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  1. I had Chipotle (the food chain, not the pepper) today. It was remarkably average. Also, I've had bread that's got a higher Scoville than their so-called 'hot' sauce.

    1. Meacxico


      Well aren't you tough.

    2. North Of Seattle SeaCattle

      North Of Seattle SeaCattle

      It's interesting because I'd always heard about the myth of Chipotle but I tried it and really didn't see what was special about it.

      It wasn't even like an In N Out where it's like "yeah, okay, I sort of get this" even if you think it's overhyped, Chipotle was just really average and overpriced.

    3. OctoberRaven


      Yeah @SeanDMan. I only even bothered because it was on the way home. I'll just take the slight detour to the mom and pop place.

      Also @Meacon I know I have a higher capsacin tolerance than most but if I didn't actually see them put the sauce in I would have never known it was even there. I wasn't expecting atomic sauce, but if Taco Bell can manage acceptable sauces, there's no reason Chipotle shouldn't be able to.

      Luckily the mom and pop place has good habanero sauce...


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