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  1. Denver's line is stellar in pass protection. Run blocking is mediocre to below average though. They just happened to run the ball an excessive amount to make up for their 31st ranked pass offense and teams with guys like Tebow, Newton, Vick, etc. at quarterback usually are one of the higher ranked rushing offenses.
  2. I'd LMAO if the Giants lost now because Bradshaw decided not to take a knee.
  3. Giants deserve to get no calls after wasting a timeout instead of taking the delay of game and then losing five yards anyway. I for the life me can't understand why teams just don't take the delay of game in that situation, especially when you've already blown a timeout earlier in the half.
  4. Brady is going to have to have a flawless game or else the Giants have this wrapped up. How does a Belichick coached defense suck this bad?
  5. Sigh, the Giants just don't learn. Jacobs is not only a bad short yardage back but it's even worse trying to pull that off against the best run defense in the NFL.
  6. I would agree with this if it was pee wee or high school football we're talking about. But this is the pros. Do I think New England should go out there and go for it on fourth down with 30 seconds left in the game up by 50? No, but I don't see the problem in what they did. If they truly wanted to up the score, they wouldn't have ran it three straight times there on the goal line. They wouldn't have had Brady punt on third down. They were just playing the game and if Denver had a problem with it, they should have stopped it. It might not be easy but that's the only thing they can do. I understand why some would hate it but after all the comebacks we've seen this season, I wish more coaches wouldn't get complacent at a 21 point lead. Had teams such as Carolina, Dallas, Oakland, etc. not have done that, they wouldn't have lost and when it comes to the latter two, they would have actually been in the playoffs.
  7. I wish more head coaches in the NFL would go for the throat like this.
  8. Sean Payton proving why he and Bill Belichick are the two best coaches in the NFL. So many times do I see teams get complacent when they are up by 10 points. Instead, they continue to wing it with Brees and it leads to a touchdown. David Akers vs. Drew Brees should be fun to watch next week.
  9. With Delmas back, I'm not surprised Detroit has been able to shut down the Saints offense like this. Brees has done nothing but dink and dunk all night with Delmas doing a great job on Graham.
  10. Ryan probably isn't getting a fair shake - outside of DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee, the Cowboys really have some "average" (and that's being generous) talent on defense, especially with Ratliff's playing falling off a cliff this year compared to previous seasons. But this has always been my problem with his defenses - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=jINQ9LZKfAc That is what happens when you play Rob Ryan defense the entire game because he blitzes excessively and expects his corners to cover receivers like Nicks, Cruz, etc. consistently throughout a game. In this day and age of NFL offenses spreading you out, it's unreasonable to think your defensive backs can man up on these talented receivers and tight ends for most of the game with no trouble. There are only a couple of offenses that work against, at least any team that is actually a playoff contender. New England for example doesn't seem to do well when defenses play tight man coverage but for the most part, it only does well against inept offenses with bad quarterbacks ala Denver. However, unless you have a very good pass rush, it's almost impossible to try and play man nearly the entire game against a team like Greenbay or New Orleans or really any team with explosive receivers. It's why Philadelphia beat the shit out of them in their first meeting. Unless Dallas improves all of their holes in the secondary, I think they'd be better off letting Ryan go.
  11. I don't know what is worse. Rob Ryan insisting on blitzing and playing man coverage with a terrible secondary (Terrence Newman on an island with Cruz?) or Dallas refusing to improve their interior offensive line after all these years.
  12. Sort of late on this but why does Tom Coughlin continue to give Brandon Jacobs carries in short yardage situations? He hasn't been good at them since like, 2008. It's like sending Chad Pennington out there to throw a hail mary tosser. In other news, that Victor Cruz guy is sort of good.
  13. Yeah, I was sort of confused by JPP getting in since he wasn't on the ballot but I guess he got a ton of votes from coaches and players. The same thing that hurt Cruz affected Aldon Smith as well - he wasn't on the ballot because technically, he wasn't a started for his team. Also, votes were handed in prior to Week 16 where Cruz had his huge performance that helped his numbers. It's not that big of a deal, though. Having watched him play throughout the season, mainly because he's on my fantasy team, I'm sure Cruz should be able to get back to this level of play next year and get voted in, even if he only managed 1100 yards and 5 touchdowns. As far as Rivers goes, he probably deserved it. Not because he actually had a Pro Bowl quality performance this year but because outside of Roethlisberger and Brady, the rest of the AFC QBs suck compared to the NFC.
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