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  1. That doesn't even make any sense :/ Hopefully this link works.
  2. I wrote out a full thing of my formation and instructions and everything and it hasn't posted :/
  3. My exact same thought. The trash that they have put out, they really need to be more careful and take their time.
  4. Neat. Also, on iZombie season two and I definitely see the Buffy comparisons now. Could still do with more regular and significant appearances from the female characters outside Liv, but the core cast is solid anyway.
  5. So are we assuming it's an anthology series? An original story based in the same universe? Something else?
  6. I wasn't a big fan of it. It was okay, but I struggled to bother finishing it. Also, TIL to the second part.
  7. Barrow and Wales 2022/23. Transfer deadline day and half my squad now hates me because they got transfer offers I refused, and I didn't want to risk the wage budget giving them all increases with a year or more left on their contracts. Went to board expecting a final showdown that would result in me quitting because they weren't going to fund my wage budget, but they agreed first time of asking. So... thanks other teams for offering for my players so they get the wages they deserve, I guess?
  8. Given the history of King adapted to TV, mine is not. Even less so since the best they could manage for a teaser was just a list of King works
  9. Magic. Also only key highlights, assistant dealing with friendlies and just playing in the background whilst doing other stuff.
  10. Barrow and Austria 2021/22. Something of a dull season, only ever wound up between 13th and 16th, but even despite some drops in form we never looked like being relegated. A helpful season for seeing who could make the Championship jump though, as I've cleared out a lot of players who have been with me from the start at Barrow sadly, because despite handling the season, they were largely getting on and wouldn't improve. So I've bought in 12 players all under 23's who have potential to be better and are either equal current ability or better. It also meant I improved my wage budget which needed rebalancing after several good players asked for increases last season. Spent under £500k on the transfers, and got a couple of players on the cheap who should have been way more expensive. Also tried to bring in a few wingers as my lack of them left us restricted to playing narrow last season, which isn't a tactic I can see working at this level and beyond. Frustratingly I had five decent keepers last season, but only one of them remains as others we were offered too good to turn down deals or simply weren't good enough, so I'm probably going to have to loan a backup keeper in. Barrow and Wales 2022/23. Oh, and also I'm now fluent in German just in time to be offered the Wales job, which I took because fuck Austria
  11. Ten episodes into iZombie and I'm enjoying it, but have two issues... So far it's not something I'd suggest watching off-hand, but it's not something I'd turn anyone away from if they were interested either. I'm hoping the Buffy comparisons get stronger soon as that had a pretty middling first season too.
  12. Aye, hard Brexit and Gibraltar as the only dissenter.
  13. Looking back through the career so far. Andre Brown, we made you an U23 squad member for a season and then let you go because your potential dropped massively
  14. Barrow and Austria 2021/22 hit Jan 1st 2022 last night and we're floating around 14th-16th consistently and have held our own against some of the leagues top teams, even scraping draws and a 3-0 thumping against teams in the top six, but we can't maintain that consistency to get any higher. Barring a major collapse, I feel like we're going to hit 50 points fairly safely, and I don't think we even need that much to stay up. I'm honestly coasting until another job comes up at the moment. I've even applied to League One teams that I know will have better growth opportunities, but they won't take a shot on me even though I managed back to back promotions including getting out of that league with the lowest wage budget in the competition. Heck, I keep telling teams I'll work with lower budgets than offered just in the hope they might take me but it isn't happening. I still have £25,000p/w left in my £100,000p/w wage budget, and £500k in the transfer kitty, but nobody worth their salt wants to come to a team who pays their best players around £4,000p/w for Championship level football, and I refuse to sign more anyway until I offload some of the folks I have brought up the leagues with me, plus I want to keep some money fresh in case I am still here at season end and need to negotiate some contracts (two or three major players are running short as I was hoping to jump sideways to another Championship team and snag them on the cheap as utility players). I had hoped to qualify with Austria for the World Cup and have some warm up games to break the monotony of Barrow, but I don't even have that to look forward to now. I have at least convinced them to expand the stadium since we've sold out almost every league match this year, and by the end of the season I should have my A license, so at least there's that. I'm also now contracted to two more seasons past this one but at a low wage and with a management offer clause that reduces compensation, so I may as well settle back in until someone wants me.