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  1. If you kill me, there is a receipt. Once the receipt is done, we're good. You come after me, I'll kill you again. If I'm riding away, don't follow me. If I stop, just know that I'm ready to kill you. Even after this and several more deaths, one guy followed me from Rhodes to the Bard Crossing/Dakota River. He kept trying to flank me but I ride in cinematic while watching the map so I always knew where he was. Another situation later in Blackwater had a guybriding around just shooting everyone. I shot him. Many times he died. Eventually rode up to me and gave me a perfect Bison Skin then left Blackwater 👌
  2. The archive folder is the .rar or .zip file you downloaded. You just need to extract it to somewhere and run it
  3. Is this for EWR or TEW? My guess is TEW as EWR has no installation. If it's EWR, make sure everything is removed from the archive folder and are all stored within the same folder. If it's TEW, I am of no help.
  4. Never thought I'd come across a thread made specifically for Lance Archer. Easy fix is to download the roster fix. Select Lance Archer in the workers screen Switch your fed number with the fed number in the top box. Done
  5. Sweet. I can retire from a lacklustre career 😎
  6. Most of mine was just gonna go on more stables/insurance but I can just use cash now. Guess it's just the bolt action then.
  7. I thought Mariah Carey was gonna be my top artist but she some how got pipped by R Kelly but I listen to a lot of random R&B/Hip Hop playlists and he's seemingly all over them. Top song was Gone by N'Sync. I have no words >.>
  8. I'm not even home yet and I've already spent the gold bars.
  9. I play it like a game. I know people aren't actually dying so I kill things and if someone sees, I kill them too. It's a continuous situation.
  10. I've not seen anything transfer over except the "Ultimate Edition" bonuses.
  11. I think most of us are just waiting for promoter mode
  12. Zombie stuff is fun. Dont have to worry too much about running people down. They're likely dead anyway. Kinda looking forward to jumping online tonight. We've just been hunting and stuff, grinding up stats and cash. Having comps between each other on the best skins etc
  13. Not naturally. Editing the data, Swapping out files & Editing .dat files are all part of the process to get an updated database running on your current game.
  14. I'm guessing that too many people want to use NXT in their WWE game.

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