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  1. 2003 Tri-Nations/Bledisloe Cup match 2. Watched the All Blacks defeat the Wallabies to regain the Bledisloe Cup in Auckland. The crowd was insane for it. They had a third match in Sydney but it didn't mean anything. and tonight, in the same stadium we will have the same result, though I won't be in attendance.
  2. That's the site used to get to where I am with the data. I really need to add more to it. Might try do a staff run through the week if motivation works for me.
  3. In regards to the wages conversation, they’re not as realistic as they can be for sure, but based on “reports” of what some of the workers make, its not feasible to make them as such. There’s a list on this article you can use as a general idea but you have to remember to divide it into a monthly sum. For example, Lesnar reportedly makes $12MIL a year so in EWR he should realistically be given a $1MIL wage or the $500,000 per appearance. On the flip side, Liv Morgan was getting about $80K a year so she’d have to be getting roughly $6,500 per month.
  4. I don’t think there’s a large MAC user base for EWR and this seems more like a wineskin issue. Have you tried loooking around wineskin forums etc?
  5. I'm going to assume this is rhetorical and I shall not answer this question.
  6. I did like the way they worked around why she sounded different.
  7. EDIT: I should read the thread xD Edited again. I use the "right click" "view info" option myself to find the image link under media. and that is a real big image too.
  8. I use perfect pelts for the trapper until I dont need the specific one and everything else I give to the camp. Online, I just sell the carcass whole. You only make about 50¢ more if you skin them and sell every part you obtained.
  9. It was only brought up because of the pricing error earlier this month and people feeling ps plus needed a big title to make up for the PES thing from last month.
  10. Hmm that’ll be a pass for me. I’ve completed the other SE games on PC and have 4 on there. Just haven’t started it yet (need new gfx card). I played wipeout back in the day. Was fun but never got too into it. Even if it ended up being the rumoured Battlefront II and UFC 3, I may not have followed through. Back to RDR2 I go
  11. Yeah. The main reason for going with comic avatars is simply because of it having a larger database. I’m not going to find character portrayals for all workers otherwise. Play around with a few things in the graphics side. Find what you like and build up from there.
  12. Downloaded, installed, trialed. I'll be completely honest. I'm not a fan. I can see what you were looking at doing so I'll go through what I saw as I saw it. Title Screen: the EWR logo doesn't work with the central image. The styles are very different. If anything, I'd possibly remake the EWR logo in a MARVEL style and work the main info in upon that in some way. Background: Basic. I like basic. Not sure if the whole black theme works overly well within the "scenario" but I do like basic. The logos in the top left and top right of the image don't work for me because while in game, they're obstructed by the buttons/company logo. I'm not sure if it's everyone's tastes but I like my things looking clean. I won;t be going forward with my current one because, like I stated earlier, there's too much going on. Loading Screen: Stretches out as the image is not set to the correct dimensions. The characters in the image are correct except I'm not basing it on the MCU potrayals. for example. The worker pic for Captain America won't be Chris Evans playing Captain America, instead it will be using the avatars from here --> https://www.marvel.com/characters Internet Banners: I also have a tendency to make these fit in with the background, except this time round I think I'll be making them look more like the buttons on the main page, which is why the MARVEL banner has that border. I have made up the Daily Bugle so far. But was kind of stuck on what else to do after that. May do a recreation of the WHIH logo though. Hopefully, this doesn't come across like I don't appreciate the help, because I do. I just have a particular way of doing this with the GFX I use in game (In saying that, I don't actually play the game). If you want to get an idea of the things I do, I started doing mor pack things in the last few pages of this thread
  13. All good. I’ll check it out when I get home. I’m pretty picky with how my games look but I’m not everyone so if it fits the masses, it’s all good. It’s. It like people can’t chop and change to their tastes anyway 👌
  14. I've pretty much gone back to my default background anyway. There was too much going on in the other one. If you can get the others uploaded, I'll throw them on for me to have a look at.
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