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  1. Hi, i'm looking for current, short-haired Rusev on Kyky, does anybody have it?
  2. I need stats for Brian Pillman b4 his death, thanks in advance
  3. SmackDown! There are alternates on WWE.com now if you want a different one to look at. Can you do a buttons for these backgrounds ?
  4. This photo of Michelle on KyKy please
  5. Does anyone have a puroresu data (2009 - 11) and 1998 from Monday Wars data ?
  6. I and my mates have always wanted to play TEW or EWR online. I think that such a possibility would be a cool thing.
  7. can i get Raw is War logo on the logo background ?
  8. Any storyline to create stable, like the beginning of Ministry of DX ?
  9. Can I get a silver WWE World Heavyweight and gold-red WWE Intercontinental belt on belt background ?
  10. Can I have Ultimate Fed Warfare scenario ? (best with current stats )
  11. Anyone ? Had a go. Thanks, its great
  12. Could someone convert the words "MidWest" to "Poland"?

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