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  1. @=BK= The "BREAK" part is actually hollow so I colored it myself Font: Text: Also the background if you wanted to make other ones
  2. @=BK= Eh... an attempt was made
  3. That's a hard thing to decide upon. NXT isn't actually "Playable" in these data sets as they are a developmental roster. Admittedly, most people probably do alter it so they can also book NXT in their games. I don't even think WWE Network is in the data yet either. Only shows on WWE atm are RAW and Smackdown Live. no NXT, no 205 Live. Adding the talent on an open contract to NXT will work but adding the at this point is of no use as the UK Show will likely not be added to the data in the near future. The same goes for the NXT titles.
  4. I haven't opened my game in a long time... I did dabble on Sim City 4 to try and create my own maps but my terrain work is terrible xD
  5. Moore... Roger Moore is more... No more...
  6. I don't have much time right now, but if anyone wants to use it, I've cleaned up the title pic
  7. It will fall under the same thing as "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher which hasn't and/or won't be changed. The only time I can see it happening in in the case of 'Broken' Matt Hardy because it's literally a different character where as the others are just names and the same character.
  8. Football Manager Touch 2017 (PC) 98/111 (88%) These challenges are draining. If I could holiday through them, it'll be much better. I'm gonna go lazy with the International Competition Achievements Door Kickers (PC) 22/43 (51%) This is basically a time filler game. Do a map here and there. Most achievements are just "Kill x amount..." "Rescue x amount.."
  9. I don't use anti virus so I don't see the problem every one does, but I've had zero issues with any files on the site.
  10. If you have any spare cash I'd consider picking up a SSD. It's more a preference than a necessity but if you play games that have a lot of loading/maps etc it definitely help in that aspect.
  11. Yeah, I'm not reading. I'm sure it is a much better story in that format but not what I can use in the time I listen. I'll look into it. Thanks. I'm 5 episodes deep into Hadron's Gospel Hour. Not sure what I was expecting but I am really enjoying it. I get a very Rick & Morty vibe from it even though I'm not a fan of the show itself.
  12. Thank you Sir. I'll add them to my list.
  13. Only if you clear the relate.dat first.
  14. But imagine how fast EWR would load!
  15. Upon @Apsham 's recommendation in another thread, I binge listened LimeTown today. 6 episodes about 3 hrs listening with about 10 minutes of advertising for Twin Peaks coming back <.< Seriously. 35 second advertisement 3 times every episode... Definitely a good listen though. I like the narrative and where the story came from to where it ended up. I really hope there's a season 2 coming but it can easily be left off where it is, obviously leaving you with questions but still good. Next up is probably Hadron's Gospel Hour. @GhostMachinehas recommended it and because it seeming has ended, I can listen through without waiting on episodes to come out.