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  1. Yeah. In all honesty, as much as I wanted Lawler to win, seems like a fair call. I hope we get to see a rematch though.
  2. Silva is a good manager. Give him time. Results will come. Today was an interesting day. Who would have said weeks ago that the champions league would be at Man United's reach at this point in the season? It is very close. Of course Arsenal is still in that fight too, so it's gonna be one hell of a season.
  3. Oh man, Offspring...that brings back memories.
  4. Would not mind, as long as the quality remains. I liked the first 2, the trailer for the third looks interesting. I would not mind more. Did not know about the TV series, though. Is there any date set for it to debut or is it still in early stages of development?
  5. I'm looking forward to chapter 3. I always have fun when I watch the first 2. The first one was the best, but I also like the second one and expect good stuff from the conclusion. The stakes, regarding the story, are high, so it should be interesting to see John Wick vs. "The World." Which is a good place to conclude a series that had those first 2 entries. Now, let's talk about Keanu Reeves being a vampire.
  6. Could I get a logo for my AEW event called WrestleJam on the grey background, please? It will be kind of my Wrestlemania, so if the design is similar to that I won't mind. Much appreciated in advance, if someone decides to do it. Edit: Also AEW logos for my TV Shows called Thunderstruck and Apocalypse if it is not too inconvenient.
  7. Today would be Scott's 34th Birthday. Rest in peace, Scott. You will always be remembered. Happy birthday.

    1. arwrestling


      We're almost 9 years to that day. It still feels like yesterday... I didn't know the guy in the slightest outside of this forum but it still is crazy to me how emotional I get thinking about this. Who knew? ... Anyways, had a quick read of that thread and the comments we left and it really reminded me of how much of a community this place is to many of us who've been here... shit probably 15 or 16 years now for me. 

  8. Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

  9. They did win 1-0. Seems like Gerrard is making good progress with Rangers.
  10. What happened to Everton? Didn't see any matches today. Might catch a replay or two later. Just saw the results.
  11. Wondering what will come from today's big match. Any predictions?
  12. I would not like to be an Everton fan this Christmas.
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  14. Oh yeah, I know there is no dislike on GDS over here. I didn't imply that, nor was that my intention. It's just someone said those who returned shouldn't stop posting on GDS and I was just saying posting here or somewhere else doesn't stop or disqualify someone from posting in GDS. I like GDS, i even run an unofficial discord community and all. I like their games or I wouldn't be talking about them. I also have nothing against the mod squad. Like I said, i was on their site while it existed and I'm on their discord. No beef with them. But as I said on my posts in various platforms I simply disagreed with the stance they took about mods and it is my personal opinion that credit should always be given but that all mods should be freeware. I mean...the goal should always be prioritize the community's growth and ability to enjoy the game or else there might come a day where there isn't even a game to play, let alone a community to speak of.
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