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  1. @Y2JFan111 Eddie Kingston, Elias, Mickie James (x2), PAC
  2. Some new cuts, apologies if the headshots had been used before: Brittany Blake, Carmella, Elayna Black, McKenzie Mitchell, Samantha Heights, Shotzi Blackheart, Zeda Zhang
  3. Two workers, Justine Silver and Violet Payne, are the same person, just alter-egos. She exclusively uses Violet Payne nowadays
  4. Some of my own cuts done today (not perfect): Alisha Edwards, Amber Nova, Aria Blake, Candyfloss, Laura Di Matteo, Millie McKenzie, Rush
  5. Not from Ontario, but have purchased many LLW dvd's

  6. Hey, are you from Ontario? I saw that you have Sebastian Suave and Tyson Dux in your favourite Indy stars.


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