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  1. I recently listened to an Audiobook/drama of the series and needed to find an outlet to get it out of my head.
  2. OK New game. Spent a few hours recreating the Hunger games world of Panem (replacing Andorra). Have 1 league with the Capitol and 12 districts. Made Panem and The Capitol very desirable with reputation dropping throughout the districts (Dist.12 having 2800rep) Using the Hunger Games wiki, I was able to determine rough finances etc for each club and city. So I started a game with District 12 because I'm a glutton for punishment and had the squad autofilled with regens. A couple of quality players but all in all, rather shit. Season has just started with the first round of the Reaping Cup. 0-5 down after 30 minutes against District 8. So now I can focus on the regular season.
  3. Managing the New Zealand National side, we easily won the World Cup Oceania Qualifiers beating New Caledonia 8-1(agg) in the final. Went on to lose 1-0 to Qatar at home but followed it up with a 3-2 win over South Africa. This put me in high hopes for the World Cup Playoffs match against Colombia. In what looked like an absolute shit show, we lost 6-4 away in the first leg with Falcao scoring 4 incl. 2 penalties. I'm was somewhat happy with the result seeing that we were able to slip 4 goals passed their defence and giving as a decent away goal total. We headed home for the return leg. Should have stayed in South America. Losing 2-4 at home isn't how you'd want to bow out of the World Cup before even making it to the World Cup and it's even worse when the final score is 6-10. Now I have a long wait to see what competition I have coming up. Confederations cup is in a few years, I think. And the Olympic Qualifiers start in about 18 mths. This could be quite a short save.
  4. I've never considered an international management career. I wonder if I could take NZ back to the world cup and go undefeated again.
  5. Dying Light: Enhanced Edition is under $20USD on Razer Gamestore until Friday, I believe. https://gamestore.razer.com/games/first-person-shooter/dying-light-enhanced-edition-835877.html
  6. I'm shit at writing topic things (Refer to title.) In this thread, I will be looking to giveaway games at random intervals. Currently, I'm thinking every couple of weeks. I will put up a new poll for every giveaway where you can select your preferred prize. The winner will be randomly selected and notified in this thread initially. After you have acknowledged your win (I hope I won't have to put a time limit on it), I will PM you with the details or ask for details needed for you to redeem your prize. The prizes will be sent out either by a Steam Key (I will only buy from legitimate resellers; Humble, Razer, Fanatical etc.) Steam gift (Less likely as I tend to just remove friends within a week) or Steam gift via email. The prizes will vary from poll to poll but don't be surprised if you see returning prizes (Humble monthly/bundles/Gift Cards etc). The prizes will likely be games that I can get for a decent price or an Indie game I believe is well worth the money paid for it. The first giveaway will consist of the following. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. The poll will run for approximately a week and the winner will be drawn sometime during the following week. This hasn't been completely thought through and I am yet to decide on the best way to randomly select the winner. If you have any game suggestions or other prizes I could do for future giveaways, feel free to post them here. If others agree, they can like your comment increasing the probability of me throwing it up as an option. And also any help on better displaying this opening thread/title would also be lovely. Good luck to everyone who enters. N.B. There will only be one prize given away per draw. Not a winner drawn for every option. I am located in Australia, so due to timezone differences, there may be some delay in me responding to queries. Thanks
  7. Seema like you're telling me moreso than asking but go nuts. I have no use for it.
  8. Now I want to reinstall 08 and find my Villa save. Barry and Beckham in the midfield were killing it for me.
  9. I dunno. Do you leave the club you literally just won the league with? If you're at the end of your contract, then I'd say go for it but if not, I'd stick around and try again for the Treble. Uninstalling FM18 and installing FMT. It's just too much for me. I'm gonna avoid playing in Serbia this time round. Thinking about a league that has a limited amount of Foreign Players Registered ruling. Russia and Turkey are the first two to pop to mind. EDIT: This link is going to be very helpful in deciding. https://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2018/04/football-manager-squad-registration-rules.html EDIT 2: I think I'm going to play in Norway. Registration Rulings are as follows. No Match Squad rulings Minimum of 2 players trained at the club for 3 years before 21st birthday Maximum of 11 non-homegrown players Maximum of 35 players per season Time to find a team in Bergen!
  10. Using these instructions, and knowing Bret has the match against Razor and isn't mentioned again until the final, and putting bret/razor into a qualifier, the ned graphic would look like this Or something.

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