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  1. May as well if they aren't going to give him someone to help take the load off. He's been basically a non-entity all season because he's been figured out. Already got good backup in Damari. He's a great player, but he needs to play in a team of equally great players so that he isn't the focus.
  2. I'm nervous. We had two shit transfer windows last season, we still haven't had an official announcement on the manager's job, and there's no decently founded rumours about players we're looking at. We really need good, decent aged central defenders and a backup plan to get teams to stop marking Mahrez so much (cause he has had a shit season since teams figured "put 2 or 3 players on him and he can't move"), else we are going to wind up right back in a relegation battle again
  3. Yeah, Christ, don't put yourself through that. That season topped Dexter's last seasons for awfulness.
  4. So I believe the season has finished now - is it worth me bothering this season or did it end as a total mess again? Is Felicity a likeable goof again?
  5. Don't forget X-2 remaster is the International one, so it has extra stuff that wasn't on PAL PS2 version.
  6. Final Fantasy X 100% Progress: 34 of 34
  7. Final Fantasy X 100% Progress: 32 of 34 Grid full, all dark aeons beaten besides Yojimbo (who I'm keeping until last of the dark aeons in case I need to farm ribbon, but who is easily beatable), Dark Magus Sisters (who may wind up a massive pain in the bum), and Penance (who doesn't sound hard, just a grind). Will probably get the platinum for this tonight and then I can properly move onto getting RDR 100%'d over bank holiday weekend.
  8. Wasn't that released at the start of the year or have I missed something?
  9. No, no, we're talking about people who have played James Bond, not Superman.
  10. For me, the Bond rankings are: Dean Malenko Sean Connery Roger Moore Pierce Brosnan Daniel Craig Timothy Dalton George Lazenby
  11. Casino Royale was fantastic, and no Craig Bond film has come close since. I love campy Bond most of all though, so Craig will never be among my favourites.
  12. Well now I can't trust anything you say. It has Jaws falling in love IN SPACE. How can you not love that?
  13. Die Another Day has probably my favourite intro with the torture set to the Madonna tune and exchange of prisoners, but yeah, that film is awful.
  14. Brosnan was great, his films not so much. I think he was the perfect Bond for his era.
  15. Def good Bond. Preferred Connery in the role but Moore was a good second place.