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  1. Wait, with Ygritte? Remember I stuck with the books.
  2. Surprising, seeing as his Knowledge stat is 0.
  3. Well Elder Scrolls 6 might happen after Bethesda is done seeing how much they can sell a Fallout game based on the promise of no actual content.
  4. NES: Hard to say. Excitebike and NES Pro Wrestling come to mind, as does Punch-Out. I'll go with Punch-Out SNES: Growing up, Killer Instinct. Now, FF6. Link to the Past is up there, though I've never finished it. Game Boy Brick: Mario Land N64: Ogre Battle 64. Second: Legend of the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Game Boy Color: Pokemon Silver. GBA: Fire Pro Wrestling, obvs. Second place Tony Hawk 2. Didn't have many GBA games, for some reason. Game Gear: Super Return of the Jedi. Again, didn't have many games for it. GameCube: Eternal Darkness, easily. PS2: Persona 4 and Fire Pro Returns pretty much tied. PS3: Skyrim, unless you count playing the port of Persona 2. PS4: Persona 5, MGSV is a second place. PC: Fire Pro World but with Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines as my second place. Switch: Hyrule Warriors but by default because I'm still playing it and the only other game I've played for the Switch is Mario Kart 8 at Best Buy's demo kiosk.
  5. I just want to form my own club from scratch without erasing an existing club or making it in the save editor. Do we have that?
  6. I don't even care about that, I watch this for Eugene.
  7. Eh, I like it, you just need to accept that it's not really a zombie story so much as a frontier story with zombies in it.
  8. Well given who else he has in common in that regard, you better kill him before he kills you.
  9. Did he fail as epically as he did in the trial by combat?
  10. You know what you must do. 64-way game of Monopoly.
  11. An unusual viral marketing tactic, there.
  12. Sounds like an improvement, really.

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