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  1. 50 for Lillard and the Thunder are out!
  2. Remembered your post as I was watching it. Columbus wins their first playoff series ever. They haven't been around for long but still.
  3. Cool 31 point comeback by the Clippers. Won't mean much for the series but still. Good for them.
  4. Devin Booker scored 59 points yesterday. Second most points by a Sun yesterday: 9.
  5. They're great live. Have fun.
  6. So does Jordan Crawford (he actually had a 42 ppg season) and a few others. C'mon, you're well aware I meant at NBA level. I meant he needs to show more there. Not in the Chinese league. If you're a decent/good American player playing NBA starter minutes in a league where there's a 2 non-asian player limit per team you'll get great stats. Most of them do.
  7. Granted I haven't seen anything from him since he left the NBA but his positioning was awful. Both ends of the floor. I don't doubt he's still got great range but you just have to do a little bit more. Anything.
  8. People are still willing to give Jimmer 2 year contracts in the NBA.
  9. I know you wrote this a month ago but I kinda envy people who are able to do this. My girlfriend is a light sleeper. I go to bed early because if I go when she's already asleep, she'll wake up, so I can't, and I'd never be allowed to turn on the light to read anyway. I still read everyday though. Spending over 2 hours a day n your daily commute gives you plenty of time to read.
  10. Isiah Thomas and Diego Maradona were both at the top of their careers when I was about 6 and being a very short kid myself I liked how they were still able to dominate most games they played. Well Isiah was short for a basketball player anyway. Maradona was just short. Also, in both cases a lot of people around me preferred others and looked down on them which as a little kid I couldn't comprehend and made me like them more. I'd say I started playing both sports because of them. The argument above also works in other sports. I'm not a big F1 fan. In fact I don't remember the last race I watched, but as a kid I did watch plenty and I became a fan of Alain Prost just because everyone around me seemed to hate him and love Ayrton Senna instead. Later on I became a big fan of Jaromir Jagr (hockey) and Pedro Martínez (baseball). Nowadays I see sports in a different way. I don't really have any idols in sports anymore so regardless of what happens I don't think I'll ever like any other players the way I liked those 4 growing up.
  11. The Mavs traded everyone on their starting 5 but Doncic.
  12. I just went back to older FM versions. This is turning out to be the easiest version of FM I played since 2012 and I'm getting bored. I'd play again if I found a decent challenge in Europe. I may try it again in the future. At the moment after only 3 seasons I don't even feel like playing anymore. I'm not even putting much effort into it and I'm still winning.
  13. Players are booked (although obviously not always) not for being wrong but for challenging the referees decisions. He's the authority there. Obviously if the game's laws were followed 100% no match would end 11vs11. Each team's captain has the right to clarify some things up with the ref (in a polite way). If dissent rules were actually enforced we'd have so many players sent off it wouldn't even be funny but the truth is, the referee is right when he books them and wrong when he decides to look the other way and pretend nothing's happening. Maybe the rule could be tweaked a bit but as it stands booking them was the correct decision.
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