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  1. Ishii is technically a junior heavyweight.

  2. That's notable South Florida wrestler "J-Dawg" Jeff Brooks to you.

  3. Jerry Flynn is no... um.... Rusty Brooks?


  5. Then again, if you use them for non-Story Mode purposes, you can clone the defaults into edits then use a mod to edit in Kaze Ni Nare and Pageant!
  6. Must have been a hell of a goal kick.
  7. OctoberRaven

    WWE 2K19

    Fire Pro looks better.
  8. Man I forgot how batshit Painkiller is. And also how awful the cutscenes are. Also why is it trying to get me to install fucking GameSpy arcade? Is that even a thing anymore?
  9. Fuck that. Make Eugene the main character and turn it into a quest to find vintage video games. "We have to go back! I'm not leaving that Nintendo World Championship cartridge behind!"

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