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  1. Fire Emblem, noted horribly underrepresented franchise in Smash.
  2. Just met Heartman and holy shit his formal intro scene. The backstories for all the major NPCs in Death Stranding are incredibly fun to discover, but Heartman's has been a major highlight for sure. There's also a ton of potential in a spinoff featuring Heartman as well as both the major antagonists. Hideo Kojima is a genius.
  3. Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 😧
  4. I'm just gonna leave this here: I apply real world logic to a Death Stranding mechanic, and the results are... ow.
  5. Think I may need to utilize fast-travel more, with all the maintenance I've been having to do with my roads and soon my zipline network. Also, another tip: Get good at fighting boss BTs, pretty much the best way to get chiralium.
  6. Lost his battle with brain cancer. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/
  7. None that stuck out to me, though the city you walk through in the prologue is supposed to be a recreation of the city in the exterior shot of the PT promotion. And the BTs kind of give me an MGS Sorrow River vibe, but that could be just me. God of War also gets plugged, so the Horizon stuff is likely just something put in because Sony helped with publishing. SPEAKING OF WEIRD ASS PLUGS So I'm not sure what the precise criteria is, maybe you just need to one one specific data drive or find a set amount, but as a result of my collecting them I unlocked a custom Ride With Norman Reedus bike. It's a pretty good bike, has good battery life and allows cargo to be stored on it unlike a lot of the other bikes I unlocked. It also has a unique quality besides it's unique skin, however. When you're on it, Sam Porter Bridges will constantly talk about how much riding this bike is like an episode of Ride With Norman Reedus. I mean this being Kojima and all it's also perfectly plausible that he just really likes Ride With Norman Reedus, but between this, Monster, and plugging Sony games, it was probably something done to help keep the lights on in Kojima Productions. Can't say you can blame him, given the result is a masterpiece.
  8. is Witcher 1 best girl Abigail there at least?
  9. Jeopardy GOAT >>> WrestleMania

  10. I'm in the second region of the game, and while deliveries will get better as you can build roads and have better access to vehicles making traversal much easier, there is still some insanity. Still a brilliant game.
  11. So in Death Stranding's second map there's a delivery you make to "The Cosplayer". Then you meet her boyfriend...
  12. Indigo Prophecy is peak David Cage for me, as he literally calls himself the greatest storyteller of all time. Plus the utterly silly fight scenes.
  13. More Death Stranding thoughts. 110 Calories 180mg Sodium 27g Sugar 86mg Caffiene and 100% RDV of Vitamins B-6 and B-12 That's what's in every 240ml serving of Monster. There's two servings in every can, and your private saferoom is stocked with five cans every day, and your canteen is a full liter of Monster. That's just a hair over seven fucking cans of Monster, fourteen servings, before he collects any water which he also turns into Monster with his magic canteen. I don't care how active Sam Porter Bridges is, this should fucking kill him.
  14. Already got and beat Uncharted Trilogy, but hey, GOAT SIMULATOR
  15. So is it just me, or is beating MULEs actually not that hard in Death Stranding? I mean, the game obviously wants me to ambush, use tools, overall be stealthy but... it's simpler and more effective to just wallop them like Adam West Batman.
  16. Update: Death Stranding's product placement of Monster Energy is utterly hilarious. Minor lore details
  17. Which one? The cheesy but still fun one, or the genuinely good one? Also, my dad has gotten into a show on Animal Planet called Man vs Bear. After I had a had a laugh and a reference to my favorite Rick and Morty gag ("Wouldn't the bears always win?") I watched an episode and... yeah, it's basically American Gladiators with an eating competition mixed in, but instead of Gladiators there's bears. This show is a lawsuit waiting to happen. One round is literally being chased by a bear. There's also the unintentional hilarity of the Play By Play guys talking about setting records on the second episode, the horribly unbalanced points system, and the fact that in one episode the announcers talked as if someone who was mathematically eliminated still had a fighting chance in the second-to-last round, implying that neither of them could understand that if you need six points to move on to the head-to-head round and you can only get five points in the next round, you literally cannot advance. Unless one of the others got mauled, maybe? One guy got KTFO in the first episode and nobody came to try to help him, so yeah... lawsuit waiting to happen.
  18. Death Stranding is glorious. That is all.
  19. Finished the campaign. Might do a rampage ride through the country before I move on to Death Stranding. Amazing story. Also if they do RDR3, I hope the main character is But they'll probably go the obvious Jack route.
  20. Ah. I slept on Dogs 2 (might play it so I keep on the story) but I saw a YouTube channel (Outside Xtra I think, or Outside Xbox... same people really) preview it and the idea of playing as Granny Antifa and piloting a drone Green Goblin style intrigued me.
  21. Oh if I play a second run I'm going full black hat. The burning bandit will terrorize the West once more. Maybe. He won't think he's a viking or a ninja again though. Just a maniac in light colors and a black hat.
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