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  1. Not forgetting to occasionally run the maintenance tool to clean up links that are no longer active.
  2. Ok update. I’ll maybe possibly likely do a split based on this months data(April: MTWM) but post-shake up. And I’ll try get around to updating the Ultimately Fed Warfare scenario someone was looking for earlier. maybe
  3. I’ve started playing the early access of TES: Blades. It’s decent for now but I know it’s going to get grindy eventually. It’s my first foray into this universe so I’m taking it in strides and may be missing a few things.
  4. I’m definitely gonna do an Infiiity War rewatch on Wednesday arvo. There are no double features happening where I am.
  5. I'm avoiding the teaser as I've been told there are quite a few spoilers in it and nothing will convince me otherwise. Got my tickets booked for 7:30 that evening. Unfortunately, some people won't be out of work for the earlier screenings but we always go together. I'm definitely excited.
  6. That's the most recent update of my variation of it. If memory serves well, It wouldn't take much to update it to current day (Basically a swap out of worker and staff files. The dropbox link is valid and still works. I'm going to play around with it and see what I can come up with. Gimme about a half hour.
  7. Now I feel like I need to play FMM. Haven’t picked up FM19 at all this season so this might be the go
  8. Never heard of it. Or MSP. I have no idea what the style is meant to be just by looking at the samples.
  9. How much time do you spend on a game? xD .
  10. Ok.. Sorry about the delay but I couldn't be bothered jumping onto the computer until now. The winner of the Sniper Elite package is @Howdy Cloudy https://i.gyazo.com/b0d7ea140e80f66b7c8e58a7bb4b59b8.mp4 I'll have the keys to you in a minute. Congrats! That's my humblebundle key backlog finally cleared out. so I'll keep an eye out for stuff upcoming and try and get something going in here again... Maybe... I'm just so lazy
  11. I just ended up running through areas to complete tasks. Gave up a few hours in. It’s not for me.
  12. It’s a patience thing. Just gotta wait until someone willing to do it comes along. You could try the belts request thread but it’s the same wait time.
  13. Tbf I’m in the same boat... though mine is more laziness 😂
  14. It’s not a worry. I forgot to do my thing here anyway 😂 I’ll get your keys today Baddar.
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