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  1. Short answer? No. Long answer? Not that I'm aware of. Not on this site, anyway.
  2. These were floating around a while ago. Looks like her NXT mask
  3. it was free on steam about a week ago. Humble a few months back, I think
  4. I will be updating my privacy policy. You don't have to do anything, just know we have your privacy policied.

  5. Started Firefly. A co-worker and I have opted to watch one episode a night to discuss the next day. it's not that easy to watch only one episode.
  6. Is it sad that I'm excited for the sale purely because there might be an sale event with badges and I have 100 badges locked and ready to craft? Yeah. Me too
  7. I won't lie to you. I'll probably never get around to playing it. So instead, I'll send you the key. Enjoy.
  8. I'd pay if I had a pair of two's
  9. There was one released, I believe, with mkpunk's initial update. From there he updated the pics monthly as you'd see with the zip file.
  10. Anyone else using the Razer Gamestore? I'm liking it so far. Basically living off the $15 off (when spending over $30etc) coupon to buy games at a decent price. Right now I'm flipping between Battletech (Can get for $17.99), Frostpunk ($13.05 if buy something else for about $3) or a bunch of Marvel/DC lego games for about $15. If I get Frostpunk, I get another $15 code. which is tempting. EDIT** Actually I'll wait until the weekend and see what comes through for humble monthly. Knowing my luck with it <.<
  11. That's how boring the show was. I forgot that match happened
  12. Raw and smackdown live will always release their developmental talent over the first week, plus whoemever else they need to to get their roster number down to the required minimum.
  13. Achievement Progress: 31 of 31(100%) Those last few were a grind. Literally spent the last 3+hrs driving across 3 states, obeying the road laws and making sure I rested, stayed fueled up, and my hauls weight limit was exceptionally high (170,000lbs). This one delivery got me the last 4 'cheeves I needed. Now to scrap that save and start fresh with no distractions like "I need to divert through these towns" Achievement Progress: 52 of 60(87%) The grind begins. Have to push for level 100 (Currently 51). Have to get 1000 kills in one game mode (Currently 158). Have to collect ALL weapos across three grades (This will take munnies). Have to get good. (This is the hardest part.