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  1. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Formula 1 2015 is free on humblebundle.com for the next several hours.
  2. Using Bill's last update September 2015. Akira Hokuto Sonny Onoo Kensuke Sasaki
  3. The General Podcast Thread

    Has anyone listened to this yet? https://www.wolverinepodcast.com Wondered if anyone had thoughts before I paid for a stitcher account to listen to it.
  4. Still a couple weeks away but I'd suggest holding off until aftern Mania. There will a fair few changes taking place in the weeks after that so just work on releasing the May update and skip April
  5. Belt requests

    Nope. I don't. Did I do that? I'll try get something done if I have time.
  6. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Has anyone tried Northgard yet? I'm interested in picking it up but just want to know if it plays as good as it looks. Not really worried about online play atm.
  7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    But how will he know that Danny Rand is the Iron Fist?
  8. The General Podcast Thread

    I'll look into that one before deciding. Thanks.
  9. The General Podcast Thread

    My audible account has rolled over and I have a credit to use. Looking for a suggestion. Currently only listened to the two X-Files releases, Ready Player One and Locke & Key so far. @LittleDaniel had suggested His Dark Materials Trilogy and I was curious if the Audible version was correct. Or even if someone else has another suggestion which may have a full cast or just a well read story of a similar vein as above. Thanks
  10. Complete Your Collection

    Achievement Progress: 22 of 31(71%) Thankfully covering 100% of the roadways are not achievement like in ETS2 but I will try to finish it because I think it'll eventually pop up after a few more states open up.
  11. lmao Die Hard 6

    I think I liked The Last Boyscout... It's been a long while though.
  12. General Gaming Thread

    tfw when you realise you have Mount Your Friends 3D but have no friends willing to join you for a mounting
  13. I've updated my GFX to be inline with the data and included a MLW logo and the modified NJPWUS logo. This also includes a banner and a user logo (for those using my pack - Just select the "user_' option when selecting a logo for your company) These work best with my pack but I can't see why they couldn't be used alternatively. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ft55jq11u2gbm3z/rky_gfx_318.zip
  14. Setting up my game

    I make brand split data every month, though not this current release. You can use mine as a base if you'd like. The last spoiler of the first pist is the split data. Have a look and let me know if that's what you're after. I can help if you need it.
  15. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Fanatical (Formerly Bundlestars) have a Lethal League deal right now. I claim a key then link someone where they can redeem a key... Or something. Anyway I have it so here's the keys BVA2B-M77M8-RT9L3 BVH05-RE363-EL34I212-8ff5-a