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  1. Benji

    Random Music Thoughts

    If you take out the vocals then "Bulletproof" by La Roux could absolutely be a Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack song.
  2. Witcher 3 is one of few non-FF games at the length it is that I fully intend on playing through 100% again.
  3. https://v.redd.it/j9r0geoqht751
  4. I was looking for something to fill my animation gap until Owl House finishes its first season. Cast of that looks solid, so that will do nicely, ta.
  5. I find first person makes me struggle to feel like I am the person and not just a faceless ghoul when it is single player. BioShock is perhaps the one major exception to that rule, but that's largely because it's a specific choice given the story being told.
  6. I'm hoping it is designed like that to let air flow properly and not turn the console into a rocket launch like the last two consoles.
  7. It was a decent set of titles, but nothing made it feel like a day one purchase. More like a bunch of games I'd be happy to pick up on the cheap when I get it down the line. Not really sure what would have made it a day one purchase for me, mind. Did feel like a lot of missed Sony IPs (or games that - if not exclusive to Sony, still tend to be associated with them) though - no word on inFamous, no Wipeout, no God of War, no Uncharted, no Until Dawn, no Tekken, no Crash Bandicoot, no Spyro, no Kojima game, no Nioh, and a bunch more. I assume they will come in time, but right now I'm fine sitting on the sidelines, especially if it comes out with that £600 price tag that's been thrown about.
  8. Given that I don't think they have even set up their digital outreach to the UK yet AFAIK and Diamond are their exclusive distributor here, that seems a little like putting the cart before the horse.
  9. Cyclops is so weird to me as a character. As a kid he was a big ass boy scout, but these days he is a total badass who has some of the best nuance in comics. Almost all his decisions feel like they come from the character and not some forced place of where he needs to be for the story.
  10. For some reason I thought she was already out. Either way, good for her.
  11. I would totally watch this film
  12. Been feeling it too lately.
  13. He was the best thing about the show this far in, but also I don't like homophobes, sexists or racists. This is a net win and it's one I'd pick every time, but for my love of the show it's a real blow.
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