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  1. Comic Book Films & TV

    Yeah, I think I was sold by "why would we do that?"
  2. Ignore this, the draft sent Anderson and Gallows over to a seperate brand.
  3. General Television Thread

    Yeah, that was by far the worst episode since the revival for me. Did absolutely nothing for me. They were trying to be quirky and artsy and it just falls flat on its face and felt utterly like it was completely out of sync with the X-Files universe.
  4. Comic Book Films & TV

    Why is hooker derogatory? Its origins aren't even well established so it's not offensive for that reason.
  5. Final Fantasy

  6. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves have been commentating together almost constantly together for 4 years and are arguably the best pairing WWE has. Any chance we can get them having chemistry in Announcer Experience?
  7. Three minor weight changes I think would be closer to reality: Dolph Ziggler increase to middleweight Zack Ryder increase to middleweight Elias increase to middleweight Lightweight is the Cruiserweight title size and I can't see any of those guys making the cut. without the month or two required from asking them to lower their size.
  8. Add Lucha House Party to WWE stables - consisting of Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik, Lince and Metalik seem to be teaming somewhat regularly too so possibly add them as a tag team with lowest experience Possibly add Balor Club to WWE stables - consisting of Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, they aren't regularly teaming but they're acknowledged as a unit and work together occassionally Remove Zo Train from WWE stables - they haven't existed for nearly three months in any form Change Buddy Murphy's (Matt Silva) size to lightweight, add him to WWE Brand #1 (RAW), and change his division to "Cruiserweight" Change Cesaro & Sheamus' tag team name to "The Bar" Jeff Jarrett can presumably be removed from starting absences now since his appearance at the Hall of Fame Alpha Female has reportedly started taking bookings again so can be removed from starting injuries Johnny Gargano has had two absolutely massive babyface performances at the last two Takeovers, I'd increase his rating there to around 90 personally, ditto Ciampa and his heel performances.
  9. Comic Book Films & TV

    Bwahaha, she looks like a New York hooker.
  10. General Television Thread

    Santa Clarita S2
  11. General Gaming Thread

    Man, I really hope that game lives up to the hype. I freaking adored Web of Shadows and one of the PS1 Spidey games, and WoS was an incomplete mess too, so my expectations are pretty high for this.
  12. Sony Megathread

    Oh fuck, I forgot NNK2 had dropped. I am so far behind.
  13. Sony Megathread

    This, pretty much. Never ever do two shooting games at the same time, or platform games at the same time etc.
  14. Sony Megathread

    Yeah, I really want to start it when I have plenty of time, because I hear it is a lot like Witcher 3 and that took me a good month of playing, so probably going to do the two Telltale games this week, start InFamous, then alternate between Horizon and InFamous in my two weeks off methinks.