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  1. That is inexcusable considering how long it's been delayed. So sick of companies shipping out incomplete and bugged games.
  2. Crash is going to grab loads of casual people. For a lot of people my age, women in particular, Crash Bandicoot is very fondly remembered.
  3. God damnit apsham, I'm not going to be able to wait til the Xmas break if you keep this up :@
  4. I was thinking with the news that I might do a play-along with y'all if anyone's interested. Thinking of doing a chapter a day, or every couple of days, depending on what people want/if they want to do it at all, set out as so: Hometown/The Quarantine Zone The Outskirts "Abandoned" Town Pittsburgh The Suburbs The Dam The University Lakeside Resort Bus Depot The Lab/Jackson Quote marks to avoid minor spoilers. Anyone interested? May be a good time for anyone contemplating a "Grounded" play through.
  5. I thought I didn't, but apparently I do so long as they are consenting.
  6. This isn't right at all. Where's the kindly old grandpa who we all love who makes everything better and who could take us down to the Conference and I'd still love?
  7. What is this I don't even?
  8. Season 2 confirmed.
  9. Ah fair play. I thought that was weird cause I was taking your comment into consideration as a "if I don't treat this like an FF, I might enjoy it", so your original comment stuck in my head
  10. Episode 2...
  11. Finally got around to it, first episode made me angry in all the right ways.
  12. Yeah, just mistyped with all the new stuff.