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  1. I would also do the arcade towers for every character too. Also, note that there's two story endings depending on if you beat the final battle in two rounds or three, as well as a special game over for losing it (which you will probably see more than once because the boss is immune to a lot of things and is also super cheap). Also also, I don't think there's any rewards for going through the branching paths. Or at least, I didn't notice any.
  2. Replaying Sleeping Dogs. Going to play as a loose cannon as much as possible, too. Doing the drug busts for early boosts, with the Deus Ex outfit (which gives you access to an SMG). Going full Punisher on these triads for early money and XP If your plan is to complete Mortal Kombat 11 to the point where you have all the skins and other unlockable stuff? Yeah, you're gonna be there a looooong time.
  3. A million bells for Jughead's crown?
  4. Me before this match: "This is a great tournament, I should show off one of these matches on EWB. But which one..." Me after this match: "That'll do, Fire Pro. That'll do."
  5. The DLC missions will help with those challenge tokens. I came nowhere near 100% on tokens and still got everything unlocked.
  6. Oh, also: I'm apparently the only one who sees that Dragon FighterZ doesn't have any clothes on.
  7. As someone who 100%d RDR1 and GTA5, there was no fucking way I was going to 100% RDR2. Fun game to play and finish, not to complete.
  8. I'm holding out for an FF6 remaster myself. Also is it just me or is Street Fighter 5 really really.... lacking in depth? I mean Street Fighter games have never been super technical but coming down from the surprisingly technical Mortal Kombat, SF just seems so... button mashy. Also, Birdie comes off as a super racist caricature.
  9. Deus Ex: The Fall was next on my backlog and I didn't know it was a port of a friggin' iPad game. Played like ass (I couldn't use my gamepad which wasn't too bad, but the gameplay was still full of jank), looked like... well, a tablet game, the story wasn't even finished because it was supposed to be episodic but I guess nobody got it at launch. It was like if you went to a concert for a band you like, only to find out that it's actually a tribute band, and on top of that there's no drummer, the guitarist just plays E chords to the tempo, and the singer doesn't know the lyrics to any of the songs. Street Fighter 5 is next and hopefully the version on Steam isn't also a port of a tablet version too.
  10. Traveler's always intrigued me, mostly because the first thing I heard about it was that your character can actually die during chargen.
  11. Playing MK11 and goddamn is Kronika a stupidly unfair boss. It's like they took the note of people wanting Motaro back and thinking what fans meant was a cheeseball boss. Also
  12. Down to the Rhodoks and have them on the ropes. Trying to keep them there is proving difficult, as Ragnar is too busy stripping people of titles to give land to people on the borders of the war. On the plus side I have all the cities now, so all I need to do is whittle the remaining forces. Even better is the Rhodoks are down to one city they've been entrenched in before the war, so once I clear that out the process of recapturing castles will get considerably easier. EDIT- Aaand they are gone!
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