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  1. I like that idea, an anthology series doesn't need to be watched in order, so presenting it differently allows people to talk about different episodes instead of maybe getting a slow start and people missing out on a great episode at the tail end because not enough people saw it to talk about it.
  2. No, but I have always loved The Animatrix and am hoping this is a modern version of that mixed with Black Mirror.
  3. I hope at some point they get back to giving Hulk his own films. I actually really enjoyed the one in current continuity, but I feel like they can do a lot more now with the extended universe.
  4. Cheers is wonderful, but its best cast members take a while to join. Woody, Frasier, and to some extent Rebecca all improve the show IMO.
  5. That's a bit Forward, mate.
  6. Has the awful striker situation been resolved yet? Game is totally unplayable to me unless I can enjoy finding a good striker to bang them away.
  7. Having seen her in Keanu and Lego Movie 2 this last fortnight, I want Tiffany Haddish to be in more stuff. She is wonderful.
  8. Sunderland have really sped up the process.
  9. Borderlands forever! If they would make a Borderlands MMO I would be so happy looting and grinding forever. Agreed, I wasn't a fan of the gameplay because I'm not a puzzle guy, and the fights are simplistic, but as far as visuals, sound, and overall design, that game is a legit piece of art.
  10. Strong second on all this. Best non-original has got to be the first SmackDown VS Raw for me. If we are talking purely atmospheric, I think Skyrim is in with a strong shout, but it's as great to listen to by itself (which isn't to say it isn't a great listen).
  11. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Russian Doll finales were both great. Kimmy did a wonderful job of closing stories and had probably its funniest episode too.
  12. Banger of tune tbh, cool Collab even if it's just a single bridging verse.
  13. Benji

    The Flash

  14. Benji

    Amazon Prime

    Agreed. They only added the "included with Prime tab" recently IIRC.

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