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  1. May's games with gold have been announced: Super Megabaseball 2: May 1st- May 31st Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: May 16- June 15th Streets Of Rage 1, 2 and 3: May 1st-May 15th Vanquish: May 16th-May 31st
  2. Dang117

    WWE 2K18

    With the money in the bank is possible to have two winners? One male and one female this year would fit in with what happened this year.
  3. Universe mode seems messed up I just ran NXT and placed two title matches and the show seemed to expand to like 14 matches which I've never seen before has anyone else experienced this yet? It seems a common glitch as I've seen people complaining on the ign boards about it aswell as youtube
  4. There seems to be an issue in universe mode when it comes to tag team matches, I've played two so far on my first show which was The New Age Outlaws and Golden Truth it would only let me control one guy throughout the match which seemed rather strange as in the edit menu it gave me the option to control both members. Then the second was a divas tag team match with Bayley and Sasha Banks vs The Bella Twins but it only gave me Bayley vs Nikki Bella with both corners having a vacant slot for the where the tag partner should have been,
  5. anyone up for a game now? greggors95 is my psn for those who dont have me
  6. i can play soonish if anyone wants a game
  7. will come on in the next 10 minutes mate.
  8. im free at 7 anyway but am able to play from 5 onwards.
  9. i'm free all day today not in work due to being ill so if you're free @Baddar anytime from now just let me know
  10. @Baddarsorry this weeks been mental for me. whats the earliest you can do tomorrow?
  11. weekdays for me consist of working till 6 and not getting home 7. so tomorrow will be best for me at about 7/7.30. @Baddar
  12. only just got back in from work can do tomorrow night about 10ish
  13. i have never been as abused as i was in that game then it ended 7-1 to @David Marrio it was just shocking
  14. i will be still on yeah and mine and tco's game ended 1-0 was just hard to break down didn't deserve to win at all and was a fair result.

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