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  1. How have you found RDR2 so far? Are you doing story or did you jump straight into online?
  2. Made it as far as completing the 4 Star Legendary Bounty before realising that it will be hard to continue with just the two of us. I wonder how high it goes?
  3. This is the reason I was happy doing it solo. Don’t trust any of my posse members to not die.
  4. Legendary Bounties. Not sure what you need to access them but I think they only appear occasionally. Posse or Solo. Cut scene in spoiler tags in case people want to see it in game
  5. A good starting point is always PSD-Dreams http://psd-dreams.org/categories.php?cat_id=2117
  6. I’ve completed Collector ranks. Not quite finished the collections but am slowly getting there. I’ve maxed the Outlaw Pass level. Slowly building trader and bounty up to the wagon levels.
  7. Ooooooh that sounds fun. I’ve hit 14 in collector. Might focus on levelling Trader up. I want the hunters wagon.
  8. The metal detector is my best friend. Just using maps and cinematic travelling with the detector in hand has found me a lot of items and xp. Also the salvage event is pretty fun. Get a few items there too.
  9. I’ve not been disconnected once since the update though I had expected it. Edit: just signed in, rode about 300yrds... DC
  10. I’ve not really focussed on challenges because I’m not going to do the event ones. I might start doin the Roles Challenges though. Just for that slight do boost. i need to put my head down and start doing some collections. Trading is a grind and I’ve not really dabble much in Bounty’s. I really need to get back into posses.
  11. I found her. She’s by Beecher Hope today. I got duck eggs but also can’t remember from where. Loon eggs are north of Blackwater on the Lower Montana River and Goose eggs are NxNW of Thieves Landing near the intersection heading NxWxE along the river.
  12. The damn gypsy lady moves around like a damn gypsy and I can’t find her. I found the bulrush she wants, just want to buy maps for the egg and arrow head 😐
  13. My favourite thing about the Collector so far is you can buy an eye patch from her. i also bought a dog straight away. Looks like a dirty version of my Labrador. He’s the best.
  14. So far I’m enjoying the update. 35 gold for the Outlaw Pass, 15 gold each for the roles (Trader is free for PS4, just go to the post office) costly and early on the payout isn’t great but you can see you’ll do well. Tip for Trader: set up camp in Bayou Nwa and just hunt gators. You can carry them back to camp if you get a good spot. Collector is basically the Cigarettes cards etc with several item types. So back to searching every nook and cranny. Also loot people. I found an antique bottle on a Murfee Brood guy after defending a camp. Yet to try Bounty hunter but my guess it may be more PVP based. But hopefully not.
  15. Because it’s been a while, it’ll take a bit longer but there are files I can have ready prior to release of the October data. All up it won’t take longer than a couple hours. Just wondering if I should wait until after the Draft.
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