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  1. I romanced Miranda in 2/3 and nobody else, so I'm going absolute bigamy Ryder until it comes to a decision
  2. Yeah, Enterprise ended just as it was really finding its feet. Seasons 3 and 4 got really good. Shame that they'd already alienated so many people.
  3. On to Season 2! In the Broke household, Barry grew up into a child, he's smart and outgoing, and currently looks like Adam Goldberg from The Goldbergs, so I might see about putting him on the Showbiz path. Dustin raised him well despite the circumstances. Beau grew up okay, but not particularly well, and when he grew up he had the single most camp puffer jacket I have seen in my life, he looks like a total party boy, so that's going to be his form of "rebellion" like Dustin had. He also has to look after Barry, so how he'll balance those two is yet to be seen. Dustin went off to college with a reasonable B+ grade and is looking to become a doctor. However, I'm also planning on having him and Lilith start a relationship whilst Angela is obsessed with her studies at Sim State U, since they have better chemistry than with either of their partners. Plus I read Lilith's backstory the other day and she totally deserves to get one over on her sister. Herb of the Oldies died with perfect aspiration, so Coral moved in with the Pleasants after Angela and Lilith left for college. She adopted a kitten on the last day before she died to also end up with perfect aspiration. So Mary-Sue had to deal with her mum dying... then I promptly forgot that Daniel and Kaylynn were in the house together and they kissed in front of her not 20 seconds later. I mean, I intended Dina Caliente to be the one to cause friction but whatever works. Timing couldn't have been more awful for poor Mary-Sue though Not sure if I will reunite them or not. Thought I might just "Clinton" them and have them stay together publicly for Mary-Sue's political career, but just have it be an open secret that Daniel is a hound. At least Mary-Sue has the kitten! I also did the Lothario household again, and Don is currently up to 7 people woohoo'd out of a desired 20. They are - Nina and Dina Caliente (sisters), Coral Oldie and Mary-Sue Pleasant (mother and daughter), Cassandra Goth (his ex-fiancee after he got back in with her, which is going to be a cause of friction between Cass and Darren Dreamer), plus two townies. He's also working his magic on Heather Huffington after I paid the Gypsy for a blind date with a perfect match. I might set them up as an actual couple when Heather graduates as they're both romance Sims and are as bad as one another Still got to do the rest so far, but having fun. PS: The age changing mod is glorious, only one day of baby stage? Heck yeah.
  4. Simsky Faster Education Mod for Young Adults, and the rest is Postponed Silver Years, which you can edit in SimPE to suit your preferences (though it only takes effect the next time a Sim grows up and won't immediately effect them like SimSky will for Young Adults).
  5. Also they already have a dad who died in a pool accident. I suppose you could SimPE him into being their uncle?
  6. I keep it on default, but I generally control every action anyway unless I'm hyper focused on one specific task/story for a character. Have him die and have Don framed as a murderer what with Bella disappearing from his house too
  7. Just finished (what I assume is the first trip to) Eos. So far it is a solid 7. Eurgh, the sudoku thing confused me for ages because I didn't realise the controls were at the bottom, so I kept pressing X thinking that would scroll through options, but that is submit, so I just kept fighting a random enemy over and over wondering what was going wrong The squad is cool. I love the lady Turian and Cora. I didn't take Liam with me but he seems a nice enough addition who I'll probably take on my second trip to Eos (assuming there is one because dialogue insinuated it).
  8. Man, this game really doesn't want you going out of bounds. Did it once on purpose, then did it a second time right after by accident and it crashed the game
  9. I have such a crush on Suvi
  10. True Blood finale spoilers:
  11. Very first impression - the character customisation sucks. The presets are hideous and you only make them worse by changing them. I just went with default Sara in the end.
  12. Oh yeah, it's a good show, and if you like space operas it'll probably be up your alley, but it's not like a lot of those shows where you (or I, at least), find yourself analysing and going back over a lot of stuff.
  13. The Expanse is one of those shows I liked, but don't particularly find it interesting to talk about for any reason. It's very well made but it's not really "water cooler TV".