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  1. You seem to be taking it more personally than you need to or was intended. As I said, I have just been going through a bunch of yours and thewho's picture packs and I've noticed (Especially with the latter) that he has replaced slightly older cuts with ones that have a fist in the way or of the person facing away from the camera. That's all I was wondering. It's also a question to those on the site. Why do you want bad pictures cut when there are better options?
  2. Yeah I understand that but it isn't really what I meant. I just mean that if someone requests a bad picture wouldn't it just be easier to kill two bird with one stone and cut the good one, instead of both eventually? I don't have a problem with waiting by the way, I've just been going through a bunch of pic packs and I'm noticing that there's a lot of weird pictures that have been cut when there are better pictures available.
  3. Regarding the Tama Tonga cut, why would you cut a worse version when a front on version without a hand in it has been requested earlier? Do you think those cuts look messier than this one as well? I'm just curious
  4. Are you going to be cutting them?
  5. @lukkearthur was there a reason you didn't do the bridge on the MPW logo? Is it too intricate? They look great though. I have some more if you don't mind
  6. Found this request that hasn't been done yet. Can I add a few more to it? Thank you
  7. Thanks a lot for them mate, they're great. You're a credit to this community. I don't think it was me who requested them but it very well could have been. I'm trying to update the massive amount of pictures I have saved so getting on top of it has been difficult. Thanks for your help
  8. Can I please get these on the normal grey background? Thank you
  9. Just bumping this one from a while back and adding a few more please. Thanks for your efforts
  10. Could someone make this into a WWE In Your House Logo, maybe modernize it (Possibly in black or grey) or just change the WWF to WWE, whatever you want. If possible could I please get these on a white background and the grey logo background? Thank you Also could someone possibly make the No Way Out logo with the Elimination Chamber behind it. Using the WWE logo as well please And lastly a Judgement Day logo with WWE instead of WWF
  11. I have been going through and finding the newest pictures for those in the picture folders who haven't been updated for a while or just aren't there at all (Or been cut well previously). If I can find the pictures is someone able to cut them? Otherwise it will be a waste of my time to find the pictures. Let me know. Until then can I get these on Kyky, as well as the last two requests please
  12. Not sure if any of these have been cut recently but if they have can you please post them for me? Thank you
  13. Bumping this and adding Simone Johnson as well. Thank you
  14. New Peyton Royce on Kyky please
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