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  1. Can you get the crossbow upgrades if you side with the vampires in Dawnguard? Dragonborn is better anyway, you get an instant merchant.
  2. The world of Little Lungs is ableist as fuck.

  3. In the way that best screws me over when I play.
  4. I'm already an unstoppable killing machine in Divinity 2 and now quest givers are giving me skill points like they're Oprah in her last season. If my character gets any more powerful she'll be able to kill enemies in other games.
  5. Either that or someone at Fox Sports is a fan of Bad Dragon* *If you don't know what that is, don't look it up** **Warned you.
  7. Not being a fan of traditional racers all that much, are there any good Mario Kart-style racers on Steam?
  8. Well at least third place can still come home, then.
  9. Tidbits revealed from the director's Twitter account: 1) Official NJPW roster will have special affiliation entrance nameplates; for example Naito will have the LIJ logo where the Fire Pro World logo usually is. 2) There may a quick unlock all option for people who don't want to do mission mode, more details to come.
  10. "If Result Holds: England Advances" Quality in-depth analysis by Fox Sports.
  11. [God Save The Queen Intensifies]
  12. Before Pickle Rick, there was Carrot Guy.

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