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  1. If I pre-order through Steam now, it won't charge until the day of full release, will it? Like I won't get charged when the beta becomes available?
  2. Original Resi? Wonderful!
  3. Don't be silly, Niner always comes early
  4. He's applying to be England manager, not to be a winger at Sunderland :/
  5. There's only one man for the job. @stokeriño, ready to dust off that Hexagon and do the final leg one last time for England?
  6. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was okay, but a bit of a let down compared to Ghost Protocol.
  7. In that it's third person, presumably
  8. Honestly, I know series beyond VII haven't been great, but I've still liked them. Even coming back from a decade it was still okay, but that episode was just totally unfunny. Not in a "this is painful way", just in a "none of this is landing at all" way. Plus it suffers from that awful thing BBC does with sitcoms where every other line has a laugh track.
  9. Ditto, "see yourself on the touch line" was an absolutely miserable key selling point. I'd rather they just said they improved the basic AI than that aesthetically useless BS again.
  10. It is a feature that wasn't there last year. It's a feature. It's a shitty marketing ploy, but it's not a lie. It's like TNA saying "former World Champion" when it's a former World Tag Team Champion.
  11. One extra media comment is a technically a new feature. Not at all unfathomable.
  12. I am not entirely convinced that he doesn't have some role in this. I smell a Sith Master/Apprentice thing going on. Or at the very least there's a Scream style two-killers/trolls under the same mask/username.
  13. Aside from a few annoyances and not really being my idea of a faithful FF, Fantastic Four (2015) wasn't nearly as bad as I had been lead to believe at the start, and to a lesser degree through the middle. It was a decent sci-fi flick with good effects. Certainly not as bad as some would have had me believe, but not a film I'll particularly remember or want to go back and rewatch.
  14. Ted 2 was pretty good. Largely more of the same humour you'd expect that either is for you or isn't. Weird that Mila Kunis made absolutely no appearance in it though.