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  1. Benji

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I get where you're coming from with that, but I think this was also the right move from the creators. Fans exist for a reason, they know what they want, and whilst I agree a lot of the time they come with a lot of self entitlement, I think that is also not a reason to ignore them out of hand. Final Fantasy XIV was an absolute garbage fire when released because they ignored playtesters, but they rebuilt it from the ground up and now it's one of the most successful and popular MMORPGs around. AEW is arguably a result of a lot of anti-WWE sentiment from them not listening to fans for the most part, and WWE itself listened to fans for Mania 30 after a lot of fallback and created arguably one of the most memorable moments in company history. TL;Dr - fan criticism ≠ entitlement and vice versa, and it's important to listen to the people who spend their lives and money supporting your franchise.
  2. Benji

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I think it's setting less of a prescedent than you think it is. This was a business based decision far more than it was a creative one.
  3. Benji

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Of course it is, but kids films also appeal to adults, Pixar and DreamWorks basically created an industry around that fact. I think it's daft to completely ignore the fact this is based on a 90s franchise and parents and non-parents alike from that era are interested in seeing it. Theoriginal look was horrifying and was justifiably shit on and would have made the film DOA, they changed it to look more faithful and people like it, giving it a fighting chance of at least just being a generic shitty video game adaption. I honestly don't see what people's problem is with changing it, it feels a little like people just looking for a moan.
  4. Benji

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Who says it's just aimed at kids? Surely it's aimed at both? I'd argue if anything, with their use of "Gangstas Paradise" in the original trailer, they were probably aiming *more* at the adults. As a lifelong Sonic fan I wasn't going to bother with it before, let alone enjoy it, now the change gets me in the cinema door and the rest is down to how good the material is.
  5. Benji

    Workout Music

    Forgot to share my current mix: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1IIKG8TAVGtCelr2FRq7jC?si=cauMXHbnQBuNV_Fl_gtiow
  6. Benji

    Workout Music

    Hit me with your best workout/exercise music!
  7. I think it has a short break for some American holidays, then comes back, and then is off again for Xmas/new year before the final run. I could be wrong though.
  8. RE: OMEGA, just status junction death to defence. That or use initiative and use a holy war before he gets a turn. Agreed on the Mr Monkey bullshit. Add to that the Luck-J scroll with the stones is absurdly hard to actually locate.
  9. I'm contemplating going back to FFXIII in the wake of VIII and trying to mop up that arduous weapon trophy. Anyone else interested in a bit of a shared playthrough or something?
  10. Forgot how freaky the ending FMV is for this game. Hella weird at points. Really enjoyed it, and now suffering the innevitable post FF slump 😭
  11. Always Be My Maybe is wonderfully funny and charming.
  12. So I just have the final battle to go on FF8 so here's some thoughts on my first completed replay since the very first one: The game is a lot better than I remember. Despite the junction system being a very flawed game mechanic and basically breaking the battle system, that and the odd "why didn't Irvine mention shit earlier" are actually my only major gripes in an otherwise very good game. The other minor issues are all actually explainable either through in-game dialogue, or a little assumption from the player. Ragnarok is by far and away the coolest airship the game ever produced, it's a fucking airship robot dragon, it's design is wonderful, and I always really enjoy the mission to obtain it. I used to really like Irvine, but to be honest he's my least favourite character in this playthrough, instead Sell comes to the forefront a lot for me. I always liked him, but he's by far the most human in the game, and his passion and caring is actually the backbone of a lot of the plot for me. The Rinoa/Squall relationship is a lot more awkward than I remember, but I guess as a teenager playing the game, that seemed more romantic at the time The weapon upgrade mechanic is great, and I always adored it and much prefer it to having a million pointless weapons. I think a combo of that, and FF7's materia slots in place of the draw system for junctioning would be the perfect system. Triple Triad remains the best mini game in the series, and combining that with the card mod ability makes for a great item system. Still hate the way you gain money, but it's not a major gripe. Seifer is probably one of the best secondary antagonists in a series, he's such a tragic character, and him being so similar but ending up in such a different place to Squall only exacerbates that tragedy. I feel like of all games that could have a sequel/prequel in the series, this is the one. You could cover the Centea incident, the Hyne incident, or the Galbadia/Esthar war in a prequel, and the sequel could cover Ultimecia's rise to power (because you can't change the past, so the future she comes from is innevitable). Probably more I'll think of, but that's a few random bits.
  13. Finally got around to Uncle season three after I realised it was on Netflix and it was tremendous, and a wonderful and perfect send off for the show. Strongly recommended.
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