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  1. I am starting to wish there was decent competition for FM. They seem to be spending a lot of time working on aesthetics that add very little and not much time fixing engines that have been broken for years now.
  2. Johnny Evans is a Leicester man for a steal at a reported £4m, £21m less than we offered last year due to a release clause.
  3. I think it was the first one on PlayStation. Yeah, I meant it "died" if you played long enough not de-evolved, sorry.
  4. I know that, but staying true to the show is a shit mechanic in those games. There were better ways to handle it (see stuff like mega evolution in Pokémon).
  5. The whole "de-evolving" thing in Digimon was the killer for me. "Oh you finally got up to Greymon? Well fuck you, lose your progress and start all over again". Like, what on earth would possess me to continue if you take away all my achievement so far and it will happen every time I feel like I am getting somewhere?
  6. Benji

    Mobile Games

    It worked so well first time I thought I would revive it Looking for Android games that don't drain battery life, ideally something in some of the following genres: Card Games Visual/Text Novel Puzzle RPG Turn Based Strategy Suggestions?
  7. It's annoying how bad Bethesda is at balancing stealth. That and Skyrim's infamous "stealth archers" are absurdly overpowered compared to other builds.
  8. I saw people floating the idea of doing a spiritual continuation of the show but with Wanda Sykes taking Roseanne's place. I would totally watch that.
  9. I find it interesting that the Quantic Dream trilogy could be considered stories based on the human condition: Mind (Heavy Rain, psychological thriller, the emotions and relationships that make us human) Body (Detroit Become Human, sci-fi thriller, what it is to be human/conscious despite whatever the shell is) Spirit (Beyond: Two Souls, supernatural thriller, what lies beyond and the power of the human spirit to create or destroy) I wonder if that is intentional.
  10. Lauren Cohan is still in limbo too, so this doesn't really bode well for my interest in the show. Daryl hasn't been interesting in about four seasons, and certainly isn't interesting enough to carry my interest in the show. I almost feel like the only way I'd keep watching is if Negan had some massive redemption story and became the main character.
  11. How long does a playthrough of a chapter take?
  12. Benji

    The Flash

    Watching the finale, I know this season hasn't been too acclaimed by a lot of people, but I have loved it.
  13. Watched it last night and 100% agree. They nailed it. PS...
  14. Benji

    The Sims

    God damnit, the thread is revived and now I have to play again.

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