can I get this on Kyky please? And Halloween (the guy in the left) on Kyky to? Thanks in advance.
  10. Wrestler Picture Requests

    I think this was skipped over. No rush, but I didn't want it to be forgotten. It wasn't missed... the link doesn't work... You can't hotlink Luchawiki pics. I think the picture he want is these.
  11. I will test it, AAW is the promotion that probably would be my favourite if it were a real promotion
  12. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Yoshi Tatsu
  13. Wrestler Picture Requests

    L.A. Par-K