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  1. Leo Messi was just named Sky Bet Championship player of the month.
  2. They lost 2-1 at home. Depending on other results they may end up seventh with 9 games played.
  3. I doubt the Bulls are anywhere near the playoff picture, tbh, even in the East. They have some young players but one of their main talented young players is Zach LaVine and I have almost as much faith in him as I did in young Carmelo Anthony. I don't see them finishing ahead of anyone other than Knicks and Hawks at best. Nets and Magic have a good shot at actual improvement this season (although I'll admit I felt the same about the Magic previously and they disappointed). Cavs are obviously going to do a lot worse but I don't think they'll drop below .400. However, I'm intrigued to see how Jabari Parker does there this year. I really hope they're able to get him back to what he's shown before. He's always going to be injury prone, but he's still young and talented.
  4. Meh. Started with a loss. It wasn't even a bad week. Only 3 teams would have beaten me this week. Unfortunately I'm stuck in a division with Pro and Anti Tavares teams, both of which look very strong! What was the day/time period we were allowed to change players? I forgot.
  5. True. Probably on 31st December as well, since a few leagues go from January to December,
  6. I actually play with every league selected (top 2 divisions). It's not that slow, really. It takes a while to start - I'll admit that - but from that moment on it goes fast enough. Once or twice a season it seems to get stuck for a bit, probably processing a lot of changes, but apart from that, no complaints.
  7. My answer to this is: - Sonic ... That's it. I've had a grand total of 2 video game consoles.
  8. That would have made it even harder. I hope if one day they have a functional universe mode, I don't need to separate them between heels and faces for it to work properly (what am I saying? of course I'll need to do that). Not home atm, but I have mine as: NJPW NJPW Legends AJPW AJPW Legends and so on, and so on... When applicable it's always like that, even in indie feds, . Exceptions are WWE/WWF/WWWF and WCW/WCCW. The one thing I haven't downloaded are MMA fighters unless they have been used in wrestling promotions (many have). I do have Pancrase though. I may consider adding MMA stars in the future, but having to go through the whole downloadable list again is something I really don't want to do at the moment and I'm a much bigger fan of Pro Wrestling anyway, so there's that.
  9. That's the spirit! Now, if you want to build your own wrestling world full of wrestling promotions past and present, there should be thousands of wrestlers to place in dozens of feds. It took me ages to tidy up!
  10. Thanks. Just checked it and man, ugly start.
  11. Are we playing yet? If not, when do we start?
  12. So... for some reason, my good career as a club manager keeps getting me national team jobs even though I suck at those. I've ruined Nigeria, Japan and Australia's hopes in 2 world cups and am now managing Italy. I picked one of my own players, an uncapped regen. Let's call him Del Piero (because that's his actual name ). Anyway, after getting a total of 1 point from games in Finland and at home vs Serbia (as I said before, I really suck at it), I picked him for the games vs Montenegro and Ireland. We finally got a win. He came in as a substitute and scored the winner. Later he came to thank me (the club Manager, not the NT manager, if that makes sense) and tell me he was very proud and that it was thanks to me he was able to play for Italy. I told him if he keeps playing well for the club the italian manager will notice and he'll become a regular on the team.
  13. I finish my draft with Carter Hutton @Ruki Good luck everyone.

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