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  1. Thanks mkpunk. Change WWE United States title holder to Bobby Roode. Change WWE Intercontinental title holder to The Miz.
  2. I propose as follows: Change the name of Andrade Cien Almas to Andrade "Cien" Almas. Change the name of Jack Gallagher to Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Thanks.
  3. Thank you mkpunk. I downloaded the update.
  4. Paige Turner's Official KyKy Pic Pack

    Can somebody reupload this pack please?
  5. EWR February Update?

    mr jmac7164... I am with you brother...
  6. I am not sure if my suggestions on WWE staff are being rejected but I always believe that these productions staff should be added in the game. According to Chapter 5 EWR FAQ: Production: These are the people who deal with setting up the arena, doing the pyrotechnics for entrances, keep the big screen working, make promotional material, edit the broadcast, work the cameras, deal with security...etc! Your rating will suffer if you don’t have good production staff. Add these names to WWE as staff: Name/Position/Age/Talent/Wage/ AJ Patterson/Production/??/80/?? Berkley Ottman/Production/??/80/?? Ciro Scotto-D'Antuono/Production/??/80/?? Ellis Edwards/Production/??/80/?? James McEvoy/Production/??/80/?? Jason Robinson/Production/??/80/?? Jennifer Hagopian/Production/??/80/?? Jet Prickett/Production/??/80/?? Jim Kelly/Production/??/80/?? Julie Youngberg/Production/??/80/?? Mika Rotunda/Production/??/80/?? Nicholas Daw/Production/??/80/?? Stephen Daquino/Medical/??/80/?? Tom Stewart/Production/??/80/?? Source. Wikipedia dot com. Thanks.
  7. Thank You Paige Turner BayBay! I am always a fan of year end update. Lolz
  8. Sorry if this hurts you man, but I am not going to team up with you. I am going with my brother Paige Turner. Lol. So long as the NXT remains a developmental and a non-bookable in the updates, I am cool with that.
  9. WWE 2K18

    You are supporting the industry. That's fine.
  10. Crusader Kings II

    This game is getting tough. I was good at the Vanilla version. I prefer EUIV now.
  11. Age of Empires IV

    Never thought this would happen.. Hey it is happening. I would love to see Men of War assault squad elements in AOEIV.
  12. WWE 2K18

    Saved the Eddie Guerrero WWE 2k18 roster art to my PC and made it my wallpaper..Hope this game will come out on PC as the tradition.
  13. EWR DAT Files to Excel/Access

    I dont know what kind of tool that is but I want to have it. Lol.
  14. August EWR Update?

    Yeah, noted that. By the way, I am actually waiting for your update if PaigeTurner not coming out with his update.
  15. August EWR Update?

    wait..what? there is another shakeup? come oooooooooon...