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  1. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Speaking of fighting games, I guess "BlazBlue and Guilty Gear > Street Fighter and MK" would be an unpopular opinion, so there's another one.
  2. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    It is a fine line there yeah, adding cooperation and maybe touchwork will be good for them, as the one on the apron does recover (much slower than usual, I think 1/7 is the rate found in FPR and probably close to that in FPW too). Ukemi really helps too, maybe add a point of logic towards their finishers (they're already a bit high for my personal taste, but I presume it's near the standard for your guys). I'd recommend checking out Fire Pro Arena. It's usually a welcoming community and full of people who make great edits.
  3. Crusader Kings II

    Man, that game is so against the canon. I mean, Jon Snow actually knows something.
  4. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Even today, you can pretty much breeze your way through MK games by finding high-priority, low-recovery move and using that all the time.
  5. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Raise their cooperation levels, as a tag team that's an important thing for them. Maybe up their discretion and showmanship too. Give them a slight boost to Ukemi in small and med damage and lower the large damage Ukemi. This will make them have a bigger comeback and reverse more often in late matches. Consider giving them a special skill, like Stardom. Maybe also give them Power critical style. Other than that it depends on how their stats are relative to your other main event edits. Upping their offensive parameters might be a good idea though.
  6. General Gaming Thread

    It's an alien invasion story with body horror and Lovecraftian elements. Kojima also following the Stephen King/HP Lovecraft philosophy of "It's scarier if you don't explain it" Also Also Also
  7. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    A couple questions: -What's their Breathing stats set at? -Their Ukemi? -Have you given them higher than usual offense/defense stats to compensate for slower speed? -Do they have any special skills (Stardom etc)?
  8. General Gaming Thread

    Persona 5 was robbed. It should have won all the awards. Even the ESports ones.
  9. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

  10. The Thread Where We Post Christmas Music

  11. General Gaming Thread

    #2: Persona 5 with Japanese voices 3-10: Persona 5 challenge runs.
  12. Steam/PC Mega Thread

  13. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    I wonder what the new Civs are gonna be. Hoping for a Norman Civ with William The Conqueror, personally. Or hell, we got Gilgamesh, give us another viking Civ with Ragnar Lodbrok.