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  1. What's the best expansion pack ever?

    GTA IV is definitely my favourite. Even the mechanics in every chapter was different to the last. The bike control in TLaD made it so much fun to rip around the city. and each one was set in a different part of the city of which you didn't really venture to during the other chapters. It was very well put together. Undead Nightmare is also up there. added a whole different spectrum to the entire game.
  2. Latest split data

    I do one for every release. It will always be at the bottom of the original post in this thread.
  3. General Gaming Thread

    I have no idea but I want it.
  4. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Humble bundle. Free game. Homefront. Link. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/homefront
  5. TEW Graphic Requests

  6. The General Podcast Thread

    Once I heard Emily I hoped it was Frickard. Man, I hate that guy. I'm looking forward to the next one to see if there's any form of retaliation to the past two episodes.
  7. So the same as I had done for July(?) where it was a split data but had nothing but WWE Brands and WWE Workers etc?
  8. The Split Data link has been updated in the original post. Remember. I will only post the most current data at the very bottom of the opening post. If you are after an older one, just ask as I still have the links and the files on hand if needed. If you want a specific one made up, just let me know and I'll see what I can throw together. Added 205 Live and WWE Performance Center (Live Events) as playable brands in case anyone was interested in giving them a go.
  9. Tara Reid and Dean Cain.

    I remember watching it because of Rachel Leigh Cook.
  10. The Last of Us

    I can't remember exactly where in game it was but I was at the point where I would just run through and hope I don't get caught. I want to say the sewers? It's been a long time since I played it.
  11. I know in previous updates (Possibly Bills days) there were about 40-50 Production workers in the WWE Staff in game. You only need one. I think it was decided that we'd focus more on what the production teams does and used it for those who are on TV but don't have a worker role. People doing the Backstage interviews, the pre-show panelists and ring announcers were originally in the data as workers which was deemed pointless. If there are any production staff to be added I'd go with (These are how I add them for my Split DATA and are not what I'd call correct. merely random estimation) Using your layout; Name/Position/Age/Talent/Wage/ Mike Rome/Production/31/73/23000 Kayla Braxton/Production/25/67/21000 Greg Hamilton/Production/32/70/22000 Dasha Fuentes/Production/29/April/72/23000 Christy St Cloud/Production/31/65/18000 Cathy Kelley/Production/29/September/69/25000 Charly Caruso/Production/30/73/23000 D.A Brewer/Referee/34/70/22000 Jessika Carr/Referee/26/June/68/21000 Move Tom Castor to WWE Vic Joseph/Announcer/33/69/19000 I would even consider moving JBL and David Otunga to different roles. Otunga more for the time being but I believe JBL is finished with announcing. I would probably go with Production.
  12. AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    I'd agree that the season has been dragging these past few weeks. Like above, the story is jumping around each episode so you're not even sure what the time line is atm. Feels like it'll be DragonBall-esque with this whole season taking place within this one day. I'll keep watching it upon release because I know if I don't, I won;t catch up. It happened with Vikings, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad etc. I need to watch those xD
  13. TEW Graphic Requests

  14. The General Podcast Thread

    As much as I'd love to, I prefer to wait while driving. So definitely Monday. I was going to listen to it on Friday but I wanted to finish the last few episodes of The Bridge.