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  1. Man, it is a damned shame so many people tuned out before season six, because honestly I think it is actually better than the amazing season one, and doesn't chicken out on the finale.
  2. Benji


    Oliver is whining because Felicity has a gun in a city where he is criminal enemy number one and she is his wife who also looks after his son, and he has also been in prison the last few months. It is Oliver's turn to be the moron this season.
  3. Oh right, some people didn't hear about that. Yeah, admitedly it came from a disgruntled employee, so take it for what it's worth, but he allegedly left a USB drive somewhere and it had a collection of underage porn on it.
  4. Randy Pitchford in "still somehow the worst executive in a industry full of shit executives" shock. Still bemused the guy didn't lose his job over the kiddy porn USB debacle.
  5. Using my lockdown to catch up more on shows I stopped watching and just working through season six of this. Really enjoying it, it's good to see the parralels between extremism both "home and abroad" coming to roost in the show, and Quinn continues to be an amazingly nuances character. Dar Adal really carries that quiet evil well, and Saul and Carrie being caught in the middle keeps the shows heart in place.
  6. Still really enjoying this season, is anyone here still watching? 😅
  7. Ah, I thought maybe there'd been some big blow up. To be fair his character has been treading water for a while, as far as disposable characters he was at that point if they weren't going to do anything new with him. Shame though, I love Brandon.
  8. Why was he made to leave?
  9. Something about the way Batwoman's pilot is shot is incredibly off-putting. Hope it gets changed for the main series. Wait, is he leaving or is the show ending? Cause that could read either way.
  10. I'm very middle of the ground on RDR2. For every positive there's a negative of almost equal value. It's a technical masterpiece, but it's certainly a flawed one, and one of many games this generation that struggles to understand that "open world" doesn't mean you have to have a lot of blank spaces. just to make the world bigger. If we're talking a total package, RDR1 has it beaten with no doubt.
  11. Original post links aren't working. Can anyone help? Looking for the game, pic packs relevant to 1995, and the scenario itself (preferably start of the Monday Night War).
  12. Benji


    Currently watching season seven and thought I'd rank my seasons so far since I jumped back in with season 5 a few months back. Always up for a bit of friendly debate about this subject
  13. I wouldn't say so good. I'd say he was pretty... Pretty pretty good.
  14. Jon Hamm on Curb as mini-Larry is one of my favourite things ever. He is an international treasure and everything he touches is gold to me.
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