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  1. Drag and drop the DATA folder into the folder containing the DATA folder (I think its EWR4.2 by default). Overwrite all files.
  2. I have the mass effect games for 360 in my car. I'll check when I go home.
  3. Pretty much what is available on hopw is all there is. You'll just need to arsenic wages to a better amount or alter the data prior to starting.
  4. So it'll definitely take me 100hrs to complete as I'm easily distracted by shineys
  5. Done this up quickly to see if it is how you wanted it. Can't remember how to do Tag belts... Been a while. I might be able to get to the rest depending on when I knock off work tomorrow.
  6. Followed. Most likely won't come in. Is it weird that all your streams start too late for me?
  7. Redone. No knock on the other guys attempt, just a correction to get them in line with most other packs. For future reference @Cambrock223 put the border over the image and turn the belt -30.00 degrees to get the angle. Drop shadow is optional but does add depth. I usually go a 10x px with 50% opacity. Any chances of better quality pics? Dimensions are fine, just the quality with the dark background isn't fun. This is how they're looking as is I'm not sure if I'm even getting the right border for them.
  8. Throwback time-filling requests Not sure how you wanted it... .. .. No idea what cornellverse style is so if you could link me(?) but this is on the grey background as a filler for the time being and anyone else who may use them . . Belts are more of a hassle to do so I may or may not get to them.
  9. Besides "we're Alive" and "The Black Tapes" are any other ones there episodic audio drama? I'm running out again.
  10. My Memory of Us just came out on Steam. Real fun little puzzle game. Only part way through it so far but have enjoyed what I've experienced.
  11. Switch: breath of the wild Anything before that would be purely guessing like most of these lists can be. Sorry... PS3: The Last of Us. I bought the console for that game.
  12. Forgot this was on. Well worth the extra 36hr wait to see it. Jodie Whittaker is filling this role wonderfully.
  13. Yuh. @ToasterStrudelPepsi you can get it here It's the last section in the first post. Last one made was set to after SummerSlam.
  14. I've seen none of the DCEU... Is this a good place to start? Or should I actually do the Superman/Batman series first?

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