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  1. We doing any kind of live thread for the finale or just doing reactions in spoilers here?
  2. When did they say that?
  3. Pretty common for Borderlands to have DLC. They're more like expansion packs, not just a random DLC. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep is amongst the best DLC around.
  4. Does this mean Mass Effect can be played on PS4?
  5. I'm sure I'll adjust to it in time, but I really don't like the new Claptrap voice at the moment. Nothing to do with the contraversy behind it, changes happen, I get that, but I don't like the performance in comparison to the old one. It feels a bit like when Pirates of the Caribbean 2 came out and instead of feeling like Johnny Depp playing "Jack Sparrow as Keith Richards" to a regular script, it felt like someone wrote Jack Sparrow from the start and just feels unnatural. Hoping my opinion changes in time.
  6. The biggest thing that bothered me...
  7. FernGully also has Tim Curry.
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