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  1. Finally got around to this year's Sherlock. Spoilers for all...
  2. 12 hours is fine so long as that's the story they want to tell. Last of Us is about 15 and that's GOAT for me.
  3. Such a Rita Repulsa :/
  4. Weird question, I know, but how big was Saved By The Bell in America? Like, was it a significant part of pop culture in any way or was it just "a kids show that they happen to really like and identify with"?
  5. Muffle master race!
  6. I cannot put my finger on what Olyphants character reminds me of. Also a little disappointed at the zombie element of it, I thought it was just going to be a straight "couple keeps murdering folk" black comedy. Still going to watch it though.
  7. This is amazing.
  8. Quite right, they can't be found naturally, didn't realise that it was an Island Scan 'mon.
  9. So... Uh... Did Ryan Reynolds just reveal who Cable will be played by?
  10. tbf, coming up against ghost and dark are your only worries there, and ghost types are equally at risk from your ghosts so that is somewhat moot. All you need is a bug, fairy or fighting type to take out potential enemies. Azumarill has a fairy and a fighting type move in its moveset, and if you can get one with the Huge Power ability then it's pretty beastly too, plus it completes the "start type trio" of water/grass/fire you started with Marowak and Decidueye which can form a solid base of any team.
  11. We're British, we bag our own groceries, thank you very much
  12. RE: your spoiler Jimmy (episode 1-4 again).
  13. Getting a massive itch to play FFVI again but don't want to start until that rumoured FF Collection is confirmed. This is going to be like waiting for X all over again
  14. You aren't even trying to get better (I kid, I have never seen the Spy Kids films, they could be great for all I know, I just wanted to make a joke)