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  1. Lol my bad, left a top club
  2. Just looking at whos managing who on my game, im about to start the third season and a few interesting ones, some more than other, are: Michael Laudrup managing in League One Lampard in charge of Charlton in League One Scott Parker just got the Newcastle job in the Premier League Mick McCarthy, Stuart Pearce and Alan Pardew all dropping down to manage in League Two Carlo Cudicini managing Blackpool in League Two Solskjaer in charge of Hibs Carsten Jancker managing Sheffield Utd Patrick Vieira managing Blackburn in the Championship Then you have at the top clubs - Zidane managing Spurs, Pochettino at Leeds, Luis Enrique at Liverpool, Klopp at City
  3. German window shut a few hours ago, stokerino is spot on
  4. like whats been said before, i dont see ozil getting into emery's plans, so get those wages gone, but is perisic gonna add anything? i guess he'd only talk half of ozil's wage and actually start games, so in a way its an improvement. I would throw ozil in just to save paying a fee and clear some wages
  5. Just gonna second this, keep up the good work buddy
  6. all for the sake of what? 30/40k? crazy!!
  7. lol he's like me - a part-scot englishman from cambridge, but i could only wish to have such a cool name 😂
  8. Loaned him to his home nation, thats normal
  9. Damn that was the most up and down final day to a season i think ive ever had on FM ever! I had basically thrown in the towel until Alisson passed the ball to Fernandes and cost his team the title with the last kick of the game hahaha
  10. niceeee! what system do you use?
  11. you disgust me philip!
  12. What a time to score your first goal, brought on Greenwood, against an undefeated liverpool, and he scores his first professional goal within 3 minutes in probably the biggest game he's been involved in Edit: add to that 2 assists in the 13 mins he played and a 5-1 victory over a previously undefeated liverpool
  13. given yourself a good budget? started with any decent players?
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