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  1. 4-2-3-6. Formations evolved differently and that's the reason. While in England the centre half moved back with the change on the offside rule going from 2-3 4-5-6 to 2-5-3 4-6, in Brazil that never happened. The wing halves kept on the wings and just moved back to support the defense so basically they went from 2-3 4-5-6 to 4-2-3-6 5 which is also the reason why number 5 is usually a defensive midfielder in Brazil. Anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with their current numbers but rather the fact players pretty much get the numbers they feel like having nowadays.
  2. Nothing sells a match like '0-0 at HT but Girona are playing decent'
  3. So, Zenit needed to win 5-0 or more after losing 4-0 in the first leg. They were 2-0 up and then had a player sent off n the 72nd minute. Tough luck? Nah. They still managed to score two more goals and the game went to extra time. 4-1 at half time. Now 10-men Zenit needed two more goals in 15 minutes due to away goals and all that. No chance, surely? They scored 1. Then a second on a penalty kick and then on time added on, a red card to a Dinamo Minsk player, another penalty kick for Zenit and yet another goal after that one. Won the game 8-1 and are through to the next round. ...
  4. This is odd. I just read the idea is having a game of either Barcelona or Real Madrid being played in the US. I can't imagine a smaller team willingly accepting missing out on their biggest ticket sales of the season and even if they do get money from it the fans would riot because they won't want to miss those matches. The alternative would be a Barcelona or Real Madrid home game. I feel that's more up Real Madrid's alley but again, can't see too many fans happy with that.
  5. To be fair, you're trailing Stoke.
  6. Celta Vigo plays in the first while Sporting Gijon actually reached the promotion playoffs last season, so you were very close to getting both right.
  7. I like that they clarify it's a regular season game and not any non-existing playoff game.
  8. Malenko

    WWE 2K19

    That's not true is it?
  9. Is there a game similar to pandemic in structure (subject can be anything) but a bit more challenging?
  10. I tried using the sorting mod and couldn't. Didn't want to risk crashing the whole thing so never tried again.
  11. I can't say HIMYM. I actually enjoyed the last season. Not a big fan of the ending but not a bad season as a whole IMO. I've watched Heroes so long ago I don't even remember anymore but it's true at some point I started losing interest, fast. Don't remember which season though.
  12. I have over 1000 wrestlers in dozens of promotions in mine. I won't do a clean start in a million years.
  13. Another funny thing that I've seen happening is when I sell a player I have loaned out, let's say, to a team 2 divisions below, and then try to talk to him, for some reason I have the option to ask him if he'd want to be loaned out again to the same club (obviously this makes no sense because he was sold and will be part of their squad the following season anyway) and he tells me he wouldn't want to come back to play for US because he feels it would be bad to go back to a weaker club like us. I understand this is a problem with the game engine that just can't handle the fact the player is going to be playing for the exact same team once the loan period is over (probably expecting him to go back to the club he's contracted to), but still, it's funny to see these guys all happy playing with semi-pros and believing it's a step back to play the Europa League.
  14. Always nice to hear some breaking news now and then.

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