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  1. WWE 2K18

    You are supporting the industry. That's fine.
  2. Crusader Kings II

    This game is getting tough. I was good at the Vanilla version. I prefer EUIV now.
  3. Age of Empires IV

    Never thought this would happen.. Hey it is happening. I would love to see Men of War assault squad elements in AOEIV.
  4. WWE 2K18

    Saved the Eddie Guerrero WWE 2k18 roster art to my PC and made it my wallpaper..Hope this game will come out on PC as the tradition.
  5. EWR DAT Files to Excel/Access

    I dont know what kind of tool that is but I want to have it. Lol.
  6. August EWR Update?

    Yeah, noted that. By the way, I am actually waiting for your update if PaigeTurner not coming out with his update.
  7. August EWR Update?

    wait..what? there is another shakeup? come oooooooooon...
  8. 2007 Data

    http://homeofprowrestling.com/tew/ewr/ewrrwupdates.html You might be able to get some here
  9. PT. EWR Real World Update: July 2017

    Wow, thats fast.... Happy Eid for those who celebrate here...well.. I do...
  10. WWE 2K18

    Construction site of horror....
  11. Does not need to delete #DIY. They were established tag team and have made it to become tag team champions.
  12. Lars Sullivan should be 29 years old. Here Short Name should be Lars (i think)
  13. Change WWE PPV for the month of May to Backlash (Smackdown Live) Change WWE PPV for the month of June to Extreme Rules (Raw) Replace WWE Smackdown Live color commentator with Byron Saxton or John Bradshaw Layfield Replace WWE Smackdown Live Announcer with Tom Phillips
  14. Random EWR Scenario dumpsite

    done that... the wrestler.dat cannot be recovered..but la sombra aka andrade cien almas photo managed to be recovered..sigh..lolz
  15. Random EWR Scenario dumpsite

    hey, thanks. but this one is corrupted. I downloaded the same from homeofprowrestling...sigh..too bad.