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  1. The Rockets actually won in Oakland. Didn't expect that.
  2. They were, mostly. But they have used the white and black kits as their first kit before. At their peak it was just an alternative kit.
  3. Sage Francis has been around for a while. I would never claim to know a lot about rap but I did like his stuff. Whether that's a good thing I wouldn't know.
  4. For a short period there were two Ronaldinhos playing for Brazil. The original Ronaldo was still Ronaldinho and the new Ronaldinho was playing for the U-17 squad while still playing in the brazilian league. Good times.
  5. I like you're not disappointed he was sent off but rather he didn't last a little bit longer.
  6. When renewing contracts, some players have no interest in staying, so I just try selling them to get something in return. I will be losing them anyway at the end of the season, so why not? Sometimes, they are all offended like "I'm happy here and I feel you're pushing me out of the club", and I'm like "no u" I feel the game has come a long way but there are still situations where events happen based solely on something that just happened, instead of taking into account other events that may have affected the situation and should be considered.. This is noticeable in a lot of the things, like the contract renewal situation, or cup winners being the ones who played when the team won the cup but not the ones playing in previous rounds or Southampton's manager being on the verge of sack regardless of the fact the current manager is actually doing a great job. They could look into some of these things.
  7. The best players would still refuse to go to the smaller clubs because of their lower reputation. Most definitely the top teams would be reshuffled though.
  8. So, last place in the group, then?
  9. I read the players already said they will play the cup final. Nevertheless, for a few of those players, it could be their last game for them.
  10. That's not even half of it. Back when they lost their first leg quarter-finals vs Atletico Madrid he insulted the players on facebook or whatever social media platform it was. As a response the team captain tweeted something about them being good professionals and doing the best they could every game and that it would be better if he was able to show support rather than silly rants on social media. A bunch of players retweeted it. He suspended the whole lot. An emergency team meeting later everyone was back on the team. They actually beat Atletico Madrid in the 2nd leg and went on a short winning streak until they lost the last league game of the season and chaos ensues. Also, 'crime is part of everyday life' - His reaction to the attack.
  11. From the UEFA webpage: For 2018/19 they will be ... UEFA Champions League holders (1) UEFA Europa League holders (1) Top four from associations ranked 1st to 4th: Spain, Germany, England, Italy (16) Also on their webpage: An association may have a maximum of five teams in the group stage
  12. Rules change now and then, but currently Europa League winners don't affect the number of teams qualifying through the domestic league, which is why there were 5 teams this year. However it still doesn't have "4 guaranteed spots via the league though nowadays". Just as an example I'll use the one given before. If Liverpool and Arsenal won the CL and EL and both ended up outside of the top 4, the 4th placed team wouldn't qualify.
  13. I didn't mean to. Sorry. I just meant 5 is the maximum number of teams at the moment but exceptions have been made before when the maximum number was 4. Nothing else.
  14. Spurs would be demoted to the Europa League. Since the Liverpool-Everton situation over a decade ago, UEFA allows 5 teams from the same country in the CL in case a team outside of the top 4 wins the CL (at the moment, the EL is good enough for that), but you still can't* get a sixth. * You couldn't get a fifth spot back then, so the same way they changed it back then, they could change it again.
  15. Bogdanovic. I admit, even though the Pacers had won the regular season series I wasn't expecting them to win this one in the playoffs. I just thought, "the playoffs are different, I can't see LeBron losing in round 1". Not so sure anymore, to be honest.

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