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  1. He's not going to say something bad about him obviously. However, he's young and playing with experienced people. I give him that. When he was playing with ntilikina back in the under 18 european championship, he was the second best player in the team while being 2 years younger than him. Maybe I underestimated him. He was really young. But definitely he's very far from having the impact Doncic had at 18 for instance so don't expect him to have an impressive season right off the bat. Last season I tried to convince people Doncic was the real deal. I definitely won't do it now. He's not as impressive as, say, teenage Saric was at the time.
  2. Bol Bol actually looks stronger than is dad, which obviously isn't saying much.
  3. I'd say I'm pretty sure that's what the Pistons are getting.
  4. It could be worse. I once won a brazilian league easily only to be relegated the following year. I had pretty much the same starting eleven. I just sold my right back and that was it. I have no idea what happened then, and it hasn't happened since.
  5. I also have friends who see more but that's still impressive!! I did 130+ last year and felt it was a pretty good year! This year I'll be at around 45/50 bands at the end of June. I've skipped some I knew I would have enjoyed out of laziness and not because I had better plans, and regretted it later. *smh* I don't know what my record would be since I only started keeping track a couple years ago but it won't be much more than last year.
  6. Patrick McCaw, who's been in the league for 3 years is now a 3x NBA champion!
  7. Poor Klay. He was having a great game.
  8. I don't doubt it. Regardless, if it does happen, it doesn't change the fact someone paid over 200mil to get a couple players. Two very good players, but still, two. Yeah, I know, market inflation and all but I still feel it's too much.
  9. Welcome to 2019 where your 100M signing isn't your "big money signing".
  10. Real Madrid apparently spent 303M euros in their 5 signings for next season: Rodrygo (Santos) - 45M Eder Militao (Porto) - 50M Luka Jovic (Eintracht Frankfurt) - 60M Eden Hazard (Chelsea) - 100M Ferland Mendy (Lyon) - 48M This beats their previous record of 260M spent back in 2009 for Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Karim Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Alvaro Arbeloa, Raul Albiol, Alvaro Negredo and Antonio Adan. I don't know if those figures are accurate. Those were the numbers in the paper I read. We aren't even in July yet!
  11. People seem to have lost interest but in any case, game 7 will decide this.
  12. 3-1! I start believing the Raptors may win this! I'm actually happy about it. I get tired of seeing the same team win all the time.
  13. Raptors 2-1 Warriors! (Minus Klay and Durant but still)
  14. I understand why someone's death would affect people when they've been in the public eye for so long. I do, and that's why I've been avoiding saying much about it - I don't mean just here, irl as well - but when I heard he died in a car crash I just wondered if anyone else had died. Reckless driving puts everyone else at risk. Yes, it's tragic but many people seem to be describing a hero's death and seem to forget (or want to, in any case) this was a speeding accident. It's not something that couldn't be avoided. His cousin was also killed and more innocent people could have died too. And then there are those who didn't. I feel sorry for his daughters. Way too young to lose their father. His son only a bit older. His wife seems to be having a bad time with all of this too, and understandably so. His parents having to go through the pain of losing a son... Everyone loses.
  15. Malenko

    The Punk Thread

    They tour all the time. You'll get the chance.
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