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  1. Been playing Spiderman now. And tapping into my Ubisoftitis in grabbing all the backpacks I can before even continuing the campaign. It's just Manhattan Island you play on right? Not going to cross the rivers? Being Suburban Spider-Man would kinda defeat the point I guess but I would likely take an odd joy out of it
  2. Alright, got five stars with every location and beat the campaign. The ending was great. Total mindfuck, but still great.
  3. So at endgame if you keep mucking about you can discover Die-Hardman's real name
  4. I'm a massive bell. BONG. BONG. BONG.

    1. Sand




  5. Interesting game design elements I've noticed in Death Stranding (spoiler for plot reasons, safe for Ep 5 and on)
  6. Fire Emblem, noted horribly underrepresented franchise in Smash.
  7. Just met Heartman and holy shit his formal intro scene. The backstories for all the major NPCs in Death Stranding are incredibly fun to discover, but Heartman's has been a major highlight for sure. There's also a ton of potential in a spinoff featuring Heartman as well as both the major antagonists. Hideo Kojima is a genius.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 😧
  9. I'm just gonna leave this here: I apply real world logic to a Death Stranding mechanic, and the results are... ow.
  10. Think I may need to utilize fast-travel more, with all the maintenance I've been having to do with my roads and soon my zipline network. Also, another tip: Get good at fighting boss BTs, pretty much the best way to get chiralium.
  11. Lost his battle with brain cancer. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/
  12. None that stuck out to me, though the city you walk through in the prologue is supposed to be a recreation of the city in the exterior shot of the PT promotion. And the BTs kind of give me an MGS Sorrow River vibe, but that could be just me. God of War also gets plugged, so the Horizon stuff is likely just something put in because Sony helped with publishing. SPEAKING OF WEIRD ASS PLUGS So I'm not sure what the precise criteria is, maybe you just need to one one specific data drive or find a set amount, but as a result of my collecting them I unlocked a custom Ride With Norman Reedus bike. It's a pretty good bike, has good battery life and allows cargo to be stored on it unlike a lot of the other bikes I unlocked. It also has a unique quality besides it's unique skin, however. When you're on it, Sam Porter Bridges will constantly talk about how much riding this bike is like an episode of Ride With Norman Reedus. I mean this being Kojima and all it's also perfectly plausible that he just really likes Ride With Norman Reedus, but between this, Monster, and plugging Sony games, it was probably something done to help keep the lights on in Kojima Productions. Can't say you can blame him, given the result is a masterpiece.
  13. is Witcher 1 best girl Abigail there at least?
  14. Jeopardy GOAT >>> WrestleMania

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