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  1. I prefer to follow WWE profile names...thats all..lolz.. I am sure there is a difference with prefix and suffix.
  2. I think its time, for Andrade Almas name to be changed to Andrade "Cien" Almas. This is his official ring name in WWE superstar profile.
  3. Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate these, just downloaded them all.. mega dot nz is not a problem. Please God give this guy a good health and wealth for the whole of his life. Thank you bro. EWR for Life!
  4. Well sir, I did download all the monthly updates, but accidentally lost them, tried data recovery, all of them appeared to be badly corrupt. Well I cried. I did look at the ewwarehouse archive, but they dont have these updates as requested, same with the current homeofprowrestling dot com. Well, thanks for replying.
  5. Hello my dear fellow pro wrestling fans. I play EWR and i need the following updates: December 2009, December 2005, November 2004 and December 2003. Can somebody or anybody help to provide me with these updates. They are not available in homeofprowrestling dot com. I always play WWE and love to use year end updates ever existed. Please. Thank you in advance.
  6. @togg Hey Togg, thanks for the revival of those updates, well I need your help, could you please provide me with updates from December 2009, December 2005, November 2004 and December 2003, these updates are not available at homeofprowrestling dot com. Thank you in advance. well anybody who read my post here may also help, God bless you all. Thanks thanks thanks.
  7. I looooooooooooooooove you Paige Turner. Thanks. Hows Paige Turner Jr?
  8. Actually, I was thinking of resuming the job of Paige Turner here......and...similar to you, i only follow WWE. But I am waiting for his promise to provide at least EWR December 2016 update, so...Your updates are welcomed so long as the NXT rosters are maintained in WWE developmental. Thanks.
  9. Ok Paige Turner, thanks for the updates. Welcome to the fatherhood. Wish u be a great father like kevin owens....lolz
  10. Full Name (based on your EWB username) (22 characters max): AzamDean Shortened Name (10 characters max): AzamDean Gender: Male Age (18 minimum): 26 Birth month: August Heavyweight or Lightweight: Lightweight Nationality: Other Primary Finisher + Type: Top Rope Bulldog + Top Rope Standing Secondary Finisher + Type: Knee-2-Throat + Impact Disposition: Tweener Gimmick: Cowardly In-Ring and Mic Stats (250 pts to divide how you like) Brawling: 50 Speed: 50 Technical: 50 Charisma: 100 Performance Stats (120 pts to divide how you like) Stiffness: 20 Selling: 100 Checkboxes (2 max) Announcer, Booker,
  11. I disagree, do not remove Mr McMahon because he still has the non wrestling role in WWE. Set it to the highest number of age. Maybe we should remove some non-wrestler to staff because they dont have non wrestling role for a year.
  12. Thank You Paige Turner Turner Club 4 Life - Too Sour