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  1. Yeah, it holds up better on PC. Especially since the mod community had fun with it.
  2. Not really. Still good games, but the series has come an absurd distance, and some mechanics (namely shooting) are ridiculously archaic.
  3. Wonderful. Third is no longer good enough
  4. So... when's the earliest we can potentially face Atletico?
  5. I don't want the easy one in pot two, I want Atletico!
  6. Myself, I want an easy group. I would be ecstatic even if we didn't come last in the group. A point per game average and I would be plenty happy. To us it's a rare bit of fun. We had the big teams in that stupid ICC thing and we got clobbered, so I'd rather enjoy the ride and lose close games than sit through another 4-0 drubbing. I would like a crack at Atletico though, we owe them for their absolute bullshit win so many years ago.
  7. By far my favourite of the Sorkin shows I have seen.
  8. Why did they have to rush it? I can't say I noticed that.
  9. I really liked it, but I'm okay with what we got. I'd rather keep the memories than risk tarnishing them.
  10. Both were US Fox productions, so not really suprising. Fox were infamous for barely advertising and then cancelling series before they managed to get momentum for a period in the 00's and early 10's. Not quite so bad these days AFAIK, but the world will never get over Firefly.
  11. You're welcome
  12. Or America (but probably China).
  13. Oh God, yes, Glee. That became such a hate watch by season four. I gave up before season five, but then tuned in up until the Finn death episode because he was my favourite character. Kind of felt like that was an appropriate time to end the show for me, so I'll probably never watch those last two seasons.