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  1. Superheroes in EWR/TEW

    you want to have a lot of time on your hands and be excited for data entry.
  2. The EWB Co-Op Partners Thread

    I am always keen on a Rocket League game on steam but living in Australia, timezones and ping will be the main issues. I need to practice on foreign servers anyway, just in case my non-local friends can't play. If you add me, don't think of the 1200+hrs as an indication of skill. I'm silver level at best As for other games. I have tonnes of games I'm yet to touch on steam. It's easier if it's a local trying to play with but some games I should be fine out of Australia. http://steamcommunity.com/id/iAmRockyFeller/games/?tab=all If you want to have a look.
  3. Complete Your Collection

    Because I'm primarily a PC player, I haven't even considered the trophies on console. In saying that... 100% Complete - 111/111 Achievements. I forgot about this and just went on a grind to finish the last challenge. uninstalled and to be forgotten PS3 100% complete. 100% Complete Need to check this and above for trophies. Most will be done barring any online stuff. 67.55% Complete Just opened up the third island. Start off with pigeons and stunt jumps. Most Wanted Lists and Random Strangers are next then missions I'll probably won't worry about the trophies upon completion of the Liberty City Stories games. Most likely to be all online stuff and I don't want to play online.
  4. Belt requests

    Without the hairline it's not easy to pick that it's Baron Corbin
  5. Belt requests

  6. Wrestlemania Graphic Request

    I haven't down one for the "Battle of the Stars" match. I'm still trying to find some workable helms/moore pics to use. I even made a referee postman reigns and "Exam" isn't in the battle royal pic because I don't know who it is. Anything you want changed or altered, feel free to ask http://www.mediafire.com/file/d6e8ld1sq6cs863/tkasto.zip
  7. Wrestlemania Graphic Request

    I threw this together kind of based of the wm33 cards. Just to see if this is what you're after. Nothing special. If this is up to par, I'll try do the rest tomorrow as I am about to crash out. Any changes you'd like, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. EDIT* Also quickly, who is Mr. Edward King?
  8. Taylor Wilde (Early 2010) Sara Del Rey (Early 2010) Brie Bella (Early 2014)
  9. G1 Climax.

    Yes. But it takes a lot of file swapping by using the Event exploit. You'll need to decide on the dates and amount of days you want to run the tournament. Create a folder on Desktop and label it "G1 Climax" Inside this folder create as many folders as you are wanting days for your tournament. Label each folder with a different date for your tournament. Open Game Go to your events page and set the event date for the final day of the tournament. Open up your EWR Save folder (s1, s2 etc) Copy the event.dat file into the folder of the corresponding dat inside your "G1 Climax" folder. Then return to your game and change the date of the event to the date before. Repeat copy process and event date change until you have filled all dates and moved the correct in game file to the corresponding folders. e.g Final date is set to August 25 2017. Set the event to this date in game. Copy the event.dat file from your save folder and Place it into the folder labeled August 25 2017. Rinse. Repeat. When you come to play the tournament. make sure you have the earliest date inside your save folder. Play that day. fill your card. book your show. First round complete. After the show is finished, the game will progress to the next day Go into the created folders and take the event.dat file out of the date corresponding folder and move it to your save folder. From here you can book the show for a second night. This will not erase the previous night. REMEMBER! You MUST set ALL the dates on the first of the month as they cannot be altered if the month is already in progress. Try not to screw it up as I am not liable. OR if you're scared, just send me your game files and the dates you want and I'll package it all up nice and pretty for you.
  10. Well worth the watch.
  11. NJPW G1 Mod.

    I made a mock scenario a while back but it only includes Japanese workers. Don't expect it to work as well as you'd like it to though as the game isn't set up for certain things like this. It won't be hard to have every worker in game made available, they just won't be assigned to any promotions and all be free agents.
  12. 1996 request (EWR)

    @violentnewcontinent @maurosdelca I have two different 1996 scenarios. The "generic" one with no information and a MASTERS one set in August. Not sure if either of these are OG's or not 1996 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/jr6ja1ij3r5eupw/ewr_1996.zip Masters - http://www.mediafire.com/file/9wl5g91cbuld21p/ewr_1996_Aug_MASTERS.zip Another person that has a lot of scenarios, including WIP, was @SpanishMen Though I'm not sure if they're still around.
  13. I get the warning page but I've not had issues downloading. It has to be something on your end. I use Firefox too.
  14. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Besides purchasing and hoping for the best?