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  1. Feel bad for you Newcastle fans - few months ago it was tycoon takeover and jose in charge and now its stuck with that fat slob and steve bruce in charge, plus lost arguably your best player in Ayoze Perez and didnt stump up the measly 16mil for Rondon, as a guy who admires Newcastle as a club and think they have some of the best fans in the world, i feel bad for their current situation, and just remembered todays result too 😕
  2. Few requests from AEWs insta please:
  3. Gotta agree with this, Tag was not a bad film after having low expectations for it, Ed Helms has been in some pretty poor films in recent times
  4. bizarre choice with lukaku being the only legit striker, rashford is so hit and miss and not an out and out striker imo, lukaku is a donkey in some aspects but scores goals, rashford needs to start scoring more if he wants that crazy new contract hes asking for
  5. be interesting to see how much he goes for as utd get 25%
  6. Mata simply doesnt fit anywhere into the current system, hes dreadful on the wing with no pace, i wouldnt mind seeing him in centre mid as an attacking role but that wouldnt work with pogba already playing there
  7. thoughts on project zomboid?
  8. Ferg needs to just keep himself physically and mentally healthy to get that fight, he’s by far the most deserving for the shot! £20 to watch something at 3am that was free to BT subscribers not long ago is a terrible move from them
  9. just why?! he doesnt fit the system, hes a great no.10 (or was) but thats not something utd play with
  10. Sucks seeing Manuwa and Gus lose but there are some nice prospects coming up at LHW that id like to see make that step up into contendership - guys like Walker, Rakic, Reyes etc
  11. AJ was rocked by an over the hill Klitschko and Dillian Whyte so the questions have always been there, definitely interested to see how Usyk does moving up, and then we have Fury vs Wilder 2 on the horizon, before AJ even considers any of these, he has to survive 12 more rounds with Ruiz unless he KOs that tough mexican SOB
  12. More than anything, im glad to see Hearn and his shoddy company have a bad night. I actually like AJ but hate how his career has been managed. Also his game plan was shocking, brawling with a brawler is just arrogance, or may be stupidity, probably both.
  13. agreed, better than spending £50mil+ on martial who cant even be bothered to warm up 🙄
  14. Joao Felix rumoured to follow the same path of choosing city over utd
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