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  1. 100% Progress: 30 of 30 This game was a lot of fun. The challenges (last 3 achievements) absolutely did my head in. Worth it in the end. 100% Progress: 107 of 111 Like above, the challenges are a freaking grind. Only a few left to do.
  2. ...and done. Just a quick one. Added TV, Staff, Belts (Suspended) No events. Set as a regional company. Open contract workers with WWE etc etc
  3. I can throw that together. I'll use the July 2012 data as it would be more accurate for the June start. gimme about half an hour and I'll do a quick one.
  4. I've put 234 backgrounds onto the market for sale... Not too bad so far. Sold 10 and made near $6. I just want them gone in a couple weeks so I know I have Fire Pro covered.
  5. I think it was the apple that made me lose it more. I was trying to explain to my son why I was laughing and who Carlito is.
  6. Finally finished. Great viewing. When Carlito came out at the house, I just lost it.
  7. I'm up to episode 6 now. Haven't started. Was up to 1am watching the first 5. Had things to do this morning so I've had to hold off. Doctor Who can wait. I'm finishing GLOW.
  8. Another Scenario. WCW Buys WWF. Roles were reversed. WCW have gone big. WWF have dropped off the face. Try not to play as "IGNORE" Please. Link in original post.
  9. New Scenario added. An attempt at an Anti-Trust. Basically split WWE into 5 promotions. Link in opening post.
  10. Once I saw Salt & Pepper Diner, I knew exactly which joke it was. Love some John Mulaney, including "I'm not going to rape you. I'm a little boy"
  11. Well.. I guess I know what I'm spending my weekend watching.
  12. It's on sale for $5 quite often, as it currently is on steam. You may have picked it up then as an impulse buy.
  13. Trust an EWBer to call him out on it.. I'm in
  14. Has anyone watch GLOW on Netflix yet? It's apparently a comedy about the promotion starting up starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron.
  15. I recommend it but then that's coming from someone that played it a lot.