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  1. I'm a fan of the New York Dolls. I have their original 2 albums in my playlist and 2 more since their return. Not the same but still mostly enjoyable. I'm by no means a fan of the sweet but I like that song.
  2. I prefer Velvet Underground although I don't dislike the way he sings in his solo work. Also, while walk on the wild side is definitely his most famous single on Transformer, I would have been happier if they had picked Vicious. Not surprised with the choice though.
  3. I like old Elvis. This Elvis is just not for me. I really need us to get to 1974 soon. I've decided I'll also listen to all of these songs. It's a nice challenge and I don't mind listening to things I wouldn't normally listen to, but still, what a decade (for my tastes).
  4. After many, many years of not caring about the Stones at all, I once decided to try and look into their discography and see if there were some songs I liked. I've heard a few songs from every album and noticed I actually liked some of them. At the time, Exile on Main St was one of the albums that passed the test. One of the songs I liked was this one. Rocks Off and Rip This Joint were also cool. Simple but cool. I enjoyed them. Since then, I grew out of that sense of curiosity that made me investigate the Rolling Stones music and I haven't listened to them in a while. I still like the song, though. Big Star is different. While also something I can't say I've enjoyed my whole life, at some point, already in my 30s, I started liking the style and still listen to them on occasion. I really like their first two albums. Thirteen, though, is probably the song I like the least out of them all. I just find it boring. Perhaps because I already knew it before I even listened to anything remotely similar to this and found it boring back then?
  5. Ballack was also runner up in the world cup in 2002! What a year.
  6. Despite the emoshiftycon I think they easily qualify. They won 2 European cups before the 'curse' started. Since then 5 finals, all ending with the same result. Plus 3 UEFA Cup/Europa League finals. Same outcome. Juventus have also lost 5 champions leagues since they last won it.
  7. In my case stables are promotions. I don't have them split in factions because I like to use the randomness of it all to build up my own storylines. If we're talking WWF Golden Era or New Gen, I obviously know who they are because those characters are hard to miss, but when we're talking 50s wrestling everyone looks very similar in fire pro. I had a huge mod that suddenly stopped working. I could try getting it to work again after installing a new DLC but I already have the NJPW, Stardom and fire promoter DLC's and I don't know if there's anything else worth getting.
  8. Is there a way to "announce" run-ins? I get run-ins from people I don't know all the time.
  9. Come on. Bergkamp wasn't an out and out striker. You can't just rate him based on how many goals he scored. He played behind the strikers for Inter before going to Arsenal where he did play up front but his role wasn't the same as Shearer. Rather similar to the one he played in Italy. You can't expect to squeeze orange juice out of a mango. I'm definitely biased because he would definitely be my number 1 all time in the Premier. I won't deny it. Still, while he may not have been the best player in the premier league era he was definitely one of the best. Some people may rate him too highly (I'll admit I may be one of those people) but you definitely rate him too low. Bergkamp's touch can't be compared to Suarez either. Suarez was intense and that's a good goal (I checked it again. I didn't remember it) but Bergkamp's touch was something else.
  10. I don't remember all of those. I'll have to check them out. Bergkamp's would also be my number 1 pick, although Le Tissier's goal is great and would be my personal number 2. I only remember those 2, Di Canio's, Henry, Rooney, Kompany, Giggs and Yeboah. None of those comes close to the top 2 in my book. Shearer's list is much closer to what mine would be than Wright's. At least they didn't just rearrange the same list as they've done previously. Also, people seem to score lots of great goals against Newcastle!
  11. I admit this is an odd reason to say this but I thought the Moody Blues Nights in White Satin was going to be in this. My dad filmed me when I was 3 riding a trycicle in our old home. The background song was that one. Whenever I hear it I get sad and nostalgic. It would be in my 1001 songs list but I guess the writer never saw that video. I'll let it pass this time.
  12. There's very good stuff in there if you like the style. I'd skip the gospel stuff but that's me. Obviously most people know his hits from his first albums but there's good stuff in the late 60s/early 70s. A little bit more soul, but good stuff.
  13. The rules have changed of course and I don't mean to say people don't know who they're voting for, but the fact is they don't "need" to. Also, I'm assuming you disagree but I won't comment on those ballots, sorry. I wouldn't risk naming the top 5 players in the world right now because I definitely don't watch enough football anymore, so I'm just assuming you meant national team managers have better selections than sports writers. I won't comment on the last couple of years but if we're taking into account the whole premier league era, I feel it's fair. I don't mean there's a huge difference or anything. I don't mean one's perfect and the other's garbage, I just feel it's fair to pick that one considering its history and rules.
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