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  1. btw, this is how I normally dress Marcus he's incognito while hiding from the cops, so he's dressed to be low profile: nobody will ever suspect
  2. Don't look at me, I have 1400 hrs in Fire Pro World.
  3. UPDATE: Another example of the mood whiplash. One mission involves exposing a dealer of videos of children sleeping and bathing. Literally the next mission consists entirely of making a guy fall off a treadmill. Aiden Pearce may have just been The Punisher if he went to MIT instead of 'Nam, but at least he was conistent in his goal. These guys just shift from being hackivists to e-Punk'd. Which is a shame because, removed from these missions, the ensemble cast is actually likeable.
  4. it didn't give me that option. just 'hack'. But yeah, the first proper story mission I did seems more like an elaborate prank, the second one I did is proper heroic hacktivist stuff. I'm getting the vibe that there's going to be a lot of 'we're going to fuck with people because we are HACKERS ON STEROIDS' alongside things that actually prove a point like 'there's no such thing as not hackable'
  5. Playing Watch_Dogs 2. Still in early game, but the ATM hack mission is... wow. Marcus acts like a complete dick to people who don't deserve it. Jarring when most of the dickishness is purely player controlled and a lot of the stuff he does do is to people who deserve it but... hey, let's close an innocent working class guy's account and erase their life savings just for the hell of it.
  6. Meh. What I care about is which version is going to have Squirrel Girl?
  7. As a Star Wars fan, the people who hated Star Wars sequels for "suddenly" being about social justice when the Empire has been literal Space Nazis from the start were just the worst.
  8. first edition of New World of Darkness bothered me because bludgeons weren't considered lethal damage. A bat breaks bones, that is a literal in-book example of something that should do lethal damage but lolnope. Also second edition nWoD/Chronicles of Darkness changed up how vampires take damage because there really wasn't a good reason for why melee was better against them than firearms. It means that now firearms are objectively better in nearly any scenario than melee attacks but, well, that's kind of true in real life?
  9. Off the top of my head: Ocean House Hotel in Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines.
  10. Finished Vampyr. Was pretty fun, but the end boss was a lot easier than I expected despite the fact that my usual tactic didn't work. It helped that I had been upgrading weapons that I wasn't planning on using just for that contingency, though. Also did it without eating anyone, which is supposedly a challenge run, but eh, wasn't that hard. I didn't even die from the final boss and by endgame I only died from people way above my level and with overwhelming numbers.
  11. 2d10 every time something gets attacked seems a bit excessive. RIP the wizard on third level.
  12. Not as long as Paradox Games Presents: Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2: The One In Seattle: Blood Moon Edition: Coming Sometime In 2020, Pre-Order Now For What We Can't Legally Call Blade's Outfit But Basically That's What It Is
  13. I've seen worse combat, but yeah, other than that hilariously bad gaffe from a doctor, it's a fun game.
  14. Miami FC already does that, respects Florida futbol history, isn't a laughingstock, capable of outplaying a bunch of six year olds, actually plays in Miami, and in a more watchable league, so fuck that. And again, Inter Miami would not piss me off for merely existing if they had done the sensible thing and play in Joe Robbie, instead of desecrating and replacing Ft Lauderdale's sacred pitch with an ugly stadium made out of shipping containers and cheap bleachers. That's what pisses me off, and that's why, under no circumstances, will I support Inter Miami or attend any match at No-Hart, even if they host the World Cup.
  15. It's going to be an Inter junior squad, so I'd be boycotting them too. Hopefully the FXE group that tried to stop Beckham (both in the original deal, and suing over the fraudulent claims by Beckham LLC and violations of Florida law by both Beckham LLC and the city... which Beckham bulldozed Lockhart ANYWAY despite the pending lawsuit... like I said, really illegal and shady shit) will form a new team, but their plans hinged on gaining Lockhart because, well, it's THE Ft Lauderdale pitch. The Strikers legacy lives on in a local (championship winning!) team founded by former Strikers support group leaders, so proper Ft Lauderdale red and gold lives on in that way, but we could have had so much more. THAT is why anything Beckham has done before means nothing to me, and why I will never forgive or forget.
  16. One, hahahahahahahahahahahaha they wish Two, they have a FIFTY YEAR land deal over the former Lockhart grounds, which is the root cause of why I despise Inter Miami instead of apathetically mock for their lame kits. Three, even if they let those grounds go, they still razed Lockhart (illegally, but that's not the point). Never going to forgive. We're cool tho. 👍
  17. Know your audience. My calm down music is Six Feet Under, Bloodbath, and Adorior. EDIT- "With Oden By Our Side" by Amon Amarth is the best choice here, as I played it ritualistically when the Strikers were playing at home, as they tended to win more often when I did, and it reminds me of when a real futbol team played on the real Lockhart. Also helpful: Chocolate Milk.
  18. You do realize I was being facetious right? But seriously, fuck David Beckham, fuck his shitty team that's a cancer to South Florida sport, fuck Jorge Mas, fuck that ugly ass logo that looks like someone didn't know how to draw a flamingo and called it a heron to cover their ass, fuck those garbage kits that somehow fail at minimalism, and fuck his literally illegally won land deal that tore down one of the most important stadiums in American futbol and replaced it with a cheap, tacky shithole that not even Lyle Lanley would have built. Also, the team is so shit even David Beckham realizes it, which is why he stopped promoting them after watching them practice, so yeah, even he knows Inter Miami sucks. In fact Inter Miami is so fucking soulless and corporate that they are in the same league as a company that's literally named and branded after a fucking energy drink, and they are still more blatantly corporate. They are the worst team in the most unwatchable league in American futbol. The emperor has no fucking kit.
  19. Ah shit, I posted that before getting ready for work, so I almost forgot to add
  20. https://www.caughtoffside.com/2015/01/30/david-beckham-labelled-fat-by-his-own-daughter/ Inter Miami is the worst thing to happen to Florida futbol.
  21. Plus you get to say BOLESLAW IS READYYYYYYYYYYY I actually learned by diving right into it, playing as William of Normandy, abandoning the conquest and instead trying to ascend to the French throne (This didn't happen, BUT I managed to make Normandy independent of France)
  22. I'd rather talk about the real Miami team, not the plastic corporate version owned by scumbags, but there's no USL thread.
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