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  1. Oh man, that's awesome, but now I'm sad we won't get Adam West
  2. Hearts of Iron IV (?) and CK2. I also tried EU4 years ago and couldn't get hold of that either. I'm pretty sure it's just me and being impatient
  3. I really want to enjoy Paradox games, but I just can't deal with the UI and poor tutorials. It all just feels too overwhelming to me. It's entirely a fault of my own, but it makes me sad because they seem like such interesting games.
  4. That final season of Jessica Jones was different from season two in all the right ways. Going to really miss that show more than any of the other cancellations to be honest. Really hope this isn't the last we have seen of her (or the rest of the Netflix MCU characters). Also finished Runaways season two. It's still an above average show I enjoy, but it felt a bit like a lot of running in place this season for fairly acceptable reasons, though the actors all brought great chops to the dance.
  5. I was as surprised as you, and even more surprised that it was a good song. It's apparently been a decade or so since they released anything.
  6. Watching Gotham S5, it's great, but a general extremely minor to the point of insignificance complaint about DC shows.
  7. Can't say I'm enjoying Agents of Shield Season 6 so far at all. I'm seven episodes deep and just feeling very meh about the whole thing. Think Season 5 should have been the jumping off point.
  8. This is true, but I am definitely sad about the lack of comedies. Guess I should probably give the US Office and 30 Rock another go. Also, True Detective season three is pretty good. Nowhere near the greatness of season one but nowhere near the bad of season two. Can't say I'm a particular fan of the main guy, but he is serviceable in the role.
  9. I just realised that no matter who is talking, whenever I see a Batman (even one who is talking with another voice) I hear Kevin Conroy.
  10. Looking at the schedule for next year, and seeing the lack of new shows that grab me, the utter lack of new comedy, and the amount of shows that have ended or are ending recently/soon, I think we may have reached the end of the most recent golden age of TV
  11. Wasn't there a previous fake out with a PES going for free or am I imagining that?
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