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  1. Aye, and today is Cornell's birthday. I can't imagine he hasn't been planning this on some level for the past couple of months.
  2. BOOOOO. I really wanted closure Also new Batman and TWD as if they weren't already expected.
  3. By far my favourite Tekken track since Tekken 3's double whammy of Jin and Hwoarang's stage themes.
  4. This was what I went with. Vaan - Knight/Archer - Knight for his power ability to tank, and gives access to white magic to take advantage of his magic stat. Archer gives range if needed and access to light armor. Ashe - W.Mage/Bushi - Bushido provides good speedy attack with her atk and mag stats, whilst white mage provides healing and access to support magic. Unfortunately it means she only has access to mystic armor, but since she's only going to be attacking up close in speed, she doesn't need great defence, just to be able to jump in quick when needed and jump back out for support. Penelo - B. Mage/Monk - Best magic user for Black Magic on attack, and Monk gives access to higher level white magic as well Light Armor. Since she's a ranged fighter she doesn't need heavy armor. Balthier - Shikari/Uhlan - Shikari to take advantage of his speed and light armor, Uhlan provides aerial attack with spears (second fastest attacking weapon) and heavy armor for protection since he'll be close range. Basch - Foebreaker/T.B. Mage - Foebreaker for sheer power to tank and heavy armor, and TB Mage for support. Fran - Machinist/R.B. Mage - Secondary magic user for the weakest character in general, and machinist gun doesn't rely on stats for attack which works to her advantage.
  5. Yeah, LRK was more like a brunette Jackie with less depth and took jokes about sleeping around much better, the new one is just mean and dull. Shame as I was looking forward to Fez's interactions with her.
  6. That 70s Show Season 6
  7. Never seen her, didn't watch the reveal, but hope she's good. Glad it's not Marshall, I liked the guy as Nick in My Family and his appearance in Love, Actually, but something about him didn't quite sit right with being The Doctor for me.
  8. Anyone got any guides on who to give what jobs? I was going to wait, but I dislike levelling up but not being able to use my LP on anything.
  9. A young Jim Rash in That 70s Show
  10. Something about the way that is shot feels... too clean? I'll absolutely watch cause of the calibre of those involved, but it looks a little bit too bright to me for some reason.
  11. It's a fantastic game for scenery, interesting characters, a great world, and a wonderful soundtrack, but for a game... the gameplay ain't great. I'm hoping the Zodiac Age changes to the gameplay make it more fun, but honestly the gameplay was not fun at all for me when in battle.
  12. Went up with the best goals for and against. Absolutely stunned it happened so fast. I knew Brighton had enough about them to get promoted, but I honestly expected a season or two and going up by play offs. To have trounced the league is unreal. So here's 10 years in management: I've put in some major reconstructive research and am carefully buying players needed. So far both the first team goalkeeping unit has been demolished, one is being kept on as a mentor, I'm working on buffing the defence as they're getting old, but not enough talent out there for my tastes so I'm holding out for winter/next summer, and a bit of rebuilding for midfield which isn't particularly weak, but needs some backup as they're very thin and one of them is over 30 (Lewis Baker, who weirdly enough was one of my "legends" in my long running Leicester save a couple of years back).
  13. Damn Even at the shop's worst, he and Eric were great.
  14. There's a mild chance of us getting back-to-back promotions, just like I did with Barrow. What do you guys think?