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  1. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Civilization III is free on humble bundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete Roughly 36 HRS remaining at the time of this post.
  2. General Gaming Thread

    Was Project Cars good? I never got around to installing it after picking it up through Humble.
  3. Small Graphic request

    That logo looks perfectly fine to me. The only thing I'd consider change, as a preference, is lift the crown a little higher just so that it's sitting more on the head rather than the beak. I am in no way a bird expert nor do I have any knowledge in how a bird would wear a hat if they could.
  4. General Gaming Thread

    Welp. There goes my intention of picking it up this weekend.
  5. What kind of music do you like?

    If I had to pick a preference, turn of the century hip hop. 98-2001 was probably my favourite time frame followed by 90's gangsta rap. Growing up in rural NZ, rap was relatable to a lot of the upbringing there. It got to the point where we'd even have to deal with our own "Bloods vs Crips" morph into an even more ridiculous Capulets vs Montagues. Yes... Those Capulets and Montagues... But on topic. the above would suffice.
  6. As pretty elusive as this file is, I have it. The one I want and can't find is Arsenic Editor 4.4. 4.5 is everywhere but 4.4 doesn't have the wage issues.
  7. https://m.mediafire.com/view/aa4f07rm55b18di I'm on mobile ATM so hopefully this link works.
  8. TEW 2013 updates

    Not here. TheWho eventually moved onto 2016 like everyone else. You'll probably have more luck over at GDS if they have modders who are still committed to the previous versions
  9. General Gaming Thread

    As long as they don't force me to create an account with them, or force their 'Ratings" and "Agenda" on to me, I'll be happy. Actually, as long as they don't touch Humble Monthly. It's basically all I get from there now.
  10. Complete Your Collection

    100% Complete(Incl. DLC) - 31/31 Achievements This game is really good. Definitely has replay value using different combinations of characters and the Workshop/custom scenarios add some interest also. There is a lot of repetition but once you get into a rhythm of everything working, you can proceed a lot quicker. I played through 4 full 80 day games and a few smaller ones just to finish off the achievements. 28% Complete - 17/60 Achievements Another great game that needs a lot of play-throughs to complete. So many different options that can lead down a different path. I'm yet to start the DLC but I'm looking at completing the main game 'Cheeves first. 90% Complete - 9/10 Achievements Yet another game with a massive amount of replay games. Coming across different endings is a great story in itself and everyone needs to play this. The last achievement required is the one where you must play for the entire 24hr period of a Tuesday. (Yes I obviously cheated the "5 year" achievement and the one with the coding in the games files) 100% Complete - 33/33 Achievements This was a fun game for sure. I could probably go back and fill it out with a lot of Workshop Content and play around with that. The last achievement took me 137 in game years to complete ("Storymode" lasts about 50 i think) That's where I'm sitting right now on Steam. Yes those are all FM17 achievements. I think they're ranked as "Rarest" simply because I play FMT and obviously those others who do/have don't play it all that much. Edit** Forgot to add one.
  11. Custom Bullet Club logo

    Bored xD
  12. The Hustle Muscle

    I only have facebook to sign into games. What friends I have on there are only so they can know each other exist xD I'm a long way of maxing out my team. Currently using a 3-Star Jobber, 3-Star Pro, and a 3-Star Superstar. I have other superstars but I need to grind to get them to a level where I can use them.
  13. The Hustle Muscle

    So I can play it in Australia just by simply not downloading it from the play store. Its quite fun. I think I played about 6HRS total last night. It is definitely going to be a game with a lot of grinding if you're looking to collect all characters etc.
  14. The Hustle Muscle

    Looked it up but it's not available in Australia so I might have to get creative with it.