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  1. Though I wanted to, I couldn't get along with Lost Legacy, I didn't care for the open sections. Open sections aren't what I play Uncharted for.
  2. "Drift Away" in the Steven Universe movie was my favourite song the show has done.
  3. People go bat shit for "One-Winged Angel", which is absolutely a boss theme both figuratively and literally, but "J-E-N-O-V-A" doesn't get nearly enough love. One of my favourite boss themes of Final Fantasy.
  4. So here's the idea - give me a small bio, three or four songs, and a quick "if you like X, you might like this", and sell me on a musician you like.
  5. GLOW season three was wonderful...
  6. Tyrogue/Haunter fusion.
  7. I want to watch that but right now I resent it starting after Iron Fist and by proxy the other Marvel shows got cancelled
  8. https://i.imgur.com/dth7unT.gifv
  9. Got a 10 minute view of Miranda because my girlfriends sister likes it. Good Lord it is dire.
  10. Finally got around to season two of GLOW and finished it last night in time for season three. It was wonderful, and I find myself really enamoured with Debbie/Liberty Belle as a character for her complexities. I both want to dislike her and like her because I am programmed to see good guys and bad guys, but instead find her to just be entirely human.
  11. TIL Billy Zane is one of Biff's thugs in Back To the Future.
  12. I'm gonna get weird with this 😏 Listening to the 2019 one now, I've heard of King Buzzard before but never heard their music. That sound is like T-Rex in 2019 😍
  13. To be fair, they could be counting that as part of an extended run of shows starting pre-2000. Having said that, just off the top of my head - Inbetweeners, Misfits, Black Books and My Family are all not on that list as far as I can see, all of which belong on there for one reason or another. Also Life on Mars only being 49th is laughable.
  14. To be fair, that is a terrible list.
  15. Rewatching King of the Hill, I forgot just how lovely "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?" is. That ending.
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