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  1. There are several of those that aren't thought about just because most people won't ever see them. I remember playing a league from a small country where there were only 3 referees for some reason. Whenever there were more than 3 games being played at once you had a ref doing double duty. I can't remember which league it was, but it wasn't one of the 51 default leagues. It was one of those that exist in the database but you have to activate in the editor or download someone's country files for it to work.
  2. To be fair this season more than any other in the last few years, it seems like anybody is able to beat anybody in any given day. There have been plenty of surprises. I'd say I hope it keeps going like this but truth is I expect things to be back as planned sooner than later.
  3. That was NBA Live 96 (Season 95/96). I'm pretty sure I've played that game more than any other NBA game I've ver had!
  4. Apparently Sporting has fired another manager. To be fair to the board, they are 2 points behind the league leaders and haven't reached any of the cup finals yet! You had to see it coming. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/12-teams-we-cant-wait-be-football-manager-2019 They got it right. It his a challenge, but I'm pretty sure FM forgot to implement a feature where your job status is "Very insecure" right from the start when you decide to manage them.
  5. Anthony Davis would get my vote after 3 games but there's a whole season ahead.
  6. Sorry! I meant in deep Non League oblivion!
  7. For a moment there I thought you meant linesmen didn't run in a straight line in League Three in the game. Got excited for a moment... then disappointed.
  8. Very polarizing, it seems. I've heard plenty of love/hate opinions and not so much in between. I'd say I'm somewhere in between though. Didn't have great expectations and didn't care that much for it.
  9. I'm pretty sure he would kill for less tbh.
  10. I remember back in the late 90s/early 00s, players who weren't as good defensively were often criticized and being bench scorers was a good enough gig for many of them. Teams like the nuggets and warriors who were teams who cared about scoring a lot more than they did about stopping the other team from scoring were the exception, not the rule which is why they were always used as examples of teams who would never win no matter how good their offense was. I feel a lot of those weak defenders in all truth wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb today. FIBA players who had troubles keeping up with the NBA standard of defending to the point they would last a couple of years in the league and leave still exist today but a lot of them stay because they're not so different from your average defender in 2010s NBA. I feel most of those who played NBA basketball back then would manage to build a decent career in today's NBA (as long as they were good enough scorers/playmakers/rebounders). While there are still amazing defenders in the league, there seem to be so many players who just don't try/care enough defensively. I'm not saying players are worse nowadays because obviously they keep improving and have better training conditions to be better prepared physically and skill-wise. This is not a "back in the day things were better" nostalgia-fueled rant either because to be fair I grew up with a league where it was all about fast breaks and extra passes that basically stopped working as frequently with the defensive intensity increase a few years later. And I actually liked that. You knew players who still made those great plays were good. All star games were always fun but they were exhibition games made to entertain the fans. They were ok once a year but that's it. Too many players defend like they're in an all star game, in actual regular season games. I'd like not to notice it but I do. I'm also aware pretty much everyone has insane shooting range in 2018 and they didn't in 2001. I know the game is different. I know I'll keep watching because I'm obsessed with it but I just wish sometimes things were different. Ok, so it was a nostalgia rant after all but I've already written too much to delete the whole thing now so I'll just hit send anyway. tl; dr: pepperidge farm remembers.
  11. The Mammoth Book of Air Disasters and Near Misses by Paul Simpson. I'm sorry.
  12. Leo Messi was just named Sky Bet Championship player of the month.
  13. They lost 2-1 at home. Depending on other results they may end up seventh with 9 games played.

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