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  1. The Mavs traded everyone on their starting 5 but Doncic.
  2. I just went back to older FM versions. This is turning out to be the easiest version of FM I played since 2012 and I'm getting bored. I'd play again if I found a decent challenge in Europe. I may try it again in the future. At the moment after only 3 seasons I don't even feel like playing anymore. I'm not even putting much effort into it and I'm still winning.
  3. Players are booked (although obviously not always) not for being wrong but for challenging the referees decisions. He's the authority there. Obviously if the game's laws were followed 100% no match would end 11vs11. Each team's captain has the right to clarify some things up with the ref (in a polite way). If dissent rules were actually enforced we'd have so many players sent off it wouldn't even be funny but the truth is, the referee is right when he books them and wrong when he decides to look the other way and pretend nothing's happening. Maybe the rule could be tweaked a bit but as it stands booking them was the correct decision.
  4. Missing out right there, then. Simone Inzaghi manages Lazio. Could go together with Jordan Lukaku as a footabller's less talented brother pack.
  5. Give your assistant an application form for McDonalds. He'll thank you later.
  6. They even mention the fact you were 13th at some point the same way they do when you are last for a while and then start improving and still can't avoid relegation.
  7. Oh. I assumed you were actually having a good season and were disappointed by the fact you would be relegated regardless.
  8. The difference between a top team from League X and the bottom team from League X-1 shouldn't be that big. I guess you can only hope they start promoting all of your players leaving you with a bunch of nobodies which would make you lose many games (but not them!) and as a result you wouldn't be relegated!
  9. Malenko

    Music that is great

    Also a big fan of two-tone. Good thing is a lot of those bands like the specials, bad manners and madness are still touring and all of them are good live. The specials were even playing with their original lineup minus the horn section just 4 years ago when I saw them. It was great! I know they changed their second guitarist and drummer since and a new album is coming this year. First new LP in over 15 years!
  10. The prospect of drawing them is too enticing.
  11. I just finished my first season in FM 2019 and my starting striker scored 39 goals in 36 games (out of 61 total).
  12. Own goals don't count, though.
  13. Since you asked, I actually had to count and it turns out I've read 4. I read Gravity's Rainbow. I liked it but it's not Pynchon's best (for my tastes that is). I liked Doris Lessing's Golden Notebook. Also not the one I would choose to read first, although I guess it's her most famous. Nabokov's Lolita wasn't my favourite thing to read because of the story itself but I had started reading it, so... One Hundred Years of Solitude is a good book. I feel it's one of those books where it takes a while until you really get into it so I can imagine a lot of people not reading the whole thing. I read a lot of Chuck Pahlaniuk but not Fight Club because I feel/know it just won't be the same after having watched the movie.
  14. It definitely would. However, every single time you lost possession it'd be a goal for the opponent. I see how fans could get a tiny bit upset with that.

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