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  1. Hayden and Merino are pulling the strings. Joselu is a warrior.
  2. I know it's only the summer league, but i am shocked with Jayson Tatum. I tought he was a low risk/not so high reward kind of pick for the Celtics, but he's balling. His post offense is translating much better than what I believed.
  3. Butler is kind of a douche, I remember people saying something about how Ainge didn't like that about him.
  4. I have the same feeling with Zach Collins. He is so effective on both ends, and most of his cons you can attribute to age. He's gonna be good. EDIT: Also, how the hell did Ike Anigbogu went that low? He already plays like a role player should in this league.
  5. I had Malik Monk as a top-5 prospect, perhaps in the conversation to be a top-3 prospect. I'm SUPER EXCITED about him and I have been loving the Hornets' offseason. They did a lot for a team that seemed tapped out.
  6. San Antonio can match up with this current GSW team. Leonard getting injured was crucial. If they bring in Chris Paul, there is a very good chance the current champions don't make the finals next year. I think Markelle Fultz will be at least a good role player for the Celtics in his first year. Best case scenario he becomes an intriguing 6th man, giving even more depth to Boston. If they somehow manage to get a star player without surrendering him, Cleveland will have a very tough opponent.
  7. That's a great signing for Bournemouth. Sensing a Joshua King departure, perhaps?
  8. CONMEBOL president said that although giving Chapecoense the Copa Sul-Americana title would be commendable, it still needs evalution from the CONMEBOL council. It is very likely that Chapecoense will be declared champions.
  9. Kemba, the 4th quarter god in Charlotte too. We might upset a couple of people.
  10. Worst day of the year. Woke up to the news, already cried once or twice. Everyone was rooting for them. Tragic.
  11. Liverpool is looking to sign 21-year-old croatian left-winger Marko Pjaca. Milan and Internazionale are also said to be interested. Gent goalkeeper Matz Sels is having a medical at Newcastle today, ahead of a 4M move. This means Krul's leaving, but Sels is damn good. Crystal Palace is edging closer to the signing of goalkeeper Steve Mandanda. Excellent signing for Celtic, btw.
  12. I'm not saying that Mané is going to be a bad player for Liverpool or that he is going to flop. It's pretty obvious that he has quality. But is he going to be a game-changer or does he have the upside? That's the big question. He will have good games, even excellent games, but Liverpool won't become a title-challenging/top 4 side with that kind of player.
  13. Eddie Howe needs to take over England. Or any manager that actually knows how modern football works. Hogdson is your cute little version of Dunga.
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