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  1. It's a bit "DAE THE 90S", but really liking this track from GC's new album. Video being a homage to Last Man on Earth TV show doesn't hurt.
  2. I'd say start with Ruby. It's an update of what was chronologically in the series, plus it's got a way to access most of the legendaries. I think X/Y is the better game in general, but Ruby is probably a better intro and the story is more interesting.
  3. For a Dev / franchise that is mostly built on story and personal choice, there's not a chance that would ever be exclusive to public opinion. It's apples and oranges.
  4. Why would it be anything other than optional?
  5. Uhm... about Telltale Games' Batman... We have to have an EWB version of this.
  6. They care very little about him either. I do though Also, bollocks to a winter break. Boxing day football is a magnificent family tradition.
  7. Unless it is removed from the store (extremely rare).
  8. Quite enjoying this album, it's not amazing but it's decent. On a second listen and the first two tracks are solid, and whilst the third probably could be the best of the three, it's held down by "DAE the 90s" bullshit. Like, "when it was Gin 'N' Juice, and we had Dre and Snoop" we still have Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg guys, they're not dead, they're still out and both had albums in the last year or so >_> Track four, and I have no idea who Kellin Quinn is, but his part of song and the break downs in general ruin what's an otherwise good song.
  9. Someone reminded me of the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack and this song.
  10. What was the explanation on the whole Three Jokers thing? I heard about it and rolled my eyes, but never really read anything DC for the most part.
  11. As a striker at 30 and with already decreased form, they should be questioning whether Rooney should even make the make the team for the next tournament, let alone stay on as captain.
  12. I can't remember who he was with, I think it might have been him though.
  13. Carbide is awesome, but it's controller is a massive cocky bell end who I want to see lose.
  14. Phew. Better in one on ones. Going to have to skip the four ways in future though.
  15. I'm watching now and I'm not sure how much I can take. I feel like I'm having a seizure with the lighting and camera changes/angles. It's horrendous.