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  1. *solemnly does the Batucci*
  2. dating a crazy chick is like working yourself into a shoot

  3. Shibata's gonna murder a poor English boy.


  5. Happy birthday.

    Come back!

  6. "I've seen talk of an IRC chat during Raw and the like (a separate apology for WrestleMania should also be issuedd :() and I hope any of you that use it will come back to the board for discussion as The Ring is something we've always prided ourselves on and I'd hate to see it ruined. " Too late.

  7. "Is our snake being confiscated?"

  8. Benadryl is the most effective anti-allergy medication because it knocks you the fuck out. Can't sneeze if you're dead asleep!

  9. Back from the west coast tour. Seattle is still the best western city, but Santa Barbara has the hottest girls. Protip: avoid any youth hostels located directly adjacent to strip clubs.

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