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  1. You've got a nightmare in me You've got a nightmare in me I'm a lumpy abomination head My bones ache when I smile I am proof that God is dead My life is agony just put a gun to my head Boy, you've got a nightmare in me Yeah, you've got a nightmare in me....
  2. TIL: There were Pokemon games developed by Sega, for what is, technically, a Sega console.
  3. This one's pretty neat though. You're actually laying spirits to rest and the spirits have a lot of parallels with modern Japanese ghost stories. It's pretty much Ringu: The Game
  4. It's like a Hogan comeback in FM form. The equalizer was the Hulk Up, the sending off is the YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, then comes the boot at 87, the leg drop at 89 then the extra time goals is the pose routine after the bell.
  5. Update: Two in the first chapter alone. The second one doesn't even try to pretend it isn't, even.
  6. Can confirm, The Messenger is amazing. I died like every other screen and still never got frustrated because I was enjoying it too much to care.
  7. Playing Death Mark, a horror VN that I just learned is apparently not a Switch exclusive. But I found it when shopping Switch games and never heard of it before so gave it a go. Really good game so far, highly recommend but fair warning, there's some daaaaark content even without going into the supernatural aspects, and at least one CG that's basically a censor-friendly bondage pic, which can be a bit disturbing given the context of said pic.
  8. Most folk'll never lose a toe But then again some folk'll Like Cletus, the slack-jawed Martell
  9. Looks like a background character in Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
  10. I understand the first point, but not the second, unless part of the scenario involves a supervillain moving Mount Rushmore to Miami Gardens within sight of Joe Robbie Stadium so that sports broadcasts use 'this is Miami' shots that aren't the flippin' beach that's an hour away for a change.
  11. The real question is why hasn't he liberated South Florida from the tyranny of the Ozark Empire.
  12. Hey, Goro Majima, who's your favorite video game developer?
  13. This is neat. Real life lawyer breaking down famous courtroom/trial scenes and what would happen IRL if things like what happen, happen.
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