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  1. He will be sending a lot of people to meet their ancestors, though.
  2. All of them are great. They run like an actual Shadowrun campaign.
  3. Loving all the callbacks in Divinity Original Sin. Speaking of, when they mention Maxos gave the Dragon Commander a jetpack? Yeah, that's a thing. And FYI, the Dragon Commander didn't command dragons, the Dragon Commander is a commander who also was a dragon. With a jetpack. Dragon Commander was bonkers.
  4. Until you try the Deathclaw quarry. I've never had a companion go in there and come out alive. I can manage to unarmed the entire pack to death with the right build and a loooooooot of chems, but getting a companion to survive? EDIT- Just noticed the timestamp. Point still stands tho.
  5. They were also huge on the arts, to the effect where they would settle arguments by composing insulting poetry to each other, like a rap battle.
  6. TBF, Vikings weren't really known for actual naval fighting, their ships were pretty much transports, so maybe there won't be?
  7. Speaking of Divinity Original Sin, the first one's up in my backlog. Playing as a couple of character's I've used in tabletops before (a warrior and a rogue), only in this game I'm casting them as sisters.
  8. How much humor is there to be found? Because the original Divinity 2 (the sequel to Divine Divinity that is, as opposed to Original Sin 2) has a good mix of Pratchett-esque wackiness to be found.
  9. Sounds like a Unity issue, maybe. I don't know if Eastside Hockey Manager uses it.
  10. A couple more things I'd try if you haven't: Check run as administrator in compatibility settings. Run steam in admin mode Remove cloud save Try to run the game directly from the .exe and not Steam itself. Other than that, yeah, I don't know what else to tell you.
  11. To clarify: It's JUST those two games? Or everything else? For Divinity try this And I found a few possible fixes for DE here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/632470/discussions/0/1747893804395773938/ EDIT- Also, I know this may sound like a dumb question, but just to be sure: You have a dedicated GPU, right?
  12. Any Windows updates you haven't installed yet?
  13. You'll like the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun and Battletech games, then. Also Phantom Doctrine, though Phantom Doctrine is less turn-based combat and more turned based Metal Gear Solid. (In that's it's geared towards stealth and open combat is mostly a last resort; no giant mecha, psychic powers, and nanomachines son to be found.)
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