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  1. Taiji Ishimori is Fluent in Spanish Brian Pillman Jr is dating someone Change Yuu's Body Type to Bulky. Check Active in British Isles, and Europe Check Active in Europe for Yuki Ishikawa (Kanagawa)
  2. Change Sonny Kiss' Based In to Tri State (USA), and Style to Entertainer. He is dating someone, and is Homosexual. According to Pro Wrestling Wiki he was Born December 11, 1993, and Debuted in September 2013 Copy record Molly-Go-Round - Name Sonny Side Up. Add to Sonny Kiss' Move-set Change Bull Pain's Based In to Great Lakes (USA). He was Born June 9, 1961 Copy record Rope Hung DDT - Name Pain Game. Add to Bull Pain's Move-set Change Michael Cole's Based In to Mid South (USA). Set loyalty to WWE Thaddeus Bullard is dating someone Add Armbar to Ronda Rousey's Move-set Change Nyla Rose's Body Type to Bulky. Add Camel Clutch to her Move-set Add Crossface and Superkick to Kylie Rae's Move-set According to Pro Wrestling Wiki Kylie Rae was Born August 25, 1992, and Debuted in March 2016 Kotaro Suzuki is Married
  3. Check Active in Europe for Faye Jackson Kris Wolf has Retired MLW Spoilers:
  4. Remove Sammy Guevara from MLW Set Caleb Konley's Impact contract to Expire in 1 month. Change Style to Regular Wrestler Remove Diamante (Florida) from the Latin American Xchange Stable Remove Angel Rose from Impact. Change Race to Hispanic Add Stable The Hart Foundation - Company: MLW Formed: 2018 Members: Brian Pillman Jr, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Teddy Hart Add Shawn Daivari to WWE as a Road Agent
  5. WWE Staff: Lotus Lock: Copy record Lotus Lock - Name Axel Dieter Sr Special. Add to Axel Dieter Jr's Move-set Copy record Belly-to-Back Suplex - Name Landungsbrucken. Add to Axel Dieter Jr's Move-set Check Active in Japan for Andy Simmonz. Change Status to Semi-Active Wrestler. Set Colour Commentator to Usually. Change to Semi-Active Wrestler in RPW-UK Contract Check Active in Japan for Chris Roberts Check Active in Mexico for Raj Singh Change Zack Sabre Jr to a Heel in NJPW Add Zack Sabre Jr to ROH as a Heel Lana Austin is Married Remove Adrian Severe from Evolve Copy record Revolution Bomb - Name Hasta La Vista. Add to Adrian Severe's Move-set Add Superman Punch to Aaron Henry's Move-set Add 630 Senton to El Hijo del Vikingo's Move-set Add Missile Dropkick to Ultimo Ninja's Move-set Change Patrick Clark to a Babyface in NXT, keep the Gimmick Flamboyant (Cocky) Add Trey Miguel to PWG, as a Babyface Add Laredo Kid to PWG, as a Babyface. According to Cagematch he was Born December 30, 1986 Add Jonathan Gresham to PWG, as a Babyface Change Jonathan Gresham's Default Babyface, ROH, and PWG Gimmick to Wrestling Machine (Wholesome). Change his Default Heel Gimmick to Wrestling Machine (Cocky) Check Active in USA for Mark Davis Check Active in USA for Kyle Fletcher Change Darby Allin's Default Babyface, Heel, Evolve, and PWG Gimmick to Weirdo (Weird). Change Based In to South West (USA) Set Jon Moxley's WWE Contract to Expire in 3 Months
  6. Could I please get these on Kyky? Thanks! Taya Valkyrie Dylan James
  7. SH*T! yes, he's there Copy record Diving Double Foot Stomp - Name Nachi Waterfall. Add to Ryoji Sai's Move-set Change Maximum Weight Difference for Sliding D to Any Copy record Boston Crab - Name Muy Bien. Add to Hajime Ohara's Move-set Copy record Sliding D - Name Finnish Forearm. Add to Hajime Ohara's Move-set Copy record Death Valley Driver - Name Maharaja. Add to HIROKI's Move-set Add Hi69 as an Alter Ego for HIROKI. No Restrictions, 75%, Old School Heel (Cocky) Remove Hechiero from PWG Add Zema Ion to PWG as DJ Z, as a Babyface - Show Stealer (Cool) Check Active in Mexico for Zack Sabre Jr Check Active in USA, and Japan for Dragon Lee II Set Rush's English to Basic Sammy Guevara is dating someone Add Shooting Star Press to Sammy Guevara's Move-set Set Colour Commentator to Sometimes for Kenta Kobashi. Set Road Agent to Never Check Active in USA, and British Isles for Katsuyori Shibata Copy record Boma Ye - Name Helm. Add to Fujita Hayato's Move-set Copy record Guillotine Choke - Name K.I.D. Add to Fujita Hayato's Move-set Remove Fujita Hayato from MPW Add Rear Naked Choke to Kazuyuki Fujita's Move-set Togi Makabe is Married Katsuyori Shibata is Married Hiroshi Tanahashi is Married Kana is Married. Change Style to Puroresu Style Hiroshi Hase is Married Tetsuya Naito is Married Set Minoru Suzuki's Hair to No Copy record Chokeslam - Name South of Heaven. Add to Damian Martinez's Move-set Change Damian Martinez's Default Babyface Gimmick to Bad Ass (Cocky), and Default Heel Gimmick to Occult (Brute). Make NXT Gimmick Bad Ass (Cocky) Change Move Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder Maximum Weight Difference to Two Weight Classes Copy record Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder - Name Now or Never. Add to Daisuke Sasaki's Move-set Set Paul Levesque's Hair to No Mikey Nicholls is Married Stu Grayson is Dating someone Check Active in USA for Tomoyuki Oka
  8. Misc: I can't seem to find Ryouji Sai in the database, would anyone be able to provide stats?
  9. Misc: Would anyone be able to provide stats for Daniel Makabe?

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