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  1. I've had problems with trying to get it to close properly after long play, but that may be my computer being bare minimum.
  2. Someone finally realized I was the only one close to victory (and by two seperate methods not including score!) and waged war on me. This was England (the smallest civ) and America. America does fuck all to me and I get Teddy to declare peace without issue. I assume I gave him a suit of armor so Teddy could run around the White House pretending to be a samurai warrior* England manages to disrupt a trade route before bravely attacking my capital with... a scout (lol). Meanwhile I'm sacking London. After I take London I'll give England the chance to surrender a city to me in exchange for not being wiped off the map. Meanwhile I'm in the Mars Colonization phase and about 5/6 the way to a Culture victory as well. *= Actually a thing that happened IRL.
  3. Zigzagial's guides on Steam seem to be good for strategies for individual civs.
  4. Finally got around to playing a Civ 6 game in earnest, lately. Playing as Japan, and keeping a small but well trained defense force while I slowly take over the world through technology and culture. Also the fact that fact that I'm able to turn a proposal for a joint war into trading horses for my trading partner's paintings is hilarious to me.
  5. Looks like Brock Lesnar is the Beast Incarnate for real....
  6. Don't mix romance with magic. You should take the straitjacket.

  7. Day of Reckoning, now that I can get behind. They improved the No Mercy engine vastly. The only issue I've ever had with it was the difficulty boiling down to the CPU character reversing more (which is emblematic of all WWE games, really, even No Mercy had this issue). Still, Fire Pro is miles ahead in everything but graphics despite it's faults (which, hopefully, will all be fixed in FPWW)
  8. Honestly I don't think No Mercy has aged well. It was a phenomenal game for the time, sure... but people still hold it up as how wrestling games should be and I'm like... why? The modern games are IMO better... hell Smackdown SYM was loads better... the biggest thing they really lack is an AI that has more I than a bag of rocks.
  9. I mean, the other stuff okay, but they kind of just threw that in with little fanfare. Even Deathstroke giving sick burns to Wonder Woman was just as long and integral to the plot, but also was a lot more memorable to boot.
  10. I'd say wait for it to get on sale, it's still a good 20+ hour experience and the strategy aspect is pretty fun. I'd at least recommend an LP because the story is pretty cool.
  11. This Is The Police is a great story-driven game. Be aware that there are timeskips, so don't pace yourself based on the advertised 180-day time limit because it's more like 100. Also (this may have changed since the update) the incidents you respond to have zero randomness (IE for all incidents in any one day, it will always be the same incidents, any that are false alarms will always be false alarms, they will always trigger at the same times). So very little replayability. Also also, be aware that this is a noir police story, and you cannot play a 100% clean cop. On the plus side, there's a recruitable officer by the name of Rex Kwan-Do that looks exactly like Hulk Hogan. Also John St.John does a fucking fantastic job as the lead VA.
  12. I grew up watching the OG Batman movie, rediscovered it in my college days and loved it ever since. When I picked an alt skin in the Arkham games, it was always the 60s Batman I was looking for. Rest in Peace old chum
  13. The only reason I didn't put Portal in was because I found it to be too short. Also missed out on THUG2 as I had kind of just been burned out on the franchise after THUG1.
  14. Oh yeah, side note, the guy who does the Unofficial Patch told me he added the General Lee into the game to add more variety... and didn't know what the General Lee was. Also DANCE BUNNY FEVER
  15. Pretty good deal. That's 75% of what the Steam label price. For those who do get it, I highly recommend installing the Unofficial Patch Plus v9.7 Final. The latest in a (still ongoing!) fanpatch to restore as much content as possible as well as try to clamp down on pesky bugs. Don't know if the GOG version has the official patch (which, fun fact, was done on the dev team's own dime because Activision rushed the game) which is the bare minimum necessary to finish the game, but if not, it's easy to find. (And I think you have to install it first before adding the Unofficial Patch. Not sure, Steam has the Official Patch as part of it so) EDIT- Also, save Malkavian for your second playthrough. The dialogue is entirely different and some of it drops some major foreshadowing.