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  1. This is where I stopped playing. I was finishing all side missions before continuing on with the story but then the TaskMaster ones popped up and I just couldn't. I feel like I should finish the story regardless but I will feel defeated.
  2. I forgot about the above. I’ll look into it. I’m currently working on a Marvel database and it is not easy. Basically all data entry and random numbers being flung about. atm I have 103 names. That’s it. Hopefully I can work on it now and again and eventually get it done, but we know my track record 😂
  3. I’m enjoying reading VP talk about his experience. I’ve forgotten how alive the rdr world is in campaign. I’m just a battle worn online vet... I’m basically Mickey now.
  4. The Endgame re-release is not showing at any of the local cinemas here as of yet. Pretty disappointing. On the plus side, I found out I could book my tickets for Spider-Man so yay.
  5. An addition to the above are the title pics. I use them in place of the workers pic. Like most of my stuff, it is purely aesthetic and how I prefer my game to look. All pics based on my GFX pack. Download below. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ogx19d43957f0wq/ewr_wwe_titles.zip/file
  6. California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. I’m pretty sure that’s all of them. There is a coast to coast mod which covers most main centres across the states but I’m pretty sure they’re just current cities duplicated so they’re not aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Update pack set to June's update. https://www.mediafire.com/file/v6511ntpufptd1e/rkygfx_0619.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/v6511ntpufptd1e/rkygfx_0619.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/v6511ntpufptd1e/rkygfx_0619.zip/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/v6511ntpufptd1e/rkygfx_0619.zip/file For those who just want the updated logo's and since I've not done 'em in a while, there are a couple. AIW - C4 - WOW -
  8. I kinda want to get back into American Truck Simulator but they've since released to more state expansions. I own them but the issue is I feel like I've fallen behind on the game and it'll take forever to catch up, so I probably won't play. This is why I will never complete my collection.
  9. Just west of Wallace Station on the road towards Mama Watson's cabin is a Grizzly spawn spot. I know they spawn quite regularly in that area. The downside is the nearest butcher is Valentine which is quite a ride for a single bear pelt. Definitely need to Get some Whitetail on the trip or stop at Cumberland Falls and fish for Steelhead Trout. Though this is all based on the online version of the world.
  10. I saw For The King on PS4. Has any got experience in the console version? Just wanting to know if it’s a good port or not. I enjoyed what I’ve played on PC so far.
  11. RDR2 fast travel isn’t necessarily needed if you just use cinematic mode and just sit back while the horse carries you to your destination. I use it all the time online to get to/from mission points.
  12. I literally did the same thing over the weekend.
  13. That would be the main place. Alternatively, you have a few scattered throughout this section including a couple solid ones by fatfrog and then a bunch of random stuff made by me here
  14. For me in regards to this... online trophies are the worst. Most games I won’t play the online version after solo completion.
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