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  1. Another decent game for Luka. He's alright.
  2. I think a lot of it is expectations. They expected the world from 2012 Howard and to be honest close to nothing from post-Cousins injury 2019 Howard.
  3. Just saw the Rockets beat the Wizards 159-158. Lemme check how many OTs... Oh, right, none.
  4. Road teams did go 7-0. They're now on a 9-0 run since the Red Sox won the last 2 in LA last year. It's been a while since the home crowd could celebrate anything in the world series.
  5. McDavid and Draisatl are just 1 and 2 points behind him so yeah, but still he's way on pace to reach 100 which has only been done by Potvin, MacInnis, Leetch and obviously Orr and Coffey. Even if he slows down (which is to be expected) he's always been good with the puck. 80 wouldn't be too farfetched for him and the only people who did it this century were Burns, Karlsson and Lidstrom. It would still be impressive.
  6. Granted there's still 79 games to go but I'm really liking Neal so far. I wasn't expecting as bad as last season because it was obvious that was an off year but still less than his usual 25 goal season.
  7. Waiting for his hat trick, where we'll see him scoring with a beautiful header after hitting his own head with a terrible shot.
  8. 300 euros? I've been fined 80 Euros for travelling without a ticket once.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a repeat of 2017 tbh.
  10. If it's not live draft, I'll play.
  11. @DMN Not metal, but a thing I usually recommend to fans of Motorhead that just want it a bit faster is Zeke because you can actually notice motorhead's influence n their music although it's a lot faster.
  12. Malenko

    Music hot takes

    Personally, I like some stuff from the first and last albums and nothing in between.
  13. I'll play. However, I won't have a decent internet connection until I go back home in October. When are we drafting?
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