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  1. The Uncharted Thread

    So who is getting it? Want a head count for multiplayer.
  2. General Gaming Thread

    Is it weird that following the Platinum demo I'm way more likely to get Persona 5 than FFXV? Seriously that demo has put me off something awful. Also, is it just me, or is hair this generation just terrible? Every single game I play this gen has hair that looks plastic. I mean, hair has never looked particularly great in games, but this gen it seems very very noticeable.
  3. Pokémon

    Creative tried pushing Team Rocket as a serious trio during the Black & White era and people didn't connect with it. Such Pokésmarks :/ Also @Stevie B was that you trying to get under @9 to 5's skin again?
  4. General Gaming Thread

    I really wish they'd do a port or remake of the KOTR games for PS4/XBO.
  5. Football Manager 2016

    I am cheating, just more broadly
  6. Football Manager 2016

    Real managers scout every single British player that comes in on youth intake day, and every single major European club too.
  7. Complete Your Collection

    Life Is Strange 100% Progress: 61 of 61 Episode 5 (major spoilers)... I also bought BTTF 30th Anniversary edition for future playing, but it's probably not going to get played for a while as Uncharted 4 comes on Tuesday, and I really want to platinum some more PS3 games (MIrror's Edge in particular before Catalyst is released, and the four of five Prince of Persia games I'm yet to platinum too) to make sure I have as little outstanding trophies as possible for the day PS3 online connectivity is finally removed.
  8. Complete Your Collection

    Oh and don't play Bliztball until the whole world is open to you and you can sign all the best players. It's still somewhat easy, but it'll save loads of time with a decent team.
  9. Final Fantasy

    Oh and it also comes not too long after a fight with Beatrix has something rare, in which the battle is timed and has a nice long sequence in between too. I love stealing in FFIX, I hate certain sections for stealing in FFIX.
  10. No no, just rof (sorry Nerf, couldn't resist!)
  11. I like that @ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster was on Facebook talking about how dirty Leicester were the other week, and then Spurs get a record breaking nine yellow cards in one game and a player is facing suspension for eye gouging
  12. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I wouldn't object to less centralized stories to be honest. Using the ensemble cast to full effect by having multiple on-going stories could be exactly what the show needs to keep it fresh, and lessen the feeling that the cast is getting a bit bloated.