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  1. Doctor Who

    Christ, give it a chance. He may not even be half human.
  2. What's the source on that? I'm amazed Watfords is so low considering they're Italian owned and I was under the impression Italian football tends to have a lot of co-ownership and agents fees involved.
  3. General Football Thread

    Zinedine Zidane’s son headbutts opponent in derby match. I'd shake my head at it, but I'd be worried the family might think I'm challenging them to a duel.
  4. Formula One 2016

    I guess Lineker just wasn't fast enough
  5. Complete Your Collection

    I think best place to do that is the University. Shedloads of pieces for upgrade near the very start and throughout, plus two workbench locations.
  6. General Music News

    Always been a volatile one, I hope she gets the help she needs.
  7. Sony Megathread

    Fuck yes. I loved all three, third is probably the weakest and second the best, but they're all fantastic fun.
  8. Pokémon

    I forgot about Adaptability too.
  9. Pokémon

  10. Doctor Who

    Explanation I found which I liked: Spoiler The designers of the room thought he would only arrive in the trap room once, realise it’s impossible to escape, give up and tell the secret. They didn't anticipate the Doctor chipping away at the wall over billions of years. If he’s only supposed to visit this room once, then there’s no need for the room to reset.   Either way, I'm willing to overlook the plot hole for an episode that good, especially considering what we've had to work with for the last three or four years.
  11. The Last of Us

    Unashamedly, but we're not that bad, we're playing games we like Also managed to get to the Joel part in winter last night before deciding to call it a night. As far as I can remember there's now only one ridiculously tough section left, the triple bloater, which will hopefully not be too bad as I've managed to keep the bulk of my flame based supplies. So from here on out it should theoretically be smooth sailing.
  12. GTA V PS4 thread

    Like a bad habit.
  13. Doctor Who

    Eh, I've got no issue with The Doctor being half-something, I think that kind of stuff is just nerd-rage, and if he's half-human it explains his obsession with earth and humans. Besides, they confirmed the movie is in continuity with the 50th anniversary stuff and his regeneration cycle being where it was.
  14. The Pet Thread

    I want to wrap my arms around that doggy and give him a big cuddle
  15. Pokémon

    For real, dat Swords Dance - Aquajet and Crabhammer combo is monstrous.