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  1. Also, David Beckham is still the antichrist.

  2. Biannual reminder that Daylight Savings Time has nothing to do with farmers, and everything to do with keeping golf courses open.

  3. The first draft of Karma Chameleon had four karmas in the chorus. But after proofreading, Boy George realized he forgot the Oxford karma.

  4. Things Lance Storm likes:

    1) Calgary

    2) Brief Pauses

    3) Alberta

    4) Canada

  5. In this house, Harley Quinn is played by Tara Strong

  6. I mean, it was a good owl, but superb?

  7. I'm a massive bell. BONG. BONG. BONG.

    1. Bacon-ie Sanders

      Bacon-ie Sanders



  8. Jeopardy GOAT >>> WrestleMania

  9. Craziest thing about it all? I don't even have a sister.

  10. No, really! She was pining for her Ford.

  11. My sister bit a moose once...

  12. So... the John Wick movies are comedies right? Parodies of action movies? Because these movies are just comically absurd.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. OctoberRaven


      Well no, but there's a middle ground between realism and Airplane!. And I love Airplane!, I do like the Wick movies, but I just don't think they meant to write Airplane!.

    3. Your Mom's Side Chick

      Your Mom's Side Chick

      They are used to shootouts by now. It's like if you see enough perverts on the train it stops shocking you that people would masturbate in public

    4. K


      they're comic book movies without a comic book

  13. Lance Archer was a judge for a buffalo wing contest.

    When asked about his thoughts about baked wings, he yelled, "EVERYBODY FRIES!"

  14. No Brooklyn Till Sleep.

    1. Sousa


      you've gotta right for the fight

  15. I don't always dream about the game I'm playing. But when I do, it's a strategy game or management sim.

  16. Bizarro is not Superman's evil doppelganger.

    Lobo is.

    1. OctoberRaven


      Superhuman physical abilities, nearly invincible, survivors of a dead planet who have come back from the dead.

      They've even fought to a draw.

  17. Government is like medicine. Some are good, some are bad, many have side effects. Nobody wants to take it, but almost everyone needs it. And while you can certainly die from having too much of it, you can just as easily die from not having enough.

  18. See Owens.

    See Owens Fight.

    Fight, Owens, Fight!

  19. And why is the 'DOOM' in quotation marks?! Is it an ironic doom? Is the doom implied?!

  20. I'm bad at NFL season simulators because I always play as the Bills and only sign people named Cody.

    1. Bacon-ie Sanders

      Bacon-ie Sanders

      Clearly, Bill Cody is your ticket to handegg immortality.

  21. "Can I drive?"


    "Can I have a lollipop?"


  22. 1. Personal Space

    2. Personal Space

    3. Stay Out Of My Personal Space

  23.  IF numCooks > numMaxCooks ; THEN isBrothspoiled == true

  24. But it wasn't a nice day. It was a bit cloudy. Which means he was being very sarcastic.

  25. What if Tanahashi's theme is actually saying "NO EGGS!", due to his dislike of omelettes?

    1. Bacon-ie Sanders

      Bacon-ie Sanders

      Set his relationship with Wykradly Mumps to Hate.

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