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  1. I did the same in my Cult of Hel run. At least there it made slightly more sense, as Slepnir is her half-brother since Loki is her father and Slepnir's mother.
  2. Digimonstory Cybersluth sounds like one of those shady mobile games that have '100% original characters' like Yoshi and Tracer But In Red.
  3. Not when my 28 Intrigue spymaster is also my firstborn son. I mean, why would he ever secretly plot against me? Why, I say?
  4. Hey, if they didn't want their entire male bloodline wiped out and the female bloodline made into concubines, they should have accepted my offer to drop their faction. It's their fault they wanted the council to be able to vote on wars.
  5. too late for the refund. got it from Steam directly. No worries, I've been meaning to get it anyway and if my D&D group decides to use it full-time instead of chilling at the local gaming satelite store I'll definitely get my money's worth.
  6. GDI, just bought it earlier this week at full price.
  7. And the microtransaction-driven poker. PAY 4.99 TO UNLOCK THE FLOP CARD NOW~
  8. Harebrained and Paradox are the folks behind it, that alone is a heavy endorsement. Not sure if my comp can handle it, but I might give it a try.