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  1. Slovakian 3rd division!
  2. Free Australian feeder club for every FA Cup winner!
  3. Combine the French League and English League Cups and only have them open to lower league teams from both countries.
  4. Overrated? If Chelsea make top 4 and win a couple of trophies, you'll be sarri.
  5. Under a 92 team league, does top 16 qualify for the champions league?
  6. I am suspicious of the amount of 49 year old EWB'ers that have a birthday today.

    1. Tkasto


      I have no idea why you would think that. :P

  7. Mick loves shit posting, judging by these statuses.

  8. He's also one of the two most adorable Manchester United players I've known of. He seems like a hugger.
  9. So how many years before United give Jose a second chance, just like Chelsea?

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