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  1. So I'm looking to get both myself and my other half some wireless earphones. Want decent audio quality (I'm not talking sound tech level or something, just something that doesn't sound like it's being played through a steel drum... unless it's music with that in it of course), at least 15 hours audio playback (can include this being because of a charging case) and be useable for workouts (IE: water resistant). Problem is I don't have a clue where to look, and I don't want to be spending more than £100 if I don't have to. Closest thing I could find was the Jabra Active 65T. Does anyone have any better suggestions or more informed suggestions than that please?
  2. Do you know why that is? Because nobody who has ever seen that movie will choose to watch it again. Why would you put yourself through that? It's the best film I will never ever watch again. Is it actually a Ni No Kuni adaption, or does it just share a thematic world?
  3. I'll be honest, since hearing Studio Ghibli will be on Netflix instead of going to Disney+ like I assumed it would, it's shot down a lot of my interest in the service.
  4. The loss of Santa Clarita Diet remains a crime I will never forgive Netflix for. That's the cancellation that made me start to feel like they were Fox from back in the day.
  5. Benji

    Cover Songs

    It feels like a while since we did one of these. Cover songs thread! Bonus points if you post the original too. Starting off with the below original, in which Andy Zaltzman's twin seems to have been in a band... ... it was later covered by my favourite band...
  6. Benji

    Doctor Who

    That's kind of my point, they are so superfluous to requirements, and this episode really showed that off. When Jodie is allowed to shine she really does it well. I think they need to go back to the one companion formula when introducing someone, and allow the chemistry to develop before tinkering.
  7. Benji

    Doctor Who

    Quite enjoyed episode four. My only complaints were that I really didn't care about the use of Edison, and it was basically an episode where the companions proved to be beyond pointless. These three are barely even a sounding board, there's three of them and I don't think I'd even slightly miss any of them after a year and a half. Ryan and Graham feel like they should have finished their arc after the appearance of Ryan's mum, and Yaz is constantly just kind of... there. Still all a million times better than Clara "Everything Important In The Universe Is Me" Oswald though.
  8. I think he's become pretty much persona non grata in the Supergirl show since his rather vocal support of Trump was revealed.
  9. Benji

    Doctor Who

    First two episodes, not seen the third yet.
  10. Benji

    Doctor Who

    I really don't care for Chibnall as a writer. He's so heavy handed with his messages, and his dialogue is very clunky which makes it even more awkward.
  11. Bastion Batman: Arkham City Dying Light Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil VII If you get around to any of these then let me know. They're all on my own backlog list and we can talk/share tips.
  12. This is my big concern too. For a show that never held off on moving forward on a plot point, it feels like they are really desperately clinging to this last final run and milking it. It's not bad, but it's very noticeable.
  13. Thanks for this suggestion. Started on the season noted and loving it. It's hilarious.
  14. Don't know how true it is, but there's speculation it's to do with Denuvo anti-piracy stuff. Don't see how that would affect consoles though so probably just bullshit.
  15. Finally caught up on Season 2...
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