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  1. this whole thing screamed to me 'dickhead agent' because he must have someone in his ear telling him hes worth more than what hes proven surely?
  2. wtf is this window?! Deeney to spurs, ivanovic to everton and willian to arsenal for 200k a week 🤪 welcome to 2020
  3. Not sure what the general consensus is with the scream films, but I loved them, well apart from when no.4's ending was ruined when i worked at cineworld and some guy came out blabbing what the ending was on premiere night
  4. if anyone ever watches the god awful, but entertaining for the wrong reasons, AFTV, you'll see how much they leech onto a player and think hes amazing due to being linked with them rather than watching a minute of him actually play in a match, theyll then jump onto youtube and watch highlight vids of them rather than matches and judge by that, when theres highlight videos of any player on there, they could make any player look special.
  5. moving to console wont work for me with my ocd with NEEDING facepacks, badges etc 🤪 as much as i love the idea, it bombed when they tried it before, but hoping they can make it work and get more revenue, and hopefully get that god damn german and dutch national team license 🤣
  6. god damn thats alot of work, great idea tho, be well up for playing that!
  7. Its a weird one, as according to the prem app, hes only started 26 games, being subbed on 4 times and off 10 times, which for a captain, is odd to me, as usually theyre the ones guaranteed to play the full 90 every game theyre available, and hes certainly one of the fittest players on the pitch so not one to get tired like lazier players. Fully understand hes a key cog in the system when he plays, but those stats surprised me.
  8. Always thought Mat Ryan was highly underrated
  9. In my Utd game, Greenwood is ridiculous, scoring for fun and keeping Lautauro Martinez out of the team
  10. this looks amazing! This looks amazing!
  11. just noticed rocky romero's charisma is 55 😮
  12. glad im not the only one who leaves training to the assistant lol
  13. I find the face importing for the game to be so hit and miss lol, ive got a great ron burgundy and michael scott but others I tried before settling on them have been waaaaaayyy off
  14. never bought into the declan rice hype, never been more than a 6 or 7/10 every time ive seen him
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